Baby Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softeners
& Baby Stain Remover Products

Do you want to use baby laundry detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets, as well as baby stain remover products for cleaning your baby's clothes and stains?

If so, it can seem overwhelming trying to decide which brand or type to use.

You most likely want products that meets these criteria listed below, and possibly more:

  • Gentle for your child's skin;
  • That works well to clean baby stains and messes; and
  • That doesn't cost more than necessary.

baby laundry detergent

Below I've compiled a list of baby detergents, baby fabric softeners and dryer sheets, and stain removers formulated for use on baby's clothing, that are currently available.

Along with this listing I've shared a short amount of information about these products, so you can make a better decision about which products you may want to use for your little bundle of joy.

In addition, where possible, I've also included links to any reviews from readers on this site that have already been submitted. I like reading reviews from other Busy Mom's when making decisions about any new products, so I can further determine whether the product is a good fit for my needs and desires, and I hope they'll help you too.

Finally, some of these products are easily found in most stores, while others are more specialty products. To make your life easier, where possible, I've added a link to the image of the product taking you to where you can purchase it online.

Therefore, if you're interested in learning more, or purchasing one of the items I've listed, just click on the image. Please know that I'm an affiliate of these online stores, which include,,, and, which are all great places to find hard-to-find laundry suplies.

baby laundry product reviews

Available Baby Laundry Detergent Products

Each of the brands listed below has a baby version of its detergent.

Also, where I can, I've noted which of these detergents have a scent and which do not, since some people want scent while others are concerned scents can cause allergic reactions for their infants.

Remember, you can check out a long list of hypoallergenic laundry detergent brands here if you want something that is scent and dye free, whether it is made for adults or kids.

All Detergent For Babies

all baby detergent

This detergent has a scent, described as a "soft baby smell" which has been described as smelling similar to baby powder.

Although it does have a scent, it is dye free.

I've not received a review of this specific type of detergent, but you can read more information about ALL detergent here, in general.

Attitude Detergent

attitude baby laundry detergent

This detergent is both scent and dye free, and is hypoallergenic.

Further, it is an eco-friendly detergent.

I don't currently have a review of this product, so I'd love it if someone would share a review with me here.

Babies R Us Detergent

Babies R Us laundry detergent

The store Babies R Us has an entire line of store brand products designed for babies, unsurprisingly. This includes detergent, which it claims should be compared to Dreft (see below for more on this brand name).

I don't currently have any reviews of Babies R Us products, so if you've used one please share your review with me here.

Babyganics Detergent

babyganics laundry detergent, unscented

babyganics laundry detergent, lavender scent

This is also a natural laundry detergent, and as you may be able to guess from the name the entire line of products is designed for babies.

I have received a positive review of Babyganics detergent here. However, the reader mentioned the detergent, although it says it is unscented, has a light scent. Since it says on the package "fragrance free" I would be interested in hearing if others also thought it had a scent, or not.

There is also a lavender scented version of this detergent available.

Dapple Detergent

dapple baby laundry detergent

Dapple is a brand made entirely for baby products, and it is also eco-friendly.

The detergent is scent and dye free, so its also hypoallergenic.

I don't have any reviews of this detergent yet, so please share your review here if you've used it, to share your experience.

Dreft Detergent

dreft detergent

dreft powder detergent

Dreft detergent is probably the most popular, or at least well known brand of baby laundry detergent.

It is manufactured by Proctor & Gamble, and comes in both regular and HE liquid varities, as well as in powder form.

Unlike many detergents meant for babies that are scent free, this one does have a scent.

You can read more information about Dreft detergent here, plus reviews from readers that I've gathered together. Beware that some reviewers have shared they they or their children had allergic reactions to this detergent.

Dropps Detergent, Scent, Dye And Enzyme Free

dropps baby laundry detergent

Dropps laundry detergent is available in laundry detergent pacs form, and has a formula which is scent, dye and enzyme free for babies.

You can read more information about Dropps laundry detergent here.

In addition, I have tried this detergent, and you can read my Dropps baby detergent review here.

Earth Friendly Products & ECOS

ECOS baby laundry detergent

Earth Friendly Products baby laundry detergent, lavender & chamomile scent

ECOS (which also has products under the Earth Friendly Products brand name) is an eco-friendly brand, and they've got a baby line of products, which includes both a liquid detergent (and also an additional product, shown below).

There is both a scent free version (only available as ECOS brand), as well as a Lavender & Chamomile scented version (in both ECOS and Earth Friendly Products brand).

You can read more information about Ecos laundry detergent here.

I don't currently have any reviews of these types, so I'd love it if someone would share a review with me here.

Honest Company Liquid & Pods

Honest laundry detergent

Honest laundry detergent pods

The Honest Company is a relatively new brand that is eco-friendly, and has a whole range of products designed for babies, kids and adults, all rolled into one.

They have a scent free liquid detergent, as well as laundry pods, both of which say they can be used not only on normal clothing, but also for hand washing wools, silks and other fine washables.

I've gotten mixed opinions of this brand, with one positive review while another reader reported an allergic reaction for her child. Here are the Honest laundry detergent reviews.

The Laundress Detergent, Baby Version

laundress baby detergent

If you aren't familiar with The Laundress laundry products, they are a high-end brand based out of New York.

This brand has a baby laundry detergent formula, which it claims is allergen free, but it does have a "baby scent."

I don't have any reviews of this product, so if you've used it, you can share your review here.

Method Laundry Detergent For Babies: Sweet Pea Scent

method baby laundry detergent

Method, an eco-friendly cleaner and laundry supplies company, has a baby version of its popular Method laundry detergent. You can learn more about this detergent, in general, from my article.

It doesn't appear there is much difference between the regular detergents and the baby version, other than it has a "sweet pea scent" according to the information on their website.

I've received general reviews of this detergent, but not of this variety, so if you have one please share it here.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, Baby Blossom

mrs meyers laundry detergent, baby blossom scent

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day laundry detergent is known for is strong aromatherapeutic scents, and it has a baby laundry detergent version available in the scent "Baby Blossom."

You can learn more general information about the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day brand here, which is touted as a nicely scented green cleaning and laundry supplies company.

I've gotten one review of Mrs. Meyer's Baby Blossom laundry detergent here, which was positive.

Purex Detergent

purex baby laundry detergent

Purex has a baby laundry detergent, which it terms hypoallergenic but which has what it also terms a "light fragrance."

It is also formulated not to harm the flame-resistance of sleepwear.

You can read more about Purex laundry detergent in general in my linked article. In addition, here's a couple of reviews of this detergent from readers (including one from me!).

Seventh Generation Detergent

seventh generation baby laundry detergent

Seventh Generation makes eco-friendly laundry and cleaning products. You can read more about Seventh Generation laundry detergent here, in general.

The baby detergent is hypoallergenic, and does not have any fragrance or dyes, and contains stain fighting enzymes.

I haven't received any reviews of this variety of detergent, so if you've used it you can share your review here.

Totally Toddler Nursery Laundry Detergent

totally toddler logo

Totally Toddler is another brand that is devoted to making laundry supplies just for babies and kids.

It started by making an enzyme based stain remover (you can read more about that below) and has since expanded to sell additional laundry supplies including detergent.

I haven't received a review of this detergent, so please share your review with me here if you've used it.

Available Baby Fabric Softeners & Dryer Sheets

Although this page was initially planned to be just about baby laundry detergent, once I started compiling it I realized that many people don't just want the detergent, but also the other baby laundry supplies that can accompany it.

Therefore, below you'll find lists of some of these additional vital laundry supplies for your baby's clothing.

Below is the available brands, that I'm aware of, for baby dryer sheets and fabric conditioners.

Attitude Baby Fabric Softener

attitude baby fabric softener

This softener is hypoallergenic, being both scent and dye free.

It is also a natural fabric softener, and can be used in either regular or high efficiency washing machines.

I don't currently have a review of this product, so if you've used it please share your review here.

Babies R Us Fabric Softener Sheets

Babies R Us fabric softener sheets

The store Babies R Us has an entire line of baby laundry products, which also includes fabric softener sheets.

I don't have a review of this product so if you've used them, please share your review here.

Babyganics Dryer Sheets

babyganics fabric softener sheets

Babyganics brand also makes bleach and dye free dryer sheets.

Although these are marketed as being safe for babies sensitive skin they do have a "baby fresh scent," so use with caution if you tend to be allergic to scents.

I don't currently have a review of this product, so if you've used it please share your review here.

Honest Company Dryer Cloths

Honest dryer cloths

These eco-friendly sheets are not dry, like many sheets are but instead wet.

They are scent free, and also each sheet can be used two times.

I've not received any reviews of this product, so if you've used them please share your experiences with me here.

Laundress Baby Fabric Conditioner

laundress baby fabric conditioner

In addition to making a scented detergent for babies, The Laundress also makes a "baby" scent fabric conditioner.

I haven't received any reviews of this product, so if you've used it please share your review here.

Purex Crystals For Baby

Purex Crystals for baby

Purex recently introduced a new product to complement and expand its baby laundry products line, with a "baby-inspired fragrance" of its popular mineral-based fabric softener, Purex Crystals.

You can read more, in general, about Purex Crystals here, in my article about this product line.

In addition, I have personally tried this version. You can read my Baby Purex Crystals review here.

Totally Toddler Nursery Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheets

totally toddler nursery fabric softener

totally toddler dryer sheets

Totally Toddler also makes both fabric softener and dryer sheets for babies and kids' clothing.

Both products are also both dye and fragrance free, making them hypoallergenic.

I haven't received reviews of either of these baby laundry supplies, so you can share your reviews of them with me here.

Totally Toddler Dryer Balls

totally toddler dryer balls

In addition to making fabric softener and dryer sheets, listed above, Totally Toddler also makes a brand of dryer balls.

I can't really imagine how these differ from dryer balls used for adults, but they are pink and made by a baby laundry product company, so I mention them here for completeness of my list.

I haven't received any reviews of this product, so please send your reviews to me here if you've tried it yourself.

Available Baby Stain Remover Products

One thing I know for certain, having three kids of my own, babies make stains. Therefore, here are some stain removing products formulated specific for using on baby clothes.

Attitude Little Ones Laundry Stain Remover

Attitude Little Ones laundry stain remover

This brand also has a laundry pretreater designed for baby clothes, which it advertises as carcinogen free.

Although there is another stain remover the company makes which has a scent, this one is fragrance free.

If you've used this product I'd love to hear how it worked for you, so share your opinions and experiences here.

Babies R Us Stain Remover

Babies R Us stain remover

Babies R Us also makes a stain remover, which is a store brand. It says it should be compared to Dreft's version (see below for more information about the name brand).

I do not currently have any reviews of this product, so if you've used it please share your review with me here.

Babyganics Stain, Stain Go Away

babyganics stain remover

Babyganics also makes a stain remover, called Stain, Stain Go Away.

It is a green laundry supply, as well as being fragrance free.

I have not received any reviews of this product yet, so if you've used it please share your review with me here.

Dreft Stain Remover & Pretreating Pen

dreft stain remover

dreft pretreating pen

Along with detergent, Dreft has a couple of stain fighting products as well in its baby products line.

These include both a spray laundry stain remover, as well as a pretreating pen which you can carry in your diaper bag for treating stains on the go.

I haven't received reviews of either of these products yet, so please share your reviews with me here, telling me your experiences and opinions, good or bad.

Baby ECOS Stain & Odor Remover

ECOS baby stain & odor remover

This green brand has a stain and odor remover which is designed just for babies.

It is safe not only for use on fabrics, but can also be used on carpet and upholstery, and has a lemon scent.

I don't currently have any reviews of this product, so if you've used it I would love for you to share your experience here.

Honest Company Stain Remover & Oxy Boost

Honest stain remover

Honest oxy boost pacs

This natural laundry pretreater is designed to work not only on fabric, but also upholstery (and car seats) and carpet, and has a French Lavender scent.

The oxygen bleach pacs are scent free, and are designed as a general laundry booster for severely stained clothes.

I don't have any reviews of this brand, so share them here if you've used it!

Oxiclean Baby Presoaker & Pretreater

baby oxiclean powder

oxiclean baby stain remover

Oxiclean has products available for babies clothes, including both a powdered presoaker version, as well as a spray pretreater.

You can read my article about baby Oxiclean here.

In addition, I've gotten a couple of reader reviews of the Oxiclean baby stain soaker, which were positive.

Seventh Generation Baby Natural Laundry Stain & Spot Spray

seventh generation baby stain spray

Seventh Generation's baby laundry stain and spot spray is hypoallergenic and scent free, and is designed to even be used on cloth diapers.

Just like with all other Seventh Generation products, this is also a natural stain remover product.

I haven't received any reviews of this product, so if you've used it please share your review with me here.

Totally Toddler Nursery Stain Remover Spray And Stain Removing Brush

totally toddler stain remover

totally toddler stain removing brush

Along with all the other baby laundry products that Totally Toddler makes, it also makes several stain removers.

In fact, the stain remover, powered by enzymes, is what first really launched the brand, and is still what it is most known for.

You can read my article on Totally Toddler Stain Remover here. Along with a laundry pretreater, available in both a spray and in large refill jugs, they also make a stain removing brush shown on the right.

Totally Toddler Stain Removing Wipes

totally toddler stain removing wipes

Some of the stain removing products listed here are meant to be used in your laundry room, while others are meant for on the go, since babies don't just stain their clothing at home, but also out in public.

Totally Toddler stain removing wipes are designed to be pulled from a diaper bag in a moment's notice, to help deal with spills and other stain catastrophes when and where they happen.

You can share your reviews of any of the Totally Toddler stain remover products with me here.

So that's my list of the available baby laundry detergent, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and stain removers available on the market today (at least that I'm aware of).

Did I miss one, especially one you've already tried and have an opinion about? If so, tell me about it in the comments, or share your reviews here and I'll add it to the list!

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