Berry Stain Removal Tips
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Need to know some berry stain removal tips, or have one to share? Either way you are in the right place.

Stains are a fact of life, but fortunately other people have been in your shoes before. This is your chance to share your success stories for removing these stains, or if you need help of your own, get some ideas for how to clean up your stain.

Below are compiled a wide variety of tips, for many types of berries, giving ideas for both household remedies, DIY stain removers, as well as recommendations of particular stain removal products which have worked well.

Here are the best tips submitted so far for removing many types of berry stains:

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blackberries and raspberries
Removing From Clothing, In General
Get Out Blackberries With Lemon Juice
blueberry parfait
Remove Blueberries From Fabric With Boiling Water

girl holding blueberries
Blueberry {Video}
blueberry yogurt
Removing Blueberry Yogurt From A Quilt
boiling water
Mom Taught Me To Remove With Boiling Water
stain rx
Stain Rx {Review From Reader}

Remove Blueverry From Carpet With Automatic Dishwasher Gel
white bar soap
White Bar Soap To Pretreat Laundry
amway prewash stain remover
Amway Prewash Remover For Blueberry On Yellow Jeans
bowl of lemons
Lemon Juice For Blueberries

biz powder
BIZ Powder For Cranberries
raspberries in glass cup
Boiling Water For Raspberries
Oxiclean Presoak Worked On 2 Week Old Blueberry
Presoaking In BIZ Powder

Whink Wash Away and Oxiclean
Whink Wash Away + Oxiclean
era detergent
Era Detergent
stain rx
Stain Rx {Taylor's Review}
Blackberry Guide {Taylor's Article}

blackberry stains
How I Remove Blackberry Stains With Oxiclean {Taylor's Tip}
Blueberry Guide {Taylor's Article}
Cranberry Guide {Taylor's Article}
Raspberry Guide {Taylor's Article}

Strawberry Guide {Taylor's Article}

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blue berry stain removal

I love blueberries, but both the blueberries and their juice seem to stain everything they touch.

The same can be said for almost all other types of berries too. That is why berry stains are some of the hardest to remove -- hard, but not necessarily impossible.

So what method do you use for getting out these spot from your clothes, your hands, your carpet, or your couch?

What methods have your tried? What has worked? What hasn't?

Is that miracle stain remover really effective like it claims?

Below, share your tips with me, so everyone can know what worked for you, or what didn't, including what homemade or commercial products you used to accomplish your spot removal.

Do You Have A Blue Berry Stain Removal Tip?

Do you have any great blue berry stain removal tips to share, for removing blueberry stains from clothes, upholstery or carpet, or anything else?

Feel free to share instructions for how you removed the stain, and what homemade or commercial supplies or stain removers you used to accomplish it.

In addition, you can also share what did not work for you to allow us to steer clear of those pitfalls.

Other Readers Blue Berry Stain Removal Tips

Click on the links below to see what other readers have shared about their blue berry stain removal tips and techniques.

Blueberry Stain Removal Tips & Tricks For Clothes & Carpet 
I love berry season in general, but blueberry stain removal I could do without. It never fails that the ripe, yummy berries leave a sticky, colorful …

Removing Berry Stains From Clothing: Home Remedies 
Below is a video which provides 4 home remedies for removing berry stains from clothing. What I like about this video is that it gives methods …

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