Gain Detergent Gave Me An Allergic Reaction

by Jennifer Webb
(Marion NC)

Jennifer quickly shared her experience with Gain detergent.

Jennifer says:

Gain has a really fresh smell and cleans very well, but I have never itched so much in my life after using this product.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience Jennifer, although I'm sorry to hear it was an itchy one.

It definitely sounds like an allergic reaction to laundry detergent to me, because I have been told my a dermatologist that one of the most common symptoms of these allergies is itching.

In fact, I would suggest you check out my video interview with Dr. Downie where we discussed both laundry detergent allergy symptoms and their cure. You may need a hypoallergenic laundry detergent, which is scent and dye free. Of course, sometimes people also have an allergic reaction to only one specific type of detergent and can tolerate any other one. Perhaps this is you.

Has anyone else found they have an allergic reaction to Gain laundry detergent? If so, share your experience with me here.

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Teacher Has Allergies To Student's Gain Detergent

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader, identifying herself as a teacher, shared this complaint about her student's use of this detergent.

SR101 Reader says:

As a teacher in a class of thirty students, could you imagine how it smells in my class?

With years I've developed allergies to the Gain perfume, and it causes my blood pressure to go up and up with this odor.

I consider that if someone washes their clothes and it smells good, that's fine. However, when the scent stays in the air for hours ands hours and gives health problem, it should be prohibited.

Have a nice day, but mine are not easy because of this product.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear that this scent bothers you so much, especially in an environment where you cannot easily leave the situation.

I think you bring up a good point regarding allergies to smells - while some people love strong smelling scents, they need to consider those who involuntarily have to be around them and smell it too, since it can cause severe health problems for some people!

That is why I always encourage others to really think about the scents they use, not only for themselves but because of the people around them too.

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Gain Not Worth The Awesome Smell

by Nikki
(Buffalo, NY)

I was really impressed with the product and smell of the original liquid Gain.

However, I began a couple months later breaking out in hives that wouldn't go away.

I had also started using the dryer sheets.

Not sure which did it but I plan to start using the Tide free.

I had never had any reactions in the past.

Not worth the awesome smell!

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Never Had An Allergic Reaction To A Soap Before Now

by SR101 Reader

All but one in our family had a reaction to this detergent - Gain HE Original Scent.

This reaction looked like bites initially and in some places a full, swelled up rash.

It appeared on the waist and chest areas first.

Before we figured it out we were itching from the neck to the feet.

None of us have ever had allergies before this.

It was purchased because of the low cost, but we paid dearly for it in the end - after all the Benadryl and itching crèmes, we had to rewash all the clothes and bedding.

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New Gain Detergent Formulation Makes Me Scratch All The Time

by Carolyn King

Carolyn has also shared her experience with this detergent, and how she and her daughter have had an allergic reaction to it.

Carolyn says:

I switched to Gain five years ago when I had my 5-year old daughter. It was so good then, I could use it on her clothes.

Now, I can't even use the new kind. It has me and her literally scratching all the time (if wearing clothes washed in new detergent).

Please Gain, go back to old formula or give us an option.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about the change in formula causing you problems Carolyn.

With many detergents I just suggest people switch to the non-scented version of the one they already like to see if that helps their allergies, but Gain doesn't have an unscented version since its claim to fame are its scents.

Therefore, I would suggest you try one of the hypoallergenic detergents listed here to see if they'll do better for yourself and your daughter.

Good luck!

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Comments for New Gain Detergent Formulation Makes Me Scratch All The Time

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Gain is toxic
by: Trilby

In 2008 my neighbors started using this poison. I ended up going to the hospital eight times in the following three weeks due to a severe allergic reaction to the chemicals in the air venting from next door. I lost nearly twenty pounds in those three short weeks. My digestive and absorption system shut down. First signs was a white hot burn on my tongue, then severe pain at the base of my scull. Intolerable virtigo followed, dizzy even while laying down with my eyes closed. Then my extremities started seizing. This would last until I could get on IV and epi injection. It would happen every time my neighbors did laundry. So no, I don't want anything to do with "Gain" or anything else toxic like it.

The smell makes me itch
by: Jane Brewer

Whenever I wash with Gain I break out with small, isolated, extremely itchy bumps. I think it's the scent because I slept at my brother's house (he uses a different detergent with an equally strong and similar smell) and did the same thing. I think Gain has a great scent, and wish I could get those air fresheners that smell like it, but I just think that's a bad idea.

is this an allergic reaction to Gain?
by: Anna

I switched to Gain original about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I woke up with bumps on my face and itching like crazy. Today same thing. Would it take that long to have an allergic reaction?

re: question of this is an allergic reaction
by: Taylor

Anna, I'm not a doctor and only a doctor could tell you if it is an allergic reaction to this product or not. However, allergies have been known to begin suddenly, such as if you have a long enough exposure to a product, so it is possible. But I cannot say for sure.

Hives beware!
by: MC

My family and I have used Apple Mango Tango scent for multiple years. Almost a month ago my wife went to pick up more detergent but there was only original scent left. I have had hives now for almost a month and just figured out that it's the stupid laundry detergent! Beware!

severe welt type hives itching
by: Jackie J.

Small portions of rash began immediately. After exposure for a longer period the rash became welts, with swelling, itching irritation, not just physical but mental irritation. I initially attributed the rash to insect bites, as the exposure time increased so did the volume and intensity of the rash. This morning it was the worst. My son's eyes were almost swollen shut. I'm very irritated. I haven't been sleeping well. I'm irritable. I feel like I may have to use my inhaler. I am washing all clothing exposed to Gain in the house again with vinegar and hot water.

burns my throat
by: Susana

I am staying in a house where they moved the washer to the bathroom area and the owner uses Gain, and every time I walk in the bathroom the fragrance burns my throat.

makes me dizzy and gives me a sickening feeling
by: Anonymous

I don't know what is my problem but my daughter bought me Gain detergent and its fragrance is making me sick.

going to have to switch from the original powder
by: Kia

I grew up on Gain original washing powder. For the last couple months it has me and a couple of my co-workers breaking out with rashes. I'm not sure what's different but I most definitely will be changing. I don't like to itch and it's not a comfortable feeling. My co-workers said they have started washing there clothes with Dreft and one uses Tide. So after years and years of using this product I will have to change to something much milder that doesn't cause a reaction to the skin.

by: Ethel

Omg two days ago I broke out in the worst case of hives. They are in every part of my body, my hairline, back, front legs eyes. I really think it is caused by this detergent. We were gone three weeks and our house sitter used Gain to wash the bedding and then I used it to was my clothes. This rash is very much like Shingles. Painful, swollen, itching, won't stop. Had a cortisone shot and that did not stop it. Any advice?

by: Anonymous

My wife and I both breakout in red itchy bumps from Gain.

Why now?
by: Rachel

I've been using Gain for 11 years. Now in the last month I'm so allergic my eyes have swollen, tongue at night and hives everywhere. Nobody else it has effected in my family. I'll tell you I'm so unhappy. I love Gain. Not sure if they changed formula but I'm a very unhappy mommy.

Be careful
by: Anonymous

I'm currently leaving the ER from switching from Tide to Gain. I broke out in hives over my whole body. I have to be on steroids for six days. I had to get a shot also take Benadryl. I am worn out over some GAIN DETERGENT. Wish I would had stayed with Tide!!!

The Smell Makes Me Sick
by: t from texas

Gain Laundry detergent has a very very powerful smell and it makes me sick to my stomach every time I smell that nasty stuff. I don't think it smells clean, I think it smells like some kind of bug spray. Take this horrible thing off the market.

Chemical Burn from Pillow Case Washed W/GAIN
by: Anonymous

It started with a raw armpits. Then my cheeks and ears got red and painfully sore. All of this because I bought a green bottle of Gain and used it for a few days!

by: Anonymous

I just recently opened and used Gain HE laundry detergent and I have done nothing but itch for 3 days now. It's awful!

I've used Gain before, so I don't know if this is a new version or not, but I'm going out to buy something else and try it.

Yikes...haven't ever itched like this before.

Husband Is allergic
by: Anonymous

I have used Gain for more than 30 years and my husband just had to go to the doctor 3 times trying to figure out why he is covered in itchy spots. Did not realize there was a change in the detergent I have always used.

Severe eczema outbreak
by: Anonymous

I love the smell of this detergent but it triggered my eczema which I did not have for years. It also has caused severe headaches. We are a family of five and everyone has developed dry skin and severe itching. Switching back to Tide.

Gain detergent sets my Asthma off
by: Pat Sizemore

For some reason Gain detergent bothers me. I can literally tell you who has washed their clothes in it. It has the strongest smell and it sets my Asthma off big time. It did not bother me years ago when I used it but since developing Asthma I steer clear of it. I can only use detergents free of dyes and perfumes now. I think it is the fragrance used in this detergent and I believe Gain is the only manufacturer that does not have a free and clear. One should be made for people who are sensitive to dyes and perfumes. How about a Gain Free N Clear? Would be interested in knowing if smell from Gain bothers others other than me.

daughter broke out when went to friends' houses
by: Mel

My daughter is allergic to Gain. She has a rash that develops and itches. It looks like dry red patches with raised bumps. It took us a little while to discover the Gain connection. I don't use it, but it is used at some of her friends' homes. She would come back after spending the night with the rash and I would question what she had ate or what she had used that was different. Finally, after asking questions, the one connection was they all used Gain. So sleeping on the sheets or washing her face with a washcloth was causing her to break out.

Scented Products in the Workplace
by: Ann

I have sensitivities to scented products. I'm not sure which ingredients cause me to react, as not all scented products irritate me. A new co-worker has recently started work in my office and I immediately reacted to the overwhelming scent she carried on her person. It was determined that the only scented product she used was Gain laundry detergent. My nose membranes became raw and painful, my throat became irritated and I lost my voice. Severe congestion, headache and intense irritability followed. I worked 2 days with her and then worked in another office and immediately felt better once removed from her proximity. I tried again to work with her and had the same reaction. The scent was so overpowering that I felt nauseous. Coughing and gagging from it sent me home. What is the chemical used in this product that makes the scent so "sticky". If I react to this product like I do, I can't help but wonder if the chemicals in this product might be harming those who use it over a long period of time?

Gain original scent attacked my body
by: KeKe

Went to the store and seen they had Gain original scent on sale and I purchased 2 bottles, what a big mistake! Washed my sheets, uniforms and underwear, the next day I was at work and hives. Started on my neck and arms and by the time I got home I was itching, my lip swelled and I had hives everywhere. I've used the Mango Gain and never had a reaction so I thought I had bed bugs, but after changing to a dye free detergent I realized it was the Gain.

Gain makes my throat and face itch like crazy!
by: KM

After washing my bedsheets and comforter at my dad's house using his bottle of Gain original scent detergent I was excited to sleep on my newly washed sheets because they smelled so nice and clean. However, within a few minutes, I couldn't stop violently sneezing. Thinking it was allergies in the air I tried to go to sleep but soon developed the most horribly uncomfortable itchy throat, itchy eyes, and itchy face. I got up the next morning and my body was covered in a red rash. I thought that airing out my sheets on the outdoor clothesline would help but it wasn't enough. The only thing that helped was rewashing all of my sheets and comforter several times with an unscented detergent. I'm not sure what's in that detergent but it is AWFUL!!!

Started after I switched
by: Nick from Oklahoma

After switching to Gain Laundry Soap in the purple jug I started break out in rashes and hives. I didn't realize what it was at the time but I went to the doctor and they asked if I had switched laundry soaps and it dawned on me that I had recently switched. I changed back to Tide and then I only had problems at night, then I realized I had washed my bed sheets in it also. After I washed them in Tide I have been clear. I have no idea what's in Gain but it's like poison ivy to me.

I will never use again
by: Anonymous

I have used Tide for many years with no issues. But then back in April, i decided to try the Gain Flings Tropical Sunrise. I loved the convenience and scent. After about a month, i started breaking out in hives on the tops of my lower arm and also on the forearm. It would start out as a tiny bump, but then it would turn into a welt. Twice they were dime size and two times they were quarter sized. It never even occurred to me it could be the Flings, so i kept using them. I have extremely sensitive skin. So I have had allergic reactions before. Its usually a small, itchy patch. I apply medication and it goes away. In June, I started itching. Mild at first, but it got progressively worse. It got so bad, it was affecting my ability to concentrate at work. The itching became unbearable. I itched all over. I wracked my brain trying to figure out what it could be. I don't have any food allergies, so i knew it couldn't be that. I was even itching when i put on my pjs. That's when i started to wonder if it was the Flings. So i did an experiment. I wore a shirt I know wasn't washed in the Flings. I wore jeans that were washed in the Flings. I hardly itched at all on my upper body, but i itched like crazy on my lower half. The itching got so bad, i went to an urgent care clinic. I saw a physicians assistant who congratulated me on my detective work, and agreed it was probably the Flings. It was the only thing that changed. I got a very strong cortico steroid cream. It has really helped. I switched to an all natural dye and fragrance free detergent. I considered trying Dreft or Gain liquid, but honestly, I mm afraid to now. I will NEVER use Gain again.

Scratching Frenzy!
by: Anonymous

I also have experienced terrible itching with Gain. I have used it in the past because my family likes it although I never cared for the smell. Just recently I purchased Gain Moonlight Breeze, the flings. Suddenly I am itching constantly and have hives all over my legs, arms, and back. I have been scratching so much that my legs have scars. I am not sure if Gain recently made a change to their products, but this is highly unacceptable. I can't sleep due to the constant itching and find myself taking a sleeping pill just to make it through the night!

by: Anonymous

I recently purchased Gains Pods Tropical scent, nice smell but, now I am itching and covered with hives from head to toe. My skin complexion is chocolate but these bumps sit up on my skin like small cherries, wow I will never use that again. I think all the companies are putting in too many chemicals to smell good, the scents are too loud anyway and they need to be told I am very upset.

Sunflower and sunshine scent
by: Anonymous

I have used Gain for years now, no specific scent though. I find a new one, I try it, always have. Well recently I found Sunflower and Sunshine and for the last week I cannot stop itching all over. Neck to feet! It's horrible, keeps me up at night and I've developed little bumps from scratching so much. I currently have acrylics on, which do not help the itch at all, and it's made me bruise I scratch so much. Have they changed their formula or something?!

Most likely caused my high blood pressure and eye allergies
by: Anonymous

I used the Gain detergent last month. I was not sure why my eyes were burning. I looked everywhere for what was causing the problem. I also noticed that my heart began to palpate. I finally realized that it was the detergent. As soon as I washed my clothes I was wearing and all my clothes with a new detergent all my symptoms stopped instantly! I feel annoyed. As a third year medical student I was glad I was able to use a blood pressure machine and note that my blood pressure was extremely elevated. I think about people who might have simply gone to their doctor and each month their heart beat would be elevated and perhaps they could get a heart medication for as long as they used the Gain product. While I cannot scientifically prove that Gain caused my allergic eyes or my elevated heart beat I think it is important that this product is tested for adverse effects. Perhaps I should conduct a research study and test it! I tried to find the chemical in the product, but have not...yet. Thank you.

I think I'm allergic to this detergent as well
by: Anonymous

I decided to try Gain because it smelled so good and we had just bought it for the first time!! I just got over pinkeye so I had to wash my bedding and clothes. I washed my bedding with the Gain and after it was washed I used the Gain fabric softener when I put it through the dryer. Needless to say I woke up with red bumps on my whole body. Of course I first checked for bed bugs and other possibilities, but then I found this website and it proves my suspicions.

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I am having an allergic reaction to Gain too! I went to the doctor for it because it's spreading and worsening! No more Gain for me!

how do I make it stop?
by: Anonymous

I have the same thing from Gain also! How long until it goes away and how do I make it stop??

I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

I have been breaking out on one side of my face only, the side I sleep on. I switched to Gain because of the scent too. Going to have hubby get me Tide free tonight and rewash everything! I'm 39, I have never had this problem before.

new Gain pods made me have hives on top of hives
by: Helen

Thank you for your post. I have been using Gain liquid forever. The new pods came out and I started using them. I look like a monster movie in the making with welts all over my body, and it's taking forever for them to go away. I switched to Tide dye free and it seems to be working.

HE Turbo has some new ingredient
by: Lynne

Gain has recently changed some ingredients in their detergents. The new products are called HE Turbo. It's written on the front of the container. I didn't know this when purchasing. I bought a large container in March. I developed a rash soon after on my groin and under my breasts. I thought it was yeast, so I tried to treat it with an OTC fungal cream. It didn't clear up and in fact got much worse. It was under my arms, stomach, hips, thighs and hands. I went to the doctor in May and she thought it was yeast and gave me prescription fungal meds. It got much worse, so she referred me to a dermatologist. He thought it was scabies, but that was negative also. He kept asking me if I had changed my detergent. No no no! I am a creature of habit. WELL, I didn't know that even though I was buying the same detergent, the ingredients had changed.

pink spots all over
by: Adriana

I washed my clothes with Gain, the original scent liquid form and got very itchy. I then got pink spots all over my front and back. I went to my doctor and she thought it was due to a detergent. The rash came on very suddenly. I have never had a allergic reaction to other detergents.

Does GAIN detergent have phosphates?
by: Lyn Morse

The first thing Vanderbilt Hospital Allergy Clinic told me is never chose a detergent with phosphates and don't use fabric softener. I have been using EXTRA but it fades blacks. I am wanting to use another detergent and thought I'd try GAIN but see others complain of hives which I get. DOES GAIN DETERGENT HAVE PHOSPHATES?

Did they change recipes?
by: Anonymous

I've been buying Gain ORIGINAL HE for at least 2 years as Tide made me itch. Well as of this week with a new bottle I've broken out with hives like bites & rashes in some areas. I know this is the cause as I've not changed anything else. So disappointed now to have to change again. They should warn you if they change an ingredient.

Gain should not be used
by: Linton

Gain detergent caused my daughter terrible hives, medical bills, and time off work. It was troublesome to figure out that Gain was the problem, but the day after she rewashed everything and stopped using Gain, her skin and health recovered quickly. There are those who will not figure it out and hopefully they do, as Gain can cause severe skin and health problems. Too many react to Gain, the product should be investigated, and compensation should be made to the countless numbers of people who have suffered from the toxicity of Gain.

I puffed up
by: Sharika Weems

Washed my covers and sheets in gain detergent yesterday and woke up this morning face puffy legs and arms hives everywhere. I have not itched so much in my life.

Only allergic to Gain
by: Anonymous

I've tried all kinds of different detergents and for whatever reason Gain puts a rash all over my body. They only rash that I've ever had that comes close to it was when I bought a fake metal necklace. I found I am allergic to nickel even white gold can over time bother me.

Broke me out
by: Anonymous

I've been using Gain detergent, and started sneezing all the time. Then the hives started. I would start itching and break out in hives. I washed my sheets with the Gain detergent, and went to bed. I woke up, covered in hives. I couldn't breathe very well and my neck was swollen. I took 2 Benadryl tablets, and changed my sheets and my symptoms thankfully went away, without having to be seen in the emergency department. That's when I realized it was the detergent causing my symptoms this whole time. I've stopped using the product completely and my symptoms have gone away.

Smell make me ill
by: Anonymous

I worked with someone who used gain and the odor was so offensive to me I became physically sick with flu like symptoms. Eventually I had to stop working in the same building as this individual. I moved to another building until someone there started using gain. The smell lasts for days and days in an enclosed building. What toxic ingredient could cause the small to bind to clothes this strongly and fill up a room with scent? And, eventually make people sick.

Had large outbreak
by: Anonymous

Well I have got a nice series of rashes by using Gain. I have tried everything from alcohol to poison ivy wash to clear and I have found the quickest clearing of my skin threw trial and error was every morning I used a loofah and Biore' scrub in the shower. I would use around privates and face but worked quickly for my allergy infused skin instead of waiting for the affected area to rejuvenate itself. That took almost two weeks. Anyhow hope this helps someone and I switched back to my old detergent and no itch or irritated skin.

by: Anonymous

I've used Gain years ago but I switched because I couldn't afford it. So recently I've bough Gain with the Febreze and first my daughters were complaining of itching, and small red bumps, and then I started as well, bad!!

It's sad and ridiculous that the company would even sell a product that causes so much pain, frustration, aggravation, time rewashing everything, more money, and ughhh, it's just sad!!!

Allergic Reaction to Lavender Scented Gain
by: Anonymous

Hi Everyone,

So sorry to hear about your woes with Gain laundry detergent. As for me, I never had ever experienced an allergic reaction to washing detergent before. What's really funny is that I can stand Gain's original scent formula with no problems at all. However, after a recent purchase of Gain's Lavender scented detergent I've been itchy and like some of you have hives and a rash with small welts. At first, I thought it was a recent change in the body wash I was using and threw that all out (2 practically brand new bottles). However, that wasn't it and then I realized that it might be the new laundry detergent and it is. I had to re-wash most of my clothing and I bought Arm and Hammer's laundry detergent for sensitive skin that's dye and scent free. What are they putting in this stuff? At times I would much rather use the powder detergent instead of this liquid version, it seems to be more hazardous to your health.

Never had a reaction had to go to ER
by: Anonymous

This product is toxic. I had a severe allergic reaction. My whole body was covered in hives. The only thing I have changed is my detergent. Gain, Hawaii Aloha. I have thrown it away now. Good riddance. Baby detergent now, all better.

I'm itchy!
by: Bonkers

Honestly I've never paid any attention to the brands of items my mom buys, so I didn't even notice the switch to Gain Liquid Detergent until I developed a small itchy rash on my stomach.

It spread over a couple of weeks and now covers almost my entire stomach area and now my arms, hips, calves, ankles, back, and behind my knees. Everything itches and no matter how hard I scratch or which cream I put on it, nothing is helping. I've scratched myself raw. Certain spots bleed where others have welps from scratch marks. This itching is driving me bonkers.

My mom suggested two days ago that maybe I'm having a reaction to the new laundry detergent and we aren't sure if the detergent is the problem but comparing from these pictures, I'm pretty sure that it is. I bought myself my own bottle of Tide Liquid Detergent (which is the kind she said we were using before) and I've rewashed all of my clothes already. Tomorrow comes my bedsheets and blankets. I'm hoping that it clears up soon. I've never realized how horrible itching is.

And remember, cheaper isn't always the better option.

Lavender Gain allergic reaction
by: Jenny Carlson

I have been using traditional Gain with Gain fabric softener for a very long time. When I switched to the Gain Lavender I broke out in hives worse than I have ever seen from any poison ivy breakout.

Not 100% but I think its Gain Detergent
by: Anonymous

I found I'm allergic to Tide so I switched to Arm & Hammer sensitive formula, honestly finding It required more than I feel should be needed to wash clothes. So I switched to Gain and boy o boy have I been itching and trying to rule out a couple of other things I've been using like tea tree oil. Now I'm re-washing everything and using the Arm & Hammer and thinking of trying Tide's sensitive formula. I hope this works or I'm going to have to visit a dermatologist again.

allergy to detergent and fabric sheets
by: Rhonda Jane

I used again for years with no troubles and then suddenly the scent of Gain caused tightening in throat and lungs. This was a year ago and the condition is not improved.

by: Anonymous

I just started using liquid Gain about 2 weeks ago and I have developed this terrible itch. It is all over. At first I thought it was bugs on me and after doing a thorough investigation I came to turns that there were no bugs. It has to be the detergent because no one else in my house is itching but me.

swollen eyes and itching
by: Connie Walket

I have never had any type skin allergy until I washed my clothes in Gain while visiting my daughter. Horrible itchy rash and my eyes swelled from using wash cloth laundered in Gain. Give me Tide every time. Superior cleaning and no itching.

should be banned
by: Anonymous

I recently washed with Gain and I have been itching all over. So therefore it should be banned from the stores.

Exactly the same when used Gain Pods
by: RedOwl

Thank you for posting - I thought at first I had shingles and cut out all chocolate and caffeine. But the little itchy bumps kept coming every day. I thought it was my immune system breaking down and did cleanses, and eliminated food after food. In the meantime I bought another tub of Gain Pods. Loved the smell. Woke up every morning with little bumps all over. Bed bugs? Mosquitos. Finally just today, after 6 months of torturing myself I thought hmmm maybe it is my laundry detergent. I'm down to eating nothing but chicken breasts and lettuce and still having major breakouts. Never had an allergic reaction to anything before. But always had used 7th Generation before and will go back to that. Thank you so much for posting this information

by: Anonymous

I was hanging out at a friends house heating up something in the microwave. I had just gotten back to her house after running some papers up to my college, and through out the day I had noticed some itching in my legs. Of course I just assumed it was dry skin. Because my skin does get dried out easily, and the jeans I had on that day were ones I wear a lot. However as I stood there I noticed how the itching suddenly turned into this burning sensation that grew worse the more I stood there.

In a flurry of movements I ran up the stairs of my friends house so I could use the upstairs bathroom to see what was going on only to find painful patches of hives all over my legs.

I was actually very thankful I had decided to grab a shirt sitting in the back of the closet that hadn't been washed in this new detergent too.

I ended up borrowing a pair of my friends shorts so I could soak my legs in warm water to try and rinse what ever was effecting my skin, and so my friend's mom could wash the clothes I had brought with me in something else that wasn't Gain.

Part of me wasn't convinced it was the cause, mostly because I remember using Gain when I was still in middle school and never had a problem with it before. I never broke out in hives or itched, but sure enough when I tried the jeans on later that day I was perfectly fine.

by: Anonymous

The latest bottle of Gain has caused me to itch wherever there is prolonged contact with my skin (bra-line, waistband, etc). I did not have this reaction for the last few years, this is recent, and it smells different too.

allergy from Gain Flings
by: Vicki

I itch, especially my nose, and sneeze after my sheets have been washed in Gain flings. I love the smell, hate that I can't use it anymore. I don't notice it on the rest of my body, but my face is my most sensitive when it comes to allergies. Before realizing it was the sheets, I tried my usual Allegra + Benadryl, thinking I must have been in touch with a cat or something. After spending the weekend away from the sheets and coming back, I know for certain it is the detergent.

any recommendations for something new?
by: Anonymous

I noticed a skin allergy reaction right after did my laundry with Gain detergent. Red spots all over my back and very itchy feeling. Does any one recommend a different brand of detergent?

this detergent has way too many unnecessary chemicals
by: Kygirl

I'm suffering from an allergic reaction right now to Gain. I would break out in hives, my hands and feet get swollen from it. Last night I thought I smelled a familiar scent on a pair of socks that I hadn't worn since last year. It turn out I washed it in Gain last year and my lip are now swollen. Before I knew I was allergic to Gain last winter, I washed everything in Gain only because I loved the strong scent. It was the worst decision of my life! Last winter I woke up and my eyes and lips were so swollen I had to call my job and tell them why I couldn't go to work. I went straight to the doctors to make sure the swelling would safely go down. Eventually it went down with a the help of Benedryl. I'll never recommend this product to anyone only because there's something unnatural about this product being that it's the ONLY detergent I'm allergic to.

Can no longer use
by: Marina

I loved Gain but now I cannot use it or touch anything washed with it. I don't know what the new ingredients are (would love to know), but I'm allergic to it now. I completely break out in hives, puffy eyes, scratchy throat. I have to keep allergy pills on me because even say for example: run into a old friend and give them a quick hug, chat for a little, I will start having hives. I use to love Gain but now it's like if you use it stay 10 feet back.

itchy reaction
by: Shelonda

I recently purchased the Gain cleanburst fragrance because they were out of the sensitive skin friendly scent and my skin has outburst with itching all over my body. This detergent is not meant for clothing.

the scent of Gain forced me to work a respirator when my neighbor did laundry
by: Rogella

The smell from Gain was so noxious that I had to wear a 3M respirator with a VOC filter when my neighbor was using it. The smell from the dryer exhaust vent quickly filled up all air space around front, sides and back of my one bedroom duplex. I did close the window and put on air purifiers too but it takes a long time to get rid of the smell as one of the "selling points" is that the smell lasts for weeks. The lady did laundry at home for others for extra money so it was great when the landlady noticed how high the water bills were getting and kicked them out. Gain is sickening to those with fragrance sensitivities, it is way too strong.

makes me ill
by: Anonymous

I work in an office, so no open windows. This started about 6 months ago, at first I thought I was going crazy, and it was just in my head. Turns out, it is the smell of Gain laundry detergent that some of my co-workers use. It gives me a strong headache and general feeling of nausea. I will feel better after a few hours when I come home at the end of the day. The problem is my coworkers like the smell and won't stop using it. I dread going to work every day, because I know I will feel sick. What can I do?

The fragrance burns my airway and gives me headaches
by: Carolyn

I have actually been sick for days after being exposed to someone that uses Gain. I have been tested for allergies and it is not an allergy or asthma but a reaction to the chemicals used to make the fragrance in Gain. My lungs and bronchial tree become very irritated and then start forming secretions and productive cough. I also get migraines from it. The only thing that I can do is practice avoidance. I can't even go to the laundromat nor can I go to the detergent aisle in the grocery store. I'm really tired of this being such a big part of my life. People don't need to have their clothes smelling so strong.

immediate severe hives
by: Michelle

My mother bought Gain because it was on sale. I immediately broke out in severe hives from where my clothes touched my skin after being washed in Gain.

I can use any other detergent but there is an ingredient in Gain that had a bad reaction with my skin.

itching on my face
by: Christine Zeuner

I've used Gain in the past and recently ran out of the detergent I usually use. I went back to Gain and began itching primarily on my face. Had to go to the doctor only to discover that it's the Gain that caused this to happen to me. Going back to my old detergent. Don't know if you've changed the formula but this never happened to me before using Gain.

by: Edinna

I have never itched so much as I have from Gain. It actually led to being toxic and 3rd degree burns per my dermatologist. Ended up in the Emergency Room. I also went to an allergist that recommended a biopsy. I went back to my dermatologist. I have been on RX Hydrocortisone Gel, high doses of Prednisone, Allegra 24 hr. Antihystamine, many mild moisturizing lotions etc. It was the most miserable time for me. Completely ruined the summer for me. Itching, pain, peeling of the skin and now so dry, I have sores. Slowly going away now, but hated going anywhere. Spent a lot of time home. Could not even wear underwear. Sometimes only a cool shower helped.

Itch itch itch OMG
by: Sondra

I recently changed from regular Gain to Gain Hawaiian Aloha scent. OMG the itching has been 3 weeks before I thought to check the detergent. I have sores all over me and the itching is intense. Even the steroid the doctor gave me did not help. I see an allergist this Tuesday so I am taking this with me.

Yes. Very upsetting.
by: Wendita

Yes. I bought this detergent thinking it would be safe since it's in the shelves. The scent was super strong. Stuck to my sinuses for hours, gave me a headache and after a while it made me itch like crazy. First time I didn't realize where the itch came from and I ran to my doctor looking like an idiot that I itch all over. Got all sorts of tests at office and to find out later when I used it again that it was the soap! Ah. I bought such a big Bottle from Costco too.

very uncomfortable time
by: Adrianne

I looked online to see if anyone else had a skin reaction to Gain laundry detergent. I had switched because I liked the smell. Once I switched, I developed terrible body core rash and intense itching. It was so severe that I could not stand clothing next to my skin. I bought the scent free detergent and re-washed everything that is close to the body. The rash is improving and I am hoping it will soon be GONE. This has been a very uncomfortable time.

terrible hives, rashes, bumps, itching for several weeks now
by: Megan

I have had had terrible hives, rashes, bumps, itching for several weeks now. I have spent hours and a lot of money going to doctors trying to figure out what is causing it. Scared to death by my doctors mentioning words like Lupus, leaky heart valves, etc. After blood work, biopsies, echocardiograms, I still did not know what I had, only knew what I didn't have. After having an exterminator out thinking I had fleas, mosquitos, even bed bugs, and finding out the house was all clear, he asked me if I had changed my laundry detergent recently. I could not recall how long ago but I had purchased a new scent of Gain within the last month. He said he had experienced the same hives and thought he was going crazy. After eliminating everything new in his home, he narrowed it down to his Gain laundry detergent. I decided to do a little internet digging and found this website and article. Apparently Gain is making thousands of people sick with their new formula and scents. I think I have finally found the culprit! These products needs to be removed from stores immediately. If you use it in your household, I suggest throwing it away! It's on to Tide Free for me (no dyes and no perfumes) and hopefully my skin will be back to normal. Highly annoyed but relieved!

recommend not to buy
by: Michael

You are right, great smell and cleans good but made me itch so bad will never buy Gain again and will recommend that others not use it.

by: Anonymous

I am currently using Gain Fresh scent (pink bottle) with the same softener and scent boosters. My chest and butt area are soooo itchy and red from using.

lots of itching
by: Cheryl

I have never used Gain before and I also have been having a lot of itching. Does it have any bleach alternative in it?

Gain is poison
by: Anonymous

I can't even be the same room as someone who has washed their clothes in Gain. It is so powerful smelling that I feel dizzy, my sinuses burn and get inflamed, my asthma is triggered and eventually I get a severe migraine. It's horrible stuff and seriously must be toxic. I only use fragrance free laundry detergent now. I usually use Arm and Hammer free of perfumes and dyes. And it's relatively cheap too. The smell of Gain is sickly sweet and chemical like, etc. I wish it was banned. It's not good for the environment either.

bad reaction
by: Anonymous

I had a bad reaction to Gain. I was diagnosed with an abdominal migraine. I was throwing up over the course of a weekend. My blood pressure was really high. After sitting up for a spell I was extremely sleepy. Woke up feeling fine. When I described it to my gastroenterologist he said "abdominal migraine." I tried using Gain again months later and had the same reaction.

Gain makes me feel like something is biting me.
by: Anonymous

After recently visiting with my parents and using Gain, I started immediately itching, breaking out in hives and rash. It felt like something was biting my skin. I usually use ALL and before that Tide and never had any issues.

hives from the tropical pods
by: Anonymous

Tried the new tropical pods. Bad idea, it sent me to the hospital with hives like you would not believe. Started used All Free and Clear. Won't be using Gain EVER.

Repulsive reaction
by: Anonymous

My coworker has been using Gain for quite some time. I was very aware of the fragrance and felt repulsed by it but could not figure out why. I did not say anything as it affected me mostly when she walked past my desk or was moving around. A week ago as I walked into the office building, I smelled her from about 15 to 20 feet away from the hall before I even walked into our shared large office. After about 30 minutes I commented that the laundry detergent fragrance was overpowering. She proceeded to ask everyone that came into the room if they smelled her wonderful Gain and said that I must be smelling something else. I emphatically told her it was too much for me and that it was the laundry detergent. The next few days I still smelled it at a heightened awareness but it was a much lighter odor. I was totally congested and sick for 3 days, started Nasocort and Sudafed, was hoarse and felt nauseous. This week when I came in, although not as strong as that particular day, it was much more fragrant and I noticed immediately my feeling of repulsion. By the end of the day I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, headache, sore throat, sneezing, stuffy congested sinus, and I actually felt like my blood pressure was high. I went to the bathroom and my face was flush, eyes red and I felt strangely dazed and was having difficulty concentrating. I actually considered quitting my job. I have reached out to my superiors to be relocated as I cannot tolerate this fragrance and chemical combination, it's toxic to me.

Will NEVER Use it again.
by: Kevin

Washed laundry at my best friends house, where I used her gain pods. Woke up with severe itch and rash anywhere my underwear touched my skin. I assumed they were bug bites, and got dressed for work. By lunch time the itching was unbearable and spread all over my body. I took benadryl which did not help. I knew it had to be a reaction to the detergent. I am now waiting for Walgreen's to open so I can get some type of medicated body soap to wash these toxins off of me. I'll be using ALL FREE AND CLEAR from now on. Shame on Gain for doing this to people!!! Now I'll have to miss work and hope for a speedy recovery.

Only this detergent
by: Ginny

I have had and am still having an allergic reaction to the Gain. It is miserable. I am on second doses of Prednisone and Atarax for symptoms. I am an ICU nurse so I knew right away what it was. I have never had any reaction to soaps before.

So many similarities
by: Anonymous

I just read all of the posts regarding Gain. I'm appalled that this is still on the shelves! I have spent several hundred dollars on doctor visits and prescriptions believing I had scabies or bed bugs. I'm absolutely disgusted in this company. I've been suffering for months and have recently went back to all free and clear. Hope it works.

I feel so sick
by: Anonymous

I bought the Gain detergent because it was on sale. After a week i started itching head to toe. Difficulty breathing, very uncomfortable. I thought I ate something that gave me this reaction. But I found out its the detergent. Who knows whats in there.

Bleeding welts
by: Anonymous

So glad I found this site because I thought I was going crazy. I have bleeding welts all over my body. Started as small, red, itchy dots on my skin which now are bleeding scars. I had used Gain detergent for years and starting using the Flings a couple of months ago. My skin problems started at this time. So glad I decided to check on the internet today about the correlation between Gain and skin problems. I am taking action tomorrow.

by: Steve 2017

We have been using Gain for some time. The latest batch made me break out from head to toe, first itching than red spots like chicken pox, then blisters and more sores. Three visits to the ER, it dawned on me the label was different. My drain smells real nice, itching is slowly going away. Still have the sores, will take some time.

Husband suffering from use
by: Monica

I tried Gain because it was on sale and an economical alternative to our usual unscented Kirkland brand. The second I opened it I knew I'd made a mistake. The stench was overpowering, how do people think that is a good healthy smell?I decided to just use it to get rid of it. After about three to four months of use(huge bottle), my husband has broken out in horrible itchy rashes, tiny blisters, welts, and eczema triggered on elbows, neck, chest, and leg. We thought maybe it was heat induced but he'd never had this kind of reaction to summer weather before. The only major change we've made is the laundry detergent, and after having read many of these comments, and my daughter telling us about her friend's dad going through the same thing with Gain, the answer is clear. How this product can continue to be on the market is beyond me.

by: Stacey

I have used Gain on and off for years. I started back using this about 3 weeks ago and I am itching everywhere. My daughter just told me that she had started itching. I love the smell but its not worth this.

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