Formula 409 Cleaner Review And Uses In My Home

by Faye
(West Jordan, UT)

Faye has shared her Formula 409 cleaner review, in the original scent, and how she uses it in her home.

Faye says:

Purchasing an all purpose cleaner seemed like a good buy. With careful consideration I purchased this product to see if I could use it anywhere, and I have.

I have used 409 All Purpose Cleaner in the bathrooms. I found it good for cleaning that room, since I was able to spray it on any bathroom surface and clean. I've used it for the bathtub, toilet, and bathroom sink.

In addition, it is definitely great for kitchen use. I've used it for cleaning the kitchen sink, table tops, and refrigerator. In addition, I have used it to clean stuck on food on the stove and between the eyes of the stove.

Finally, I've used it to clean up accidental spills and explosions in the microwave. The best way to clean it is to let the Formula 409 sit on the spills, if they are stuck on, and clean it up in a few minutes. Then, all I had to do is wipe away the mess.

All in all I've used this cleaner on lots of surfaces in my home.

The only problem I had with the 409 cleaner is the smell. The original scent isn't too appealing. I found it to be very strong.

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Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review and uses of this product with me Faye. It sounds like you have found a lot of uses for this all purpose cleaner in your home.

I know you said you don't like the original scent, and actually another reviewer (see below) said the same thing. I know, in addition to the original scent there is a lemon scented version you could try. I haven't personally tried it though, so I would love to hear from others sharing if that scent is better, or what others think of it.

In addition, I would love to hear more reviews of this, or any other product made by 409, or any other brand you use as a general purpose cleaner. You can share your general purpose cleaner review here, telling me which brand you use, and why, sharing what you like about it. You can also read other reviews for other brands which have already been submitted.

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I Use 409 As A Laundry Stain Remover

JT says:

I have used 409 as a laundry pre-treat stain remover on all kinds of stains and materials.

It works great on blood, some grease, ground in dirt, etc. just spray, rub it in and wash.

It works better than Spray 'n Wash etc., in my years of experience.

Use the original, regular formula, not the spin-offs.

If you can, spray it on the stain immediately after staining. Helps prevent it from setting in.

Sandra DAgnolo says:

I ran out of "Shout" and had some stains (blueberry for one) on clothes. I thought why not; 409 works great for cleaning...(absolutely the best). I'll give it a try.

I found it also to be the BEST stain remover!!!!, and I have tried them all. There was no discoloration on any of the clothing.

I have used it for 3 weeks and never had a problem.

I believe you should include this in your commercials!. You WILL increase sales.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much to both of you for your tips.

Just remember everyone, use caution with this product on any of your clothing that you don't want to ruin, since it isn't specifically designed to work on cloth. It doesn't sound like it will hurt, but if you can't bear to lose the item make sure you at least test it first in an inconspicuous area first!

I'd also love to hear what your favorite pretreaters are. You can read lots of laundry stain removers reviews here, and I'd love for you to add your own.

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Formula 409 Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner Is My Back Up When I Run Out Of Other Cleaners

by Jacqueline
(Green Bay, WI)

Jacqueline says:

409 Cleaner has been around for years, and I always seem to have a bottle of it under my sink for when I'm out of my other more specific cleaning products.

It's affordable, usually less than $4 a bottle, and now it comes in an antibacterial formula, which I like. You can buy it at any grocery store or store like Target, so I can always find it when I want it.

It cuts grease on stove tops really well and is a good all around cleaning product for getting off dirt and grime from walls and counters.

It's fairly good for getting off soap scum from places like sinks, showers and bathtubs, but I prefer more shower/tub specific products that cut mold and mildew better than Formula 409 cleaner. I have also used it to clean my toilets.

I've used it on mirrors when I was out of Windex, but it left streaks and a residue behind, so I don't recommend it for glass.

It works well on tile floors, but it can leave a residue on glossy surfaces.

It actually works great at killing flies in the kitchen. I don't like spraying insecticides in my home and if I have those big houseflies in my kitchen, I wait until they land and spray them with 409 and they die almost instantly.

I have to say that I HATE the smell of it though, and I only use it when I have nothing else around. All in all, I would recommend it if you don't like having a lot of different products. It works for almost anything.

Taylor says:

Thanks Jacqueline for sharing your Formula 409 cleaner review.

I'm not surprised that when you tried this cleaner on your glass it streaked, since it is not really designed for this. However, if you want to try another 409 product, they do make a glass and surface cleaner. If anyone has used the 409 Glass & Surface Cleaner I would love to get your review. You can share your glass and window cleaner review here.

In addition, I'm always looking for more reviews of products which kill germs while the clean. You can share your antibacterial or disinfectant cleaners review here, for this or any other product, sharing what you like (or don't) about it, and why.

***Update: Hoosier Girl shared this comment with me, sharing yet another pest control use for this product. She says: "It kills Japanese Beetles! A quick spray and they drop dead and fall to the ground. Spray close to the beetle so it really soaks the nasty suckers!" ***End Update

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Comments for Formula 409 Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner Is My Back Up When I Run Out Of Other Cleaners

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Not a fan of this product
by: Ruth

I don't like the smell of 409.

Acrylic tubs
by: Anonymous

I live in an apartment and the acrylic tub and shower have been cleaned with "everything." One site recommended 409 all purpose cleaner. I always have it in my pantry but am afraid it is too strong and will finish off the tub surface. Please advise your thoughts on my problem. (I just found your site and will return often.)

response re acrylic tub
by: Taylor

This product is designed to be an all purpose cleaner and can be used on acrylic tables, I checked the website. It can also be used on ceramic tubs and sinks, and most countertop surfaces, except marble and granite. I would think it would be safe, but I understand you wanting to proceed with caution. That is a good idea since I could not find a specific answer to your question directly on their website. Perhaps you could call customer service on the back of the bottle to get a specific answer. Otherwise, I would suggest doing a spot test in an inconspicuous area of your tub first, to make sure it didn't damage the surface before spraying it all over the surface.

409 All Purpose Cleaner stained by faux granite kitchen sink
by: Anonymous

My cleaning lady used 409 All Purpose Cleaner in my faux granite kitchen sink for mopping my kitchen tile floors. Unfortunately, it left a major stain in my sink. Is there any counter measure I can use to restore it to its original finish?

Removes algae
by: Anonymous

409 works great to remove algae from patio and exterior of my house. It seems to kill it almost instantly. I rinse it later with water but probably not necessary.

best stain remover
by: Bonnie

The best stain remover i have found is 409! Seriously. I used to buy Shout, and other stain removers. Then.. One day i tried 409 on my hubbys work shirt and pants and they were stain free. Works on grease, food stains, blood, grass...anything i spray it on it works.

I use my 409 on Precious Memories
by: Deborah Shrewsbury

It’s good on your delicate whatnots. You can see the dirt come off & the paint stay on.

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