Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty Review - Pomegranate Splash Scent

by Jada

Jada says:

Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty dish soap is truly a splendid product. It never fails to impress me how well it cleans dishes.

The product smells great and leaves my dishes sparkling clean. In addition to this, it keeps my hands soft and healthy, and improves the look of them too.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first that this soap, since it has Olay products within it, would leave behind a greasy residue on my dishes. But, I was willing to try it since I get such dry skin from washing dishes, and I wanted to make my hands look and feel better.

To my surprise this dish soap has never caused any harm to any of my dishes, nor does it leave them feeling greasy as I had feared. Instead, Dawn Hand Renewal removes and cleans unwanted substances on my dishes with little effort on my part.

Before I had purchased this products, my skin had been very dry because of how other dish soaps damage skin. However, in just a few days of using Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty my skin had already become much smoother and softer.

It was a great feeling to know that I could wash my dishes by hand without worrying about any negative effects towards my skin.

Overall, I would strongly recommend this product. It is incredible how it can clean dishes so well yet keeps my skin so healthy.

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Taylor says:

Thanks Jada for sharing your Dawn dishwashing liquid review.

This is an example of a product where the lines of beauty and cleaning start to intersect. I would love to hear even more reviews of the Dawn Hand Renewal, since it comes in a variety of scents, sharing how it has worked for you both for keeping your hands soft and moisturized, but also how it works for cleaning your dishes.

Also, I have to admit I'm a bit skeptical too that something which is supposed to moisturize can clean grease as well as regular dish soap. Therefore, I would love to hear from even more people about this issue.

You can share your own review here, or read reviews of other brands which have already been submitted.

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Dawn Olay Version Works But Leaves Bad Smell On Fresh Dishcloths

by Cyn

Cyn responded to a couple of reviews of Dawn dishwashing liquid from other readers who shared that Dawn leaves a stinky smell on her sponge or dish cloth. Since she mentioned the Olay version of the product I added it to this review page, instead of the Dawn dish soap Ultra reviews page.

Cyn says:

This is my pet peeve with Dawn. The product is OK, the Olay version does work to not leave your skin detergent burned, but I have noticed the bad smell over and over on fresh dishcloths, and not just at my house.

If you touch the dishrag, it's on your skin. I do not have the same problem with other dish soaps.

I wish something could be done about this and can't imagine that the company has not heard this complaint over and over.

Taylor says:

do you suffer from smelly sponge syndrome?
Thanks so much for sharing your experience Cyn. As noted, you're not the first person to complain to me about this scent that is left behind by Dawn.

In fact I've got a whole page full of complaints about this exact problem (click the link to read even more!)

I would love to hear from even more people sharing their opinions about any of the versions and scents of this product, telling me what you like, or don't, about it and why. You can read other dishwashing soap reviews here, or share your own review too.

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Brand Name Version Versus Generic: Dawn Is So Much Better!

by Beth W.

I goofed once and bought a huge Walmart refill of this in generic form. I will not do that again.

While my hands haven't cracked and bled with it, it is not as powerful in the bubble/cleaning department.

I love Dawn products and this one keeps my hands from breaking open in the winter!

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Purple Dawn Hand Renewal Soap Is Great

by Stacy

I really like the purple version of this soap.

It smells amazing and does a great job.

I use my crock pot a lot and I soak it with that before I load it in my dishwasher.

The crock comes out sparkling clean and I don't need to buy any liners (heated plastic kinda freaks me out).

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My Winter Dry Skin Helped By Using Dawn Hand Renewal

by Heidi K.

Heidi says:

Okay, I love this stuff!!! It very well may be my Holy Grail dishwashing liquid.

I had been using Ajax until it suddenly failed on me.

Picked up some Joy, which cleans great but was drying out my hands something fierce.

I suffer from winter skin, which is why I'm starting to have issues. The weather is turning colder and my hands are starting to look a little worn and feel a little uncomfortable.

Normally, I would go buy Palmolive since they don't make the one my mother used when I was a girl (Dove) anymore.

She used to use Palmolive too after the Dove was gone. However, the price for Palmolive has gone way up where I am. It now costs the same as Dawn where it used to be less.

Yes, I know it is concentrated now, but still. I'm one for sticker shock. LOL

Anyway, our local Target had the 20 fl.oz. bottles of Dawn dish soap on sale for $2.50. Where I live that is a pretty good deal on it, so I decided to get a bottle of the hand renewal.

Since both Dawn and the Palmolive are concentrated now, and the Dawn was cheaper, I got the Dawn. I am so happy I did.

Early this morning, I filled the sink with warm water and a tiny squeeze of the Dawn Hand Renewal. Lots of suds with just a little bit. Washed the few greasy dishes left over from the night before and then the breakfast dishes and cups. All came out spotless.

My hands felt wonderful. I can't say the dishwashing liquid moisturized them, but it didn't strip them. Tremendous plus for me!!!!

I decided to really test the dish soap, so I left the dirty water in the sink.

Lunch rolled around, more greasy dishes, as we had left over fish sticks and French fries here. Washed them in the same water, which was particularly cooler--most suds gone, but the dishes came out squeaky clean, and my hands still felt good. Not moisturized, but definitely not stripped.

Plus, my hands didn't come out smelling like dirty dish water. They came out with the faint pleasant scent of the dish soap.

I also have sensitive skin. I can use some perfumed products and not others. This one didn't irritate my skin.

I, personally, would buy this at full price; something unheard of for me. The cleaning performance coupled with it's gentleness on my hands is a total seller.

Also, it smells wonderful!!! Slightly fruity, but not overpoweringly so.

I definitely recommend giving this a try.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for this review Heidi. I always love it when you write in to tell me about the products you've tried, since you always give such great information!

I too suffer from dry hands in the winter, so I often resort to using cleaning gloves in the winter as I wash dishes. Perhaps this would be easier.

Anyone else use this moisturizing dish soap? If so, make sure to share your review here, or read other experiences and opinions of lots of brands that have already submitted.

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Comments for My Winter Dry Skin Helped By Using Dawn Hand Renewal

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left film on dishes
by: Arlene M Schall

When I first tried Dawn, years ago, to this day I have not found a comparable product. Any item with grease is completely completely squeaky clean. The only problem I had was with the hand softening liquid. It left a film on dishes which needed extra rinsing. This is possibly from the softening ingredients in the formula.

Would never voluntarily choose anything but Dawn and have always informed others to use or try it.

Well done Dawn.

P.S. and it doesn't hurt that it helps animals also.

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