Xtra Detergent Is A Good Price For The Amount Of Loads It Washes

by Wendy

Wendy has shared her review of Xtra laundry soap, and also how she ended up choosing this detergent to use for her laundry.

Wendy says:

I had $3.00 and decided to go to Family Dollar because you can always stretch your coins there.

I think I spent about 15 minutes trying to decide which brand of laundry detergent to choose from. I would pick them up and place them down, and did this for sometime.

I picked up a few powered detergents and this section had more liquid. So I decided to try the Xtra Detergent 75 loads while smelling the different fragrances. It was priced $2.75 which was perfect.

I thought that it was more watery than most liquids. I like to see suds. I poured a little extra in it. You often worry if the liquid detergent will stain your clothing. It didn't from what I did see.

I would have to try some whites to really decide if I would buy this product on a regular basis. Good price for the amount of loads it offered though.

Taylor says:

Thanks Wendy for sharing your experience with this laundry detergent.

You are right that Xtra really does cost a lot less than other detergents, which is why a lot of people purchase it.

I have also seen it in Walmart recently along with Payless, and as the economy continues to do poorly I am seeing it pop up in more and more locations. Where else can you find this detergent?

I'd love for readers to share where you purchased this detergent, along with how you feel it works for cleaning your clothes, since I know lots of people are looking for a very low cost detergent nowadays.

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Xtra Makes A Mess Of Your Dark Clothes

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader wrote to share with me a problem she experienced when she used this detergent.

SR101 Reader says:

I have had trouble with this product. It sometimes leaves light fade marks on my dark clothes.

They have come out looking like they have been tie-died. Totally disappointed, and have a lot of articles of clothing to prove it.

When I stopped using it, I never had another problem. This also happened to my daughter.

Taylor says:

Thanks for alerting me to this problem. I don't believe anyone else has mentioned this as an issue, but of course that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has experienced this issue when using Xtra laundry detergent. It would help me if you shared what scent you used, what kind of washing machine you have, and if you use hot or cold water to do your wash. I am not sure any of those factors make a difference, but they could, so if I hear more details I might be able to help!

Please share your reviews and experiences here, or read more reviews that have already been submitted.

***Update: Another reader, Paula, experienced a similar issue. She said:
I have had the same problem that the reader above has been having. My clothes have what look like water stains on them on my dark or very bright clothes. I have had to buy new ones and I thought it was my washing machine but it just started happening when I started using XTRA laundry detergent. So I thought I would get online and see if I was the only one having this problem. Now I see it is not just me. It bites big time because I don't make much money and had to throw some of my clothes out and I need to buy more. I will not be purchasing this Xtra detergent again. I have a full bottle and I will get rid of it today.
***End Update

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Xtra Lavender Detergent Is Awesome

by Deon

Xtra Lavender & Sweet Vanilaa Plus Softener

Xtra Lavender & Sweet Vanilaa Plus Softener

Deon has shared her opinions and review of the lavender scent of Xtra laundry soap, which is interesting in that it contains softener within the detergent itself.

Deon says:

I first bought Xtra lavender detergent and loved the scent.

I only use Arm & Hammer or Xtra detergent, I won't use anything else.

Yeah, its a little cheap but its made from one of the best detergent makers on earth, Arm & Hammer. I love it.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your review Deon.

I looked for some information about this scent of Xtra, and saw that it contains softener within the detergent itself, I assume similar to Tide with a touch of Downy.

I thought it was interesting, though, that in addition to having the fabric softener within the detergent, they also have a correspondingly scented fabric softener you can also use. (It is the Nice 'N Fluffy softener, since that is made to coordinate with Xtra laundry soap's scents).

If anyone else uses this detergent scent, or any other scent from this brand, I'd love to hear your review and thoughts about it. You can share your Xtra laundry detergent reviews here, or read other reviews already submitted.

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LOVE Xtra Sensitive Scents Rain Lily & Aloe

by Devin

I have tried other versions of Xtra with unsatisfactory results -- not fresh or clean. But this one smells amazing and leaves clothes smelling wonderful out of the dryer even without fabric softener.

My main test is my son's football socks. If they come out smelling clean out of the wash then the detergent is a winner.

I have not noticed fading or staining of my clothes from this detergent. It cleans well to me and smells great.

So for the price it is great.

I love that this inexpensive choice works so well for my family. Even freshens musty towels other detergents (even ones costing much more) couldn't clean.

A great choice for anyone, even if you COULD spend more. Why?

Works well in my HE machine. I use to line 1 for large loads.

Doesn't bother any one of my family member's skin. Great detergent!

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Can I Use Xtra Detergent In My HE Machine?

by Trena

I received this question on Stain Removal 101's Facebook wall, and even answered it there. Then, I thought, hmmm, I bet more people would like to know the answer to this one, so I have posted it here too.

Trena's question:

I really like the Xtra laundry soap but now have a new HE washer. Since this is low sudsing can I still use it? Has anyone else used this in their HE washer without problems?

Taylor's answer:

I checked on Xtra's website for you, and I am thinking the answer is no.

Their FAQ says this:
Q: Are XTRA® Laundry Detergent products safe for use in my front loading washing machine?
A: If XTRA is used at the recommended dosage, you may be able to use it in a front loading machine, but we recommend that you follow the manufacturer's instructions for your washer.
I think that is their way of saying no, do so only at your own risk.

I would suggest trying to find a product that is HE compatible, so you don't void your warranty or anything by using something that may damage it.

Anyone else have an experience with this though to share with Trena?

***Update: I received a comment from Heidi about this issue, and wanted to share it with you here. Heidi says: "I know some of the Xtra detergents in the local grocery store near me now say for HE and standard machines, like some of the bottles of Arm and Hammer do. You'll have to check. It's written really small on the front, and it's not all varieties."

That's helpful information to know, so thanks to Heidi for sharing it. However, if that's the case Xtra really should update their website information. I'll try to look at the detergent when I go to the store next time and see if I notice one of those dual compatibility labels on the detergent bottle.***

I answered this question as part of my laundry questions section on the site. Go there to ask your own questions, or see what else I've answered!

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Xtra 2x HE Detergent Question

by SR101 Reader

Question from SR101 Reader:

I am using Xtra 2x HE detergent in my HE front load washer. On the bottle it says it is for all washers, so it safe for front load washer?

Taylor's Answer:

Thanks for your question.

Until recently, when several readers shared with me that this brand of detergent is now saying on its bottles that it is HE compatible I was unaware of it, since the manufacturer's website has not, to my notice, been updated to reflect it.

It is now very common for detergents to be what is called "dual compatible," meaning that you can use them in both top and front loading machines. This makes it easier on consumers, since you don't have to pay as much attention to whether you've bought an HE laundry detergent or not. I haven't seen the bottle you're referring to, but based on your description I am guessing the label says it is dual compatible, or something similar.

If you'd like to know more about HE detergent, check out the link above for an article I've written on the subject, including a discussion of detergent that works in both types of machines.

If the detergent has been reformulated so it will work in all machines, as it is my understanding based on your question that it says it has, then yes, you should be safe to use it in your front loader.

This question has been answered as part of the laundry help section of the website, where I at least attempt to ask reader questions. If you've got a question of your own, pop on over and ask away!

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Xtra Scentsations Detergent Caused Pink Stains On My Whites

by Penny Weigel

I bought the large orange Xtra scentsations detergent a month ago.

For the last month when I wash my B&B sheets, which are white cotton - and only my sheets and pillowcases in each load, NO other linens or colors - JUST white - there is always something with a pink stain on it. Every load, every time for a month.

I have been looking for something in the washer, hidden in the sheets, racking my brain trying to figure this out.

Sheets from different rooms, always white, using only Xtra.

Yesterday I pulled out four sheets and pillowcases and one of the cases was pink, which is usually how it is, it will be only one of the items. Is this a scent bead? Don't know, but something in the detergent for sure.

I have to go buy tons of new sheets today - and new detergent - NEVER USE THIS DETERGENT.

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Instructions Are Inadequate And Lines On Detergent Cap Are Unreadable

by D. K.

I just bought Xtra Mountain Rain today in the 175 oz. bottle (Bonus! 6 more loads) from BiMart, a Pacific Northwest store.

It was on sale for $3.99, so if it turns out so-so, it wouldn't be a total loss.

But I am concerned about the 3 reviews that warn about discoloration of the laundry, and that is enough warning to take it back.

Taylor mentioned to one reviewer about getting information on the back of the bottle, but the back is bare. The only instruction info is on the front in extremely small type, saying, "Directions: use full cap for large or heavily soiled loads. Fill cap to approximately bar 1 (1.5 oz) for medium loads."

This is mind-bending because there are 4 bars almost impossible to see inside the cap, labeled from the bottom: A, 1, 2, and 3.

Bar 1 is 1/2 inches up, but the cup is 2 1/4 inches to the top. This does not sound like "medium" and "large" respectively.

I just came from the Xtra web site and there is no further information about how much to use.

I consider this totally inadequate labelling and will not buy it again. In fact, when the store opens tomorrow, back it goes!

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Xtra Laundry Soap Caused My Clothes To Fade

by Maria Sloan
(Corinth, MS)

Maria says:

I bought some Xtra laundry detergent some months ago because it was so cheap. It turned out more costly to me because it caused big faded spots on our clothing.

When I called the company and sent some of the faded clothing back, they kept avoiding me. One agent even pretended she couldn't hear me every time I called.

Then they sent me a letter telling me it's either my water or the fact that clothes just fade over time.

I understand clothes fade over time, but how do you get big faded spots only and not the entire piece of clothing over time?

Also, I went out and bought the name brand detergent from then on, such as Tide. Tide did not cause the same problem, SAME WATER!

More and more companies lie to customers these days, but this one has won the top spot in my experience.

Taylor says:

Maria, I am sorry to hear about your experience. You're actually the second person to mention a similar problem to me about Xtra laundry soap.

That makes me wonder, have any more readers had this problem too? If so, please share your experiences or review here.

It sounds like you definitely had a bad customer service experience, which surprises me since Xtra detergent is made by Church & Dwight Co., the same people that make Oxiclean and Arm & Hammer products. However, I actually just got another customer service complaint about the company just the other day, in regard to Xtra's fabric softener, so it may be a bit of a problem.

As I get more reviews I've found that the lower costing detergents and other laundry supplies seem to have worse customer service than the bigger brands. I guess you, to an extent, get what you pay for. However, that's too bad with the economy being so bad.

I'd love to hear from reviews of Xtra detergent, especially telling me what scents you've liked (or not) and whether you would use it again. Please make sure to share your review with me!

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Comments for Xtra Laundry Soap Caused My Clothes To Fade

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Faded/tie dyed color and locked screw top
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem with black t-shirts. I too thought it was my washer, but it has happened twice now.

Also how do you get the screw cap off the bottle? It is like it is locked on and there are no directions or arrows to show you how to unscrew. I finally punched through the top with a large pair of scissors.

Won't be buying again.

It's great!
by: Judy

I only use this brand of detergent. It is great for the price. I would and have recommended the detergent.

Fading from Xtra
by: Anonymous

I am replying to SR101 readers comments, it is true that Xtra can cause your clothes to fade. I saved a couple of dollars by buying this cheap detergent and ended up losing hundreds of dollars by having my clothes ruined. I don't think every Xtra bottle of detergent is like that but you'll be taking your chances.

It Works Well for the Price
by: Rosemary

I've used all varieties but currently using Tropical Passion. I would say that this inexpensive detergent is effective at cleaning clothes. I usually use 1-2 capfuls of detergent for each load. You should pretreat stains but for heavily soiled garments a more appropriate detergent should be used. I've never experienced any fading which I find very impressive because other detergents that I will call "cheap" usually fades. I have never experienced white spots or bleach like spots from this detergent as some users mentioned. Perhaps bleach was inadvertently spilled or leaked. (I stopped using bleach altogether for this reason). And as far as my clothes having a fresh scent- it only lasts from the washer to the dryer. Once my clothes have dried the scent is mostly gone. But clean clothes are more important to me than scent. My bottom line is, if you are on a serious budget this will clean your clothes just fine. Just don't expect this $3 detergent to work like Tide.

Faded my stuff
by: Anonymous

The same problem happen to me too, it faded 6 of my shirts and several pair of underwear its all in all different areas of the clothing. I had to replace all the name brands shirts and try dying the shirts but the dye wouldn't take an even color due to splotches where the detergent fade the color on the shirts. I'm very disappointed in a product that was suppose to save me money and ended up costing way more. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone in fact I will warn my friends not to use this detergent.

by: Patsy

I bought Xtra just for the hell of it, I think I paid two dollars each for one green and one purple bottle. I found Xtra to work surprisingly well, I did not expect it to work as well as it did, I find it works better than All but not as good as Cheer. I don't have many stains or soil. If you don't live a high soiled life, I think anyone that tries this will be quite surprised at how well it works for the price paid. Almost every time a full cap is what it took to get the clothes clean. What really surprises me is Arm and Hammer makes it and I HATE their detergents, I find them no more effective than using Joy on the clothes. But, don't ask me why, Xtra does work well when you use a whole cap, even cleans in cold water.

awesome soap
by: Anonymous

I love xtra soap. The purple and green are my favorites. I buy it at Walmart usually. I can get the bigger jug for under 6.00. It's like 140 loads or so. The giant ones like 9.00 and it's over 200+ loads. I'm allergic to A LOT of detergents. I have no problems with it. I also purchase it at Dollar General and Shopko. My question is, I'm getting ready to buy a new washer and most are high efficiency and requires a HE detergent. Would xtra be ok or does it comply?

I don't get streaks, don't put so much in next time
by: Karen

I have used Xtra Vanilla with Escape Lavender (because it smells sooo good) for years. I also throw in a Snuggles Lavender fabric softener pod for good measure. I have never had any issues with whites, darks or anything else. Now I'm no laundry expert but it has been my experience that if I'm getting laundry streaks on dark clothing then I've put too many clothes in the wash. So if you get that then re-rinse them, then next time don't put as much in.

Fade spots?
by: Juju Garner

I have been using xtra for years now and never once have I ever had fading or streaking on any of my clothes. I do not buy this detergent because of money issues, or because I can only spend so much on laundry needs, I buy this detergent because it works! I have used every detergent out there including the ones that are considered the best. But I have never understood why anyone would hand over a $20 bill for laundry detergent?? I have used Tide and for the money it does NOTHING GREAT! I use a half cap to a full cap when I wash our laundry and our clothes come out clean, bright, and smelling fresh!! I have three boys and there clothing even comes out smelling fantastic! I use swavitel fabric softener and dryer sheets and I have got millions of compliments on how good my clothes smell. I have had my boys friend's mom''s call after they spent the night, asking what I wash our clothes in because they thought my boys clothing smelled so good! I use the purple jug. On occasions I will get Purex with Oxi when it's on sale and I also like that one a lot too! Purex dryer sheets and softener is also great, actually my favorite but extremely hard to find in my area so I go with the swavitel. I consider myself a laundry snob because I am obsessed with clean and good smelling laundry, so if xtra works for me, it's has to be okay!! 😊😊

Ruined 2 pairs of black pants
by: Stephanie Malinowski

This detergent just ruined some of my clothes. It left 2 pairs of black pants looking as if I washed them in bleach. Not happy. I bought it because it was cheap but it just cost me 2 pairs of pants! Will never buy this detergent again.

Tropical passion scent
by: Skyvaeh

I am reviewing Xtra tropical passion. It is one of the most affordable detergents on the shelves. It has a nice smell and does remove odors, dirt, and grease. Out of all "cheap" detergents this one is the best I've come across. It makes my clothes soft too. I have sensitive skin and can tolerate this. I also use half a cup with 2 tablespoons of dish soap in a gallon of hot water to mop my floors. I will be sticking with this brand and arm and hammer.

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