Fab Laundry Detergent Reviews Of Both Powder & Liquid Varieties

by Heidi

Heidi has provided her Fab laundry detergent reviews for both the powdered and liquid versions.

Heidi says:

I prefer powders for the most part, but I have used the liquid. For me, powder is more economical and does a better job.

Fab powder and liquid are very reasonably priced and, considering today's economy, that is very important to me.

It does poorly on heavily soiled or really stained clothes, but for everyday washing it does just fine.

I have an HE front loader and even though this is not made for HE machines I have had no problem with the powder oversudsing what-so-ever. Clothes come out clean and smelling fresh.

The liquid, however, gave me some problems so I would recommend the HE version of Fab if you prefer liquid.

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I noticed in some other reviews people are having trouble finding this detergent in stores.

I usually get mine at one of our local dollar stores, but I have seen it at Walmart too. I hope that helps those who are having trouble finding this brand. It's an old reliable that has not changed much over the years and that is why the price has stayed economical.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much Heidi for your Fab laundry detergent reviews, plus I LOVE that you sent a picture! I hadn't seen the powdered Fab boxes, so having this picture is very helpful.

I am curious though, Heidi, what do you use for washing clothes if something is stained, since you say Fab doesn't work well for you? I know several others have said this also, that it doesn't work well on stained items. Do you have a favorite laundry stain remover that you use? (Other SR101 readers can read more Fab detergent reviews here, that Heidi referenced in her own review.)

***Update - Heidi shared a couple of additional reviews with me based on these questions. You can read her additional reviews here:***

Since I first wrote about Fab I have also started to see it, at least in the liquid version, at my local Walmart. I'm glad Heidi provided more places for people to look for it if they're interested in trying it out.

In fact, I've noticed more lower cost detergents popping up on more store shelves lately. I think this reflects the need that people have for lower cost varieties during this economic downturn. If any readers have tried a lower cost detergent, I would love to hear a review, because people want lower cost, but still want to know what works best! If you have a review, please share your laundry detergent review here for this or any other brand.

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No Suds With Fab Laundry Detergent

by April
(Gainesville, GA)

April shared her short and sweet review of this detergent.

April says:

I do not like this detergent at all. I put 2 cap full and still had no suds.

Taylor says:

Thanks April for sharing your opinion and experience about this detergent.

I would be curious to know if the detergent you used was HE compatible, or not? The reason I ask is that detergents which are designed for HE machines don't typically make many suds, because these machines use much less water to clean your clothes than the older, top loading machines, and suds make the machine not work properly.

Although we are conditioned to like suds, and believe they show the product is working, these technological changes could change the meaning of this observation. I've written an article about low sudsing detergent here if you want to learn more.

On the other hand, if it was not the HE version perhaps you've got something legitimate to complain about.

I would be interested to hear how the detergent actually cleaned the clothing, since that is a better test of it than the amount of suds it creates. I hope that helps!

***Update: I've got some additional comments from people who've also not gotten suds with this detergent. Here's an example I recently received:
I have to use a 1/2 bottle of Fab to make suds. That's not a great deal even if it is on sale with a coupon. I have used Fab in the past with no problems, but not now.
In addition, here's another comment from another reader:
I bought this at Walmart, but I think I have to use too much quantity, cause there's no foam in the water.
Here's yet another comment from another SR101 reader.
I bought Fab liquid and it is the worst. The smell is very nice but I've used up to 3 capfuls of the detergent for ONE load and still NO SUDS. I will never purchase this again. What is the use of getting it because it costs less when I am using 3 or 4 times the amount and still no suds??
End Update***

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Fab Powder Detergent Review - Doesn't Dissolve Well In My Washing Machine

by SR101 Reader

I received this complaint about Fab powdered laundry detergent from a SR101 reader.

SR101 Reader says:

I have a complaint against the powder detergents. I find it will not dissolve in my washing machine.

I tried letting it set for a while in water, but it is still not dissolving.

The colored clothes have undissolved powder on them so I have to run them through clear water again. This is expensive.

The product is Rain Forest, and the other unopened package is Spring Magic. I will not be buying anymore powdered detergents from Fab.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear you didn't like the powdered version of the detergent as well as another reviewer above.

I have a suggestion for you though, that you may want to try to salvage these boxes of detergent you've already bought, even though I understand why you would not want to buy more in the future. Sometimes powdered detergent doesn't dissolve well, especially in cold water.

If that is the case in your area you can try first dissolving the powder into a very hot cup of water first, and then pouring this mixture into the machine like you would add liquid detergent.

I don't know if that will solve your problem or not, but it is worth a try!

So, does anyone else use powdered Fab detergent? Like I said previously, I can't find much information about it online, and have actually learned more about it from the reviews I've received from SR101 readers.

Can anyone else share what stores they've found it in, and their own experiences with it? I would also love to hear more about the liquid version of the detergent.

You can share your Fab laundry detergent review here, or read more information about it.

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Fab Stain Fighter & Color Booster Detergent Review

by Allie Fannin
(Orlando, Florida)

Allie shared this review of the stain fighter and color booster variety of this detergent.

Allie says:

My daughter just purchased a container of Fab Stain Fighter & Color Booster. I have to say it was not the product I usually buy, so I put it on the shelf.

Just recently my husband gave me a stack of towels and rags he uses in the garage on cars. I used the Fab and boy could you see a difference at once.

I have to say I tried it on our laundry and am happy to say I am now a Fab customer.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for your review of this detergent Allie.

I would love to hear from even more people who've used this type, to share how it worked for them too.

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Fab Powdered Detergent Didn't Dissolve In The Washing Machine And Caused White Stains

by Amy

Amy also had problems with the powdered version of this detergent dissolving in the wash, and unfortunately it appears that my suggestions from above, for another reader didn't work for her.

Amy says:

I have been a dedicated Fab laundry detergent customer for many years. I was very disappointed because I bought 3 large boxes of Fab original scent detergent at a local store and when I took it home to use for some reason it would not dissolve.

I had to rinse each load 4x to get the white stains of the detergent off my clothes. I tried hot water and letting it sit in the water for a few minutes before adding clothes, but that did not work. I also I tried less than the recommended amount per load and still the same.

I went through the 4 boxes and they were all the same. I had to buy Tide to be able to get all the stained clothes with the Fab powder detergent off my clothes.

I really loved Fab and would love to go back to buying it but it cost me more money and wasted time just to wash each load of laundry.

Taylor says:

Amy, that would be quite disappointing and aggravating.

I'm sorry the ideas I had above for the above reader who also had this problem didn't work for you to salvage the detergent.

If I were you I would definitely call Fab's customer service line and complain about this issue, and perhaps see if you can get a refund.

Has anyone else had this issue with the powder not dissolving properly? You can share your Fab laundry detergent review here, or read more information and reviews of it.

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Comments for Fab Powdered Detergent Didn't Dissolve In The Washing Machine And Caused White Stains

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Good Detergent at a Good Price
by: Monty Montgomery

Well, I'm not a "mom," but I'll share my reviews on this product. Fab has been around many years, although you don't see it much on shelves any more (at least not in my area). So I was surprised when I recently stumbled onto it in Family Dollar. The price was $2.75 for a 50oz. jug of Spring Magic, which was the only fragrance they carried. Since I remembered Fab from years ago, and the price was really good, I decided to buy it. I'm glad I did. I do a lot of automotive and yard work, where my clothes get very dirty and sweaty, so I ask a lot of detergent. This one cleaned like a champ and made even the sweatiest and dirtiest jeans and shirts look and smell great. No complaints on cleaning performance, and you can't beat the price. I recommend it!

love it
by: Ashley

One of the best cheaper alternatives in laundry detergent. I would say it smells and works just as well as Gain. I bought mine at the family dollar for around $4 for 88 loads.

Fab is the best
by: Anonymous

In 45 years of doing laundry I haven't found any detergent as good as Fab. All the clothes come out "crisp," very clean, and pleasant smelling. The only location I can find Fab is at Big Lots. Unfortunately, Phoenix Brands which manufactures Fab has filed for bankruptcy in May 2016. Depending on whether it is bought out this product possibly may not be available again.

powder works great!
by: Carl and Grace B

We gave Fab Spring Magic powder laundry detergent a try and it really works fantastic, it get the white clothes clean and the stains out. Fab powder laundry detergent is one of the best working laundry detergents we ever tried and that includes both liquids and powers of most major brands. Fab powder works great at a great price, it costs much less than other laundry detergents, yet works better than most. We purchased Fab powder at our local Wall Mart, so if you have a Wal Mart nearby that most likely will sell it.

Laundry smells bad
by: Lyon Lau

When I first started using Fab laundry powder detergent it made my laundry clean and smell nice. However after almost using 3/4 of a 2.3 kg pack of it, I noticed my clean laundry smell horrible. I opened another pack of it. Again at first, it worked fine but after that, it smelt so 'unwashed'. I still have 2 unopened packs with me. I have lost confidence in using it. Any refunds please?

initial thoughts
by: Singlemomonabudget

So usually I am a Tide or Gain, or something along those lines, laundry user. However, money is tight and I was given a bottle of Fab, but I set it in the closet thinking, you know, law of Hard Times. I'd rather not use this and I'm not made of money by no means and I'm a firm believer that just because it's considered to be on the discount products or a discount pricing that's even more better for me and some of those products are better than the high price. So I'm officially out of all my laundry detergent and I have to try to save so I just put my daughter's big stuffed animal pillow in the washer to try Fab for the first time. I put two capfuls, then I wasn't really worried about this suds part because some other detergents don't do that either, but one thing that I did notice is that it was very thin, like it didn't have much thickness to it, and it splashed off the pillow. Anyway, I don't judge a book by its cover. I have it in the wash now and I'm hoping to see great results because I love to get more for my money, so as of now the only problem I see is just a little thin. I'll be back to post the results soon.

allergic reaction
by: Cassandra

OMG... I went from Tide with Downy to Fab!!! Oh why did I change my detergents on a budget? I have been scratching for two days now but after using the calamine lotion and Vaseline it's a little better.

used for decades
by: Asha

I have used Fab since the days when it spoke about borax. I have never been disappointed. I washed very dirty clothes of growing boys and a coal miner in, what was it? early to mid 70s? Years later I hope it is still available. Hard to find today. Spring scents and florals are my favorites.

Worst laundry powder I have come across
by: Johanna van Hulst

Fab is by far the worst laundry powder I have come across for a front loader.

Washing Powder Scoops
by: Jacqui

Why have the scoops been removed from the Fab washing powder boxes???

what are you thinking ending good products?!!!!!!
by: R Hirst

WTH???? I used Fab all the time when my kids were growing up. Kept baseball uniforms, football uniforms, cheer leading uniforms, looking sparkling!!! Besides it keeping my laundry all looking their best never did I have problems with it irritating my or my kids allergies and that’s a biggy. Have used another brand in past and gave me a UTI and when I gave it away they also got an UTI!!!

Please bring back Dynamo also. That was was second favorite for getting my hubby airplane mechanic clothes clean.

Company that bought out Wisk dumped it and put out Persil. Not a fan and sure can’t use for any under clothes. Wisk did exactly what commercial said it did!!! Removed ring around the collar, and believe me living in the south everyday all shirts end up with that.

Stop fifty new and improved and stick with what has been working for generations please!

Sincerely, the Laundry Fairy in my house!!

Where is it?
by: Millie R.

I luv luv luv Fab liquid laundry detergent, smells heavenly, cleans and brightens clothes extremely well, but darn if I can find it (any longer). I've tried online and in all the stores in and around my area for months now. Nothing.

Help me Phoenix Brands that manufacture fabulous "FAB".

good for sensitive skin
by: Hanna

I have been using Fab for many years because I have sensitive skin and it does not irritate my skin. I usually can get it at Walmart, they ran out for awhile. It came back, but now it seems to be out of stock again. I hope it is not gone for good. I have had to buy All Free & Clear but I do not like it as much. I have been using Fab for about forty years, and I will be very unhappy if I can't get it anymore.

Searching for Fab HE
by: JRGs

I have been using Fab in any form for over 30 yrs. Not just because it works great but because it's the only one that doesn't irritate my husband's skin. Having 2 sons I tried others (mainly because of free samples) but never found any that cleaned clothes with out fading them. Fab always cleaned with out fading.

Now though I can't find it in any stores. I've followed it from the grocery store to Wal-Mart and then the dollar stores and discount stores. Now none of them have it and the only thing I'm finding is the bulk ones online and I wouldn't mind that if they didn't come with HIGH bulk rates and expensive shipping. Not sure what I'm going to do to keep my husband from breaking out and itching like crazy. Any ideas are more than welcome.

Love my Fab
by: Joann Cooper

I have been using this detergent for about 15 years now. I first bought it because it was on sale at a very reasonable price at a Food Town Store in Houston, Texas. I have been hooked on it since!!! It cleans very well and I love the smell of the Spring Magic.

I have 2 small dogs and I am constantly washing their bedding and I notice them having an allergic itch whenever I use any other laundry detergent but no problems with Fab.

I usually try to make sure and stock up on it whenever I see it on sale at Food Town even though I do not have a Food Town location that is really convenient for me to shop at anymore. I still make a special trip there for my Fab!

Simple, great laundry detergent at a great price.

Best laundry detergent ever
by: Patti

I have used Fab Liquid Laundry soap for as long as I can remember. My husband has skin problems and this is the only detergent that does not irritate his skin. I have been buying it at Big Lots but now it seems they aren't carrying it anymore. I can find it online but they want double what I was paying for it. It's a shame they discontinue such a good product just so they can bring out something new and improved. Too bad their NEW and IMPROVED always stinks.

by: Judy

I love this detergent! Haven't seen it for a long time. Just found it in my Winn Dixie. Bought both the Spring Magic (with sparkling clean stain fighters) and the Summer Rain (with color renewal).

My whites came out sparkling, including the white curtains with black design which looked crisp and new. My colors look new and refreshed. Wow! I love this detergent!!!

doesn't dissolve in cold water
by: J

Fab spring magic does not dissolve in cold water. We have city water and it's good. Once I found the insides of the package in the bottom of washing machine. I wish I never purchased it. Never again.

Been using Fab my whole life
by: Candy

From as far back as I can remember my mom used Fab powder when we were kids.

When I grew up and moved out I bought Fab because I liked the way it cleaned my clothes and smelt great too. Also it's all I had ever had used on my clothes and I wasn't going to change a good thing. I switched from the powder to the liquid Fab. I don't remember the scent but it was in an orange bottle.

I use to be able to find it at Walmart then they stopped selling it.

I found it at Dollar General and got it there for quite a while, then they stopped selling it.

Then I saw it in the very small bottles at Walgreens and started getting it there. I had to get another scent but they all smell good to me so I didn't mind that.

Now I can't find any Walgreens that have it.

I only have 2 and 1/2 small bottles left and I want to get more before I run out.

Amazon has a 60 ounce bottles for $18.99. This is the size that I use to get for $5. $19 is a little steep for 60 ounces. Has anybody found it anywhere else for less? I live in Tampa, Fl. if anyone has found it around here please let me know.

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