Rejuvenate Floor Restorer And Floor Cleaner Review - Love The Cleaner But Not The Restorer

by Heather
(Tampa, FL)

Heather has shared her Rejuvenate floor restorer and Rejuvenate floor cleaner review.

Heather says:

When I saw the Rejuvenate advertisement on television it sounded too good to be true. Could I really clean and restore my aging and dull hardwood floors back to a hard and gleaming finish?

I bought the kit to find out. I live in a 1940's-era cottage and while the hardwood flooring is in good shape the finish is almost gone, leaving them dull and unattractive.

The thought of sanding, staining and then applying several layers of poly on them seemed to be a huge job. If the Rejuvenate could spare me these steps, it would be the perfect purchase.

The kit comes in two parts. The first is a deep cleaner and the second is a restorative coating. The kit also comes with a lint-free mop cover for the product application.

The Rejuvenate floor cleaner was excellent. It wasn't harsh, yet it left the hardwoods spotless. It didn't leave an odor, which other products I've used have done, and there was a sufficient amount in the kit to do about 600 square feet.

Rejuvenate sells the cleaner separately and I've since purchased just the cleaning product again. I use it for spot cleaning and for a monthly deep cleaning. It does a particularly good job with light water spots.

second step, the restorative coating, didn't impress. It looked good for about three days, but then normal foot traffic quickly wore the finish off. This wasn't a good return for either the price or the effort that went into applying it.

If you're simply looking for a cleaning product, I'd highly recommend the cleaning component of the Rejuvenate kit. If you're looking for gleaming hardwoods, I'm afraid you'll have to go the refinishing route.

Taylor says:

Thanks Heather for sharing your Rejuvenate floor restorer and cleaner reviews.

This is a product that is sold on TV, and I guess I've always been wary of these products, so I am glad to hear a review to be able to form a better opinion of the product.

I would love to hear from even more people who have used this product, to see if you have a similar or different opinion as Heather. You can share your hardwood floor cleaners review here, for this or any other brand, to tell me what you like, or don't, about the product. You can also see other reviews that have already been submitted.

***Update: Please note the more reviews I've gotten of this product the more I would NOT recommend it. People have not been pleased with it, at all! Definitely read all the reviews before you purchase or use it on your floors! ***End Update

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Rejuvenate Floor Care Products Are Terrible

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 Reader shared her experience with these hardwood floor products, and was less than impressed with them.

SR101 Reader says:

I used both of these products on my hardwood floors, and they came out very glossy which had me concerned from the beginning.

Then, when I went to damp mop the floor it turned a pasty white.

It then took me over 7 hours on my hands and kness scrubbing to get it off, and yes, I followed the directions to the letter. This is a terrible product!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with me, although I'm sorry to hear it was so negative.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, especially with the floor restorer, turning hazy with time or damp mopping? If so, please share your hardwood floor cleaners review here, or read reviews of other products already shared by other readers.

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Did Not Work On My Ceramic Tile Floor: I'm Returning It!

by Cheri
(San Diego)

I found this product at Home Depot and it sounded like it was just what I needed to bring back some shine and cover scratches to my ceramic tile floor.

It went on easily enough. I left the house for three hours to let it dry and returned home to my shiny floor.

Problem: when I walked on it barefoot, it was like walking on plastic cling wrap. The plastic finish stuck to my bare feet like cling wrap and came up off the floor.

Also, my feet left "footprints" on the shiny floor.

Getting a sick feeling in my stomach as my husband told me NOT to use this on our floor.

Thank God I only did an 8 foot by 5 foot section and not the whole downstairs! I'm returning the product tomorrow!

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This Product Is Awful - How Can I Remove It?

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

The refresher made my floors look great, but when I went to clean them with the Rejuvenate cleaner a few days later there was a milky, streaky haze on all of my floors.

I've spent two days using everything from vinegar, ammonia, Murphy's Oil Soap, dish soap and Goo Gone trying to get it off.

I still have a haze and sticky, gummy residue patches all over my floor.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to get my floors back to normal?

Taylor says:

I don't really have any additional suggestions for you, but I am so sorry this has turned into such a disaster for you!

I'd love to hear from other readers, to see if they have any additional suggestions for how to remove this product from their floor. If you've got any thoughts, share your ideas here.

***Update: Below, two different readers shared how they removed this product with ammonia, so check out how they did it since it might work for you. ***End Update

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Rejuvenate Floor Restorer Is The Worst Product I Ever Used!

by Shanna

Shanna has also shared her review and experience with this product, and has not been pleased with it.

Shanna says:

Rejuvenate floor restoration product is the worst product that I have ever used. It made such a mess of our Brazilian Cherry hardwood that I thought we were going to have to replace them.

We followed the instructions to the letter. It went on streaky and also sticky. It felt dirty under your feet.

It took me 5 hours on my hands and knees with a pail of hot water, ammonia and a scraper, working a 4 X4 area at a time, to remove it.

I wouldn't give this product even one star, even that is too much.

Taylor says:

Sorry you had such a bad experience with this product Shanna, but thanks for alerting everyone to your problems with it so others can decide for themselves if they want to use it or not.

Has anyone else tried to remove this product from their hardwood floors after application? Shanna shared how she got it off, but what about you? What method did you use? You can share your tips here.

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Rejuvenate Fiasco: Had To Remove It With Ammonia

by Joan

Joan says:

This was the worst nightmare of my life.

Their website says the product can be removed with vinegar...NOT.

I had to use ammonia - mixed 3 cups ammonia to 1 1/4 gallons of water.

I applied this to the floor over a small area using circular motion and let sit for a few minutes.

Then I used a metal scraper to lift this stuff off.

You may have to go over some areas again, but at least it works better than that company's preferred method.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing how you removed this product from your wood floor Joan, although it sure does sound like a fiasco just as you've said.

Sorry you had to go through this process.

Interestingly, I've suggested to people who've been unhappy with Orange Glo, and wanted to remove it from their floors, to use ammonia. (You can read a submission from a reader about it here.)

There are lots of uses for ammonia around your home, if you're interested in checking more of them out, or want to share your own.

Amonnia For Cleaning {Referral Links}

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Use Goof Off Heavy Duty Cleaner To Remove This Product

by Rudy
(Lindenhurst, NY)

Rudy says:

If you use Rejuvenate Floor Restorer there's a good chance you're going to want to remove it due to hazing, etc.

Hardwood flooring manufacturers DO NOT recommend using an ammonia based cleaner on factory finished floors.

Rejuvenate customer service representatives recommend using a non-ammoniated glass cleaner. In my experience that method does not work.

The only product I found that would dissolve Rejuvenate without damaging the original finish of the floor is Goof Off Heavy Duty cleaner which comes in a yellow spray bottle and is sold by Home Depot and can be found in their paint section.

Spray enough of the product onto a small section of flooring to make it wet, then rub it in with your fingers to help dissolve the Rejuvenate coating.

You will see the liquid turn a milky color when the Rejuvenate is dissolved.

Use an old towel to wipe up the mess following the grain of the wood.

Repeat with a lighter mist of Goof Off, wipe again, then buff with a dry terry cloth towel.

Change towels frequently.

Yes, this is a lot of work....something that would have been unnecessary had I only read some of the negative comments about Rejuvenate before I used it.

Goof Off {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for this advice Rudy, although I'm so sorry you had to find this out the hard way.

I've got some additional reviews and uses for Goof Off here. This stuff is pretty amazing!

As always, when using a product on your hardwood floors, I suggest testing in an inconspicuous area to make sure it doesn't damage them before you apply it over a large surface!

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Rejuvenate Floor Cleaner And Restorer Worked Wonders On My Old Oak Floors

by Myrna

Rejuvenate Floor Cleaner

Rejuvenate Floor Cleaner

Myrna has shared her experiences with Rejuvenate floor cleaner and floor restorer.

Myrna says:

What can I say, these are great! The floor cleaner did an excellent job on a very old oak floor as well as my nice polyurethane oak floors.

There is no smell with these products, which are vital for me as I react to strong smells.

The restorer was a bit touchy on putting it on until I got the hang of it on the old floor. While it didn't restore the worn wood as well as I hoped it did an excellent job of improving the flooring by about 60%, enough so that the new tenants didn't mind how the floors looked and believe me, they were really dull and ugly before I did both steps!

I tried it on my nice and shiny oak floors and all I can say is that the floors that I did shine even more than the ones not done-my floors look like glass now, beautiful caramel oak glass!

It is NOT going to replace the quality of resanding and refinishing wood floors but overall it is the best product I have tried yet on my floors and I give it 5 stars.

Taylor says:

Thanks Myrna for sharing your Rejuvenate floor restorer and floor cleaner reviews.

This, as you know, is a product which is advertised on TV, and I've definitely gotten mixed reviews on it. From these reviews I'm basically hearing that the Rejuvenate floor cleaner is OK, but that although you disagree many people think the restorer isn't worth the price paid.

In fact, some people don't just think the restorer is not good, but think it is QUITE bad!

Does that about sum it up? If others have tried these products I would love to hear from you too, to see if you have similar experiences and opinions. You can share your hardwood floor cleaners review here, for this or any other product, telling me how it has worked for you on your hardwood floors. In addition, you can read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Rejuvenate Floor Cleaner And Restorer Worked Wonders On My Old Oak Floors

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Deceptive Advertising
by: Charles Prim

My home is 6 years old and had very very few scratches which were primarily due to my dog. So after seeing your ad I decided to use your Rejuvenate and I am now very much sorry I did. I live alone along with my dog and I now have a mess on my hardwood flooring. There are scratches everywhere due to just myself walking around and the dog doing her normal walking around. I called you and you told me to use Windex which has ammonia which is the only thing that will remove the so called wonder wax. You should be ashamed of yourselves to promote such a crappy product!!! As a warning to others, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

Response to Charles Prim
by: Taylor

Thanks for your comment. Just FYI Charles, my site, Stain Removal 101, is not owned and is not associated with the manufacturer of this product, so while I appreciate you telling me what happened when you used it, and warning other readers, this message has not reached the company. I am an independent third party website which just provides reviews of products from readers.

How to remove this Garbage!
by: Warren

Easy. Use Windex with no ammonia. Spray on and let sit for 4-5 minutes. The floors will get a hazy color then simply scrub off. Do this is small sections. Plan to spend an entire day for a 20x10 room. I did. This product should be banned!!

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your comments and saving me money.

do not use!
by: Anonymous

Do not use. The coating gets all scratched up and looks horrible. Now I have to strip it off. Ugh!

A smeary mess.
by: Mildred Clark

When I used this parts of my floor looked really good, but in some sections it is just a smeary mess. Now I am going to have to strip the floor.

nothing but scratches
by: Lucy

Hate this product, used exactly as directed on my laminate floors. Looked wonderful until I replaced my kitchen chairs which are on rollers. Nothing but scratches. Now don't know how to remove the restorer that I applied. Would never use this product nor would I recommend it.

Messy smears
by: Angela

I have laminated floors. When I used this product parts of my floors looked really good, but in some sections it is just a smeary mess. I applied another coat, now it has smears in another section. I like it and don't like it.

Horrible and awful
by: Barbara

My husband bought the Rejuvenate kit. We used this product on our beautiful hardwood floors. Within a week the floors had a dull whitish coating! Nothing removes it. I called the Rejuvenate hotline number and the woman started saying that I had caused the problem by not using the product properly. When I told her that I HAD read the directions she practically called me a liar. She was very rude to me and actually HUNG up on me! I can't imagine how this product stays in business. It looks like these complaints have been following this product for years!Do NOT BUY!

What was I thinking?
by: Kathy

Do not use this product. I used it on my kitchen cabinets and they are ruined. To this day I do not know why I used it on them since the cabinets were new and cost $16,000 dollars. I called the company and they told me that I should apply another coat REALLY? This product is like putting on paint it does not come off. I blame myself for using this product but this should not be sold in supermarkets in the cleaning section. I was thinking it must be furniture polish. Still sick over this and it is 4 years.

Ruined hardwood floors
by: Irene

This stuff ruined my hardwood floors, I will never get the normal look again, they are smudgy and horrible looking. I emailed the company, they never respond. Don't purchase this product it's garbage.

Do not use
by: Anonymous

We used the Rejuvenate restorer and this was the worst decision we could have made for our hardwood floors. It showed scratches from our dogs which were not seen before we used the product. It left a thin plastic type film on the floors. It was hard to remove and we now have to have our floors refinished professionally. Absolutely DO NOT recommend this product.

Should not be on the market
by: Anonymous

Used it on my floors and at first it looked great. In a few days, my floors looked scratched. Long story short, this stuff builds up and leaves a waxy residue. The residue scratches within a few days and makes it look like the floor is scratched. The darker the floor, the worse it looks. The only thing that takes it off your floors is pure ammonia (which can ruin some floors). Nothing else will remove it. Fortunately, I was able to use ammonia. Over a 1000 square foot of floor pours straight ammonia on small section of floor at a time and used a credit card to scrape crap up and then wiped up. Took 2 days on hands and knees. Floors now look good.
THIS STUFF SHOULD NOT BE ON MARKET. I'm really surprised someone hasn't sued them.

Renew versus Restore
by: Anonymous

I believe that was caused by your floor still being new enough to still be all or mostly covered by the original topcoat. The cleaner is great for those types of floors. It's made unlike other floor cleaners to not leave behind residues and help keep the floor looking shiny and clean. The renewer product is like putting a thin simple layer or sealant or wax on the floor. If the floor is still in decent enough shape that the current topcoat is still there then the renewer product doesn't have anything it can adequately adhere to.

Horrific Results
by: Rikeel

TERRIBLE product! That old adage certainly applies with Restore- If it looks too good to be true it probably is. Wish I had listened to my inner voice before ruining my hardwood floors. I precisely followed all the directions. It looked fine during the application process but then became all streaky and milky in certain spots. Hoping it will eventually wear off and that my heart doesn't sink every time I pass by the areas that are ruined. Would definitely NOT recommend this product to ANYBODY!! Wonder if we have enough unsatisfied customers for a class action lawsuit!!!?!

How to remove haze left from using Rejuvenate
by: Anonymous

DO NOT use Rejuvenate on vinyl planking!!! It leaves a dull finish that is difficult to remove. To remove this haze I used glass cleaner (one WITHOUT ammonia) and a scrubby. I got it back to its original finish using this method. Allow the glass cleaner to sit a minute or two between lightly scrubbing with the grain and wipe with a clean warm wet rag to remove debris. Don't over scrub, best to just repeat process until haze is gone. Dry with a clean cloth. Lastly, throw the Rejuvenate in the trash!!!!

Rejuvenate Shine Refresher.
by: Anonymous

This product has left a film over my floor. I don't need the company to commiserate with me. I need advice from them on how to restore my floor.

response to Anonymous complaining about commisserating
by: Taylor

I'm very sorry this product has caused a film on your floor, but you need to understand this is NOT the company's website. This is an independent website which allows people to review various cleaning products, among other things, which means that one, people commiserate on the site when something bad happens, and we do try to figure out what will help. However, if you need directions from the company, please visit their website or call their customer service number.

by: Anonymous

Leaves a streaky hazy finish. Do not use this product. Very difficult to remove.

Do not buy
by: Chantel

I really wish I would have seen these reviews before purchasing. I bought to do our floors because we are selling, they looked great for about 2 days. Went to mop before a showing and they turned into a disaster, white film residue and steaks everywhere.

Hate it.
by: Anonymous

The floor cleaner is fine, but the floor restore is awful. I wish I had never used it at all. Now I can see scratches from the dog's claws, scratches from using the dining room chairs, scuff marks from shoes, water spots, even my dog's drool spots from laying in front of the window show up on my floor and there is no way to get rid of them. Spills and yes dog drool cleaned up just fine before, now they seem to be a permanent part of the floor and I've never had scratches in my floor before. I need to figure out what will work to get rid of this stuff or will it go away over time?

Horrible product
by: Tiffanie

I saw this product at one of my local stores, I have seen some reviews and heard from friends it was an excellent product. So I decided to give it a try.

I cleaned my floors as the directions said to, followed all the proper steps. I then noticed a cloudy haze, a few days later I had a damp mop to clean my floors. I had a milky white paste all over my entire floor. It then seemed to look like pollen was mopped all over my dark hardwood floors. It has been 2-3 weeks now since I did it, and I am still trying to get this product off my flowers. I now have patches of this residue in random spots on my floors. I have been on my hands and knees trying to get this off. I have tried just about everything to get this off and I am not happy at all. I called the company as well as emailed and complained, but have yet to receive any kind of help or apology for this horrible product.

I absolutely WOULD NOT recommend this product to anyone, not even my worst enemy. I am not impressed with this product at all.

Love this stuff!
by: MRD

Was skeptical at first. Tried it on my laminate floors and love it. It gives a waxy shine and makes cleaning easier. I mopped the floors for the first time since the application. It had been about 4-6 weeks after applying. I used equal parts of white vinegar, distilled water, and alcohol and they cleaned beautifully. As long as you keep the mop clean, there is no streaking and the floors still look great!

Worst Product Ever!
by: Anonymous

Omg I have been working on getting this hazy buildup off my 1500 as foot new build house. My floors are a disaster and I wish I would have read there terrible reviews before applying your shitty product to my new build house. Has this company got no way of getting there product off people floors better get they sit her are still sell there crappy product with no solution but just keep apologizing for there wrong doing! My floors will never look good again! Thanks rejuvenate.

Slate floors
by: Etta

I used both products on my kitchen floor, which is made of slate tiles. It looks great. I am a little nervous now, reading all of the negative comments, of what to expect when I need to damp mop it, or in time. I will repost in about a week.

Do not buy this product!
by: Kim

I used the cleanser and the polish on both hardwood and tile flooring It totally ruined my tile floors. It streaks and lifts as you wash it weekly. My hardwood is dull now.
All that work for these results!!!! I think the only way to fix this is to replace all our main floor flooring. A very costly mistake.

Worked great for me
by: Used

I used the rejuvenate floor system. Used it on my bamboo floor. A truly horrible product.It started wearing off within a few days. The areas where it remained has been a year long struggle to get it off. Worst product ever. Would highly recommend that no one buys this product.

Bad product
by: Anonymous

Hate this product with a vengence. Know there has to be somebody pro to come and take it off. It has smeary and paw prints after I used it. It looked better I used this product. Just needed a shine not gros waxy mess.

Ceramic tile
by: Anonymous

I used the restorer before on other ceramic tiles and I was extreme please. But I replaced those tiles a couple of years ago and the new ones looked great until water wouldn’t come up and when I used a mop it came all cloudy and white. So far three house on have the floor to scrub everything off it looking like a two day job, I am extremely disappointed and hope it doesn’t ruin my tiles completely.

Tacky floor
by: Anonymous

After using Rejuvenate floor restorer the floor was shiny in spots and dull in other spots. The floor was tacky and left foot prints.

It should be taken off the market because it creates more problems than it fixes.

don't buy
by: Anonymous

Do not buy this product. Within 2-3 days after applying my floors look cloudy and ugly. I don't know how to get it off. Very upset.

this product went directly into the garbage
by: Karen

I used this product on my 3 year old wood floors. I loved the shine when it was done. As others have stated when it got wet with first cleaning it was horrible. I thought I did something wrong. I put on 2 coats and that was great. But, when I had had enough of streaked sticky lumpy gobs on the floor I spent 8 hours on hands and knees with bleach, dawn, sos pads and a scraper to get them finished again. This product went directly into the garbage. Shame on this company for selling such a misleading product. Shame on us for believing them.

How to remove from laminate floors
by: Anonymous

Like you I bought into the hype. Now like you I am devastated that my laminate floors look terrible. After using Rejuvenate, my cherry laminate floors look like I poured Elmers glue on them and let it dry. I was devastated. I contacted the manufacturer and complained over and over. Finally, I was able to speak with the helpful representative named Samantha Watts - 954.747.3300 - with the company. After answering several questions and sending photos of my ruined floors (so I thought) Samantha shipped me a solution that removed the product and restored my floors back to new. The solution she sent me was free of charge and worked perfect. I spent 2 days using the solution on my floors and I am so happy. Give her a call or send her a email. She will ask you to go to your local store and buy ammonia free glass cleaner.... don't fall for her. Tell her you already did that and to send you the solution that their "chemist" prepares to remove this crap. Best of luck.

doesn't work on ceramic
by: Kimberly Gray

I spent 2 weeks on my knees cleaning the grout on my main level. I sealed it then cleaned the floor with rejuvenate. It looked nice. Step two was to add that beautiful high gloss finish from rejuvenate restorer. It lasted one week and then started to wear off. I now have blotchy floors and it looks awful! I'm so glad I did it on the ceramic before I went on to do the hardwood floor! Not impressed at all!

Do not use this product if you have to put anything on it.
by: Anonymous

Added to my dark hardwood floors and when moved furniture across it on felt it scuffed. Not scratched just a slight scuff. No way of fixing it so far the company hasn't gotten back to me yet on what can be done but a miracle product if it ruins floors this easily. 10 years prior to using this and no issues. First application and problems. Do not use this product if you have to put anything on it.

after puppy accident, puddles very obvious
by: Paula

When the Rejuvenate is first applied to the hardwood it does look nice and shiny.

I found it difficult to avoid having streaks in the finish after it dried.

I ran into real problems after getting a puppy who soiled the floor in different spots. Even though I was quick to clean the puddles the urine spots are VERY obvious.

I called customer service and ask how to remove the spots and I was told I must remove the entire finish in order to remove the appearance of puddles.

I have tried and tried and tried to remove this finish with the recommended vinegar solution. The puddles are still very obvious.

looking for a solution and better cleaner
by: Anonymous

I have used the product for approximately 4 years on my laminate flooring. I preferred to reapply two times per year. I was satisfied with the high gloss shine. However, over time, high traffic areas appear dull, streaky, and dirty after damp mopping with Rejuvenate floor cleaner, clear water or watered down vinegar/soap solution. Also floor became more prone to scratches over time. I have tried several cleaners, but the floor looks worse. I am still searching for a solution.

Absolutely the worst thing I've ever tried for my laminate floors
by: Julianne

Absolutely the worst thing I've ever tried for my laminate floors. This showed every paw print, every foot print and left an uneven coating. Nothing could remove the residue, not even Krud Kutter. I had to spend $424.00 for a home service janitorial company to strip the floors back to the main finish. The company told me to NEVER use anything but a home steamer on the laminate flooring, plus possibly a bit of vinegar in the steamer. Never buy this for your laminates.

Ceramic tile
by: Lindsay

I used the rejuvenate floor cleaner for all types of floors and it worked absolutely wonderful but after reading all the comments I’m going to take the floor restorer back and not even attempt it.

How to get Rejuvenate off the floor
by: Anonymous

Don't buy this product unless you follow the directions to the letter. I just spent several hours using rubbing alcohol and a rag and an old credit card getting this off my floor. Not even half done but the bit I did do looks fantastic. When the sun hits the floor I can see the few spots I missed. white vinegar, and acetone did nothing. Also. contacted Rejuvenate but you have to go through hoops and follow their steps to get any help. Don't need them now and will not ever buy from them again!!!!

by: Vivian

warm water, vinegar and baking soda. I wring my rag out to as near dry as I can apply. I wipe the floor and dry the floor immediately. I never let water sit on my floors to air dry. I use Rejuvenate once a year. You cannot WET MOP hardwood floors and keep them beautiful. You will get a white film.

by: Anonymous

I need to remove floor restorer from marble, cannot use vinegar, what to do?

Impossible to remove
by: Ron Garland

The kitchen tile was scratched after rejuvenated and now I can’t remove the rejuvenate with out extensive labor. Nothing but paint stripper will remove it. Sorry I ever heard of this product.

ruined my floor
by: Sean

Used the restore and shine products and also left a cloudy film that seem impossible to remove....still working on it.

I found the product this works for removal of this product from tile!
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem with my ceramic tile‘s. Then it occurred to me that perhaps I could try using my latex paint remover. I sprayed it on let it sit for a minute and it worked. All I did was use a damp mop to wash it off then I mopped my floor again twice. You will notice that when you’re wiping off the rejuvenate floor restore the build up of the rejuvenate floor restorer comes up in small clumps. So there you have it folks latex paint remover does it quickly and easily.

Worked for me
by: Anonymous

Our oak floors were starting to look a bit tired. I did the 2 step process and was thrilled at the result. I did it when my husband was gone. When he walked in he at first thought we were either robbed or had a good because I had to move furniture around and it wasn't quite ready to be walked on. He was totally amazed at how well the floor turned out. A friend of his tried it as well and was also very happy. It's been about a year and a half and it still looks great. I clean it now with their no bucket cleaner.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood damaged by Reuvinate Polish
by: Miller NC

My husband and I polished our hardwood with rejuvenate polish and now regret ever using the product. With heavy traffic across on floors and normal wear and tear, we thought we should polish it up to give it a new gloss. The gloss lasted for a few days. However, it has left a permanent milky haze on our Brazilian Cherry hardwood floor. We are still trying to figure out how to get the milky haze removed or to restore it to its natural Brazilian cherry hardwood look.

I love it
by: Anonymous

I used Rejuvenate about 5 years ago on my new laminate floors. They were not shiny but I wanted a little finish. I got just what I wanted and I just redid them this year. So far, I haven't had to remove it. I am going to try it on my vinyl floors now.

by: Anonymous

Rejuvenate products are garbage. Do not use on your hardwood floors. I'd like to sue this manufacturer. My floors now show any insignificant spills and you can't remove the mark. Every scuff mark shows and can't be removed. I have to have my floors sanded professionally. There are only two of us living in our home and we are clean fanatics. No animals.

Another horror story
by: Jennifer

I also experienced the white haze after washing the floor for the first time after application. The floor looked fantastic before the application of water. I found another victims comment that Goof Off removed his problem. I had an old can of Goof Off and was seeing some success with it. After running out I ran to Home Depot and got a gallon can and had no results with it, it also smelled different, a lot less potent. Come to find out that Goof Off changed their formula. The old Goof Off contained Xylol Xylene which is safe for wood and won't break down polyurethane. Acetone does break down polyurethane. Some states have banned xylene, fortunately mine is not one of them. I hope to have success using the xylene to finish getting this wax build up off my wood floor. What a nightmare this has been.

How to remove from Cortec floors?
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know how to get Rejuvenate off of Cortec floors? This junk was actually recommended by the salesperson when we bought the flooring. Cortec recommended a stripper, but that only made it worse. Will it eventually wear off with regular mopping using the cleaner Cortec recommended?

Windex removes it well
by: Dee

Best way to remove is to use Windex. Let it soak 5 minutes, and then wipe it up.

left a cloudy film that I cannot remove
by: Nancee Wenk

This product just destroyed my floors. The product left a cloudy film! I cannot remove. Called customer service and the representative said go purchase an alkaline based floor stripper. Are you kidding? I just spent a small fortune on Rejuvenate. Shame on Bed Bath and Beyond for selling this product.

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