Murphy's Oil Soap Review - Used The Original Formula For 30 Years To Clean My Hardwood Floors

by Martha
(Green Bay, WI)

Martha has shared her Murphy's Oil Soap review, of the original formula.

Martha says:

I find it necessary to clean my hardwood floors one every two weeks.

I have been using Murphy's Oil Soap religiously on my hardwood floors for over thirty years now.

First I sweep the floor. I then mix a quarter cup of Murphy's Oil Soap in a bucket of warm water and mop the floor. It has a nice natural smell.

It does a great job removing dirt and leaving a nice shine on my floors.

I use the original scent and usually just pick up a bottle at my local grocery store as needed.

I have tried other products but prefer Murphy's because it gets the job done with less elbow grease required. I am always pleased with the results and recommend it to anybody who has hardwood floors to clean.

I also like the fact that it is a mostly all natural product containing simple vegetable oil.

I do want to warn you not to use too much of this product because the end result can be gooey and leave a residue on your floors. Stick with the recommended quarter cup of Murphy's soap per every gallon of warm water and you should be very pleased with the end results as I have been.

Taylor says:

Thanks Martha for sharing your review.

I want those reading this review to note that Martha (and several of the additional reviewers below) are giving instructions for using the original, concentrated formula of this product.

For those who do not want to dilute the product themselves Murphy's has also come out with a "squirt and go" version which is already diluted for them, and ready to use. (Scroll down to find a review of this type as well here on the page.)

So, does anyone else use this product for cleaning their hardwood floors? You can share your hardwood floor cleaners review here, for this or any other brand, telling me how it has worked for you. In addition, you can read reviews of other brands that have already been submitted.

In addition to cleaning hardwood floors this product can be used to clean laminate, vinyl and tile flooring, among other things. If anyone has used this product for any of these purposes I would love to hear from you about these too.

Finally, you can also use it in the laundry. Here's a review from a reader, sharing how she uses this product to remove dirt stains.

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Murphy Oil Soap Review - Inexpensive When Using Concentrated Formula

by Kimmie
(Fitchburg, MA USA)

Kimmie has shared her Murphy Oil Soap review, for cleaning her finished wood floor.

Kimmie says:

Murphy Oil Soap is an inexpensive, old fashioned tried and true product for cleaning finished hardwood floors.

It is a gentle, natural cleaner that is made with orange oil and vegetable oil, and it is my only choice to clean my dining room floor, which is the only room with a finished hard wood floor.

My dining room is in the center of the house and is a high traffic area and the Murphy’s does a nice job cleaning the floor.

I mix it according to the directions.

Murphy’s brings back the sparkling shine to my dining room floor. In addition, it has a nice smell and isn’t caustic to breathe, which is good for me because I have asthma.

I have not experienced any adverse reaction if it comes into contact with my skin.

It is not meant to be used on unfinished wood floors, so if you are concerned do a test area to see how it works.

I use the kind you need to dilute, since this saves me money. Since it is concentrated a little bit goes a long way. For best results follow the label instructions for proper soap to water ratio.

Taylor says:

Thanks Kimmie for sharing your review.

You can share your own wood floor cleaner review here, for this or any other brand you use to clean your hardwood floors, telling me what you like, or don't, about it, and how it has worked for you.

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Murphy Soap Is The Bomb - Use It For Tile Floors And Kitchen Cabinets Too

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 Reader has shared how she uses Murphy Soap in her home.

SR101 Reader says:

I love this product. I've used it all my life because my grandmother and my mother swore by it.

Kitchen cabinets my friend. Clean them with Murphy soap and you'll never go back to anything else.

In addition, all of my floors, wood and tile gets the treatment.

My husband being a Navy man is a clean freak and Murphy soap made a believer out of him as well. The smell is ever so faint but oh so pleasant. Buy it, use it, you won't regret it.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing even more ideas for how to use Murphy's Oil Soap for cleaning items in our homes.

Generally, people think of this product for cleaning hardwood floors, which it does well, but as you pointed out it also has even more uses.

I checked, and it is advertised as safe for cleaning tile floors. I'm interested, does anyone else use this product for that purpose? You can share your tile floor cleaners review here, for this or any other product, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

In addition, does anyone else use Murphy's Oil Soap for cleaning their cabinets? You can share your cabinet cleaners review here, for this or any other product.

Finally, this reader makes the great point that this product doesn't just work to clean hardwood floors, but also wood furniture. You can share your wood furniture cleaner or polish review here, telling me how Murphy's Oil Soap or another product worked to clean your wooden furniture.

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We've Used Murphy's Oil Soap In Our Family For 3 Generations

by Laurie
(St. Petersburg, FL)

Laurie has shared her Murphy's Oil Soap review.

Laurie says:

I try to vacuum my hardwood floors everyday, or use a Swiffer dust mop on them.

I use white vinegar and water, with a damp mop, once a week to clean them too.

However, when I need to thoroughly clean my hardwood floors, which is approximately every 6 weeks to 2 months, depending on the weather (people tracking in dirt), I use Murphy's Oil Soap.

My family has used this product for three generations, so it must be a great product.

Murphy's is pure vegetable oil soap that is gentle to your hardwood floors and gentle to your skin. I have never had a skin reaction with it, and I use it without wearing latex gloves.

I like that it is biodegradable, so it is friendly to the environment.

In addition, I like the scent (I call it an earthy scent). Whenever I smell it, it takes me back to my grandmother's home (she used it a lot).

I also like that it is inexpensive compared to other brands, and that you only have to use one quarter cup to a gallon of water.

The key to getting your hardwood floors clean is to use hot water, and only damp mop (wring the mop as dry as you can and wipe up any water drops on the floor). I have an old towel that I use to get up any remaining moisture.

Plus, I love that Murphy's Oil Soap can be used on many surfaces. It is a great product and I gave some to my son in his housewarming basket.

Taylor says:

Thanks Laurie for your review of this wood floor cleaner.

So, does anyone else have a favorite cleaner for your wood floors? If so, you can share your hardwood floor cleaners review here, for this or any other brand, telling me what you like about it, and why.

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My New Miracle Soap Is Murphy Oil Soap

by Mariana

I've asked for readers to share their uses for this cleaning product, since there are so many, with everyone and Mariana was gracious enough to share her Murphy Oil Soap uses with me.

Mariana says:

For oil stains...a marvel! Dab the soap on the oil stain, forget about it for 2-3 days....and wash as usual.

Bathroom and kitchen- shower tiles, sink...stainless steel sink....leaves them impeccable!

My basic cleaning products....Murphy Oil Soap, Vinegar and Windex...sometimes the Mr Clean magic sponge.

I hope this helps! :)

Taylor says:

Thanks Mariana for sharing how you use this versatile cleaning product all around your home.

It is amazing how you can use it as so many different types of speciality cleaners all at once, including an oil stain remover, bathroom cleaner and stainless steel cleaner!

I'd love to hear even more ways people use this product for cleaning and laundry in their homes, so keep the ideas and uses coming!

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Murphy's Oil Soap Works Better For Me Than Vinegar And Water To Clean My Hardwood Floors

by Melinda

Melinda has shared which hardwood floor cleaner has worked better for her than vinegar and water.

Melinda says:

I wash my hardwood floors every other month, unless they seem really cruddy, and then I will clean them more frequently.

When I moved into my century old home the floors were covered with hideous cream-colored carpeting. I immediately ripped it up and found gorgeous hardwood floors.

They all needed to be sanded, however, after years of pet stains and grime had been worked into them. The refinishing company did an amazing job, and I asked them what I could use to keep the floors clean.

They told me there were only two things they recommended: vinegar and water, and Murphy's Oil Soap.

I used vinegar and water the first few times I cleaned the floor, but it didn't seen to get clean, so the next time I used Murphy's Oil Soap.

I have to say that it works great - gets the floor really clean and makes the house smell great. It's good for cleaning all kinds of wood, too.

There is a trick, however: you have to use very hot water and a bit less then the label recommends. I usually put only 1/4 cup into the bucket. Any more makes the floors slippery.

If you follow these tips, Murphy's Oil Soap is the way to go!

Taylor says:

Thanks Melinda for sharing your review and tips for using this product.

Since so many people have independently told me that you have to dilute this soap as recommended, or perhaps even further, I would definitely follow this advice when using this product.

Thanks to all of you who have given reviews. I hope this page will help anyone with questions about this product, and how to use it for cleaning their wood floors.

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Comments for Murphy's Oil Soap Works Better For Me Than Vinegar And Water To Clean My Hardwood Floors

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use for car vinyl top
by: Anonymous

My mechanic says MO is the BEST for protecting car vinyl convertible tops. Anyone have any comments on this?

Response re car vinyl
by: Taylor

I have not personally heard about this use, but would love to hear from other people to see how this has worked for them! I always love learning of new uses for this product.

Another use
by: Cherilynne

We use it on our leather horse harness. Learned that at a world renowned Saddlebred stable.

20+ years residential housecleaning business
by: Lara Van Wagoner

I have been cleaning homes for over 20 years. I have always used Murphys Oil Soap to clean wood cabinets doors and wood floors.

I have also run into a large amount of people who have had new wood floors put in in the last 5 years. These people insist on using the new steam mops with only hot water. Some clients have said their installer has also said to use only hot water.

My opinion, which I have shared with clients:

1- a steam mop is on your floor for a second. It does not sanitize anything or kill germs as it is not on any spot long enough to do so, and it would kill any wood floor if you did leave a steam mop on an area of wood.

Steam mops are a fad that the consumer has been exposed to. Yes a steam mop on tile does work - but again you must use a cleaner and you must leave it on an area for at least 30 seconds in order for the heat to do any killing.

I don't know about you - but I don't have the time to stand with a steam mop over each piece of tile for 30 seconds.

2- I have used Murphys for over 20 years. I do know it conditions wood and cleans. I would not use it unless it is diluted and would not use it every week. I use Murphys one week and vinegar and water the next.

Leather Cleaner ?
by: Richard Snow

Can M.O.S be used to clean Leather Boots ? I have several pairs of outdoor/work Boots that have common mold due to dampness. What is my best choice for this? As a cleaner I want something that will also be gentile on the Leather and work as a conditioner. I usually treat them with a old military product that is nothing more than Bees Wax & Linseed Oil.

Caused warping
by: Sally

I too have been using Murphy's for my wood floors. I wring out as much as I can, but it is still wet. I do a 4' or 5' area then use the other side of my mop which is thicker and I go over any damp spots, because water can warp the wood. I had a house cleaner in to do housecleaning when I was confined to bed rest and she missed three spots and all three warped. There's an old saying that says "water on wood-ah ah no good", which really means don't leave any wet or fairly damp spots on your floor or you may see some warping.

Cleaning leather and horse tack
by: Joani

We used to clean all of our horse tack regularly before oiling it. Promotes longevity and suppleness of leather.

it's really great
by: Lee

A cleaning woman turned me on to this and it is really great. My husband cannot tolerate strong smell due to asthma but the fragrance in this is so mild it doesn’t bother him. She even used it on the wood furniture and antiques we have with no problems. She just used a slightly dampened cloth when dusting. It is also great on tile and wood floors. I’ve had problems with streaking on my "fake" wood floors, but it seems to have that problem with any cleaners I try.

Removed dry erase marker from lab coat
by: Anonymous

I'd given up on getting old dark blue dry erase marker off my lab coat. I had tried several washes, even stain remover presoaks, or alcohol/ hairspray. It was just as thick a stain and dark blue. I googled dry erase stains, one reference said to use 50% Murphys Oil soap mixed with 50% Bananaboat sunscreen. No sunscreen at home. So I tried your soap, full strength. First nothing. 15 min later I saw some blue on the towel and underneath the blue stain bled through. Two more applications and gently pressure of your soap, 10 minutes apart. It's nearly gone. Thank you Murphy's! One happy RN.

by: Anonymous

I use Murphys to clean my dining room chairs that are upholstered. It works very well, and is safe.

Paint brushes - Murphy's Oil Soap is the only thing to use!
by: Anonymous

I use a lot of acrylic and latex paint for crafts and I have expensive brushes. Murphy's Oil Soap cleans the paint right out and has the added bonus of keeping the brush bristles soft, conditioned and easier to reshape after cleaning. After using it for a bit, you'll notice the paint will come out of the brush with no trouble at all. The paint still stays on the brush like normal, the oil in the soap doesn't affect their usability.

is there a difference between Murphy's soap and Murphy's oil soap?
by: Anonymous

I want to clean my parents name plates at the cemetery and the director said to use Murphy's soap but NOT MURPHY'S OIL SOAP. Where can I find JUST MURPHY'S SOAP?

Cleaning car seats and dashboard
by: Debra Miller

I have been using Murphy's Oil Soap to clean the interior of my vehicles for years. I add about 1/4 cup to a gallon of warm water. It does a fantastic job of cleaning leather seats,interior doors and dashboard. Not only does it remove dirt and dust but it conditions and protects leather or vinyl seats and the dashboard. Never had any issues with my dashboard or seats becoming cracked or faded by religiously using Murphy's Oil Soap on them. Another thing is Murphy's Oil Soap never causes your windows or windshield to film up or get greasy unlike other auto care products that claim to preserve and protect the interior of your vehicle. I also love that it is non-toxic and makes your vehicle smell fresh and clean. Murphy's Oil Soap, you rock!

didn't like it for my wood floors
by: Charlotte Kuczynski

After diluting the Murphy's Oil Soap per the instructions on the back of the bottle (1/4 c to 1 gallon water), I used it for routine cleaning of my wood floors. It made the floors greasy and slippery. I had to use Mr. Clean to remove the slime from my wash bucket and sink, and a solution of vinegar and water to remove the grease from the wood floors. It's very good be be ecologically astute, but this was too much of a mess and ended up giving me double the amount of work.

Spot by floors
by: Anonymous

Can I use Murphy’s oil soap on engineeers wood floors?

Great cleaning products
by: Anonymous

I have been using murphy oil soap for years and love it.

spilled on rug
by: Darryl

Will this stain my area rug, or is what I'm seeing just the wetness of the spillage? If it is going to stain how can I avoid it?

Does anyone make a spray cleaner with diluted Murphy's Oil Soap?
by: Tif

I'm just curious: I like to make a spray cleaner with diluted Murphy's Oil Soap and was wondering if anyone else does? And if so, what ratios of MOS to water they use.

I use on my tile floors
by: Carol

Every product I tried for cleaning my tile floors left streaks. Finally I tried Murphys Oil Soap. My floors come out looking polished with a warm shine. BTW there is no oil in Murphys.

what I use it for
by: Patricia

Great on wood floors and cabinets. Also good on leather couch.

Can it be used to clean the car's interior?
by: Rockey

Can I use Murphy's Oil Soap to clean the inside of our car? My wife is a smoker and it is a battle to keep the smoke smell out of the car.

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