Uses For WD40 With Smart Straw

Several readers have shared their uses for WD40, and this first reader, Jim, specifically told me why he loves the "smart straw" for the can.

Jim says:

I have used WD40 on glass to get rid of stubborn adhesive decals, and also on nearly anything that squeaks. Everything from my car door hinges to my computer desk chair has seen this product.

What I've always liked about it is the easy cleanup, with usually no more than just a rag, and wide variety of uses.

I love the cans with the built in pop up straw sprayer; not only does it makes getting into small spaces a breeze, clean up is nearly eliminated because of the precise control I have now. And of course I can say goodbye to all the lost straws!

WD40 is one of the few things these days I don't have to look at the price before buying. It's always affordable and lasts forever for me.

I have found the easiest way to get gooey messes up is to spray a good coating of WD-40 over the offending goo and allow it to sit for a minute and then go back in and firmly wipe away the goo using single direction strokes, using a few more squirts of WD-40 as needed to finish up. You don't want to rub/smear the goo.

With hinges and squeaks I spray and then open and close the door or mechanism completely a few times to distribute the product.

Taylor says:

Thanks Jim for sharing your uses for WD40 around your home.

This product definitely can be used to remove adhesives and gooey sticky messes, partially because one of its main ingredients in mineral spirits, which is a solvent. It also helps lubricate since another of ingredients is mineral oil.

Has anyone else used this, or another product for removing stickers and other sticky stuff? If so, you can share your adhesive removal product review here, or read other product reviews already submitted.

In addition, I'd love to hear from even more people about their uses for this product. You can share your uses here, or read even more uses already submitted, or keep scrolling below as well!

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Clean & Shine Stainless Steel Appliances

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

We have all stainless-steel appliances. A repairman came in to fix the oven and, as he was finishing, he took out a can of WD-40 (spray lubricant) and sprayed small amounts over the stainless steel appliances.

The result was excellent leaving all our appliances looking wonderful.

I now use WD-40 from time to time to clean fingerprints, grease marks and dirt and leave our appliances gleaming.

Taylor says:

Thanks for this tip!

You can check out even more tips for cleaning stainless steel here, or read reviews of stainless steel cleaners here.

Photo courtesy of Andy Piper

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Remove Crayon From Many Types Of Surfaces

how to remove crayon stain with WD-40
It's amazing how many surfaces crayons can get on when your little artist goes to work.

WD40 is so awesome at getting out these marks and stains I've devoted a whole page to it on the site. You can check it out here.

Photo courtesy of woodleywonderworks

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WD40 Used To Remove Stickers From Lots Of Surfaces

by Viv

Stickers On Metal Surface

Stickers On Metal Surface

Viv says:

After struggling with getting off a tough sticker on my license plate, I looked around in my garage for anything that could help me with the task. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a blue and yellow can of WD-40.

I decided to try and use it to help me remove the sticker. It definitely did the job well, making the sticker removal quite easy.

No sticky residue was left behind and I could not be happier with the result. After all the frustration of getting the sticker off, a solution as simple as using a can of WD-40 made me quite happy.

Of course, when using WD40 you have to deal with the distinct oil smell it has. But, considering how great it is at helping with lubrication and removal of objects, I can get over the smell.

I highly recommend this product for removing stickers from all types of surfaces. It not only helped me with my license plate, but I've also used it to help remove stickers from wood, metal and my floor.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much Viv for sharing your ideas.

I notice you said you used the WD40 on the floor, and I know stickers on the floor can be a bear to remove. I would just caution everyone that this product can make your floor slick, so use as little as possible to remove the sticker, and then wipe completely away so you make sure no one slips and falls there!

I'm always looking for more uses, so you can share your uses here, or read even more uses that have already been submitted.

Photo by List

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second the use on stainless steel!
by: Jackie

WD-40 is the best for removing finger prints from a stainless steel refrigerator.

I used it when all else failed on my shower soap scum
by: Dana Janysek

Use WD-40 on bathtub and shower grime. I could not get a plastic shower door and tub/shower stall clean. After scrubbing and not getting anywhere with other soap scum removers, I pulled out the miracle can of WD-40, sprayed a small area to test it first, and voila, sparkling clean!

I sprayed the top of the shower door and let the magic begin. I got all the soap scum out. Of course, the tub/shower floor was slippery and you need to ventilate the area because of the heavy fumes, but I made it all look like new.

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