Biz Detergent Salvaged An $800 Dress!

by Jenna

Jenna shared this great experience with Biz detergent with me, telling me how it worked for her.

Jenna says:

I love, love, love Biz!

I first discovered Biz when I lived in Southern Cali. I had gotten ketchup on a white t-shirt and my roommate told me to soak it in some of her Biz overnight. Much to my delight the stain was gone from my shirt in the morning. I was a convert right there.

I moved back to New England a few years ago and was unable to find Biz at any local or chain stores. Then one day while at a Big Lots there it was on the shelf. They had 6 boxes and I bought every one of them!! Thankfully they still get shipments but I still buy it in massive quantity's lest they ever stop carrying it.

My best Biz moment was with a dress I purchased at a thrift shop. It was from a high end designer that Kate Middleton tends to wear often. Tunic style evening dress of cream silk with gold beading and an awesome low cut back.

Oh did I forget to mention that it was actually a dingy gray with a gigantic coffee stain down the front and side or the severe yellowing of the underarms? Silly me! They wanted $15 for the dress and when I pointed out all the staining they said $3. Sold!

I brought it home, whipped up my bucket of Biz and soaked the dress overnight. When I rinsed it out the next morning and hung it up to dry I actually danced. All the stains and dinginess were gone. I salvaged an $800 dress!

I regret that I didn't take a before and after picture to share, but I will in the future. I truly believe that if Biz can't take out a stain nothing will.

Taylor says:

Wow! That's a really awesome example of how well this product can work to remove stains. Thanks so much for sharing this story with me!

I'd love to hear even more experiences people have had, good or bad, with this stain remover (which isn't actually a detergent on its own). You can share your Biz review or experience here, or read even more reviews that have already been submitted.

Further, Biz detergent is both a color safe bleach and enzymatic stain remover. You can share your non-chlorine bleach review here, for this or any other such bleach, or read other reviews that have already been shared.

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Biz Is One Of The Best Stain Remover Products On The Market

by Alisia
(Cincinnati, OH, United States)

Alisia shared how she's used Biz for her family's laundry stains.

Alisia says:

I became a mom and the head of the household earlier this year, which included the daunting task of the family laundry. I am encountering hundreds of stains a month from baby spit up, food, dirt etc. on my sons clothes to wine spills, ink spots and more on my husband's clothes.

A friend told me about Biz Stain Fighter and it was a prayer answered. I use it to pre-treat all my stains before I put them in the laundry and it has worked for me on even the toughest stains.

I have even used it on the carpet to remove wine stains and other stuff and it works wonders.

I would recommend Biz Stain Fighter to any mom looking to keep her husband, children and her own clothes looking great!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing how you use this product for stain removal Alisia.

I'd love to hear from even more people telling me what their favorite stain remover is. You can share your favorite stain remover review here.

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Biz Is A Great Laundry Booster For White Shirts

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

I really agree that BIZ is a terrific laundry booster for white clothing. If a friend of mine had not mentioned this product to me I would not have known it existed.

I wash a lot of white shirts that have care labels indicating "use non chlorine bleach if needed." Well they really do need the non chlorine bleach, else they don't come out bright and stain free.

My experience is that a new white shirt will only look new for about 10 washings if I only use detergent and no other additives.

I pretreat the collars and cuffs, and any other stains, with Biz liquid before I throw them in the washer.

It has worked well on a variety of stains including milk, coffee, ketchup, and blood. They come out nice and white.

For some reason though most stores in my area that carry BIZ always place it on an area of the shelf where it may not be readily seen. It must have something to do with competition for the "eye level placement" for better sales.

I recently noticed that the BIZ powder is now packaged in an orange box instead of the old blue carton, so the liquid may have new packaging soon as well.

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Biz Powder Is Great For Presoaking And Pretreating Stains

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

One more thing to be thankful for after the Thanksgiving dinner is that I had plenty of BIZ on hand to help with the laundry.

I presoaked a table cloth and my apron over night and was able to remove gravy and cranberry sauce stains.

Also had 1 shirt with a soft drink stain that I was able to remove by mixing up a paste of BIZ and water, applied it to the stain, let it sit for about a half hour, and then threw it in with a load of clothes.

I have also used it to presoak some nasty grass, blood, and dirt stains on gym clothes that tend not to make it home until several days after they were incurred.

It is also a terrific additive for white laundry even if there are no stains, e.g. white T shirts and socks.

I have a friend who works in a hospital that washes all of her uniforms with BIZ powder and detergent. She said that you really can't tell the difference between one of her new uniforms and one that has been through the wash 20 times. She attributes that to BIZ and allowing them to be line dried.

This means less time spent doing laundry!

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Biz Powder Is My Favorite Presoaker and Booster For the Wash

by Ann

I work in a produce market and tend to acquire many fruit and vegetable stains on my clothes. These stains are equivalent to a dye, e.g. red, green, etc. I presoak and wash these garments with Biz powder. It is the most powerful stain fighter I have ever used.

In addition my son wears white shirts to school and of course now that the weather is colder long sleeves are appropriate. Even if there are no stains on the front of the shirts, the sleeves are always dirty, and many times stained. Biz is great at keeping these shirts white. Once again my approach is to presoak and also wash with Biz powder.

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This Stain Remover Truly Shares The Workload

by Eileen

I sure can relate to Wanda's situation. I have several robes, and at least one is in pre soak status due to spit ups and/or baby food stains.

I really like using BIZ as a presoak and as an added booster to the wash.

So far I have not encountered a stain that it did not work well on.

It also takes out the nasty odors that are associated with the above stains.

Before I started using this product I was using various pretreaters. While they helped in removing stains, they were never able to do a complete job unless I applied them immediately after the stain occurred and washed the same day.

I note that with the benefit of presoaking it really works miracles on even older stains because as much as I try to keep pace with the laundry, there are weeks when it it just impossible!

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I Would Use BIZ And Enzyme Detergent To Get These Stains Out

by Diane

Diane commented on a pants stain picture shared by a reader sharing how she would remove the stains and mess those little boys caused on their khaki pants.

Since it was really an explanation of why she loves this stain remover and presoaker, I placed her thoughts here instead.

Diane says:

For a mess like this I would mix up a paste of BIZ and apply it to the main parts of the stains, leave it sit for maybe 20 minutes.

Then I would place these garments in a soak bucket or the washer with the maximum recommended amount of BIZ for a long presoak, preferably overnight.

Next I would wash them with BIZ and an enzyme detergent like Tide or Wisk.

I would definitely let them air dry, and repeat the above process if needed.

I have had my share of badly stained laundry, as when my son returned from camp. You name it -- mud, grass, food, sweat, it was there and it was up to 2 weeks old.

Aside from the stains, the smells were really offensive!

The only stain I could not remove soaking with this product and washing was some kind of paint, but I later used some paint thinner, several different applications, and I got that out as well.

BIZ is the best stain soaker I have ever used. It became a staple in my laundry room when my son was younger as it saved a lot of clothes (both his and ours) that were stained with baby food and formula.

I add it to the wash when I do a load of white shirts, even on the rare occasion there are no stains, as it is a great whitener.

It is one of the few products I buy that lives up to what the package claims it will do.

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BIZ And Lestoil Are A Good Team For Removing Stains

by Jean

Both my daughter and I work as restaurant servers.

I wear white uniforms and hers are blue, and we both have lots of stains to deal with each week.

We use two large soak buckets for presoaking with BIZ.

Lestoil cleaner uses
Every work day we just drop our uniforms in the respective soak buckets, then on wash day each load is ready for washing.

The Lestoil is great for removing greasy food stains.

With the least amount of effort they come out really clean.

This process sure beats using the traditional spray pretreaters, both in time and results.

Lestoil Stain Remover & Cleaner {Referral Links}

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Biz Has Worked For Years! It's A Miracle For Presoaking

by Carol Z
(Minneapolis, MN)

Carol shared how she's been using this stain remover for years.

Carol says:

30 some years ago I worked in the kitchen of a restaurant. Lots of grease, salad dressing, chilli, etc., on my white tops. They were looking kinda stained and dingy.

I got an idea. When I got home I would throw the top in a bucket that was filled with water (okay, it was a used pickle barrel with a top--free from the restaurant. Empty kitty litter buckets work too. Try any kind of free bucket with a cover!) and Biz. Just put the cover on the bucket.

Every day another top would go in. And a little extra Biz. Every 3 or 4 days I would do laundry. Draining the water and Biz out of the bucket, I just dumped the wet stuff--no rinsing or anything--into the washing machine.

My white tops began to get very white and clean looking. After a month of this, they looked brand new when I put them on!

This worked on cotton and synthetic fabrics.

After this, I could not stop! Now Biz just goes in the washing machine with my regular detergent. And those yucky set in stains (well, they do happen), then I go back to the bucket.

Lovely, and can be used on colored materials safe for washing, too.

Over 30 years is a miracle!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing how you use Biz stain remover for presoaking stains. It's a great technique, and lots of people love to do it with this non-chlorine bleach plus enzymatic stain remover.

If you've got a favorite color safe bleach, such as this product, I'd love to hear how you use it, and what you think of it. You can share your non-chlorine bleach review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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It Works Well On Non White Uniforms Too

by Tammy

Since my uniforms are pink I was a bit leary about soaking for any long period even though the package instructions seemed to indicate it was safe to do so.

When I got the usual coffee and tea stains on my older uniform, and also a nasty ketchup stain, I decided to let this one soak for a few days.

Everything came out great, the stains were gone, and the collar was really clean, plus there was no color damage.

I now follow the continuous soak method as Carol noted.

It is much easier and more effective than pretreating with the spray bottles, since I always have several stains on all of my uniforms.

They all get a soaking from 1-4 days, and they are washed clean in 1 load.

In addition to the stains on my uniforms I have also easily removed grass and blood stains by soaking with Biz.

Photo courtesy of

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Carol's Comments Convinced Me To Try BIZ And I'm Happy I Did

by Gina

Gina says:

I am currently working as a server in a restaurant and have the same issues that Carol mentioned regarding white tops with many stains.

The idea of doing a "pyramid" type of soak in a bucket where you throw in another top and more BIZ each day until wash day is a great idea. It has worked really well for me.

This is much easier than applying any pretreater individually to each stain. After all, anything that is just so simple and effective is worth noting.

Using Carol's approach has enabled me to get clean and really white tops in one washing!

BTW the stains I have gotten out so far are coffee, tea, soft drink, tomato sauce, grease, etc.

Taylor says:

Gina, I'm so glad you've found a simple solution to keep your work shirts clean.

I agree with you -- simple is always the best, especially when it works so well!

I would love to hear even more uses for this stain remover, and what stains it has removed for you. You can share your reviews and uses here.

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Comments for Carol's Comments Convinced Me To Try BIZ And I'm Happy I Did

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oh no, I lost the Biz "recipe"
by: Maureen

My attorney husband had an elderly client who resided in a nursing home. He handled all of her financial affairs, and after her only living relative died we became the only family she had. She told him she wanted to be buried in her favorite pink suit and he brought it home and hung it in a closet. Fortunately I checked it out and found it had a huge coffee or tea stain on the front of the jacket...absolutely no way to camouflage it. I knew we had to do something before she died or else buy a new dress...not what she wanted. I took it to the cleaner who told me they could not guarantee removal, but suggested I try to wash it. I had (and subsequently have lost) a recipe for of 2 or 3 ingredients, one of which was BIZ...and tried it. Amazing. It was completely gone. When poor Mildred passed away she looked beautiful in her favorite CLEAN pink suit. Thanks Biz, but if anyone has a clue what the recipe was, I'd love to hear. It was very may have been Tide and a 3rd ingredient. Thanks, Biz.

It's the best!
by: Lisa B.

Been using Biz for 15 years. A friend of mine who has a restaurant rescued a white cotton sweater that my husband had stained while we were staying at her home. I was sure that thing was a goner, but nope. Biz not only got the stain out, it restored the nice optic white color. She told me she launders all of the chef coats from her restaurant in Biz. Good enough for a restaurant? That's good enough for me. Prefer the powder to the liquid though.

makes my socks look brand new!
by: Anonymous

I used Biz for the first time yesterday on my whites load, consisting of lots of socks, white pants and undershirts. Our socks don't get very dirty because my husband and I always wear shoes. When I started to fold the socks,I realized that they looked brand new as if they had never been worn! Amazing! I am so glad that I bought it.

Stained and Dirty Uniforms Need Biz & Lestoil
by: Paula

I wash restaurant and construction uniforms year round, and now I also have the football uniforms to deal with. Biz takes care of the food, drink, grass, mud, and blood stains. Biz also takes care of the odors associated with these uniforms. Lestoil handles the greasy food stains, perspiration, and machine oil stains. When I had the issue of baby formula stains I used to mix up a paste of Biz and work most of the stain out with an old toothbrush before putting it in to soak because the formula I used was virtually impossible to remove otherwise. I always have clothes soaking in buckets or in the washer, but the alternative would be extra washes or not so clean clothes. It is really great to buy products that work. I get the largest Biz powder, the 80 ounce size, at Target. Walmart usually has the Lestoil.

for delicates like old quilts
by: Anonymous

40 years ago my Mom and my Aunt used to use BIZ for washing delicate old quilts and they would soak them in it and wash very gently and then rinse.

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