Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner Caused Stainless Steel Discoloration

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Below quite a few readers have shared their experiences with Easy Off heavy duty oven cleaner (the one in the yellow can).

What started off as just one story from a reader has grown and transformed into a LOT of similar experiences, all specifically complaining about how Easy Off, mainly the one in the yellow can, but also sometimes the one in the blue can, have harmed their stainless steel surfaces in their kitchen.

Warnings from many users about what happens when you use Easy Off heavy duty oven cleaner on stainless steel surfaces {on Stain Removal 101} #EasyOff #OvenCleaner #StainlessSteelCleaneruse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
This is unfortunate, because there is a lot of stainless steel in the kitchen, such as many sinks which have been harmed because people have laid oven racks in there to spray, or otherwise accidentally oversprayed onto something stainless steel, like an oven handle, certain racks, or the top or side of the stove or refrigerator.

It's especially infuriating as well, because the instructions on the can of oven cleaner specifically say it's safe for use on stainless steel. But apparently it's not.

What follows are quite a few stories from readers, some with pictures they've sent in to show their damage, and as you go further down on the page (and into the comments) also discussions of various ways people have tried to fix the damage that often appears to be irreparable.

If you are interested not in what Easy Off heavy duty does to your stainless steel surfaces, but instead more general reviews of how Easy Off works as an oven cleaner, check out this linked article instead.

Easy Off oven cleaner reviews

So, without further ado, here is the story from a reader that started this whole article, and then scroll on down the page for even more stories and experiences with this oven cleaner and people's stainless steel surfaces.

Vicki says:

I read on the back of the Easy Off yellow can that I could use it on stainless steel appliances so I tried in on my stainless steel fridge.

It totally discolored the handles!! And I am trying to sell my house with the appliances
and now I don't think the buyers would want the fridge now!

Taylor says:

Vicki, I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with Easy Off oven cleaner.

There are, of course, several versions of Easy Off, and the yellow can is the more heavy duty version of it. I looked myself at the instructions, to see what they said, and it did indeed say that it is "Ideal for cleaning ovens/oven doors, BBQ grills, broilers/broiler pans and stainless steel surfaces."

The only thing I can think, based on your description, is that perhaps the handles on the refrigerator were not stainless steel like the face of it, since it sounds likes it didn't hurt the face of it, just the handles. That, of course, is little comfort to you now, and I don't know for sure it is even true, just a guess really.

In the future, for just cleaning light dirt and soil of stainless steel items (not burned on gunk like you need oven cleaner for), I would suggest using one of many stainless steel cleaners on the market. (You can see reviews of several them at the link.)

Stainless steel cleaners reviews

I would suggest calling the manufacturer, Easy Off, to complain about the damage to your refrigerator handles. They may have a suggestion for fixing the damage. (Typically there is a customer service number listed on the can.)

***Update: I also got this suggestion for Vicki shared by a reader, Hikingagain, who stated:
I bet you can purchase new handles. If you still have the book that came with the fridge, call the customer service number to find out.
***End Update

I would also love to hear from others, sharing if they have had a problem with Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner on their stainless steel surfaces, or otherwise what your experiences are with the yellow canned product. You can share your own oven cleaner review here, for this or any other brand, or you can read other reviews already submitted.

Warnings from many users about what happens when you use Easy Off heavy duty oven cleaner on stainless steel surfaces {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner In Yellow Can Also Ruined My Stainless Steel Surface

by Mrs. Nettles
(Rochester NY)

Where the Easy Off Heavy Duty stained the back of the stove.

Where the Easy Off Heavy Duty stained the back of the stove.

I received this story from Mrs. Nettles, who also used the yellow can of Easy Off Heavy Duty oven cleaner to try to clean her stainless steel surfaces, in this case the outside of her stove. She also provided several photos of what happened to her stove when she did this.

I previously received a story from Vicki (see above) who used the product to clean her stainless steel refrigerator, and it caused damage to some of the stainless steel surface. Read the story above for full details, and my response to Vicki, so that Mrs. Nettles subsequent story makes sense.

From these two stories I would now caution everyone not to use this product to clean stainless steel surfaces, just to be on the safe side. The problem though is that the product, when you read the instructions, says you can use it on stainless steel surfaces which means I'm afraid damage like this will continue to occur.

Mrs. Nettles says:

Per Taylor's response to Vicki I called the customer service number and got absolutely nowhere.

What I was told is the cleaner is for ovens, not exterior services of ovens. Basically I was the bonehead who sprayed a toxic product on my $2,400.00 stove regardless of the suggestion that it is safe for stainless steel surfaces.

I was told to create a paste of baking soda and water and to let it sit for 10-15 min and then remove it with paper towel. I pray that this works.

I will tell you this -- I will never knowingly invest in an Easy Off product of any kind. What an awful experience.

Taylor says:

Mrs. Nettles, I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. Hopefully, however, now with both your and Vicki's stories more people can avoid this problem because they will know not to do this.

In addition, I know I'm just one person, but I will try to contact the company through some social media channels, to show them this page and what happened to both you and Vicki. If nothing else, it might help them change the language on their instructions so they don't say it is safe for stainless steel anymore, which would also help more people avoid this problem in the future since I know you relied on the language in using it on the outside of your stove.

Please tell me if the baking soda paste they suggested makes any difference, since other people that experience this problem will want to know (and so do I). *** Update - In the comments shared below several people wanted to know if this suggestion from Easy Off to try baking soda paste worked or not. One reader actually tried it and has reported back that unfortunately it does not work. Therefore, I'm still looking for suggestions from anyone for how to fix this problem (if there is a way), if you've also encountered it.

Several other readers shared some ideas that did help the problem, even though it didn't completely fix the problem. End Update***

I agree with you, the product instructions are misleading, in that it says it is safe for use on stainless steel. Your pictures, however, show this is not the case. (For readers, to see each picture in more detail just click on the thumbnail pic and you will see the bigger version pop up for you to see better.)

Has anyone else used the Easy Off Heavy Duty cleaner, and want to share a review of it, positive or negative? Clearly, I wouldn't use it on stainless steel, but it says it can also be used, obviously, inside ovens, and also to clean barbecue grills, etc. How has it worked in those situations for you?

Please share your oven cleaner review here, for this or any other brand, sharing how it worked for you. You can also read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Easy Off In The Blue Can Also Damages Stainless Steel

by MM
(Silver Spring, MD)

Damage to my GE stove

Damage to my GE stove

MM says:

As another reviewer said, Easy Off DOES damage stainless steel.

My GE range was cleaned today with Easy Off, blue bottle, and now it has two big areas where the product was initially applied.

It did "burn" the surface of the trim panel. I do intend to call the company and ask for reimbursement.

Taylor says:

I'm so sorry it caused such a horrible mark on your stove MM.

In the past the complaints I had received were because of the yellow can variety, but it is good to know that the blue can also causes trouble, so others can be warned.

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Their Label Is Clearly Incorrect And They Know It!

by Mike H.

I accidentally sprayed some of the yellow can easy off on part of a stainless steel sink while cleaning something else and now have spots all over the sink.

I, too, called the phone number on the back of the can and was told the product says oven cleaner.

I pointed out it also says stainless steel and got a real brush off. They provided no help.

Anyone want to sue?

Their label is clearly incorrect and they know it!

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Same Thing Can Happen With Easy Off Fume Free In Blue Can

by Norman

After Using Easy Off Fume Free (blue can)

After Using Easy Off Fume Free (blue can)

Norman says:

DO NOT USE unless you call customer service first!

That’s what I was supposed to do because the instructions and hype on the can are totally WRONG.

My experience… The can says “safe for self cleaning ovens” but that’s wrong.

My oven’s instructions specifically say do not use oven cleaners on the interior of the oven. My instructions do not say this about the racks so I removed the racks from the oven and used this product on one of them.

Note the Easy Off instructions show a picture of cleaning a rack.

Easy Off destroyed my rack by removing the coating from the steel (yes, there’s a coating).

I’m anal about following instructions and followed the 2-hour instructions. I wonder if I used the overnight method if it would have eaten through the steel!

I called customer service and I was told they recommend trying the product in an inconspicuous area hence my first sentence warning to readers about calling them first.

The can says nothing about this trial run or calling them first and as I said even shows a picture of cleaning a rack (Step3).

The customer service rep took my info and passed it along to a specialist. The specialist emailed me “…we suggest you contact the "Jenn Air" manufacturer for information concerning your specific situation.” My “specific situation” was caused by Easy Off, not Jenn Air.

Funny, Easy Off didn’t “cut through baked on grease and food spills” as the can states but ate the finish off my rack.

Easy Off product is bad and based on their avoidance to stand up and take responsibility. I will not purchase any product manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser and I’m spreading the word.

Use Easy Off at your own risk because the manufacturer won’t take any responsibility for damaged caused by their product.

Taylor says:

I'm very sorry to hear about this Norman. I can understand how frustrating this whole experience has been for you.

When I first received stories from readers about the problems with this product and stainless steel, I assumed that it was with the heavy duty version since the first couple of readers had used the yellow can. However, clearly there is the same danger with the blue can (fume free) version as well, which is good to know (although I know it doesn't help you now.)

Thanks for sharing your experience though, since hopefully it can help someone else.

***Update: I got another submission from Norman after this was first published, giving an update on the status of his problem. He says:
I didn’t expect it but Redkitt Benckiser, the makers of Easy Off, sent me a request to return the product, pics of the damage, detailed description of the problem, and a postage paid return mailer. I mailed it out today Aug. 20, 2013.

I guess we’ll see if they stand up and do the right thing by replacing my oven rack.

Luckily Easy Off only destroyed one of my Jenn Air racks; I feel for you that have damage to your stainless steel appliance surfaces (ouch!).
***End Update

That's great news Norman! Hope it all works out for you.

***Update #2 from Norman: He did update me with what happened with the company, and it isn't good news. He said:
They refused to 'fix' the problem, simply stating their research shows their product will not damage stainless steel racks. They sent me two $3 off coupons as if I'll ever by a Reckitt Benckiser again. I shredded the coupons so no one else could use them either!
That stinks Norman, sorry to hear it! ***End Update

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Readers Search For Ways Fix The Problems Caused By Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner On Stainless Steel

After publishing the experiences above, shared by readers, about Easy Off oven cleaner, I found out from all the additional comments I got from readers that unfortunately these problems with stainless steel aren't uncommon at all.

Here are some additional comments I received from readers, many of them trying to fix the problems caused by using this product on stainless steel.

Ahmed says:

I used the product to clean my oven top, but droplets of the product damaged the handle and exterior surface of my 3K oven. I don't know what to do.

I am waiting to hear the results of the baking soda treatment.

Kelona says:

I made the same horrible mistake.

I cleaned ALL of the exterior surfaces of my stainless steel stove with Easy Off and it destroyed it. Anyone try the baking soda trick to restore it???

Still waiting to hear about results or other suggestions. :(

Ahmed updated:


I have also tried Bar Keeper's Friends and it didn't work as well!

Taylor says:

Sorry the baking soda suggestion isn't working.

I keep getting comments and stories from people who have experienced this problem with Easy Off harming their stainless steel surfaces.

One suggestion a reader reported that Easy Off made was to try this baking soda paste, but Ahmed has now reported it didn't work. So I'd love to hear more ideas from people who have experienced this situation to say what they tried, and if it worked to correct the problem or not.

RG says:

I damaged my stainless steel stove too by using Easy Off (Yellow).

It got these large patches on the steel parts. I tried CLR and it do not work.

I am thinking to use a very fine sandpaper to remove these stains.

Any other ideas?

Tonya L. says:

Easy Off ruined my $3k stainless oven too!

I tried olive oil! It diminished most of the white spots!

Pour onto a micro fiber cloth and rub with the grain of the stainless steel! Make sure you follow the grain of the stainless steel and rub pretty hard to work it into the surface!

It won't be perfect but close!

SR101 Reader says:

I did the same thing to our fridge.

I read somewhere to try a clean rag sprayed with WD-40 or baby oil. I tried WD-40 and while it didn't fix it completely, it looks much better.

It did fix the doors, just still working on the handles.

Elayne O says:

Hi. I have also had the unfortunate situation with the Easy Off ruining our stainless steel oven.

I'm going to try and use the recommendations here that everyone has provided, I'm hopeful they will work.

I plan to contact the company on Monday to complain as the can clearly states to be used on stainless steel.

Helen says:

I've experienced the same as Vicki. I used the Easy Off Heavy Duty on my stainless steel oven panel and on the surface appeared some white spots.

My oven is brand new and I am thinking to sell the house.

I am looking for ways to fix this. Maybe change a new panel? It must be expensive then.

I'll never use Easy Off on any steel products. However, the lesson is costly.

Cole says:

He wrote me a good article about how he fixed, at least somewhat this problem and I created a page on the site about it. You can read his recommendation to use Cerama Bryte stainless steel polish here.

Taylor says:

Well, three readers who reported at least positive results in fixing the problem, if not completely fixing it, suggested using oil based products to basically polish the stainless steel.

I would love to hear from even more people who have either experienced this issue, and also to tell me what you tried, successfully or unsuccessfully to fix it, so hopefully we can come up with a workable solution for everyone.

Good luck, and make sure never to use the yellow can of this oven cleaner on stainless steel no matter that the directions on the package so it is safe! It obviously isn't!

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Comments for Readers Search For Ways Fix The Problems Caused By Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner On Stainless Steel

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I'll never use it again!
by: Barb

Same thing happened to me. It caused tiny small spots all over my oven door handle and now I have to replace it.

The oven is only a month old and cost me 2,000.00.

I was so disapointed because always used this product with no complaints.

What a bummer!!!!

Sue them
by: Anonymous

They told you it was safe to use on SS - it wasnt - sue them for the cost of the appliance. Take them to small claims court in your city.

Ruined Range Vent
by: Mark

Ughh. I spray a whole bunch of oven cleaner on my 1960's stainless steel range vent. Utterly destroyed. I can't figure out how to attach pics or I would. Little bit of silver lining; after realizing that the cleaner had eaten into the steel I just completely sprayed it everywhere and got a relatively even coat of "new" steel. I used "Magic" stainless steal cleaner and a 0000 grade steal wool and scrub along the grains and it actually looks pretty nice again. I am in the process of polishing it with some ZEP polish.

It is not as nice as it once was, but it is also much better than those little spots everywhere.

Olive oil helped a little
by: Mstattedcanvas

Hi all! I too ruined my brand new stove :( I used the self cleaner and Easy Off. Big mistake. DO NOT DO THIS! I completely discolored the inside of my oven. It turned white. Disgusting. I tried everything from vinegar to the baking soda paste. Even a Brillo. But nothing. So I decided to try olive oil (idk why but it occurred to me and I was trying to "play it off" so my husband wouldn't notice). It actually worked. Not perfect but close. I hope that when I use the oven again it doesn't go back. I'm also scared to use it and it be toxic for my family. Does this make sense?

It will not be perfect but it will help a bit. I used a microfiber cloth to wipe the olive oil.

Hope this helps. Will never use Easy Off again.

I may have ruined my parents appliance because I actually read instructions
by: Amber

My parents have a microwave with a pizza oven on the bottom of it, and it is stainless steel. My father had made a cake inside the pizza oven, without thinking that it would rise, and it made a complete mess. Dried on burnt pieces of cake everywhere. I got off what I could with warm water and a little soap, but I needed something stronger. I checked the back of the Easy Off can (Yellow) and it does say you can use it on stainless steel. Once I cleaned up the mess, I left to let it air out, but when I came back there were white splotches everywhere. Felt like a film covering when you ran your fingers across the surface. I tried soap and water again, which did nothing. Then my mother suggested vinegar. There was an improvement in how it felt on the surface (no filmy feeling) but the blotches were still there. And you really have to scrub it in. After an hour with the vinegar I only had cleaned a portion of the oven. This is all very disheartening. I feel horrible that I may have ruined my parents appliance because I actually read instructions. I suppose my next task will be to try the olive oil and polish.

the worst product ever
by: Anonymous

That easy off bang is the worst ever. I used it and damaged my stainless steel stove. I don't know what to do to fix it. I don't know how to upload the pic to show all of you the big stain it has produced.

I fixed it!
by: Solution

Use Weiman Stainless steel cleaner. After I shed some tears over ruining our brand new appliances, I used it and it worked. Thank God!

yellow can damaged my stove
by: Anonymous

The same thing happened to my stove by using the yellow easy-off, it damaged the stainless steel part of the stove. I called the number on the back of the can and the customer service told me to use "NOXON 7" another product of Easy Off. I don't believe that it will help. Please if someone has used this product to fix the problem let me know. He also said that maybe the top of the stove is not stainless steel, that's why it is damaged.

black spot on top of stove
by: Mary C

I sprayed Easy off cleaner in the yellow can on my stainless steel stove. I have black spots all over it, it look really horrible, somebody help! This really pisses me off. They should be responsible for mess up.

Use common sense
by: Appliance Tech

Read the manufacturers manual that came with the appliance for cleaning instructions and recommendations. It will NEVER tell you to use oven cleaner on the exterior surfaces. For those who don't know, most stainless steel exterior surfaces are sprayed with a clear coat (paint or coating) to help hide fingerprint marks and keep the appliance looking shiny and new for years. Oven cleaner will remove or discolor this coating leaving the stainless steel with a blotchy appearance.

baby oil to fix it
by: big boy

I've tried everything. Don't know how long it will last but baby oil seems to work. Looks like new. Put on with a dry rag, wipe off with a clean one. Good luck. Easy and works.

do not spray on your stainless steel kitchen sink!
by: Anonymous

I sprayed my oven rack in my stainless steel kitchen sink. This cleaner damaged the stainless steel sink and caused discoloration. It looks like it has a dull haze on it that will not come off. My sink is ruined! Do not spray this on a stainless steel kitchen sink!!!!!!!!

it messed up my stainless steel stove!
by: Anonymous

I just bought a new stainless steel stove three weeks ago, and the Easy Off cleaner totally destroyed the handle. I am so mad at this. Don't know what to do.

Read the directions - ruined oven
by: RuinedOvenSydney

I read the bottle, didn't see anything that suggested this could strip the coating off my oven. A fair bit of overspray got onto the outside of my oven and stripped the black coating. I didn't even think about it at the time. It's oven cleaner, I was cleaning my oven. I'd followed the directions and saw no warning about being EXTREMELY careful not to let spray touch ANYTHING but internal surfaces.

It looks absolutely terrible, totally stripped where the droplets hit. To make matters worse, I'm renting so this is going to cost me BIG TIME.

Why can't they just have proper warnings on the bottle? I will never use any of this product line again - they cannot be trusted.

Cloudy stainless steel
by: Michelle

I used the yellow can of Easy Off on the top of my oven. The surface is black and the front is stainless steel. When I sprayed the top and front of the oven by the knows I now have this cloudy film the will not come off. It looks horrible. I have tried the Magic Eraser and different stainless steel products. This is a brand new stove that looks horrible. I wonder if I can purchase a new front panel where the knobs are. Anything below the oven door was not sprayed. Any suggestions would be great.

version in spray bottle also causes problems
by: Anonymous

I was cleaning the plates to my electric stove, sat them in the stainless steel sink to clean them and the cleaner damaged the sink. I've tried almost everything to remove the stains. Nothing worked.

Easy Off Blue can damaged oven racks
by: Anonymous

Easy off low fume cleaner in the blue can damaged my oven racks. I sprayed it on, left on overnight per the can directions, and now the shiny finish is ruined. They are hard to slide now in the oven as well. Prior to this I cleaned them by hand and they looked brand new!

Easy Off Discolored My Stainless Steel
by: Mrs. Torres

I usually do not use harsh cleaners on my oven because I make sure to clean it after each use. I'm in love with my oven, it's my baby and I take great care of it. But I moved away for a couple months and rented my house and the tenants didn't love it as much as I do. When I got back there was month's worth of greasy caked on mess which was never cleaned. I usually use light cleaners but this time I had to bring out the big boy, Easy Off. I read that it could be used on stainless steel so I sprayed it all over and let it sit for two minutes or so. Well when I wiped the handles it left stains where the chemical landed. I've tried everything possible to clean it and nothing has worked. It's real stainless, the oven is worth $2,500. I don't know what to do and I have major OCD and cannot stand to see it that way. If anyone knows what to do I would love some help.

Oven Cleaner FAIL
by: Christina

At work we usually use the blue can of easy off (fume free) and it's worked great but one day owner of the bakery brought in the DREADFUL yellow can. I sprayed it on 5-24 ct commercial grade cupcake pans and within seconds it was ruined no matter how fast and hard I scrubbed and we ended up just buying all new pans. On the upside I was given the ruined pans as a FAIL trophy. Now that I have them is there any way to fix it?

by: Anonymous

Yellow can easy off just ruined my $1000 stainless steel sink. Cleaning lady decided to use it on there while I was napping now its completely ruined. It's a year and a half old, only my dream sink/kitchen!

On stove bottom handle
by: Byzzie

I wrote a comment yesterday that I sprayed Easy Off on my stove's bottom stainless steel handle and unfortunately like the many readers here, it now has white blotches. There's even one area that looks like the steel was eaten off. I took the advice of one reader and bought Cerama Bryte today and attempted many, many times to polish and restore it to no success. I was watching YouTube videos online about Scratch-B-Gone and the guy in the video said don't use cleaners on handles because manufacturers usually add a layer of finish to protect it from fingerprints, smudges etc. because these areas get frequently touched. So unfortunately the cleaners can eat through this. Easy Off could have put a warning on their can about this, but instead said it's "safe for stainless steel". I think we consumers need to really make them accountable for this misleading labeling by flooding complaints to the FTC. The FTC is the official government agency that regulates advertisers and clearly this is misleading advertising that has caused VERY expensive heartache and pain. I would also file a report with your local Better Business Bureau. I think my handle won't be repairable so I looked on Bosch (my stove manufacturer's website) for replacement part, price is $122.50 and it's currently not available. Can you believe that. I'm willing to pay but it's NOT even available! I'm sure many of you who try to buy parts will encounter this as well. So check soon before they discontinue models and parts. So I'm going to file a complaint on Easy Off to pay me back for the damages plus shipping. Even if they refuse at least this will be on record and cause pressure for them to make some changes. I am so frustrated, heart broken and angry that this could have been prevented with a simple warning or proper advertising. They really shouldn't say it's a stainless steel cleaner because it isn't.

Stainless steel stove ruined
by: Angelia Johnson

The back of my stove was ruin by Easy Off. I am devastated about it. I sprayed the top of the stove and some of the spray got on the stainless steel on the back of the stove. It discolored it. Help!!!!

Completely ruined
by: Anonymous

I feel horrible after attempting to clean my mom's new stainless steel stove. I ruined it by using Easy Off. I wanted to cry she hasn't even finish paying it and I just ruined it. Does anyone know how I can fix it??? Desperate for help!

Ruined fridge door handles
by: Anonymous

The bottle clearly stated that you can use it on stainless steel surfaces, so of course I used it on my refrigerator after using it on my oven, my oven is black, not stainless steel. I left it on for 10 minutes to get the grimy, sticky stuff off the doors and after attempting to wipe the stuff off the door handles. I ended up having a white handles on my stainless steel refrigerator doors. It's a 2k appliance, so I've been doing research on how to get rid of this disaster. Baking soda, WD-40 and olive oil doesn't work. Now, Oxy clean worked ALOT ,God bless oxy clean, but it only got me so far. I still have a murky white layer still on my handles and hopefully Cerama Bryte will get it off tomorrow when I get it. I've heard that it'll do the trick. I'm thinking of suing if I can't get the stain off. I'm livid about it.

by: Bonnie

I was wondering if it would be easier to just paint over the handle with a stainless steel color and then maybe cover with a gloss? Or would that be a fire risk or toxic being that it'd be on a high temperature appliance? Has anyone tried this? Please let me know! Thanks!

Destroyed handles
by: Anonymous

I used easy off oven cleaner for my stainless steal appliances and it totally damaged my handles. It clearly says on the can you can use on stainless steal. Is there a way to clean it off so I can get it back to the way it once was and can I sue the company for false advertising?

Ruined sink
by: Anonymous

I was trying to clean a baking pan & sprayed heavy duty easy off on it in the stainless steel sink. It worked very well on the pan but unfortunately, stained the sides of the sink and I tried baking soda, water stain remover for cars and vinegar. nothing worked. I will have to replace the sink because it looks horrible.

Same stove experience
by: Anonymous

The exact same thing happened when cleaning my stove. Some of the oven cleaner dripped on the front of the oven and it's like it bleached it. I tried everything I know to get it back to normal, but to no avail. Anyone out there have an answer?

Ruined stainless steel fridge
by: Vicky

My daughter very kindly thought she would surprise me during the school holidays and cleaned my oven and at the same time cleaned my stainless steel fridge with the Easy-Off oven cleaner as it quite clearly stated that it was for stainless steel.
My 3 month old fridge is absolutely wrecked! It has horrible stains exactly like the ones I've just seen on this site. Will give the WD-40 a try.

Ruined oven racks
by: Sharleen

Cleaned my oven racks with the Blue Can which stated it was OK. The racks now appear DULL ,no visible shine what so ever! I have ruined my beautiful oven racks, Bosch, which looked like new until I tried cleaning with EASY OFF BLUE. Please help if you have any suggestions.

horrible product
by: Anonymous

Horrible product. Do not use on any of your appliances, it damage the inside and out.

left a white residue on my stainless steel
by: Marie

I have a smoker and have used Easy Off before. This time I let it sit a little longer, now every thing is white. I washed and scrubbed and it won't come off. What should I do? I'm afraid to smoke anything now. Thank you.

stained my oven
by: Fatima

Easy Off stained my handle of my oven. It is indeed stainless steel, so I'm not sure why it did that, when on the description it says it's safe. I'm livid. My oven is still brand new. What should I do now?

Ruined Stainless Steel Cooktop
by: Kathleen

In an attempt to make my Dacor Stainless Steel Cooktop look perfect for perspective buyers for my home I used Easy Off to clean my cooktop. The Easy Off ruined the cooktop which was beautiful before I used the product. How can a company that has been in business for all these years say that their product is safe for stainless steel and not be accountable for the damage their product causes? I'm sick over this.

Ruined my clients' brand new stainless steel oven!
by: Candace Shea

I used EASY OFF HEAVY DUTY cleaner on my clients' new stove because it was very greasy and the bottle clearly stated it was safe to use the product. It ruined the handle bar on the inside & outside of the oven! I now am possibly going to be sued for using this product! So I am going to be suing EASY OFF for the cost of a $3000.00 stove and court fees that will occur with my now former client! I WILL NEVER USE THIS AGAIN! Also when I am finished I hope to God that this company goes bankrupt!

what can I do to restore the finish?
by: Lena

I cleaned the top of my oven with Easy Off because it said that it could be used for stainless steel. The Easy Off tarnished the stainless steel part at the top of the stove that displays the clock and the oven controls. What can I do to restore the finish?

Olive oil + Cerama Brite fixes fridge handles ruined by "Easy Off"!!
by: Ridzwaan

Now, it doesn't clean it off all the way..

For the most part OLIVE OIL is going to work a lot better than any other household item.

I'm 19 and I tried to clean the stainless steel fridge.

Used EASY OFF because it says USES: Stainless Steel like everyone else on this post.

Ruined the handles.

There was a spray residue of whiteness. Came on this post and decided to share my experience.

I fixed it before my mom found out.

After that I went out and got CERAMA BRITE (referral link).

IT cleared it up COMPLETELY for the most part.




Oven handle got discolored
by: Anonymous

I too had the same problem. I used it on my oven door handle and it got discolored completely. Very disappointed.

Yellow can left white blotches all over the inside of my clients oven.
by: House cleaner

I'm a house cleaner, and have used Easy Off at least 100 times, and I love the product! Today I used it on the inside of a client's oven. I followed the directions exactly... I preheated to 200° turned it off waited a moment then sprayed it down and closed the door. About 3-5 minutes later I came back and there were white blotches all over. When I wet them with spray or cleaner they disappear but then dry and come right back. I used everything I had for cleaners and nothing worked. Anyone ever have this happen on the inside of the oven (not stainless steel) and or have suggestions to fix it?

Very upset
by: Teri R

I too am a very upset customer with the Easy Off oven cleaner in the yellow can. My son was cleaning for me during the holidays to help and used the oven cleaner to clean the stove. He read the directions and it said can be used on stainless steel, so he sprayed the outside and tops to clean and it's not coming off on the handles. I have tried scrubbing and nothing is helping. It's not coming off!!! I'm just so upset I don't know what to do!

Fix spots in the stainless.
by: Anonymous

I know stainless steel should be impervious to most harsh chemicals, but there are different grades of stainless steel. Some stainless has no carbon in it "magnet will not stick" and some have a lot of carbon in it "magnets are attracted to it". Carbon is a ferrous metal and is susceptible to the lye in Easy Off. Some stainless surfaces have a protective clear coat painted or baked on which are very sensitive to Easy Off. I found fine steel wool, (make sure it's 0000!), some WD40 and carefully rubbing with the grain will restore most stainless. If your item has a clear coat the steel wool may make it better but never perfect once the clear coating is compromised.

How to fix stainless Steele appliances after yellow can of Easy Off
by: Momma can fix that

Get some cooking 🍳 oil. Put some on paper 📝 towel generously and then rub lightly over damaged area then let set about an hour. Then get something dry and begin rubbing vigorously over the applied oil. It's gone take a lot of pressure on that dry thing. But eventually you will see you stainless steel appliances appear better than new. Anything that is not real stainless steel will not help. And that's how I got my stainless steel appliances back to better than new.

by: Pamela

OMG this happened to us too! Horrifying to say the least.
i didn't try the baking soda paste after reading it wasn't working for those who had tried it. I tried the olive oil but I'm arthritic and can't scrub real hard which may be the reason that didn't work in my case BUT I did try the WD40 on a MICROFIBER CLOTH and it's working. The burner tops and everything look a ton better. I, too, am having trouble with removing it from the handle but maybe with hubby's strength we will eventually combat that as well.

Baking soda, vinegar, ammonia and scrub pad
by: Jill

I began with baking soda and water paste and worked in with a copper scrub pad, and worked on it lightly, not applying too much pressure. I left on surface for over an hour. I then poured vinegar on the baking soda mixture, and it will bubble and fizz. I worked that in, and left on for an hour. I then rinsed with hot water, and then poured equal amounts of ammonia and vinegar, and let that sit for an hour. It worked!

What a nightmare
by: Anonymous

I went to a new client's home to clean. The house has a very nice big stainless steel oven.
It did not harm anywhere on the oven, but the handles. So embarrassed now. Where I spray it left white markings everywhere. I need to go back and fix the problem. It's a rental house in expensive location of San francisco Bay rea. The handle has big and small spots all over. Looks horrible.

This company needs to remove "can be use on stainless stain" off their bottles. This is a nightmare for me. Got the client' stainless polished and used it to spray on the range top and then I decided to spray the handle too. Big mistake. Other stainless steel appliances in kitchen just needed a scrub then polishing with stainless steel wipes. Whole kitchen looks so good but the handle of the oven ruined everything.

by: Adam

While cleaning my oven, I removed the racks and placed them vertically in each side of my double sink. While in the sink, I sprayed them with the Easy Off thinking that it would be easier to scrub them clean. Some of the spray reached my oil-rubbed bronze finish faucet, sprayer and handle. I read through all of the comments and though about the finish, and decided to give the olive oil a try. I used an olive oil soaked paper towel, liberally applied the oil to all parts and let them sit about 5 minutes. I came back with the same paper towel and rubbed/scrubbed vigorously. Then finished up with a dry paper towel to get the burnished finish back. Worked like a charm and saved my life. Thanks for the tip previous poster!!

Stainless steel cleaner will help.
by: Kae

After damaging the surface of my stove with Easy off, I found the weiman stainless steelcleaner helpful in repairing the surface.

Thought I was going to lose my mind
by: Randilynn

So I went on a cleaning mode today got Easy-Off to clean my oven, as I was waiting for the time to go by I was reading the back of the can. Wish I never did, says safe to clean stainless steel my fridge $2,000 fridge destroyed in seconds. I didn't know if I was going to die,throw up, lose my mind or throw that damn can I didn't know what to do. Honestly long story really short got on here and was reading a woman had said she used (WEIMAN STAINLESS STEEL) it worked I will never ever use anything on my stainless steel ((((((ONLY)))) WEIMAN STAINLESS STEEL. Hopefully this helps somebody else out.

Screw Easy Off...
by: K Ball

Same issue as many posts before. I got some Easy Off on my stainless steel sink while cleaning racks. Used Weimans Stainless Steel wipes and then rubbed in spray canola oil. Looks good so far.

I then threw the barely used can of Easy Off into the TRASH! I will never use again!

I'm not alone...
by: Harlee Jaye

I'm glad that I Google'd oven cleaner and stainless steel sinks tonight. I felt like the dumbest bunny at age 65 ruining my S/S kitchen sink trying to clean a toaster oven pan! The oven cleaner did remove the brown spots on the tray but also filled my sink top and sides with teeny spots~~millions of them.

These answers remind me of Samung, who knowingly makes a product with flaws then when called on it tries to pretend it isn't happening. My Galaxy Note 4 would be the example. The perfect smartphone until Samsung does an 'upgrade' and then freeze, reboots, goes black. You call them and they turf you around, pretending you are the only one this happened to. PFFFFT!

Thankful for the internet so I can locate others who post good/BAD things that they experience.

damaged my stove
by: Anonymous

Easy off oven cleaner damaged my stainless steel stove.

Oven Cleaner destroyed our ovens finish.
by: MaryAnn

We followed the instructions exactly only to be left with an oven that looks like it was scrubbed wildly! We are very saddened by this as our appliance is only a few months old. The enamel finish is so dull now. It's heart breaking to look at for us. We are in total disbelief.

Easy off just ruined the "stainless steel" handle on my oven!
by: Anonymous

I just destroyed the look of my Samsung stove with the easy off oven cleaner today! It shined everything up very quickly and ate through the grime very effectively but lord, do I wish the excess spray hadn't landed on the oven handle! Just like the other reviewer's fridge handle! I returned to the kitchen in sheer disbelief when I realized the filmy looking substance was not going to just wipe away...it was eaten away finish! I feel sick about it and I am finding no luck on how to fix this...any suggestions welcome and be careful!

ruining stainless steel
by: Anonymous

I also had an issue today...my new cleaning lady over sprayed when she used Easy off on my stove-top. Now the front of my oven where the knobs are is sprinkled with spray spots that won't come off. It is certainly possible that the area is not really stainless steel but regardless I took the can out of the cleaning supplies so she can't do that again. I was hoping this site had a solution. But maybe there isn't one.

I found something that works!
by: Cindy

It’s called BioClean Hard Water Stain Remover (referral link). My window washer guy told me about this product to get rid of water stains on my shower door. It’s green. I was cleaning out under the sink and found this product I forgot I had. I tried everything else on this page and nothing worked. I was hopeful, and sure enough! You have to run hard but the shine came back beautifully! I had used the yellow easy off cleaner to clean the racks of my oven. And laid them in my sink and the spray over destroyed the finish of my SS sink. Hope this can help someone! I was sick when I saw I ruined my sink!!

ruined my oven
by: Anonymous

My daughter sprayed the cleaner on my front oven door. It says safe for stainless steel. Do not use this at all on any type of Frigidaire gallery stove. I called the manufacturer. They said I would have to buy a whole new oven door. Please save yourself the frustration. Never ever use the yellow can.

How can it be fixed?
by: Anonymous

The easy off oven cleaner damaged the stainless on my oven drawer. How can it be fixed?

turned the stove top BLACK
by: Ruby

I sprayed the top burners with Easy Off cleaner and oh my!! It turned the stove top BLACK. Then I could not take it off so I used a scrubber did nothing so next my husband brought in his sander it took it off a little but still is black in the curve part. So now what do I do?? Thank you

Easy oven heavy duty destroyed stove
by: Anonymous

The same thing just happened to me, stayed it on Stove and attached microwave and it saturated the paint to the extent it looks white....Mortified!!! I am on my way to pick up a can up silver paint to see if I can paint it!!!!

Here is how I fixed it.
by: Joseph Bajada

I am the person gifted the job of cleaning our oven which sits right next the stainless steel fridge and today I over sprayed and hit the fridge door. I wiped it up as quickly as I could but alas the damage is done.

What you have damaged is the clear coating which is sprayed on the stainless to keep it looking sharp.

Here is how I fixed it. First I wiped it with vinegar to neutralize the caustic oven cleaner and then wiped it with a wet rag and dried it off.

Now I just happened to have some Feast Watson "Scandinavian Oil" which can be easily wiped on with a piece of soft paper towel like Viva.

Fold the paper towel onto 4 and hold over Scandinavian Oil can opening to just wet the towel and softly wipe only once the area effected along the grain of the brush finish. Now here the thing "Leave it alone to dry." Oven fixed.

Heavy Duty Easy Off Ruined My Stainless Steel Sink
by: Diane

Heavy Duty Easy Off Oven Cleaner was used to rinse oven racks in my stainless steel sink. I was not at home but a friend decided my oven needed cleaning--and it did! She apparently laid heavily coated racks in the sink and scrubbed them off there with a steel cleaning instrument. That was enough to remove the debris from the racks AND to remove much of the stainless steel surface. It is permanently spotted and discolored now and is very obvious. I am a renter who plans to move in the Spring. I do not know what my landlord will charge for replacement. I have looked at prices online and cannot find one this exact size but prices range from $150 to $975. I can only hope to find one in the lower range because I am a senior on a fixed budget.

A fix that worked for me
by: Gus

My wife sprayed easy off on the inside of the oven not knowing some of it had gone thru the edge and sprayed on the outside handle of the oven so it left deep white dots everywhere on the stainless steel handle. This is what i did, I used a mild grade piece of sand paper and slowly, steadily sanded with the stainless grade, wiped it down, sanded again then coated with olive oil. Looks like it never happened.
Have not tried on bigger areas, wouldn't take a chance. hope this helps someone.


Panini press problems
by: Patricia

I used it on a commercial stainless steel panini press, not good results. Gonna try some of your suggestions, I already tried vinegar and warm water, no help.

by: Anonymous

I used Easy Off for my oven and put the racks in my sink. I then sprayed the racks in my sink. Didn’t even think about what it would do to a brown colored sink. It now looks dirty all the time since it removed most of the color. Next time I will take racks outside.

No easy off on stainless steel!
by: Anonymous

I sprayed easy off on my range and it damaged my stainless steel oven. Finding a solution to fix it. Tried baking soda but didn’t work!

Not just easy off
by: Erica L

I actually used a generic version of easy off and unfortunately it also damaged the my handles and and the front of the oven door.

Caused discolor to oven handles
by: Anonymous

I used the yellow can and as it did clean the inside of my oven better than expected it ruined my stainless steel oven handles. I as most did read the label and seeing that it said can be used on stainless steal I thought I’d try to use it on my stainless steel oven handles. BIG MISTAKE my oven door handles became discolored and white. The only option I have at this point is too replace the handles if possible or get a completely new oven.

Destroyed convection oven
by: Chuck

I used this cleaner as directed in my Nuwave convection oven/air fryer. When I went to wipe it off as directed, the cleaner wouldn't come off easy. So I had to use a toothbrush and water to loosen the cleaner and then wiped it clean. My oven walls is destroyed. I just bought that oven 3 months ago. I looks like I took it out the city dumps. And by the looks of it, I think my oven will begin to rust because of the severe damage.

by: Mallorie Martin

It literally says in fine print not to use on the outside of your oven.

Ruined stainless steel sinks
by: Jannette Abbott

I used your yellow can of Easy Off. It states it's safe for stainless steel, however it has discolored my sinks and nothing I have tried helps.

Not happy!
by: Nesha

I used the yellow can of Easy Off on my stainless steel stove and now the handles are discolored. I'm really upset since the can said it can be used on stainless steel appliances. They should put a warning on their products letting customers know it may discolor. Other than that I like using it to remove tough grease!😁

by: Anonymous

So... I was cleaning the oven... started on the outside and then the inside. I wiped down the stainless steel portion of the top where the buttons are... RUINED. The black top of the oven... Clean. The inside... Clean. But the stainless steel portion of the top... RUINED. It looks blacks and scratched up so bad 😭 I’m currently trying the baking soda trick even though some said it didn’t work. I’m leaving it on it for some hours and then I’ll try adding vinegar to the mixture and scrubbing, and leaving for some more hours. I’m ordering the Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish (spray and wipes) and the WD40 from Amazon. If any of these work for me, I’ll post another comment 🥺😞

used on convection toaster ovens, and now ruined
by: June Jackson

I used this oven cleaner on two of my convection toaster ovens and the inside is completely discolored. I am very upset as the ovens are quite new and now the inside is completely ruined. Any help on how I can fix this? Thanks.

Worst Product
by: Mona

Worst product I ever used. It ruined my oven door handle. It’s mentioned safe for stainless steel. I don’t recommend this product. A big big no. Really had a bad experience.

Now stainless steel looks terrible
by: Patt

I have a new housekeeper and she asked me if what she used to clean my stove was good. I didn't look at the stove however I said yes. When I did look at the stove I saw that it had kind of a film on the stainless steel parts. I asked her today what she used and she said Easy-Off. I couldn't believe it. anyway, so now I have stainless steel that looks terrible. Oh well, it still works.

Stove ruined
by: Anonymous

I used Easy Off in the yellow can to clean my daughter’s stainless steel stove. The panel where the knobs are is totally ruined. The brand new stove is now ugly. This company owes us a lot.

Easy Off should fix the handle of my oven
by: Anonymous

Yellow Easy Off Oven Cleaner damaged the handle of my stainless steel oven. It says in the can IDEAL FOR CLEANING OVEN DOORS, broilers/ broiler pans, and stainless steel surfaces. Easy Off should fix the handle of my oven since they are wrong !!!

My opinion only - orange cleaner oil for dusting helped
by: Neeley Minor

Not sure if this is good for you stainless in the long run, but I sprayed it on my refrigerator and it looks terrible. What I used is orange cleaner oil for dusting. And it is gone in an instance. Use with a paper towel.

Stainless steel ruined
by: Anonymous

I cleaned my oven with EASY OFF last night and it says it works well for stainless steel, the handles on the oven now have spots.

Spots on stainless steel pan after using
by: Kyle

I have a relatively new Cuisinart stainless steel pan that had a few light color polymerization spots. After using the Heavy Duty version (what I had for the oven, and which said it was safe for stainless steel), it is covered with black specks over the entire surface where the spray touched.

Partial solution
by: Anonymous

I used Soft Scrub and a scratchy sponge, and then used stainless steel wipes and it got most of the spots off my oven handle. Not perfect, but a huge improvement.

Easy Off Overspray Ruined My Oven Handles
by: Jenny

There isn't much to say. I have always used Easy Off on my ovens and I used the extra strength overnight on the one I got with a new home. The overspray absolutely ruined my handles.

Magic cleaner saved my $3k stove!
by: Anonymous

Hey everyone, good news! The white magic eraser sponge takes out the easy off stains from stainless steel!! Phew!!

Damage top face of stainless steal oven
by: Anonymous

I’m so upset, it’s nearing Thanksgiving and I used this to clean my oven and did it stain the oven so bad, it looks horrible. Is their anyone that this happened to? If so what did you use to bring your stainless steal back? Mine looks so faded and discolored?

It's dipped stainless steel
by: Andrea

The problem isn't with the Easy Off. In fact it IS safe to use on stainless steel. I'm a professional house cleaner and have damaged an oven and was wondering how that could happen as I've used it so many times on other ovens and never had a problem like this. Well come to find out sometimes our stainless steel appliances are dipped in a powder coating, or they handles as people mention are aluminum or chrome, the two things listed on the can that it says not to use it on.

So what I've learned is that the outer parts of your oven can be dipped in a powder coating, or be aluminum especially the handles and that is why your Easy Off stains.

You need to read the manual of your oven in order to know these things. I learned the hard way unfortunately as well. But thought I would share my personal experience.

No one is an idiot for using it on the outside of the oven. Experience handling touch stuck on grease.

A great and much safer alternative is the product Simple Green. It's the only product I know of that is tough on grease and safe for almost all appliances and doesn't ruin the powder coating.

Again read your manuals in order to know what exactly your appliances are made of.

They may indeed be stainless steel but on the outside could have this coating I'm speaking of. And it looks exactly like these pictures. Almost like it's leaving residue but not.

The baking soda paste generally only works if the residue is left behind not on the stains itself because it's not so much a stain as it is the product removing that powder coating.

Hope this helps.

Oven Off Chemical stain fix
by: Anonymous

For what it’s worth I too had a severe staining on my stainless steel front top of my range which was actually brushed. My house cleaner felt horrible and nothing we tried including cerama-bright was able to remove the stain. I also ordered the rejuvenate stainless steel scratch kit and none of the three various sanding applicators worked until I got to the sandpaper. Using the sandpaper I was eventually able to remove the stain, however then I had a huge area that was smooth stainless steel and a different color than the surrounding very brushed stainless steel. After watching a few YouTube videos I just realized I would need to essentially resurface the entire top front of the range which was about an inch and a half wide and 36 inches long. I used a lubricant either water or a little oil and 150 grit sandpaper on a belt sander. I made long strokes with the belt sander for probably a good half an hour or so until I was able to get the entire top surface the same level of scratched look. I was essentially just aiming for some level of consistency knowing that I wouldn’t then have to figure out how to create a somewhat brushed look. I then hand sanded in long horizontal strokes with the pattern of the grain with 50 grit sandpaper and then that created the pretty consistent rough look. Although the grooves were too thick and I knew that would be a pain to clean so then came back with 150 sandpaper to smooth it out and ended up with a brushed look that was somewhat smooth and about 70 to 80% of what the original looked like.

Don’t use Easy Off
by: Candice Spencer

I used it on my oven top and it worked AMAZINGLY WELL to get rid of those "burn type stains" from when things over flow and such. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, some of it got on my oven handle and appears to have removed the finish in three spots. I’m thinking about purchasing some stainless colored paint before buying a new handle but this is a new stove so I’m pretty pissed. I DID NOT TRY TO CLEAN THE OVEN DOOR!!! It was an accidental overspray.

Repairing damage
by: Anonymous

How does one repair the marred stainless steel once damaged? Is there a way to buff it out, refinish it, put another clear coat? There must be a way to fix the damage. Please advise renewal process.

How to fix it?
by: Anonymous

A lady cleaning my house put Easy Off on the top of the oven where the knobs are. It is black and now has gray spots that won’t come off. Any help on how to fix it?

Terrible product
by: Nermin

I used the yellow can to clean my oven and it completely ruined the inside of my 4000 dollars built in unit.

Extremely frustrated:(((((

The Yellow EASY-OFF damaged my oven
by: Anonymous

I am beyond disappointed and furious.

I literally just purchased my oven and after using the spray my oven is damaged. It burned the base on the inside of my oven.

This is ridiculous that this product is on the market. I am someone that takes very good care of my appliances.

I’m still waiting for LG to come and take a look and hopefully they can repair it or replace it.

Do not use this product.

looked like I spray painted the inside of my oven white
by: Cassie

I called my oven manufacturer and confirmed what the interior of my oven was and per the bottle instructions it is okay to use Easy Off (yellow can). So I followed the instructions. My oven looked GREAT. Everything wiped off and was so clean and shiny....... until it dried. And it had etched into the finish and turned white. My oven interior was blue. So I soaked paper towels in vinegar for 2 whole days hoping to neutralize and reverse the problem. It didn't work. So I tried Bar Keepers Friend, baking soda paste, Dawn, 0000 steel wool, nothing changed the fact that it looked like I spray painted the inside of my oven white. Easy Off sent me a coupon and acted like they had never heard of the issue and told me my oven must have been defective, LG said Easy Off shouldn't claim it's safe for the type of material my oven is (I can't remember what it was, some type of enamel).

Ruined inside of grill
by: Anonymous

Used on stainless steel grill. Inside top is all stainless. It totally ruined the sheen and did not leave it on very long. Very unhappy.

it caused damage
by: Anonymous

I bought a stainless steel oven, Whirlpool, brand new. My cleaner used it and sprayed it and there is no grease on the handle, but it caused white discoloration, looks ugly now. I'm so mad it happened today! Now, I don't know how to fix that!

ruined my air fryer
by: Gary Frers

I just used Easy Off Heavy Duty to clean my air fryer. It completely destroyed the inside of the oven with stains that turned white instead of shiny as they started out. It did clean the grease, but now I don't know if the oven is even safe to use or if the residue is going to poison me, even after thoroughly rinsing it with soapy water and Windex. I think the manufacturer of the Easy Off should have to be liable for the damages.

Stove handle
by: Anonymous

My daughter used Easy Off on my stainless steel stove and it discolored the handle. Guess that's not stainless steel😆 so I was wondering if anyone might know what would get the film off or is it unrecoverable? HELP!!!!

My issue is the exact opposite
by: Pat Vlismas

My issue is the exact opposite. I placed the oven racks in the sink and rinsed them. Later, I noticed two spots where the cleaner removed some of the aged stains and I am tempted to do the entire sink as it is very shiny where the racks were washed off. Are there any positives about this?

My Brand New Stove is Ruined
by: Anonymous

I just received a brand new GE stove in my rental, almost a year ago, and all I wanted to do was clean the inside of my stove, especially the bottom. I used the EasyOff in the yellow can, exactly as directed. Once it was time for me to wipe away the cleaner, nothing came up, left with smudge and burned crumbs, also forming a rust, that has been impossible to remove. I am absolutely beyond disappointed and stressed, because I am not the owner of this stove and now I'm responsible for what has happened to the stove in my rental! There has to be more that can be done in the misleading/false advertisement of this product.

Ruined my New LG Blue Stainless Steel Oven
by: Rita

Sprayed the yellow aerosol (Easy Off Pro) on my brand new LG Blue Oven. Left nasty white film over the entire surface. I have tried the baking soda and vinegar paste which did not work. I would like to sue them for the $2500 I paid for this new unit as their product has destroyed it. I will never purchase again!!!! Next time I clean it, I will try the Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner. I hope to God it fixes some of this damage.

Damage to my Oven Handle from Easy Off
by: Eslam

My oven door handle was completely turned to white after using this horrible product!!!!!

I used everything else internet suggested to use to remove the white spot that was resulted from the that cleaner, and unfortunately was no luck!!!

I used paste of baking soda and leave it on the door handle over night: didn’t work!!!

I used one cup of white vinegar mixed with six cups of warm water and no luck!

End of story, this product is good for some things like inside oven, and stainless steel racks that you put in the oven, but not good for other things like appliances surfaces!!

Avoid using this product on any appliances!!!! End Of Story!!!!!!

how I fixed my stainless steel sink after
by: Teri A

I wanted to share a solution I found to stainless steel sink stains caused by Easy-Off oven cleaner.
After reading all the sad stories of other people who also believed what is clearly written on the can, I too had white-ish discoloration. I used a product called Sheila Shine (referral link). It is a spray you apply to a cloth and wipe on. I did do some scrubbing with a SOS pad on one part of the sink but used just the Sheila Shine on the rest and it seemed to fix the issue without scrubbing and left a beautiful looking sink. Hope this helps others.

what worked to fix my aluminum
by: Audrey

I cleaned my oven with oven cleaner and some of it got onto the exterior aluminum. It left a patch very noticeable and upsetting. I googled everything for a quick fix. Stainless steel wipes don't work. Vinegar doesn't work. I mixed up a paste of baking soda and water and rubbed vigorously and then washed off when dry. IT WORKED.

However if it's a panel you are rectifying please use this method for the whole panel as you will be left with streaks.

The baking soda seems to breakdown the original finish and rebuild it if this makes sense, therefore as mentioned above you need to rub the paste into the whole panel.

I'm delighted with the result.

Ruin inside of my oven
by: Vanessa

I’m completely disgusted! Used Easy Off yellow bottle on my easy clean oven and it completely ruined the inside.

It’s a hot mess. I was going to try vinegar and baking soda but I guess that doesn’t work. Tried glass cleaner. I will try olive oil when I get home. I’m so sad.

Ignorance Abounds
by: Anonymous

What a frustrating thread. Blind leading the blind!

I've seen no evidence in any posts that the people having trouble have applied Easy Off to stainless steel.

Oven cleaners, particularly caustic ones, must be used carefully! If they were generic and safe (like most domestic cleaning products) they simply wouldn't work at all!

Stainless steel appliances are typically coated in a clear paint. The example pictures and descriptions are consistent with people lifting the paint off the appliance. It has NOT damaged the stainless steel. It has stuffed your appliances protective coating. Some people have reported improvement in appearance by applying oil based products after this disaster because it acts as a clear coating replacement, but is not a fix by any means. Your appliance finish is stuffed! Period! The best you could do to fix this is to replace the panel. Alternatively, given you probably have nothing to loose, remove the remainder of the clear coat and then repaint the panel with a new clear coat.

To reiterate. They did not apply oven cleaner to stainless steel. They applied it to paint! Read the manual of your appliance and it will explicitly tell you to be VERY careful with the cleaning products you use for ANY stainless steel kitchen appliances, because they're almost always coated in a clear coat (paint)!

Other people seem to have mistaken different metals for stainless steel. Chrome plated oven racks are common in many brands. Aluminium cupcake trays will be destroyed because you cannot use caustic products on aluminium, or aluminum for those Americans reading this. Some 'stainless' appliances are only a stainless steel 'look' and there is no stainless steel anywhere to be found. You certainly don't want to apply oven cleaner to regular steel or iron.

There is no reason, ever, to use oven cleaner on any appliance other than an oven! It's simply not necessary!

Dishwashers are stainless steel on the inside. They do not have a protective coating on them. Like oven cleaner, dishwashing powder is very caustic. Dishwashers are fine with this because it's not a problem for stainless steel.

Although safe on pure stainless steel, that doesn't include the whole appliance with parts that are not stainless steel. Handles are likely aluminium. There might be painted surfaces in places. Frankly, if you have damaged an oven by using oven cleaner then that is a failing of the oven manufacturer because they didn't make the over sufficiently durable to handle the foreseeable use of oven cleaner. Nothing else works to clean an oven so of course people will use oven cleaner on their oven. No, you can't expect the cleaner to stay exactly inside. Cleaning is a messy business. Selling an oven that isn't able to be cleaned is failing to sell a product fit for purpose.

The baking soda and vinegar BS on the internet is just that. Total BS! The low fume oven cleaner options are simply junk. I regularly clean ovens, including the most disgusting ones people have literally given up on, and they come back like new if you use caustic oven cleaner. But, like any strong chemical, you have to be very careful.

A lot of sinks have protective coatings on them. This is frankly retarded. Those whose sinks have gone dull 'should' come back like new with an abrasive polishing compound such as chemico, unless a protective coating is involved. It's not like you've much choice, but you could try a baking soda + water paste which makes a fairly gentle abrasive rubbing compound. Next thing is an abrasive cleaner like Jif. But chemico is probably best.

Yes, I know I said baking soda and vinegar is BS and then recommended baking soda. I only recommended it as a rubbing compound, not a cleaner. Even more egregious is people recommending baking soda and vinegar at the same time. You can't mix an acid and base like these together without neutralising both!

I am not a professional cleaner. I don't have job with appliances. I simply read the labels, user manuals, and vaguely paid attention in science class when I was 14.

We have many brands of oven cleaner in my country. They're all the same with a different label except the Easy Off (caustic version) one. The Easy Off caustic cleaner is the ONLY one that actually works. The others offer little advantage over spitting on it and rubbing with a cloth.

oven disaster
by: Anonymous

I'm a professional cleaner. I've cleaned all types of oven, and I've had my shares of mishaps. But this one came with no warning on the product. I used Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner in a blue oven and it left white calcium looking spots all over, and nothing is removing it.

ruined my stainless steel oven door
by: Lori C

I also tried EASY off to clean my stainless steel oven door. It completely took off the finish. I tried several ways to fix the white spots that were left but nothing seemed to help. A fried told me to try Turtle wax. It seem to help immensely. Not perfect but it is much better.

Easy Off Pro in yellow can
by: Mary Beth

This product should be taken off the market! It is so damaging as an oven cleaner it took the top layer off the Dacor oven in black!! My expensive Dacor is ruined and trying to now use baking powder paste! It looks like it needs some type of repainting! Truly don’t know what the next step is but I am sickened!!!

Yellow lid Easy Off will not harm true stainless steel
by: Dean

Some of today's stainless appliances are coated with a poly coating to keep the appliance looking good for years of gentle cleaning. Harsh cleaners such as Easy Off will remove this coating and cause what is perceived as damage to the stainless steel. It is difficult to determine the coating removal and whether the stainless has been damaged. Looking at manufacturing recommendations they will state not to use harsh chemicals to clean your appliance as it may damage the surface. Maybe it starts with manufacturers recommendations and not so much as to what Easy Off states on their product. I have used Easy Off on bare stainless and never had a problem. I do know aluminum does not like Easy Off. Just sayin.

white looking stains from Yellow can
by: Carole

Used Easy Off oven cleaner on self cleaning oven. Left it on about 35 minutes. After that time I wiped it off and it left white looking stains. I also accidentally got it on the handle of oven where it left white marks. I cannot get any of these marks off. This was a new oven. Oven was not hot when I sprayed product on it.

After using this I cried
by: April. N.

I am in tears right now. I have only been renting this house for one month so far and I sprayed Easy Off in the yellow spray bottle on the range hood and the top of the oven. I left it for about 10 mins, went back to wipe it off with a normal cotton rag, immediately the black color started to come off. I wiped it off quickly only to realize it had stripped the color completely. One month in this house! I do not have funds to restore this range hood. And some of the stainless steel on top of the stove has discoloration spots from the Easy Off dripping from the hood range!

My landlord picked me for her tenant because she knows I would keep the home in immaculate condition. I feel so terrible and just cried! The Easy Off states clearly on the back of the instructions that it is safe on stainless steel. Such a huge rip off! Easy Iff I want a new stove and hood range!!!!

not good for satin finish stainless steel
by: Yvonne Dickson

My son used the heavy duty Easy Off to clean my oven and it came up a treat but unfortunately he sprayed a small amount on the stainless steel finish on the front panel of the oven. From what I can see it has taken the satin finish off part of the panel and left it an absolute eyesore. I have tried spraying it on the rest of the panel to take off the rest of the satin finish to no avail. This is outrageous, the product should have big warning signs on it to not use on satin finish stainless steel. I would like some suggestions on how to remove the rest of the finish as the stainless steel bit that’s exposed is beautiful.

Maybe the manufacturers of the above cleaner could do the right thing and give me an answer or pay for a new oven.

oven trim is ruined
by: Robbie

I have cleaned this particular oven with Easy off for 35 years. Today, I cleaned the front of the oven door with it, and it discolored the metal trim. This has never happened before and the trim is ruined. Granted, this oven is old (Harvest Gold), but I am not happy about having Thanksgiving with a scarred up oven!

Getting a new oven will be tricky (which is why we've never done it before) as it is a strange size and cutting the cabinets will have to happen to get a new one. Remodeling the kitchen was not in my budget.

I just wonder why this same oven cleaner has just now damaged this metal trim. Very strange.

Yellow easy off RUINED my microwave and oven
by: Anonymous

I am in shock! I used heavy duty Easy Off cleaner to clean my oven and microwave since it was too greasy. It completely ruined my appliances. I am beyond horrified right now and searching the internet to try and fix it but I get this sinking feeling that it’s permanent. I bought this house just a year ago and the appliances were new! I am devastated really. This is a nightmare!!! :(

Use it all the time without problems
by: Anonymous

As far as I can tell, the damage caused seems to be on items which are either not stainless steel at all, or have a protective coating which will be damaged by any caustic product. Easy Off yellow is basically sodium hydroxide, which is a common paint and finish stripper. When in doubt, don't. Also it will leave a white residue if allowed to dry, the standard solution for which is to re-apply and remove as instructed. The instructions also say to use on a WARM oven, if memory serves. Nobody who has ever made the mistake of spraying it on a hot one would even dream of putting it through a self-clean cycle. Used as directed it is absolutely safe on real stainless steel and porcelain surfaces, but thorough rinsing is required. To bring back the shine on sinks I follow it up with Windex after rinsing.

One thing you absolutely should NOT use on stainless steel is a strong acid. Stainless has a thin chromium oxide coating which will stain permanently black or dull grey if exposed to acid for any length of time. Even vinegar will stain it or chrome fittings if left overnight. The only way to remove those stains is to actually polish them off with an abrasive polishing compound designed for purpose; physically removing the surface layer to expose new material. Even this is not always an option, depending upon the composition and construction of the fixture.

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