FOCA Detergent Review: Caused Allergic Reaction

by Anonymous 66

Below are several FOCA detergent reviews from a readers, as well as some more general information about this laundry soap.

Anonymous 66 says:

My left hip started itching and few days later my right breast is full of red itchy spots on it and under it, then my left arm from the inside.

I feel so bad that I took antihistamines until I can go to see a doctor.

She is close, for bad things happen during weekends usually for me.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear that this detergent caused you such a bad reaction.

For those who are not familiar with it FOCA laundry detergent is a powdered soap made in Mexico which can be found in plastic bags. (This may cause it to be hard to pour without spilling.)

It is relatively inexpensive, especially compared with many other brands.

On the other hand, depending on where you live it may be difficult to find in stores. You are most likely to find it either online or in Latin grocery stores unless you live in or near Mexico.

It is made by the same company that also makes Zote soap.

The product does contain perfumes so that means it is possible to cause rashes or hives to those with sensitive skin.

The most common form of this product is the laundry powder (which is not designed for HE machines), but there is also a liquid version available.

I have not personally used this product, but would love to hear from more people who've used it sharing how it has worked for them in cleaning their clothes.

You can share your laundry detergent review here for this or any other brand, and I'll add it to the site.

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I Would Not Recommend It

by Diandra

It smells great, but does not have the cleaning power I look for with my whites.

I had to add Oxyclean (loads of it) to my laundry.

Also, I feel the product is overpriced.

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I Love FOCA Laundry Soap & Use It Instead Of My Homemade Version Now

by Pisa771

Pisa771 says:

I usually make my own detergent but I couldn't find the washing soda readily so I picked up a bag of this soap. I love it!

The price spoke to me but it cleans so well, I won't be making my own for a while.

I use 1 tbsp of it in my HE washer and use vinegar as a softener.

The smell in the bag is not so great but your clothes don't come out with that smell at all.

That's probably something people would not like about it, no fresh smell. I've never had any skin sensitivity issues either.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review. It's interesting to hear all the different perspectives on this particular brand.

Have you tried it? If so, I'd love to hear your opinion too. You can share your review here and I'll add it to the page.

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Comments for I Love FOCA Laundry Soap & Use It Instead Of My Homemade Version Now

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This stuff Rules!!
by: Jay

I know that everything may not be for everybody, but I must say that I love this stuff!!! I was told about it, and so I found it at a nearby dollar store. I used this on my clothes, and I will say, FOCA has cleaned my clothes very well! This is the only detergent that I will use now.

much cheaper than Tide so hope it works!
by: Anonymous

I usually buy Tide powder, which in my area costs about $18 for a big box. I was in Walmart to get detergent and found Foca 4.4 lb bag for $3.97! Woot!

I also bought Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda for about $3, and when I mixed both, it was slightly more detergent than the box of Tide.

I have not washed clothes with it yet, but I did mix the two powders by hand, and then rinsed my hands and have no allergic reaction so far. This was four hours ago. My skin is sometimes sensitive.

I have used Zote for hand washing and on whites for years (I also bought two bars of that for .97/each) and found out from this site that Foca is from the same company as Zote. Zote is an amazing cleaner/whitener. The only downside to it is it is in a soap bar, but I run it across a stainless steel cheese grater and then dissolve what I want. A little more labor intensive, so I'm hoping Foca compares. I will let you know!

pleasant surprise
by: TLP

No allergy issues and have found it cleans very well- the price makes it an awesome buy. I am impressed (on my 3rd bag).

by: Anonymous

Never had an issue with this detergent. Cleans clothes well and it's cheaper them most detergents on the market.

Love it!
by: Alaskan

I have tried to make my own and use other name brands, because I use cloth diapers. This brand is the most used. It works great! I also use things such as washing soda and borax here and there along with the Foca and the combo really takes tough spots out! Smells good too and isn't too strong smelling like other brands. So glad I tried it. Will use it forever now!

Works wonderfully
by: Anonymous

I really like this product. The price lured me in. I am glad I decided to try it. It's cute too! I refer to it as my cheap form of Tide. Works very well. Whites are white and colors are bright. Can't go wrong with this one.

Love this stuff!
by: Val

There's really nothing negative I can say about this detergent. I have very sensitive skin and have not had any issues using this detergent. We even use it for out cloth diapers and in 5 months have not had any problems getting them good and clean. Of course, you can't beat the price at less than $10 for a giant bag ($3 for the smaller one). It also has a very mild fragrance, which is pleasant.

Switched from Tide
by: Virginia Conn

I used Tide for years. I tried Foca and have not gone back. Foca removes stains and cleans all laundry well even tough athletic equipment!

by: Jeanne B

Used Foca for the first time and love it! Has a fresh scent, no phosphates and great price. I pour mine into a plastic bucket to void spills with the bag. Also if using with cold water mix powder with warm water in smaller container then add to laundry. Very happy!!

Best Yet
by: Karen

I purchased it and there is 5 of us in my home, it did a great job. No problems with hives washed my two year old grandson's clothes with it and he has had no problems. I will purchase this from now on.

Tremendous value
by: Tony K

I find this low cost detergent to work better than the high price detergent I was using. It smells wonderful and cleans my laundry spotlessly. I also use a mixture of it as the cleaning solution in my carpet machine. I take 1/2 cup of the Foca detergent and grind it into an ultra fine powder in a miniature food processor that I have. Then I take that 1/2 cup of fine powder and slowly mix it into 2 gallons of hot water (in a 2 gallon plastic urn that I have) making sure to stir well until the powder is completely dissolved. I then have 2 gallons of (a light blue/clear) ready to pour solution that I can fill the tank on my carpet machine any time with.

Mix 50% Foca with 50% Tide
by: Deborah in Montana

Haven't yet weaned myself from TIDE.

I mix 50/50 in a large glass container I always poured my TIDE in. Then I roll it around to blend.

So far, I've cut my cost in half (math anyone?). LOL!

Love the "No Phosphate" which is what motivated me to try the product.

Unless clothes are REALLY GROSS, how much detergent does one need?

I always DOUBLE RINSE and don't subscribe to the washing machines that use limited water. DISGUSTING! My guess is that is the reason so many people have reactions (allergies) to laundry detergent.

DIAPERS? Seriously! YUCK! Not going in my machine, period.

by: Rebekah

It does come in liquid both scented and non scented. My grandson has eczema and the non scented doesn't bother him.

My whites turned blue
by: Jackson

I love foca but I always use the powder. I used the liquid and my whites turned a light shade of blue. Has this ever happened to someone else and if so what should I do to get the blue out besides bleach. I don't keep bleach in the house. Thank you so much!

itchy skin
by: Anonymous

I am having itchy skin too I used this foca soap and my whole family members are itchy no more foca detergent for me is a very bad sensation

Love Foca
by: Hannah

We started using powdered foca about a year ago. I have a top loader. We love foca, it's strong and cleans great. I have noticed that if you over dose your laundry it can be a bit abrasive, but what I've done is mix oxyclean and washing soda with it. Half foca, half oxyclean/washing soda. We use less than the bag recommends, at a quart cup a load of regular laundry. We have only white linens. So I wash my towels, blankets and sheets in full concentrate foca, a quart cup. It's the best laundry detergent out there as far as we are concerned.

Ah and my husband is an extremely sweaty Polish man who works outside half the day in Florida heat. Washing soda works great as a booster if you have a sweaty man at home (I learned that through trial and error), but foca is a mile better.

I am allergic to tide and a few other soaps/detergents. So our original go to was purex and arm & hammer before this.

I recommended foca to my mom, so you know I'd recommend it to a stranger. They sell out in my walmart within a day of it hitting the shelves- I'm thinking it's popular now.

Pretty good stuff
by: Rod

I was a Tide user for years but it just got to be so expensive. I started looking around for a cheaper alternative and spotted FOCA in the laundry section of my local WalMart. It was about 1/3rd the price of Tide so I figured I'd give it a shot. It works great! Whites come out white and colors come out vibrant. And the laundry has a nice fresh smell to it when it comes out of the wash. I've used 2 big bags of it now and am very pleased. Don't think I'll be going back to the high priced stuff.

happy with it
by: Penelope

I just tried Foca powdered laundry soap. My first wash was hand washing a stained white t-shirt. I am very pleased to say, Foca did a good job. Having a farm I tend to get very dirty with all of the gardening and my clothes are much brighter & cleaner than with using Persil or Tide. I highly recommend Foca and am very happy with its performance. Use half of the amount.

buy it every time we see it
by: Anonymous

My husband and I both love it and he is a washing guru. We get it every time we see. It works on all clothes, darks and whites. I can’t always find it but I’m going to try the Hispanic store.

Fantastic Product
by: Anonymous

I love this detergent as I am hyper sensitive. This detergent cleans very well using only an oxy clean little scoop per load. For soiled sheets I use two scoops. Fantastic product, rinses clean too.

I even use it on my delicate clothes
by: Anonymous

I absolutely love foca. I have very sensitive skin and this detergent works great. I use the liquid. I use it on my delicate clothes including delicate whites. It doesn’t fade or shrink my clothes. I use a cap full and the fragrance is a mild scent. I used it once with whites along with Oxibooster. I was impressed. I’m not a fan of bleach.

I love this brand
by: Kiyana

I love Foca Laundry Detergent. I don't want to buy anything else but this. The price is affordable and I love the way it smells. The very first time I used this brand I will say that my skin felt itchy. I started doing a second rinse when I wash my clothes. Now I don't have any issues with my skin. I also think this definitely leaves your whites brighter. It's so funny, I just replenished my Foca laundry detergent on Sunday and for the first time, I also bought their liquid laundry detergent. I usually buy it at the Dollar General near my house but they only carry the two smaller bags. I now get it from Walmart since they carry the big bags. If I can find it in a bigger big, I will surely buy it. I have no complaints, I love this stuff.

Thank me later!!!
by: mzkee

Hey!!!!!!!!I love it!!!!! It is really cheap and it really works. I bought 3 whole big bags from WalMart and it came up to 20 + dollars. That is really cheap compared to the more popular brands and again it works just as well if not better. Another suggestion is Cloralen Bleach. Another great find, it is cheaper than Clorox and just as effective without all of the damage. Oh and you are welcome!!

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