Uses Of Oil Of Oregano For Cleaning Home - Reader Tip

by Sharon

Sharon recently shared her uses of Oil of Oregano for cleaning her home on Stain Removal 101's Facebook page, and graciously allowed me to share it with everyone.

She shared this recipe in the context of what she used in her home in place of disinfecting wipes, since she wanted something more natural, and less harmful to the environment.

Sharon says:

I don't use cleaning wipes usually. But my best alternative is oil of oregano diluted in water. I put this in spray bottles of varying sizes and put them in the kitchen, bath, car, purse, etc..

For the car, I use a roll of paper towels cut in half. The one in my purse, I just use to sanitize my hands and surfaces when I'm out.

If you look up the research on oil of oregano, you will find it is a great alternative to harsh chemicals. I use it in my wash instead of bleach, and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, etc..

Whenever I am exposed to the Lysol-type wipes or similar products, I feel nauseated and my throat swells. It takes heavy doses of fresh air to get relief.

I agree the convenience is nice, but definitely not worth it for me.

. . .

I like the idea of mixing my own because it's cheaper and I can add lemon oil or whatever I'm in the mood for to make things smell
really good.

Being clean can be economical without health risk :)

Taylor says:

Thanks Sharon for sharing your uses of oil of oregano for cleaning your home.

I did a bit of research about this essential oil after Sharon shared these tips, and there are a lot of health claims about this product. This is not a health related site, and I am not endorsing this product for any health related claim.

Further, some essential oils can disinfect. For example, there are some disinfecting Seventh Generation cleaning products which are certified by the U.S. government to meet their disinfection standards which use mainly thyme oil.

However, without additional scientific research I would not conclude that oil of oregano will disinfect your home in the same way disinfectant cleaners do, at least at this time.

That doesn't mean, however, that there are not lots of uses for essential oils in our home. There definitely are! I just don't want to conclude, without more evidence, that one of the uses of oil of oregano is disinfection within our homes, at least within the definition of this term as prescribed by the government, without more information.

I would love for you to share your essential oil uses in your home here, or read even more uses already submitted.

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