Tips For Removing Permanent Marker Stains
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Read tips below for how to remove permanent marker stains from clothing, walls, carpet, upholstery and other places in your home, and also share your own tips.

Stains are a fact of life, but fortunately other people have been in your shoes before.

This is your chance to share your success stories for removing these stains, or if you need help of your own, get some ideas for how to clean up your stain.

There are a wide range of tips below providing instructions for removing these marks from variety of surfaces, from hard surfaces to textiles, and more.

Here are the tips that have already been submitted:

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white board
How To Remove From White Board
Using Common Household Items
orange peel
Use An Orange Peel

pink eraser
Use A Pink Eraser
permanent marker on wall
Removing From Walls
sharpie markers package
Use 151 Rum To Dissolve & Then Wick It Up
sharpie on wood surface
Removing Sharpie From Wood With Hairspray

baby wipes
Remove From Hands With Baby Wipes
mr clean magic remover
Magic Eraser For Old Garage Sale Signs For Re-Use
permanent markers
Removed From Door With Rubbing Alcohol
goof off
Goof Off Remover To Clean From Walls

permanent marker on laptop
How To Remove From Laptop
refrigerator with magnets
Removed From Refrigerator Door With Magic Eraser + Eau De Toilette
dry erase markers
Removing From Furniture With Dry Erase Markers
permanent marker stains on upholstery
Removed From Upholstery With Goof Off

Carb-Medic carburertor cleaner
Used Carburetor Cleaner To Remove From Appliance
hand sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer For Walls
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Magic Eraser For Walls {Mixed Opinions}
hairspray and magic eraser
Hairspray Plus Magic Eraser For Walls

amodex ink & stain remover
Taylor's Amodex Ink & Stain Remover Review

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permanent marker stains

Have you had to get stains caused by permanent marker off something, when your child got hold of that Sharpie and decides to draw over everything in your house?

The whole point of being a "permanent" marker is that it is permanent.

That makes removing these stains some of the hardest.

So, what have you done to get rid of those stains when you don't want them to permanently be on your household items?

Share your tips with me below, so we can learn how you did it, to help us all out with removing our own stains caused by permanent markers.

Different stain removal methods are necessary for different types of ink stains, and from various types of surfaces.

Share your tips for various other types of ink stains here, including:

In addition, you can share your ink spot remover or ink stain remover review here, if a commercial product helped you remove your ink stain.

Got A Tip For Permanent Marker Stains Removal?

When permanent marker gets on something in your home, like your clothes, upholstery, carpet, walls, floors, or something else, how do you successfully remove those permanent marker stains?

Feel free to explain your stain removal method for permanent markers, and any laundry supplies or stain removers that work for you.

In addition, please tell us what hasn't worked for you, so we can all avoid pitfalls in the stain removal process.

Submitted Tips About Removing Permanent Maker Stains

Click the links below to see stain removal tips about permanent marker already submitted by others.

Feel free to comment on any of these submissions, to tell us whether you had a similar experience or not.

Removing Permanent Marker From Clothes & More: Tips & Home Remedies 
Below I've gathered tips and home remedies for removing permanent marker from clothes and your skin. Everyone's got one or more Sharpies around their …

How To Remove Sharpie Ink From Hard Surfaces 
Many people have shared how to remove Sharpie ink from various surfaces around their home on this site, as well as written in asking me this same question. …

How To Remove Permanent Marker From Wood Surfaces 
Below I've collected tips for how to remove permanent marker from wood surfaces. When you are dealing with wood you need to be careful, because you …

Permanent Marker Removal From Walls: How To Do It 
Below I've collected tips and tricks for permanent marker removal from walls. Think this can't happen to you? Think again. If you've got kids and have …

How To Remove Permanent Marker From White Board 
Below is a video showing how to remove permanent marker from a white board. It is easy to grab a permanent marker, on accident, and write on your white …

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