Fab Detergent Review - My Favorite But Hard To Find In Stores Now

by Roxanne
(Grand Prairie, Texas)

Roxanne has provided this Fab detergent review.

Roxanne says:

Fab was to me the best soap ever. It came in liquid form and made lots of suds in the water.

The scent was Spring Magic, and it was my favorite soap to use because of its very, very good smell. My clothes came out smelling so good and clean.

It never left any soap stains on my clothes and was good about taking out regular everyday stains.

It was also good on all types of fabrics, it didn't seem to fade my clothes. It was also a very affordable detergent.

For some reason they don't sell it every where any more so its hard to find. But in my opinion it was a very good laundry detergent, better then Purex.

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Taylor says:

Roxanne, thanks for your review.

I agree, it is much more difficult to find Fab detergent anymore for sale, at least online. I have only been able to find it for sale in bulk, such as from the links above.

Does anyone still use this detergent? If so, please share your review here, and please tell me from what stores you buy it.

In addition, you can also share your laundry detergent reviews here for any other brand, telling me what you like, or don't, about it, and why.

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Fab Detergent Spring Magic Scent Powder Review

by Jennifer

Jennifer has provided this Fab powder laundry detergent review.

Jennifer says:

I love Fab powder!

I was skeptical at first because of the low price, but decided to give it a try. I was very pleased.

I have used some powders in the past that would clump and not dissolve completely. Because of that, I had shied away from powders all together.

I did not have that issue with the Fab. I had no fading issues. My clothes came out as colorful as they went in.

It cleaned like a dream. The dirt and grime was completely gone, and I didn't even pretreat.

I was really impressed with the results, and the value. Not to mention, the Spring Magic fragrance made my clothes smell wonderful.

I'm so happy I decided to try it! I would definitely buy this detergent again.

Taylor says:

Thanks Jennifer for your Fab detergent review.

I actually tried to do some research to find a picture of the powdered version of the detergent, and I couldn't find one. ***Update - I've now found a picture, as you can see. :) *** However, it wasn't really obvious to me that they sold a powdered version, since I really only saw pictures and information about the liquid laundry detergent on the website.

Has anyone else used the powder? If so, where can you find it in stores, and what do you think about it?

In addition, please share your Fab laundry detergent reviews here, telling me what you like (or don't) about this detergent.

In addition, you can share your laundry detergent reviews here for other brands, telling me why you like it.

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Fab Laundry Detergent Was Disappointing

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader shared this comment about this laundry detergent.

SR101 Reader says:

I used to buy Tide with Bleach all the time, but it's gotten expensive. So I purchased Fab.

I'm really disappointed in this detergent. I just put in a whole scoop to wash a load of clothes. Put the setting on low and when it started washing there is absolutely no suds. I don't think I will be buying this again.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with this detergent. Because you said a whole "scoop" of the detergent, I am assuming you are talking about the powdered version, correct?

Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, I would love to share your experiences in the comments.

Of course, just because something doesn't suds much doesn't mean that it doesn't work. We have been taught, through advertising, that suds are important for cleaning, but scientifically this is not really true. However, I would be interested to hear how the detergent actually cleans your clothes, since that is the real test, isn't it?

You can share your laundry detergent review here for any brand. I know you switched trying to save money. I would love to hear more suggestions from others, telling which lower cost detergents they've tried and been pleased with.

***Update: Opal Lewis wrote in with a really short review of this detergent, that echoed your statements, so I thought I'd share it here. She says:
I bought 4 bottles of Fab and it's the worst laundry soap I've ever used.

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I Love Fab But Having Trouble Finding It Anymore

A couple of readers have shared with me their trouble in finding this product in stores anymore.

SR101 Reader says:

For me and my family, this is absolutely the nicest scent out there for a laundry detergent.

I was able to purchase it at Walmart, but the last month or so, it is not on the shelves.

I found it at Big Lots today and grabbed 4 jugs. My fear is that it is being discontinued. Has anyone heard anything? I love this detergent!

Regina says:

Today I went looking for the liquid Fab at my local Walmart.

I didn't have any luck. Went to four other Walmarts with no luck.

Went to the fifth Walmart and found the powder. I bought 6 boxes because they were the 32 loads.

I prefer the liquid because it lasts a lot longer.

So coming across this it tells me something is up.

I use this product because of my skin. It's the only one so far that won't break me out!

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review. I did some research for you, and haven't heard anything about it being discontinued, and it is still available in my local Walmart.

I wonder, if for some reason, your Walmart has just stopped stocking it? I'd check some other stores in your area.

I know I've also seen it in some dollar stores, so you may check there as well. Good luck, and if anyone else has tips for where to find this detergent please share them here.

***Update: I got a similar comment from another reader, Ray, from St. Petersburg, FL who said:
I've used Fab for many years, but the liquid form of the scent Rainforest is difficult to get. Cleans pretty well.
***End Update

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Has Fab Powder Detergent Been Discontinued?

by Iris
(Miami, Florida)

Taylor's note: Iris wrote in sharing her disappointment that the powder version of this detergent had been discontinued. However, I have seen no evidence that this is the case, although honestly the brand doesn't have much information about it available on the Internet so I can't be sure.

I am wondering if perhaps it is that Iris can't find it now in a store near her -- which is a common problem with this detergent.

Iris says:

I am sad that Fab powder detergent is discontinued. It was the best. Smelled great and cleaned my clothes perfectly.

Why are good things removed from the market?

Now I am stuck with selecting among mostly liquid "blue" detergents that I hate because they always leave a color that ultimately make my clothes look a dirty gray.

Taylor says:

So, have you seen the powdered version of this detergent in any stores near you? If so, please report where, since many people are looking for it.

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Fab Cleaning Of My Clothes With Fab

by Mary Clemons
(Huntsville, AL)

Mary says:

I used to use Fab years ago on my twins' clothes. It kept the color and cleaned great. Also, it rinses completely so it didn't break them out like other detergents.

Now, 15 years later, I still use it for the price, value and the smell. It's clean and fresh.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your quick review Mary.

It is always nice to smell something, like a detergent, which brings back such nice memories as your time with your children when they were young.

Does anyone else have a laundry detergent that they have been loyal to for years? Which one is it, and why do you love it so much? Please share what you think is the best laundry detergent here.

***Update - I've gotten even more reviews for this detergent, and I've created a second page for them. You can read even more reviews of this product here.

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Comments for Fab Cleaning Of My Clothes With Fab

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Buy it by the case!
by: Anonymous

It's at Big Lots. I buy it by the case, love the smell and very reasonable in price.

Love it
by: Geneva

I love Fab liquid detergent. The only grocery store where I have been able to find it carried is Brookshire Grocery in Texas.

Found it in Big Lots and Family Dollar
by: Lynn

I live in southeastern PA and have been unable to find Fab in any supermarket or at Kmart, Walmart or Target for at least 10 years. About 5 years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find it at the chain stores Big Lots and Family Dollar (in liquid form only). I'm not sure if these stores are nationwide, but I hope this will help some of you.

by: Walter

Fab is one of my ultimate favorite laundry detergents. I have been using Fab for quite a while. I use both liquid and powder forms and I have to say it washes all of my laundry very well and I love the fact that is cheap and affordable, although I recently noticed in the supermarket the price has risen up just a little. My favorite Fab is the color renewal type. I wish they would bring back the formulation of Fab of the 80's that included both laundry detergent and fabric softener. I live in Orlando Florida and Fab can be found mostly everywhere; Wal Mart, Publix Supermarkets, Winn Dixie, and Family Dollar.

by: Anonymous

This detergent cleans the clothes beautifully. I don't require a tub full of suds to know it's working. The clothes are odor and stain free.

What happened to rainforest scent?
by: Anonymous

I used to use the rainforest scent all the time. I loved the smell. I always found it at all the dollar stores. Now nowhere! Do they still make it and if so who sells it?

Finding it is becoming harder, especially the liquid
by: Carol

I have been using Fab for many years and am having a hard time finding it anywhere - the last place I had been getting it was Big Lots, before that Dollar General and Wal Mart and sometimes other grocery stores. I prefer the liquid. I began using it because my husband was having allergic reaction to other popular brands. Does anyone know where it can be purchased or how to get stores to stock it?

Fastastic Detergent
by: Anonymous

We use it all the time, but recently have been having a difficult time to find it.

Fab hard to find in Chicago
by: Angela

Fab is so hard to find in stores. Found it on the internet at the Dollar Store. Have to order it by the case. Don't understand why they don't sell it at the regular stores on the shelf. I have allergies and Fab is the only detergent I can use and I have been using it for over 30 years.

Finding fab liquid
by: AC

I do not know where you live, but if you live where there is an Ollies there or near where you are located. The ollies in NC in my city they have a large supply. Most of the time this store carry discontinued merchandise. I use fab and have found it hard to find so I bought a case. It cost around $5.00 for the large bottle.

Can be found here
by: Kay

Fab detergent can be found online at dollartree, purchased by the case. 9,40oz.bottles for $9. Dollar General has the 10pk Fab pods on their $1 shelves. Both in the spring magic scent. Dollar General also had boxes of 5 load powder for $1 in spring magic and another scent,(a peachy orange colored box).

Fab is drab
by: Anonymous

I bought Fab at Ollie's, it did not have a lot of suds and hardly any scent. It did not clean that well, and I had to use 2 capful to even get my clothes washed. Will not buy again.

Where to Find FAB for sale.
by: Anonymous

Dollar Tree and Dollar General both carry it in abundant supply where I live, which is metro-Atlanta.

Can’t find it anywhere
by: Anonymous

Can’t find it anywhere. Walmart, no. Dollar Tree, no. Shop Rite, no. Amazon, no. I’ve used it forever. My mom used it before me. It’s a mystery.

Truly disappointed.
by: Mount Pleasant SC

Have a skin condition and using Fab Liquid for years because it did not make me break out. Have tried others since not being able to find Fab any longer but have had skin reactions. Truly disappointed.

Fab is the greatest
by: Bobby Moore

I love this detergent. It's remarkably outstanding. When compared to other well known detergent, it has great stain, cleaning, power lifting grind in dirt. Works wonders on white fabric. Not to mention
that sweat smell, left behind, that last for days. All that for a fraction of a cost. Just don't take my word for it, try Fab detergent for yourself. It will make you a believer.

I have grown to trust and love Fab
by: Sharon Delaney

When I was growing up our mother used "Octagon" laundry soap to bath us and wash our clothing. Therefore when I became a mother, my children had very sensitive skin to other detergents, so I had to started using "Octagon" soap. After reading the label, I wrote a letter to P & G to thank then for such a wonderful product and to share my true story about how my youngest child was very allergic to all the other product out there. And that we had to come back to using their product. Currently to this day I try to stock up when ever I can find "Fab", whether it's Family Dollar, Dollar General. Dollar Tree or Ollie's which every company that is selling it, because I have grown to trust and love it so much. Thank you.

Where I've purchased recently
by: Anonymous

I am here in northeast Florida. I have purchased the 134oz bottle of liquid Fab from the bargain store Ollie’s for $4.99 and the powder Fab from the Winn-Dixie store sometimes buy, one get one free, for $3.99 box.

I need my FAB
by: Kathleen

Since I was in my early teens I have had a problem with most detergents. I could always tell when my mom tried a different detergent because I would itch only in my groin area. I can't use dryer sheets either. I don't know what I'm going to do without FAB. I can't tell you how many different detergents my mom tried. I'd love to find out what other detergents add to their product. I'm actually going for allergy testing next week. It really makes me wonder what is in all these other brands.

liquid Fab at Dollar Tree
by: Delorse

Dollar Tree has the liquid Fab. Can't go wrong with the price.

half filled bottles at Dollar Tree
by: Tammy Banbury

I love this product. My problem is when I go to dollar tree, I love they have FAB, but it's never filled to the top. Some bottles are half. How can I solve this problem? I know it's just a dollar. I would love the whole bottle. That's what I'm paying for.

love it but can't get it
by: Anonymous

I love Fab, it cleans great and has a great lasting smell. Unfortunately my Dollar Tree store stopped selling it and I haven't seen it anywhere else.

Available at Dollar Tree
by: Kristi

You can buy the 40 oz bottles of Fab HE online at Dollar Tree. You have to order at least 9 bottles and can have it delivered free to your store. I have not used this product yet, but I am anxious to try it. $1 for a 40 oz bottle sounds good to me.

I miss it
by: Anonymous

I miss Fab. They quit selling it around me. Why?

by: Catnip

This laundry detergent is the best. It was the only soap I am not allergic to. I can't find it anymore. Hopefully soon it will be back. It cleaned and smells great.

Loved Fab, wish could find it more often
by: Sha Del

I have been using Fab since my daughter was about 6 years old, she is now 35. We first started using it because she had allergic reaction to other soaps and other detergents. We started with Octagon soap to clear up her skin on her hands, she had to soak in the tub for a while. Then we moved on to Palmolive soap and after more research I discovered that Fab was the best detergent out there. I missed this detergent, I wish I could find it. When I go to Dollar General if they have it I try to buy all of it, because it's that good. I've been using it for a total of 29 years now, I wish I knew where to get more. It was not over perfumed and my clothes were clean on the first wash.

Why is there no Fab in the stores?
by: Elaine

We need to see Fab in the stores and at a reasonable price. Please put them on the shelves. I'm tired of going store to store and can't find it. We need to see the red, yellow, blue and green bottles. What is the problem? Lots of us would like to see it back in stores.

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