Magic Eraser Uses In My Home And Tips For Use

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Below I've collected lots of Magic Eraser uses for around your home, as shared by readers of this site.

When discussing this product, I'm discussing it using the name it's most known by, which is the "Magic Eraser" which is a product branded as from Mr. Clean.

Lots of Magic Eraser uses around your home, for cleaning, removing marks and tough to remove stains from a wide variety of hard surfaces {on Stain Removal 101} #MagicEraser #MrCleanMagicEraser #CleaningTipsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
However, I've personally found that the brand name version and the generic version of the product can work just as well.

These "erasers" are really made of a type of foam, called melamine, which is how you may want to search if you're looking for the generic.

The foam acts much like extremely fine sandpaper, which means it's literally rubbing away the marks and dirt from the surface, but also can sometimes scratch soft surfaces or, especially if you scrub too hard, scrub away paint from places like your wall.

Therefore, always use this product with caution, and test first in an inconspicuous place of the surface to make sure you won't damage it.

You also may want to use the product while wearing some type of gloves, because if it's like sandpaper on whatever surface you're using it on, it's also like that on your hands.

Some people have complained that this product isn't very durable, since it wears away and disintegrates with use. However, that's completely normal. As the product is rubbed on the surface it does wear down (it's foam, after all), so don't be surprised when this happens.

Finally, I've heard some people say that these magic erasers have a lot of chemicals within them, and I wanted to discuss this issue briefly. The original magic erasers, and their generic counterparts, didn't have any cleaning product within them. They were just basically the melamine foam, which you wet and then rubbed on the surface you wanted to clean.

However, Mr. Clean began coming out with multiple versions of the Magic Eraser, many of which started to have cleaners and soaps embedded within them. These were
advertised as great for cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, for example, since the soap was already embedded in the sponge.

So just understand when you purchase one of these products that they may have cleaners within them, along with the melamine foam. It should be pretty obvious which ones do based on the packaging.

So, without further ado, here are some of the cleaning uses of this product around your home, as shared by readers.

Nora says:

I use my Mr. Clean Eraser all the time. I always keep one on hand.

I have an eight year old boy, five year old boy and a 20 month old girl. Because of them I continually have fingerprints and drawings on my white walls. I love that it takes dirt, crayon and fingerprints off the walls.

I also use it to clean my base boards, and it makes a huge difference. It takes almost all of the dirt and scuff marks off of them.

The only problem I have had is trying to clean my front door with it. Then, it leaves a chalk residue on the door.

I also now drain all the excess water out of the sponge before I begin to use it. At first, I guess I left too much water in it when I would wet it, because it would run dirty water down my walls as I rubbed. Lesson learned.

The positives of this product definitely out weigh the negatives. It is very reasonably priced, and it is easy to find at most stores.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing how you use your Magic Eraser Nora.

I'm always looking for more ways to use this versatile cleaning product, and also for tips for use and what it does not work well on. You can share your tips and uses for the Mr. Clean Eraser here, or read others that have already been submitted.

In addition, scroll down for lots more uses already shared below!

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I Use My Magic Eraser All Over My Home

by Tara
(Fort Collins, Colorado)

Lots of uses for a Magic Eraser around your home for cleaning tough messes and removing stains, scuffs and marks {on Stain Removal 101} #MagicEraser #CleaningTips #CleaningHacksuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Tara says:

I have used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for many things in my home, and have always been very happy with the effectiveness of it.

I have found that it is wonderful for removing marks off of painted walls and baseboards. I have also found it very useful for removing scuff marks from tennis shoes.

I have white appliances in my kitchen, and it works wonders in restoring them to their original brightness. For example, in my kitchen I've used it successfully on my stove top, the outside of my dishwasher, and my microwave.

I've also used it successfully in the bathroom, such as on my bathroom sink and shower stall.

I have not found any surface that I have used it on that it did not work well.

I also think it is very reasonably priced, considering that you are able to get several uses out of it. The only thing that I dislike about it is that is breaks off and leaves "eraser pieces" while you are using it, and I find these hard to clean up.

Overall though, I have been very pleased with the results from it, and find it quite useful.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser uses around your home for cleaning all kinds of things {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Photo by freakapotimus

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Grout Cleaning With The Magic Eraser: Before & After Pics

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Here's a before and after picture of tile grout, which was cleaned with this product.

It couldn't be any simpler to use it for this purpose - just rub it on your dirty grout gently and watch it get clean! Amazing.

If you've got a favorite grout cleaner I'd love to hear your review, so share it at the link, or read more reviews that have already been submitted.

***Update: An SR101 reader shared this quick comment:
Try it on your shower grout. You won't need to buy cleaner again.
***End Update

Before and after photos courtesy of

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Mr. Clean Super Eraser Cleaned Our Boat!

by Edie
(Vancouver Island)

Edie says:

We just bought a pre-owned 30' sailboat and spent the day cleaning it.

My husband happened to pick up a Mr. Clean eraser when he was looking for products to do the job. We were both amazed at what it took off (mildew, black marks, cup stains, stuck on weather grime...) so now we're telling all our boater friends about it!

Taylor says:

Thanks Edie for sharing how this product has worked for you!

What do other people use to clean and remove mildew? You can share your mildew cleaners review here, or read other reviews which have already been submitted.

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Used To Clean Old Shoes

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Jimmy Dean shared a picture of how he used this product to clean old shoes.

This is a common use, so common that they even show it on many of the commercials for the product.

But who can argue with those results? I love simple fixes!

Here's even more tips for cleaning shoes that you can check out, or share your own as well!

***Update: Another reader echoed the use of this product for shoes, saying, "My kids love to used the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on their white shoes. Works great!" ***End Update

Photo courtesy of Amazon

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How To Remove Soot Stains With Magic Eraser

A Magic Eraser (or its generic equivalent) is a great way to remove soot stains from hard surfaces like cabinets, ceilings, and walls.

The video below shows how to do it.

In addition, it gives some additional tips for soot stain removal, including to use soy candles since she says they don't produce soot.

Please comment below if you have found this to be true or not about soy candles, because I have not heard this before.

In addition, for the smoke smell left behind from the soot she suggests using vinegar and water for odor removal.

Here is my advice for removing soot stains from clothing, upholstery and carpet.

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I Use It To Remove Coffee Rings From Mugs & The Coffee Pot

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader:

I use a clean magic eraser for removing coffee rings from mugs.

It also works wonders on the coffee pot too.

Taylor says:

Thanks for the tips. Definitely would want to use a clean one, for sure!

You can find even more home remedies for removing coffee and tea rings from mugs here, and tips for cleaning coffee pots here.

How to remove coffee and tea stains and rings from cups

Photo courtesy of odolphie from Flickr CC

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Cleans Keypads On Computers & Laptops

by Dawna
(Studio City, CA)

Dawna says:

They also work very nicely to clean the keypads of computers/laptops.

Just make sure you really wring out the water from the eraser first, before you begin to scrub.

Taylor says:

Thanks for this tip Dawna.

I would also add that you should be careful or you might scrub off the letters from the keys, and I don't know about you but I rely on seeing those to know what the heck I'm typing sometimes!

Photo courtesy of zulfinho

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Gets The Road Grime Off My Car's Windshield

by Jill
(Santa Ana, CA USA)

Jill says:

This works great on the road film on the windshield of your car - even the car wash doesn't get that stuff off - but the Magic Eraser takes it off with one cleaning!

Photo courtesy of dennis

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Cleaned Off White Streaks On Side Of My Vehicle From Swiping Concrete

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

When I first purchased my van I didn't realize how much bigger it was than anything else I'd ever driven.

I purchased gasoline and started to leave the pump when I side swiped the island.

There was a dent and lots of white streaks on the side of my vehicle.

When I got home I was disgusted with myself.

Tadadah! Magic Eraser! Cleaned all the white off and the dent was almost unnoticeable once I finished with using it!

Taylor says (Plus Words Of Caution):

Thanks for this tip!

As with all very expensive things -- like a vehicle -- I always suggest using caution, especially with something like this because it could mess up the paint.

That's because these sponges are really like very fine sandpaper, and that means they could easily remove the clear coat finish from your paint, or even the paint itself.

However, that being said, I'm very glad it worked for you!

Here's another tip from a reader, Patti, that I received that as quite similar. The same cautions from me apply if you choose to use this product on your car's painted surfaces -- you might take off the clear coat, if you're not careful!

Patti Also Used It On Her Car To Remove Paint When Her Car Was Sideswiped

Patti says: I used the Magic Eraser on my car to remove paint.

My car was sideswiped and it left dark paint on my gray car.

I used a wet Magic Eraser and it removed the transferred paint without additional damage on my paint.

It didn't remove any of the clear coat on my car so it still is shiny. I was very careful not to use a lot of pressure.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons,

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Get Rid Of Crayon Stains On Walls With A Magic Eraser

A great way to get rid of crayon stains on walls is with a Magic Eraser (or its generic equivalent).

Below is a video which demonstrates getting off crayon marks from the wall with the Magic Eraser, and it generally is quite easy to do.

I would caution that you need to rub gently to make sure you don't rub off the paint along with the crayon.

If you are worried about removing your paint first rub the Magic Eraser in an inconspicuous area to make sure it works alright before using it over a large surface covered with crayon.

Here is the video:

ultimate guide to crayon removal from walls
You can check out even more ways to remove crayon from walls here.

Photo by batgirlbob

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Cleans General Grime Off Plastic Refrigerator & Freezer Handles & Light Switch Plates

by Shawna

Shawna says:

I keep one at the sink to keep my white refrigerator handles looking new.

They are also perfect for keeping light switch covers clean.

Taylor says:

Thanks for the tips Shawna. You're right, as you and your family grab and touch these surfaces all the time they slowly just accumulate a layer of grime.

Great idea to use the eraser for a quick touch up of these areas!

Photo courtesy of

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How I Use My Original Mr. Clean Magic Eraser In My Home

by LeAnne
(Stamford, CT)

LeAnne says:

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a must have for household cleaning, in my opinion. It is the one product that cleans up all the things that other cleaners can’t remove.

I have used mine on many surfaces in my home, and it removes even the most difficult stains and marks easily. All you have to do is wet the Magic Eraser and rub the stain you want to remove.

I have successfully removed crayon marks and dirt stains from the white walls in my apartment with it, and it didn’t harm the paint at all.

I also use it every time I clean the bathtub to get the stains out of the tile grout.

I even use it to clean the permanent marker writing off old garage sale and other signs to reuse them.

The best part is that you can use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser over and over again, until it just completely "disappears" with use, which takes quite a while. Overall, I love this cleaning tool!

Taylor says:

Thanks LeAnne for sharing how you use the Magic Eraser in your home.

Looking at all of the uses which readers have shared above, it is just amazing how many uses people have found for this product.

I'm always looking for more ways to use it. Plus, I want to know if you've ever been disappointed with how it works, or if it ever harmed a surface you tried to use it on.

Further, Mr. Clean has come out with several "versions" of the Magic Eraser, such as for the kitchen or bath specifically, plus the original which many of us have previously used. I would love to hear from those who have used these newer versions to say how they differ and otherwise compare to the original.

You can share your uses and reviews here, or read others that have already been submitted. (I've collected some here, but there are more scattered throughout the site, which I've collected together.)

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Comments for How I Use My Original Mr. Clean Magic Eraser In My Home

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don't like how they wear out
by: Terri

Just wish they were more durable. I don't like the way the erasers wear.

response re wearing away of the eraser
by: Taylor

Terri - I totally get what you mean. You pay a lot for a product and then it wears away, and you have to buy more. While that can be frustrating that is really the nature of these eraser sponges. They're basically made of a type of foam, and they work like extremely fine sandpaper, which means with use they literally wear away. So while I see your point, I think it is really the nature of the product which causes this.

am I using this wrong?
by: BW

I will preface my statement here, that I'm probably guilty of "user error" with this product, so please feel free to enlighten me.

I had read that this product was great at cleaning bathroom shower doors so I bought it. While in the shower one day I grabbed one and tried to use it - it fell apart and didn't help one bit. So, are they not meant to get wet? Are there different types? I admit I do not recollect noticing if there were different ones for different purposes.

response re using them wrong?
by: Taylor

Hi BW, I definitely think you should read the directions for use for all products before using them. You do want to get the magic erase wet, but more just damp really, not immersed in water. In addition, yes, there are several versions. The original version is just a sponge, really a fine scrubber actually, but other versions have added cleaning agents to them to have a bit of soap at the same time as scrubbing.

Large magic eraser for the pool
by: Anonymous

I use the large ones to clean stains in my pool when I open it.

fingerprints and dirt on door frame
by: Anonymous

We replaced a kitchen door when remodeling. Before the framework could be painted it collected some finger prints and dirt. The magic eraser took it right off with no problem.

it will remove the gloss from high-gloss surfaces
by: Becky

I use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for cleaning soap scum and dirt in my kitchen primarily. I think people don't realize that this is not a sponge that contains a cleaner, but is a super, super fine sandpaper like material. So if you use it on a high-gloss surface, it will remove that gloss.

You must be very careful because you may be sanding off the protective service on your furniture. Or even removing paint.

So while this is a great product, it really is not intended to be used for everything. That is why the Mr. Clean site does not state what the sponge is good for, and what it's not good for. They don't want the liability of people making claims that it's ruined paint, or other surfaces.

be careful when using on Formica
by: Carla

I love this item also! Just be very careful when using on Formica type surfaces. Use a light touch, because it will take off the finish.

I use it when I want it cleaned right
by: Darlene

It's the only sponge I trust when I really want it cleaned right. Takes off crayon from walls and the only thing that will clean soap scum from the bathtub. I've tried other sponges and it didn't do anything!!

not as good quality as they used to be
by: Deanna

Magic erasers are awesome ...BUT THEY DO NOT LAST AS LONG AS THE USED TOO! I clean houses and recommend them but just not as good quality as before!

In addition, they do remove paint from the wall, you have to be careful!! I learned that the hard way as well with marker on my wall!!

best soap scum cutter!
by: Rebecca

Always have these on hand. My favorite bathroom helper. Cuts through soap scum faster than anything else.

Also keeps my white garbage cans white.

I buy the dollar store ones so they are super cheap.

I use them for a lot!
by: Brunella

I have used it to clean the stain around the waters edge of my swimming pool. I have a fiberglass pool.

I also use it to clean my bathtub, lavatory, walls, baseboards, doors, and almost everything.

I always keep them on hand and use them a lot.

Cloudy glasses
by: CarolfromTX

You know how glasses can become cloudy after too many trips through the dishwasher? I have tried several Pinterest solutions with no results. Well, today I had a brain fart whilst cleaning up the kitchen, and I tried using a Magic Eraser on a couple of my glasses. Voila! Most of the cloudiness is gone.

Sharpie Markers

My 4 year old thought it was a great idea to draw on the wall with my Sharpie markers along with stamping the return address stamp up and down the wall. The magic eraser took it off. It took many sponges but it worked.

Question about use
by: Rachel

Do you think I can use this to clean my microfiber upholstery couch with the Mr. Clean Eraser?

Permanent Marker on walls
by: Carolyn

My daughter has Down Syndrome, and last year she grabbed a black permanent marker and drew all over the walls in her bedroom. In a rented house, no less.

With the aid of (several) magic erasers, we saved the wall, and passed our next rental inspection with no problems. It took me about 3 weeks to get clean as the area was so big, and my arm was so sore doing it!

cut them
by: Texgal

This is a suggestion I read and it really works for small job. Cut the erasers into 1/3 pieces. It makes them last a lot longer because you are not squeezing the whole sponge each time; breaking it down.

clean pool liner
by: Linda C

We use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean our pool liner where suntan oil and dirt form a film at the water line. No need to buy other pool cleaners.

Removes grime from Microfiber
by: Anonymous

I used the Magic Eraser on the arms of a microfiber chair and it worked like a charm. The arms of the tan colored chair my husband mostly sits in had started turning almost black from his resting his hands on them (his hand were not dirty - just oil from his skin I assume). I had tried using soap and water, but no luck. I decided to give the Magic Eraser a try and could not believe how well it worked. I wrung out the excess water and lightly scrubbed the dirty area. The microfiber turns dark when you get it wet, so it was hard to see any results until the area dried. It kept my chair from being discarded! I would recommend testing on an area that can't be seen first.

Highly overrated
by: Amy Rodgers

I can use a lightly soaped moist cloth and save money.

I think the Magic Eraser could be good if the items are white or light colored.

I used it on my black gas stove and oven. It cleaned it okay. No better than a moist cloth. BUT it left this heavy chaulky film on my black stove that I had already cleaned.

Needless to say if it leaves a film like that it's not really clean!

Stove Top Cleaner
by: Shari

I use a paste that I make with baking soda and peroxide and rub on my smooth top stove. I then use my Magic Eraser to scrub the paste. It gets my stovetop sparkling clean!!!

Dirt graffitti on car
by: Kim

I stupidly wrote "YUK" in the mud that was all over my sons 4WD and when he went home and hosed it all off, the writing was - to my horror - still quite visible, like a permanent stain, and wouldn't wash off. I was mortified and will never ever do that to any vehicle again - teach our kids this! So I used my Magic Eraser carefully, and got a good result.

Ring around the pool liner
by: Donna

Magic Eraser cleans the ring around my pool. I have a built in pool and the liner gets a dirty ring along the surface. The ME takes it right off. It also cleans the white steps, not sure if they are plastic or fiberglass.

Vinyl seats
by: Jeanenne

Do not use Mr. Clean pads on vinyl seats. It drys them out and they crack in the sun. Lesson learned.

by: Retta

I use in the spring for outdoor chairs. Works great on grill also.

use in the tub/shower
by: Lyn

My favorite use for the Magic Erasers is in tub/shower! First, I spray the dawn/vinegar mixture on, then use the magic eraser. I have turned a "chore" that used to take me at least 20 mins into about 5 minutes, from start to finish. Result: sparkling shower.

Extend Eraser life
by: Anonymous

The best Magic Eraser tip I found was to cut it in half. Works great at cleaning my white leather walking shoes!

by: Janet L

I use it on the film on the inside of my windshield! Works great on the outside of the windshield too!!

great product
by: Terry Sheehan

I used this product on my eaves, and it worked wonders. So easy. Takes marks off the wall and is great for sinks and baseboards. So easy to use. Love it.

Don't use on wood
by: Donna

Don't use magic erasers on wood. I used it on woodwork and door and it washed off paint. Same on my walls. It destroys my paint both woodwork and walls. Anyone know what I can do now?

warning about skin
by: Fran

Whilst I agree magic erasers are fab I would just like to warn against rubbing them on your skin or letting the kids loose with them. They are made of melamine and produce a nasty chemical burn when rubbed even gently on skin.

I use mine for many things
by: Sissy

I use my magic eraser for many things. I clean my headlights, scuff marks on shoes, Kool aid stains on my counter tops, pencil and crayon and marker on my walls, bath tub, sinks, scuff marks on floors. The list goes on and on.

I love mine
by: Missy

I love using the Mr. Clean magic eraser. I use it on counter tops, tennis shoes, I've used it to take scuff marks off the floors and my appliances and I've even used it on my dishes. We have a well and because of where we are located we have some sandy residue in the water that causes an orange coloration on everything it touches after a while. I use magic eraser in my sinks and tubs to take out the orange discoloration and my cups and plates get a light orange inside and on them so I just use the magic eraser on them after I wash them and then rinse them out and they look brand new again. I love Mr. Clean products :)

Grime on pots and glass baking pans
by: Dani

I don't know why, but I'm a real stickler for keeping my glass pans sparkling, and sometimes the handles or edges are hard to clean with soap and scrubber, and it doesn't do the trick. Magic Eraser is amazing at restoring these to like new. I'm going to try it on the cooked-on gunk in my crock pot base tomorrow; dunno why I didn't think to try it before now, but this post has reminded me of how great these little sponges can be.

Watch out!
by: Anne

The Magic Eraser isn't leaving a chalky residue on your door. It's acting like sandpaper. The material that this seemingly soft sponge is made of is abrasive - only so tiny that we can't see or feel it. It should only be used on extremely hard surfaces.

It can damage stone countertops, glossy painted surfaces, linoleum or vinyl floors, etc.

stain on painted cupboard
by: Christine

My new kitchen's cupboard (painted cream) got tomatoe paste on it. I didn't see it until next morning. I removed it but a stain of pink was there. I used Magic Eraser. Stain is gone! I was so happy.

not on grout
by: Anonymous

This product is fabulous but not on grout, as the sponge rips apart on it.

used to wipe down shower after each use
by: Rosetta

I keep a magic eraser in my shower and use it to wipe down the walls of my shower after each shower while they are still wet. In this way I do a quick clean up to avoid scum build up and a big job later. I find it to be a time saver. It takes seconds to wipe down the wet walls.

white porcelain sink
by: Pat G.

I have a white porcelain kitchen sink which can stain easily. Wiping it with a Magic Eraser makes it sparkling white again and does not scratch it.

good for light scrapes on car exterior
by: Nita

That little sponge works wonders on removing "little accident" on cars. Now those little scuff marks from parking a little too close will be gone, not deep scratches though, but it does work.

Toilet bowl wow
by: Cindi

If you get water rings try the magic eraser on them works like a champ. If you need extra help try a little dawn on it with the eraser. Also we use it on our camper on both the awning and the outside for dark marks that happen naturally they are so awesome.

Red wine stains
by: Deb

Use a small piece of the eraser on red wine stains that are on bench tops. Wet the piece of eraser first, squeeze out the water until the piece of eraser is almost dry and give the wine stain a light rub. Gone! Try it first though on a hidden part of your bench though just in case.

paint removed
by: Anonymous

I used a magic eraser on my wall and it removed the paint!

by: Glenna Seattle

When faced with a difficult cleaning situation and trying to figure out what will work, I finally remember Magic Eraser and it always comes through. My window washer friend always keeps one handy to get yucks off of glass. We cleaned an unused shower stall once and it only took a few minutes. Should be called Miracle Eraser.

Black marks on white switch plates
by: Sue

I use the Magic Eraser to clean the black marks from my white switch plates.

Lampshades and cloth ceiling fans
by: Anonymous

I use a Magic Eraser (dry) to clean my lampshades and my cloth covered ceiling fan blades.

Buy melamine erasers in bulk on line
by: Anonymous

You can Google bulk magic erasers and buy a big box that will last almost forever. They are seconds that have been cut unevenly or whatever. You have some options. The plain ones, the backed ones and the ones that are made of 2 plain ones sandwiching backing in between. The backed ones last a bit longer than the plain ones.

Perfect Timing
by: Anonymous

Moved into this home Feb. 19, 2020 and with taking care of granddaughters, cleaning, decluttering, organizing, and all the other things one does when moving at the beginning of a pandemic I had not gotten around to spot painting the trim. The former owner was not the most careful painter plus the family had scuff marks on the doors, lower woodwork and various marks on the door jams. Today I was scrubbing it down so I could paint tomorrow. The soap and water was not doing any better the second time than it did in Feb. Then my brain clicks on. I just read the info on the Mr. Clean eraser two hours earlier. Yes, I have one in the box. Start using it and low and behold I have reduced the amount of touch up painting by at least 2/3. Oh happy day.

Leather Upholstery In Car
by: Lara

It took scuffs off of my car's light tan leather interior. So glad because it is a new car and hubby was so mad at the kids for messing it up.

works on chalkboards and more
by: Anne

These work fantastic on dry erase boards AND chalk boards.

I cleaned permanent marker off of my son's chalk board and his art easel.

freshly laid eggs, use non-soap version of eraser
by: Red

I have chickens and sell eggs- sometimes my chickens get muddy (or whatever) footprints on eggs before I can get to them- the eraser works great!

warning for removing countertop stains
by: Elaine

Just be prepared to have this product take the finish off things on which you use it. It took a stain off my counter top very nicely, but also removed the finish. It was quite obvious, and there was no way to correct it.

clean painted kitchen cabinets, even greasy ones
by: Jane

I use Magic Eraser and water to clean painted kitchen cabinets. If it has grease I’ll put Dawn and water in the sink and clean from there. It is fast and effective.

Magic Eraser Damage to my tub?
by: Diana

I use Magic Erasers because they don't scratch. I have tossed aside my Scotch Brite sponges and picked up the Magic Eraser. But someone I know has told me not to use the sponges on tubs that are not ceramic because it will damage the finish. Is this true? If it makes any difference, I use soap and water with my sponges. I find that the drop of soap on the sponge cuts the soap scum really fast and the sponge has very little resistance from the dirt.

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