Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Uses Around Your Home

Several readers have written in to tell me their microfiber cleaning cloth uses around their home, and how much they love them, and why.

What follows are several testimonials from readers explaining why they choose to use this fiber for cleaning their homes instead of something else, plus hopefully it may give you ideas for how you can use them as well.

Carrie Garvin says:

I have used cleaning cloths for the last 20 some years in the kitchen, and bathrooms.

I've found that microfiber cloths are a great choice as a washing/cleaning cloth. Not only are they washable, but in addition they can be inexpensive, such as when purchased in a bulk package, so I can keep loads of them around.

A regular (not to thick) wash cloth would be my second choice.

I never liked the idea of using a sponge in the kitchen or for that matter the bathroom either.

Something that stays wet and moist is certainly a grounds for bacteria, etc.

Microfiber dries quickly or can be tossed into the laundry and replaced with another "dry and clean" one.

Why have I chosen the these cloths over sponges, or even paper towels?

1. The are eco-friendly.

2. I toss them in any wash load.

3. I can use the same cloth over and over again for years.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing why you'd rather use cloths than more disposable products for cleaning your home Carrie.

I completely understand what you mean, although I do personally use sponges for washing dishes. However, you do have to clean or otherwise disinfect the sponges quite often, and throwing another cloth in the washing machine is often much easier than that.

In addition, when you purchase good quality cleaning cloths they can last for years, which in the end may be a much better investment of money instead of constantly replacing more disposable products over and over again.

How do you use microfiber cloths in your home? Please share your uses here, or read on below for more ideas from yet another reader.

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Reusable Cloths For Swiffering My Kitchen & Bathroom Floors

by Colleen

I have an old Swiffer floor cleaner that I wrap with a microfiber cloth to 'Swiffer' my kitchen and bathroom floors.

It is so much more economical to use these clothes and then throw them in the laundry rather than buy the disposable cloths to clean.

I use three per day - one for the kitchen and each of the bathrooms.

I bought the cloths in 2pks at the 99 cent store. Such a deal!

I started doing this over a year ago and the cloths are still going strong.

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Use Them For Cleaning TV & Computer Screens & Polishing Chrome

Donna says:

I love my Microfiber cloths. I use a dampened one with all the excess water squeezed out to wipe the tv/computer screens, and then dry off with a dry microfiber.

They are also great for polishing chrome around the home.

Taylor says:

You can get more tips for how to reduce and remove dust around your home here.

5 ways to reduce and remove dust in your home

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I've Achieved Cleaning Miracles With Microfiber

by Sarah
(Long Island & Vermont)

Sarah says:

Using microfiber cleaning cloths has simplified my cleaning chores tremendously!

It has also made elbow grease the only necessary added ingredient a lot of them time as well!

For spot cleaning just about anywhere, EVEN on carpet (and including my stairs) I just use warm water on one microfiber cloth, and rub either with side to side motions or circular (your choice) and follow with a dry microfiber to dry and take away soil, moisture, etc.

In addition I often use them to clean toys and for icky cleanup.

I like that they are washable, easy to sanitize and long-lasting.

I'm a longtime user of homemade cleaners, and using microfiber for cleaning also insures that my family isn't exposed to ANY chemicals that have to be added to the cleaning process otherwise.

Boy, I sure wish I had invented 'em myself!

The only drawback to these cloths is that they can't be used on extremely hot surfaces -- they melts (after all, they're made of petroleum).

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing for sharing how you use these cloths Sarah.

I think these days more and more people are switching from cotton cloths to the microfiber varieties for cleaning, dusting and more.

I would love to hear from even more readers sharing how they use these products, or to make suggestions about what brands of these cloths you like to use, and why. You can share both your uses and reviews here, or read others that have already been submitted.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com, showing Zwipes Cloths

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Comments for I've Achieved Cleaning Miracles With Microfiber

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they're great
by: Tee

Microfiber rags will seriously scrub off anything! I get mine in bags of 12 at my local home improvement store. They are tough enough to stand up to scrubbing old hardwood floors, don't scratch plastic, and are sanitary. Toss them in with the laundry after each use. They clean so well often I only use water.

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