Xtra Detergent Review - Good For The Price But Scent Doesn't Last

by Melissa
(Lancaster, Ohio)

Melissa has provided a Xtra detergent review, of the Tropical Passion Scent and Mountain Fresh Scent.

Melissa says:

Okay, I am going to admit I am a product "switcher" when it comes to laundry, especially since I have lost my job. A year or so ago I would have told you I prefer Tide and Gain to all other detergents, but that is not the case anymore.

I buy what I can afford that performs well. But, sometimes I am skeptical and have avoided some brands thinking they won't be worth carrying home. And, honestly Xtra detergent was one of those brands.

So, about a month ago I was at the grocery store, and I needed some detergent, but everything was so high priced. I thought, "I am going to wait and hit the dollar store on the way home." Then I turned the corner to an end-cap and there was Xtra. The store had it on sale, two 75 ounce bottles for five dollars and they were offering a 1.00 dollar off coupon so that made it actually two for three dollars. I stopped for a minute and thought "I will give it a try, and worse case scenario I will use it only in towels and sheets." So I picked up 2 bottles, one was Tropical Passion and the other was a Mountain Fresh scent.

One of the first things I noticed was that Xtra detergent is made by the Arm and Hammer folks (Church & Dwight). That made me feel a little bit better.

I got the detergent home and decided to use it. I loaded my washer, and added the water, detergent and fabric softener.

I noticed there weren't many suds. That usually tells me the detergent is weak and not going to work well. I was thinking I wasted my money at that point. But, I let them finish washing. Much too my surprise, when I took the laundry out and examined it and put them in the dryer they looked clean and smelled clean.

I was very happy. I can't say it left any fragrance when they were dry. The clothes had no scent at all coming out of the dryer. I was a little disappointed then. However, for a buck fifty a bottle it will be okay and I will spritz on a little perfume if I want scent.

While, I might not recommend Xtra for heavily soiled clothes full of grease and so
on, but I think for general laundry this detergent is a hidden little gem. It performs fairly well, it doesn't seem to fade your clothes and I had no allergies to it. I would say it would do the trick. It does seem a little thin and watery, and doesn't suds well but I don't think that affects the performance that much.

I say give it a try for yourself. It is not expensive and costs a whole lot less than Tide.

Taylor says:

Melissa, thanks for this Xtra detergent review.

I used to think that lots of suds make a detergent work better, but I am coming to learn with research that this is not necessarily the case, so I wouldn't worry to much about the lack of suds. ***Update - here is an article on low sudsing detergent can work just as well as one with lots of suds.***

However, there are all kinds of ingredients that go into detergent, so some do seem to clean better than others.

I'm glad you found something that will work for you at a good price. That can be very important.

You may also be interested in trying some homemade laundry detergent recipes, since these are quite inexpensive, and when you add some of your own essential oils recipes to add to the detergents you can make whatever scent you want.

Does anyone else have an opinion about Xtra detergent? If so, you can share your Xtra laundry detergent review here.

***Update: A couple of people have shared their comments with me about the fact that the scent of this detergent does not last, so I thought I would share them with you here.

First, an SR101 reader stated:
I don't like too much detergent perfume anyway. Personally, I like a laundry soap that comes out with no smell. Between soap, softener, dryer sheets, and all the things like shampoo, etc. we end up with way too many scents on us.
Further, another reader, Jill, shared this experience with the detergent. Jill said:
I had an allergic reaction to this detergent. I had terrible itching allergy to this detergent, and had to see a doctor. That seems like its too much perfume to me!
End update ***

In addition, you can share your other laundry detergent reviews here, telling me which detergent you find to be the best. I am especially interested in low cost detergent reviews, since I know money is very tight in this economy right now for many of us.

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Xtra Laundry Soap Too Watery

by Michelle P.
(Green Bay, WI)

Michelle provided this Xtra laundry soap review.

Michelle says:

I bought Xtra liquid laundry detergent to try because it was much cheaper than my regular brand and I needed something to fit my budget this week. The local store I shop at had it on sale for $2 a bottle, otherwise it is usually $3.19 for the 68oz bottle.

The Tropical Passion scent smells good but the scent did not stay on the clothes after washing and drying, just like another reviewer mentioned.

I noticed when I was pouring the liquid in the measuring cup that it looked like mostly water. It did not have the creamy thicker look like my usual brand.

I did not have any stains on my clothes so I don't know how this detergent works for that but my guess is not very well.

I think this product is mostly water and not a good cleaner. I would not recommend it and I would not buy it again.

Taylor says:

Thanks Michelle for your Xtra laundry soap review.

Has anyone else used this detergent, in any scent, and want to share a review? If so, you can share your Xtra laundry detergent review here.

You can also share laundry detergent reviews here, for any brand, telling me what you think about them, good or bad.

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Xtra Mountain Rain Detergent Ruined My Clothes

by Joan Suski
(Silver Creek, NY)

Joan says:

I purchased your product because of the price. Never again.

You need to know it ruined a new pair of slacks, husband shirt, summer tee shirt & 4 kitchen towels! All have large white spots on them!

There is no mention of Clorox on the bottle. I will tell others to be aware! I feel I should be reimbursed for this damage, especially for the brand new ladies slacks!

Taylor says:

Joan, I am sorry you had this bad experience with Xtra detergent. I know it is never a good feeling to ruin perfectly good clothing.

I would like you to know, however, that I am not in any was associated with the manufacturers but run an independent website which collects reviews of laundry detergents. Therefore, you should definitely call the customer service number on the back of the bottle of detergent and share this problem you've experienced with the real manufacturers. They should know about this.

On that note, have any other readers experienced similar problems with this detergent? If so, please share your reviews and experience here, or read additional information about this brand.

***Update - another reader has also written in with a similar experience, of it causing bleach marks on the clothes, this time with the Tropical Passion scent. Here's his story:

Eddie Hackett says:

I just want to say I purchased a bottle of your Xtra laundry soap, purple bottle -- Tropical Passion, and it was the worse experience of my life.

I washed a load of my work clothes and to my surprise they came from the washer all covered in white spots, like I poured bleach over them.

I was not impressed. Had to throw the whole lot of clothing out.

Would I buy it again? NEVER.

I hope in a way the company sees this. The only thing I found it useful for after that was cleaning the toilet and scrubbing floors.

Just a little peed off here in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

***End Update

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Adequate For Basic Laundry Needs, But May Fade Clothes

by Cristopher
(Vinton, IA, USA)

As with many other reviewers, cost is what primarily drove me to try Xtra. I've found that, although it is suitable for cleaning my everyday work clothes when they are lightly soiled from general wear, it does not work well for stains or heavier-soiled clothing. In those cases I not only had to use more Xtra, I also had to add some Clorox 2, which pretty much eliminated the cost advantage.

Although I have tried both the Calypso Fresh and Tropical Passion scents, I cannot fairly comment on how good the "after" scent is because I always use liquid fabric softener (a necessity because I air-dry all of my laundry), which I've noticed tends to overpower or replace any lingering detergent scent on my laundry regardless of what type of detergent I use.

Ultimately though, I had to stop using Xtra after it started making my laundry fade. I switched to Tide Coldwater, and haven't turned back since.

So, if you do decide to use Xtra, make sure you keep an eye on your laundry to make sure it doesn't start to fade. Also, you might want to keep a jug of Clorox 2 or similar on hand for more heavily-soiled laundry that the Xtra can't handle by itself.

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Xtra Detergent Good Value Up Front But Only With Oxiclean Version Worth It

by Jared
(South Dakota)

Oxiclean XTRA - the only value here

Oxiclean XTRA - the only value here

Jared shared his review of Xtra detergent, including sharing a review of a version of this laundry soap I didn't realize that the company had before -- one with Oxiclean in it.

Jared says:

I used to buy XTRA all of the time when I was on my own as a bachelor. My dad used XTRA as well and I figured it was a pretty good value for the money.

Well, now that I'm married and I've wisened up a bit as the "laundry guy" of the house, I've started trying the more expensive brands - Era, Gain, Cheer. I've bought XTRA a few times in between then when it is on sale.

I have generally found XTRA to be a good value up front, but I'm reminded every time that my clothes don't smell nearly as nice compared to when I'm using Gain or Cheer.

The detergent is also more watery. And while you don't need much detergent for basic loads, soiled loads require more cleaning power. With XTRA, you are required to use a cap full or more, which results in less of a value. This takes the number of loads from 50 down to about 30. (This is how they make their money.)

The only XTRA that I have been consistently impressed with (and haven't seen for awhile) is the OXI Clean XTRA. It comes in a blue bottle with a yellow cap. It smells great and is a very good detergent.

Forget the Scent-sations, the smell doesn't last outside of the bottle. And the normal XTRA is just flowery water.

If you are going to go with a budget detergent, Era is the best value on the market! Period! If you can't get Era, then All, Sun, Purex, and this Oxy XTRA are great values as well.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for your review of this detergent, as well as lower cost laundry detergents in general Jared. I think, in this economy, that people need more low cost laundry detergent options.

I had never heard of Xtra with Oxiclean in it before, but it makes sense, since this detergent is made by Church & Dwight, the same company which makes Oxiclean and Arm & Hammer detergent.

Looking on Xtra's website though, I don't see this detergent listed. I don't know if that is because they've phased it out, or it is so new they haven't added it yet to the list. Since you say you can't find it anymore I am guessing they've phased it out. That's too bad, but the Arm & Hammer brand still has Oxiclean added to several versions of their detergent, and they are also pretty low cost. You can read reviews of Arm & Hammer detergent plus Oxiclean here.

***Update: I believe they still make it, and that the company's website is just not very up to date. An SR101 reader wrote in with their quick thoughts of this particular version:
The only place I find Xtra with Oxiclean is at the Dollar General store. Walmart doesn't carry it.

I do agree that it is way better than the other Xtra varieties. I use it quite a bit. Era with oxi is my favorite but this gets the job done too!

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Xtra Detergent: Recommended For Limited Purposes Because It's Cheap

by David
(North Florida)

Dave has shared how he uses this detergent in his home, and what he does and does not use it on.

Dave says:

Not surprisingly, in this price range, one can't expect much. That being said, this detergent definitely has its uses.

I'm the sole caretaker of an elderly parent, and as such my washing machine is seldom idle. My meager income demands that I spend as little as possible whenever possible, and that makes Xtra a good choice for someone in my position...that is if you understand the limitations of the product.

First, never use this detergent on anything particularly important or delicate. It will, as some other reviewers have mentioned, cause discoloration if you breathe the wrong way, or the barometric pressure changes.

It's also woefully inadequate when it comes to heavily soiled items, like my grease stained post auto repair garments. For that sort of thing, stick with Tide, Wisk or Target's "Up and Up" brand. "Up and Up" is as effective as Tide at half the price (Consumer's Reports).

I recommend Xtra (but only if your budget demands it) used in combination with household bleach for cleaning towels, sheets, blankets and pillows. Unfortunately, its not good for much else.

Taylor says:

Thanks Dave for giving us these tips on how you use this detergent.

I've been meaning to try Up & Up myself since I read that Consumer's Report article. I'll have to get it on my list of detergents to try soon, thanks for the reminder!

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I Use Xtra ScentSations For Cleaning All Over My Home

by QueenKleen

Spring Sunshine Scent

Spring Sunshine Scent

This stuff is a best kept secret. I love the scent (especially Spring Sunshine) and it does a great job cleaning.

I actually have been using it to clean around my house and it cleaned some filthy grease off of my walls, it cleaned my plastic refrigerator handle very well, it cleans my floors, stainless steel sink, tub, so well that it sparkles.

I have used the Tropical Island scented detergent on my clothes in the past and it seemed to work well. I like using hot water with this but I used warm water to soak some dingy clothes and it really works. I don't find that the Spring Sunshine scented one is thin at all rather it is kind of thick.

Try using it to clean around the house. It rinses so clean. I even used it in my toilet.

I paid $1.50 for 45oz. Inexpensive but it really works as an all around cleaner.

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It Didn't Work At All!

by Lisa
(Fayetteville, NC)

I bought this detergent, thinking of the amazing low price. Big mistake.

It was like I never even washed my clothes!

My hubby and I were not pleased to say the least, considering when I tried it, my washer was down, so we paid money to wash at laundry mat!! :(

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Xtra Laundry Soap Review - A Great Value

by Kirsten
(Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

Kirsten has provided this Xtra laundry soap review, of the Tropical Passion scent.

Kirsten says:

Xtra is the only detergent I buy. It is always half the price of leading detergent brands, and is therefore a great buy for any family.

There are a variety of scents available. My favorite is Tropical Passion, which contains a fun blend of scents that I prefer.

Even though Xtra is lower in price it isn't thin like some of those detergents can be. Instead, it is a thick liquid soap that covers laundry well and washes away clean.

I like that Xtra rids my family's clothing of dust, dirt and most grime.

In my opinion it is the perfect combination of thick scented soap that does not leave a soap residue behind.

The only thing I would change about the product is the bottles. Like all laundry detergent the bottles are thick plastic and should be refillable so they don't create so much waste.

Taylor says:

Thanks Kirsten for your Xtra detergent review.

As you can see you aren't the first person to review this detergent, but there seems to be some disagreement about whether it is thick or too watery.

Of course, as I said above, just because a laundry detergent is watery does not necessarily mean it does not work well. At least to a certain extent that is a marketing gimmick.

However, results don't lie, so I would love to hear even more people's opinions and experiences with Xtra laundry detergent.

So, has anyone else used Xtra and want to share your own review? If so, you can share your Xtra laundry detergent review here.

In addition, you can share your laundry detergent reviews here for any brand, telling me what you think about it and how it has worked for you.

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Comments for Xtra Laundry Soap Review - A Great Value

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it sucks
by: Ashley

Please never buy Xtra. It sucks! It's basically water. I like Wisk and powdered Surf.

No Good - makes me itch
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend uses Xtra detergent. Every time he washes the sheets I feel super itchy all night long. I told him that he should try Gain because that's what I use. Sometimes I use Tide. I would not recommend Xtra to any of my friends or family.

I love this detergent!
by: LaShay

I love this detergent! The one in the dark red container is my favorite! It smells the best, and I like the way it cleans. I have 3 children so I see a lot of stains. For heavily soiled items I pour a little undiluted detergent on the spot and let it sit for a while, and stains usually come out. If the smell is not strong enough for you, try a strong scented fabric softener.

this stuff sucks - didn't remove spaghetti sauce stain
by: Anonymous

THIS SUCKS!I Made dinner (spaghetti) and when I was eating some, some sauce dropped on my new white tshirt. I throw my shirt in with 4 towels (A small load). And I use 2 caps full of Xtra, and when I dried my clothes, the stain was still there. And it ruined my new tshirt and it gave it a very light orange tint to my clothes. Just from 1 stain!!!! Dry cleaning said the stain (the orange tint) wont come out! OMG XTRA!!! Overall, don't buy that ever. The bottle's ugly as hell, heavy, big and bulky. I just threw it in the dumpster cause the bottle's too big to fit in the kitchen trash. I got Tide now, and it works good!!! You only need half a cup of detergent compared to 2 big caps that doesn't even work but make the stain worse and spread to other clothes. That's all I have to say.

my son thought it was great!
by: Anonymous

Our son stayed with us overnight. He is a coach. He wanted to wash some clothing as he had to have some articles the next day. He saw my new bottle of Xtra.... green bottle with yellow cap in the Mountain Rain fragrance. He called when he got home asking where I bought it, because his wife said the clothes looked brighter/whiter than when they were washed at their house! Perhaps because it is a bit thinner than usual, it can disperse in the water better, and therefore penetrate fabrics better also. (Consider also that those who are satisfied won't use your page as readily as someone who is not!)

use all the time, but it should be thicker
by: Vickie

I use it all the time but I agree with some of the other ladies, it needs to be thicker and the scent needs to stay on the clothes after it comes out of dryer.

blue color from laundry detergent dyed upholstery
by: Gayle

I recently had raspberries fall onto a cushion on my couch. I used Xtra scentsations to remove the red stains, however, it left the blue coloring on the cushion. I soaked the material for several minutes in cold water, but it has not dissolved. Help! The couch is fairly new and I would really like to salvage it.

Loads of laundry
by: Steph

I use Extra with Oxi all the time. I think that's the best one out of all the Extras. I use on heavy soiled clothes. I don't know if the oxi in it makes it off or not. Also NO it doesn't leave your clothes smelling great. However if you use a drier sheet the are perfect. I love the coupons for extra. I have a husband and two boys. We have a lot of clothes and stains. I like it! I stalk the papers for coupons because I buy two at a time!

awesome stuff
by: Anonymous

One of my children and I cannot use other laundry soaps. Xtra is one of the only ones we can use that we do not break out. I love the clean smell and the price. As a mother of 4 young adults we do a lot of laundry in our home! I love this laundry soap!

Only version worth anything is the oxy...but it's still lousy...
by: Bob

I've been doing laundry for 40 years now, and the XTRA brand is just about the worst I've ever used. The XTRA with OXY is just a bit better than the rest.

Its low cost is offset by the large amount you have to use in every load. The "instructions" say use a third cap full for "medium" loads, and a full cap for large or heavily soiled loads.
I end up using two caps and pretreater spray for most of my loads.

There are much better choices that aren't priced that much higher than XTRA (with or without OXY).

Xtra ScentSations Spring Sunshine
by: Anonymous

Purchased this at DG for $3.60 before tax for 250 oz. DG was having a half off all clearance prices sale. I was nervous about using this product, but I asked a couple of customers in the store about it. Both thought it was okay, but I might need to add more than the recommended amount to clean decently. I decided to use it on my less heavily stained loads: sheets and towels. I can't complain. I've used it a few times, and it works fine. The scent does not last, though, but I personally don't have a problem with that. I'm still nervous to use it on my general clothes due to reading other reviews on this site.

Not worth it
by: Jessica

This detergent is one of the worst detergent I have ever used. It don't clean at all and I would not be using it again.

mine not watery
by: terrym

I bought my first jug of this a few weeks ago. In reference to the comments about it being so thin, I wonder if you are buying from WalMart. They are prone to things being cheapened so they can sell cheaper than others. My nephew that use to have a cleaning business told me about a certain cleaner that he used. He bought some at Walmart, and when he poured it out of the bottle, it was as if it was 50 percent water.

I bought mine from Foodlion, and when I pour it out it is as thick as any other detergent, not any thinner than any other detergent I've used, which I was a staunch Tide user for years.

Hubby's Point of View
by: Warrren

I chose the Lavendar version. Not too particular on the scent as long as the product cleans all the kid's everyday knock-about stuff: socks, underwear, jeans, Tees, and the like. I often use the cold/cold cycle pair or the warm/cold duo and add the "extra wash time" option. Somewhere I read that at one time Church and Dwight had a separate fabric softener but now it is in the detergent.. Anyway, buy a small container, use the various hot/warm/cold settings and test the results one at a time on your really good clothes before rating and committing.

The Mountain Breeze or Lavendar scent won't mean a thing unless you promptly transfer your freshly washed load to the dryer. Mildew (especially here in Florida) will clash -- most unpleasantly -- with the mountain breeze. If you forget, re-wash, maybe using a long cycle with cold/cold water and half the detergent. Don't fudge and try to dry a sour load of wet clothes. True, they may come out of the dryer smelling OK, but body sweat will quickly have everyone wondering if you and your rugrats showered this morning.

HE top loading machine
by: Anonymous

I was having problem with my 3 year old washing machine. My repairman told me not to use Xtra soap, he claims it is very harsh on HE machines. I was not present to ask him why, I have always been happy with this laundry soap.

same as arm&hammer
by: Mark

I bought xtra because my local Walgreens had it for $1.29 for the 51oz. I smelled the crystal clean, it smelled good and thought this smells familiar, I seen it was made by a reliable company. when I got home, I smelled the rest of arm&hammer clean burst and low & behold they smelled the same. Xtra I believe is the same as arm&hammer. I got along fine with xtra, it did a fine job,I will continue to use. The white spots on the one person's clothes must have done a load before with bleach, always run a empty cycle after bleach.

Ruined clothing
by: Anonymous

Same here I just ruined all my dark clothes. Looks like I poured bleach on then.

XTRA Tropical Passion large bottle with button
by: Ruth

I've been buying this detergent for a long time. I know it's not the best, but it works most of the time and it's affordable. But I've now had 2 bottles that leak like crazy from the spout with the button. It's a terrible mess and a terrible waste of detergent. I can't find any way to complain to the company, cause everything I go to is all wrong. Is there any way to contact them about this issue? It's hard on our small budget (we have nothing but social security and it's pretty little).

Do you have any suggestions or insight?

Thank you.

why I use this detergent
by: Gary

I use Xtra. It gives me extra money to spend on food.

"bleach spots"
by: Debbi

I've used Xtra various scents off and on for years. I've never had it leave white spots on my laundry. I'm trying Tide Simply now because I'm having problems with body oil stains on a family member's collars. These stains are due to a health issue so trying to clean it is the only option. Other than that, though Xtra has always worked well for basic laundry.

Gets My Clothes Clean
by: Edward Stotts

I've been using it for years. No allergy problems, like with Ajax or Cold Power, my mother tried once which left itchy residue on my and my father's clothes. Xtra has nice scents.

1) XTRA Mountain Rain 2) XTRA Oxi Clean
by: Anonymous

XTRA Mountain Rain -- OUR FAVORITE Laundry Detergent for over 10 years!! Always left our clothes looking and smelling like BRAND NEW :-)

But competitors bought out most of the shelf space, to DOUBLE consumer prices and store margins. Dirty trick. So they developed XTRA Oxi Clean to handle heavily soiled laundry. Now that's in short supply too.

Xtra Plus Odor Blasters Fresh Rush Scent
by: Matt

I'm normally an Arm & Hammer user myself, however I wanted to see how their cheaper counterpart worked for me since they are both made by the same company. I would say that for my personal laundry needs (I don't have heavily soiled clothes) it works just fine. However, I will say that I have noticed that it is not as thick as Arm & Hammer. It has a much more "watery" consistency which makes me feel as if I would have to use more if I were to have a really dirty load (which I know isn't the case). To combat this, I usually add a little Oxiclean or baking soda to boost it when needed. But after I finish my current bottle of Xtra, I'm going to return to Arm & Hammer.

I love it
by: Debra Cole

I have used liquid Xtra laundry detergent for many years. It is inexpensive and I have no contact dermatitis nor allergy to the perfume in it. My laundry is not very dirty, except some items when I garden. I soak these items in a bucket with Extra added for a couple of hours. I use warm water usually, and cold water for brightly colored items. It gets the clothes really clean. The worst thing that happened with this detergent is that I did not check the lid before I put it in my car floor. It spilled and permanently stained the carpet blue. I had to soak it up with a bunch of salt. It was a big mess. It also ruined the plastic on my gearshift. So, I am careful to not get the blue on anything.

Great - no allergy for me to this one
by: Rae

I have serious skin allergies from laundry detergents. I get 'diaper rashes' which is horrific. I had tried everything, including all those brands that tout "clean and clear" or "hypoallergenic". Not one of them work for me, except Xtra Laundry Detergent! The Mountain Rain.

I can no longer find it anywhere in Canada!!!

I'm very upset because it's torture using anything else.

by: Jessica

I have tried all kinds of detergents. I just picked up Xtra with the escape fabric softener, along with a good oxiclean stain removal and with suavitel fabric softener. My kids wear uniforms to school. My son always somehow gets his shirt all dirty. They wear white shirts and navy blue shirts. I took his shirt, treated the stains and used the Xtra detergent. Their clothes came out clean and smelling really good! I'm a single mom to 4 kids and living on a budget. And I have got to say Xtra detergent is my go to detergent! My oldest is 6, my youngest is 5 months. I highly recommend this detergent. But let me say this, some will be happy with the results, some won't. But I'm very happy and satisfied.

container leaking
by: Charles Gothard

We have the 210 size Xtra detergent and it is leaking at the spout where it is attached to the jug.

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