BOLD Plus Detergent Hard To Find Now, But Loved It

by Glenda
(Madisonville, KY)

Glenda says:

I have used Bold Plus detergent for many years, mainly to start with I needed something that would take away the static electricity that has bothered me for years.

Since I started using Bold I have not had that. I don't know if they still have a softener in the powder now or not but I know they use to have it and it really works on static problems.

Now that I haven't been able to purchase it anymore here in KY at out supermarkets my electric shock when I touch metal, especially in the winter time, has come back with a vengence.

I cannot use Tide because it smells bad and I itch like I have a case of Poison Ivy. I am really tired of the markets shoving Tide at me everywhere, plus the price for it is twice as high as it was for Bold.

As for fading my clothes, some have faded a bit but I just back off on the amount I put in the load of wash and I don't add Oxyclean with it.

I am now using Kroger Brand Detergent that has a softener in it but there is still the static electricity problem.

What do I do now? Buy it from Amazon I guess, if that the only place to get it. Why did it disappear so suddenly?

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for your review of Bold Plus. Until you mentioned the fact that it is specifically advertised as softening clothes, I really had never noticed that fact.

Yes, Bold is available at Amazon (at least some of the time), through the links above and below.

Hope that helps, and if people still see this detergent in stores somewhere I'd love a report telling me where you've seen it.

***Update: A reader did exactly that, and shared where she'd seen it as well in her local stores. She says:
I have noticed that my local Menards carries this when no one else does. Maybe somewhere to check for you!!!
***End Update

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Bold Doesn't Have Optical Brighteners So My Son In The Army Can Use It!

by Army Mom

An Army Mom wrote in to share with me why she likes Bold detergent, and I have to say it was not something I had personally considered before.

Army Mom says:

I would like to thank ya'll because I have a son in the Army and Bold is one of the laundry detergents I can send to him overseas.

That's because Bold does not contain optical brightners which cause their uniforms to glow at night.

I must say there is only 5 detergents made that do not contain the optical brighteners.

So, on behalf of Army Moms everywhere - Thanks Bold!:~)

Taylor says:

Army Mom, thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.

I knew that many detergents have optical brighteners in them as an ingredient. For those not familiar, this is an ingredient that fools your eyes into thinking the clothes look brighter and whiter than they really are, and as a side-effect makes clothes glow, such as under a black light.

Now that you mention this fact I can see why an army would not want its soldiers to "glow" in the dark, making it easier for enemies to find them.

I am pretty sure another detergent that does not contain optical brighteners is Seventh Generation laundry detergent. I'll try to research some more of them too, since I think this is quite interesting! Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.

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Washing Machine Smell After Using Bold For A Couple Of Years

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader shared this experience with Bold detergent.

SR101 reader says:

After using Bold for 2 or 3 years our machine started to smell foul.

We did a 90 degree wash (empty) - still smelled foul.

Ran a cycle with washing machine cleaner - the drum was glistening, STILL that smell! Help!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience, but what makes you think the detergent has anything to do with the smell?

Unfortunately, washing machines can, with time, develop smells from bacteria and mold build up. Here is a video which gives some tips for getting rid of washing machine smell, and these tips might help you too.

In addition, here is my article about cleaning washing machines, to both sanitize them and remove smells.

Sometimes the build of detergent can cause some smell issues, but it sounds like the washing machine cleaner cleared a lot of the detergent residue away. I've heard from readers who say they've had to use these cleaning products 3 or more times to get rid of the smell, and then use it regularly, such as once a month, to keep the smell from returning. Unfortunately, that may be what you need to do too.

Has anyone else who uses Bold noticed an increase in washing machine odor compared with other brands of detergent? I'd love to hear more people's opinions and experiences with this issue. You can share your detergent review here, or read more information about this detergent.

In addition, do you have any other suggestions for this reader regarding his smelly washer? If so, you can share your tips for how to clean a washing machine here or read other tips already submitted.

I've answered this question as part of my cleaning questions section of the site. You can ask me your own questions, or read what other topics I've already addressed.

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I've Used Bold Forever: Does It Come In HE Formula?

by Mary Alice

Mary Alice says:

I recently moved and a front loading machine was already in place.

I have always used Bold powder form.

It is difficult to find in my area and the liquid must be totally discontinued.

I had no idea that front loaders required HE detergents.

I don't know if Bold falls into that category but I know it works very well.

When I had my daughter her clothes were washed in Cheer. After several months of dull clothes I changed back to Bold.

When I opened the (top loading) washer it was like sunshine beaming from the skies.

I would have gladly done a commercial free of charge!!!

That was 38 yrs. ago and and I am still faithful to Bold.

When I can't find my brand I use Gain, which I heard is exactly the same.

My mother raised seven children using Bold. She was a smart lady!

I have found it locally in Little Rock, AR. at Drug Emporium. This is a national company, hopefully you have one nearby.

I have skin issues also and Bold has never given me problems.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review Mary Alice.

I tried to do some research about whether this detergent is available in a high efficiency version or not, but frankly it is very difficult to find out much about it from Internet research.

Basically, my suggestion is to look at your box itself. If it says it is HE compatible, or dual use compatible, then it can be used in a front loading machine. Otherwise, I would be very careful in using a non-HE product in a front loader, since you don't want to harm the machine with a product that could create too many suds.

I would love to hear from others who've used this detergent, to share what the box itself says about this issue and whether you've used it in an HE machine.

I've answered this question as part of the laundry help section of the site. You can ask your own question, or see what other questions I've already answered.

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I Can't Find Bold Detergent In Canada Anymore

A couple of readers have shared their love of Bold, and their problem finding it anymore.

Laurie says:

I used Bold when my children were small. I would buy it by the case.

The smell was unbelievable and EVERYONE noticed. I can no longer buy it here in Canada but am willing to pay to have it shipped here.

Anyone, please help me find where I can buy Bold. I LOVE it!!

Maria says:

I moved to Canada 3 months ago and I can't find a detergent that's as good as Bold.

I miss the freshness I used get the minute I walked through my front door.

Is there anywhere in Alberta CA that I can get it, or can I get it shipped? Many thanks.

Taylor says:

Laurie and Maria, I hate it when you really love a product and then you can't seem to find it in stores anymore.

One of my go to places for online shopping is Amazon, and the United States version of Amazon has Bold for sale (see link below), however the Canada version does not (at least the last time I checked). You could buy from the United States version, and have it shipped.

I noted that the link is eligible for free super saver shipping, if you buy over $25, but I looked into the fine print of it and that is only for shipping inside the U.S. Presumably, you could pay for shipping though.

Of course, that is the American version of the product for sale, and perhaps you want the UK version, which has more scents and types available. Then, the problem is even more complicated. I am currently unaware of any place in Canada you can purchase the UK version of this detergent.

Does anyone else have any other ideas or sources for Laurie for purchasing Bold detergent in Canada? If so, please share them in the comments below.

Do you use Bold to wash your clothes? If so, I would love to hear what you think about this detergent. You can share your review here, or read more information about the detergent.

In addition, you can ask me laundry questions here, or read other questions and answers I've already put up on the site.

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Comments for I Can't Find Bold Detergent In Canada Anymore

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Keeps static out of clothes without dryer sheets
by: Suzie Cline

I love the detergent. It keeps my clothes from getting static. I don't have to use sheets in dryer which can coat sensors in the dryer. Leaves no scent on clothes (allergies). Where can I find this detergent without paying a high price?

I'm missing it now since can't find in stores
by: Nora Adams

I have used Bold since the 70's. It is the best that I have EVER used in over 60 years of marriage plus 3 children. Clothes were always white and colors bright. Also clothes wear for a long time. I'm missing it, since I've not been able to find it Even tried the evil empire. P & G made a big mistake by not advertising it. Am looking for a substitute!! Clothes were clean and soft.

Best detergent I have ever used - will go to little trouble to find it again
by: Cecelia Cook

Raised two active little boys, I was down-in-the-dirt gardener and Bold was my go-to detergent for everything. It is also the only OTC detergent that does not irritate my skin.

Hate to pay postage on it, but looks like that's only way I can get it. Life-long fan.

The best I have ever used, DR recommeded
by: Keith Trafton

Perhaps the best smelling detergent made. Recommended by my dermatologist as other detergents caused me to have skin irritations and Bold is half the price of other hypoallergenic soaps. Cleans well, dissolves well in hot or cold. It used to be made in liquid form years ago. I have not tried the newer BOLD two in 1 detergents.

To Boldly Go...
by: Daniel Morse

I liked "Bold" for three reasons. One, it worked well. Two, it was affordable and lastly, a nice fragrance. A friend of mine said it did not give her a rash like Tide did. "Bold" was a great laundry help.

I still think powders work better. Cheaper to ship as they are lighter. Oh well, the consumer wants new and better every day. I also miss La France.

Loved for 30 years
by: Anonymous

I have been using Bold laundry detergent for 30yrs and I have been very happy with the results in my clothes no matter what the dirt or food on them. I have to agree with the static in the clothes not being a problem when using Bold. I have very sensitive skin and I am allergic to every laundry detergent I have tried. I found that I could use Bold laundry detergent and it didn't bother me. I miss it being on the shelves at my local stores. The last place I was able to buy Bold was at Lowes Improvement for $6.50 per box. Now all I can find it is on amazon prime for over $22.00 for the same size box. This is highway robbery. I do wish Proctor and Gamble would continue making this product and the large franchises like WalMart or Lowes start stocking Bold on the shelves again.

washing machine odour
by: BamBam

I found out by reading a magazine article that I'd been using the wrong detergent in my front load HE washer. My ususal one which is a store's own brand produced far too much lather and also left a horrible smell because it wasn't getting rinsed away properly. There wasn't much info on the leading brands, so I gave Ariel a trial and it worked brilliantly. I'm giving Bold a try next time I buy detergent, and I have also heard that Tide is another one that works well in HE washers. There is apparently a difference between top loaders and front loaders and this must also be taken into account.

where can I buy it?
by: Sonya Cornett

I have used this product Bold Detergent since 1971. Please bring it back into production Proctor & Gamble. Best stuff out there for laundry!!! Does anyone know where I can buy any at all???

LOVE BOLD. Love it, love it, love it!
by: Anonymous

I used to buy BOLD at my local store, but can no longer find it. My clothes were softer and smelled better when I used BOLD. Would love to find a reliable source from which to purchase BOLD?

I found it!
by: Anna

Love Bold and used to use it years ago all the time. Best fragrance and cleaning power I have encountered. Could not find for many many years and even called P&G and was told only sold in the UK. I found it today at HOBO, a home improvement store for $1.99 a box!!! I'm so very pleased!!

Can't find now
by: Grant Grove

I used Bold in the 70's. I thought it worked very well and as a "throw it all in" the washing machine, colors and whites, was always happy. No greying and cloths came out clean. I cant get it and haven't seen the Bold label in any of my markets. Not much for online shopping.

please bring it back
by: Sonya Cornett

Proctor/Gamble pleeeeease bring Bold Detergent back!! I have not used anything else since 1971. 49 years. BEST detergent ever. Please tell me where I can buy this detergent???

I miss Bold
by: Susan

Bold always made my laundry smell great. People always complimented me on how great I smelled when using Bold. Unfortunately I can't find it in my state any longer.

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