Tarn-X Tarnish Remover Review For Silver & Other Metals

by Michelle

Michelle has shared her review of Tarn-X tarnish remover, as she's used it for silver and other metals in her home.

Michelle says:

This is a liquid in a black bottle with white writing in front.

This stuff is AMAZING. No scrubbing, no elbow grease.

Days of scratching your fine silver or metal objects are gone with this product. All you have to do is either soak small portion of cloth and wipe silver pieces, that's it. It instantly takes tarnish off.

Or pour Tarn-X in a bowl, put silverware in liquid for 5 seconds, maybe less, and the tarnish is gone.

You don't need to deal with all the tarnish in those tiny corners and creases of your metal objects either. If liquid can get in there then the tarnish gone.

It also doesn't matter what the metal item is. If there's tarnish on it, this product will remove it.

The only down side, if you want to call it that, is the smell. There is no odor really, when you first pour it out. However the more tarnished the piece is the more reaction you get and it smells like rotten eggs.

It would take about 20 minutes, maybe less, to clean all your silver in your cabinet.

It also works the same on copper.

You'll never buy jewelry cleaner again either. That custom jewelry that lost its luster will look brand new again.

This stuff is an amazing product. You can find in most grocery stores in the cleaning aisle. Some hardware stores carry it also.

Happy cleaning!

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review of this product Michelle.

I did a little research into Tarn-X and note that the product you're describing is advertised as being used for a wide variety of metals, including silver, platinum, copper, and gold, as well as diamonds. Therefore, it sounds like a very versatile product.

Of course, there were also some specialty cleaners with this brand name, including a Tarnex silver polish, which presumably is designed just for cleaning and polishing this metal, as well as a product specifically designed to clean jewelry.

I'd love to hear from others who've used one of these products for cleaning any of the metals mentioned, sharing how it worked for you, good or bad. You can share your reviews and experiences here.

In addition, I'd love to hear your tips for cleaning silver, which you can share at the link. In addition, you can also read other tips already submitted.

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TarneX Worked On A Necklace I'd About Given Up On

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

I have a Balinese/Indonesian silver tight wheat link necklace. It has a simple shepherd hook on the end.

It was so tarnished it looked black and wouldn't polish with my usual silver polish. I was about to throw it away but I knew it was worth about $100 so I dug out my mother's TarneX.

I let is soak for 15 minutes. This is a long time for this product, and used a soft toothbrush on it to get into the fine weave.

It looks like new.

I will let it dry and store it in a plastic zip bag.

I would like to find a tarnish preventative that won't clog the wheat link. I'm thinking about a silicone furniture polish but will do a bit more investigation first.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review, and so glad to hear that you found something that worked for you.

Has anyone else used this product, and if so, what were your results either on silver or another metal? I'd love to hear, so submit your review here and I'll add it to the site.

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Comments for TarneX Worked On A Necklace I'd About Given Up On

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my thoughts
by: Elizabeth

This product works quickly, but leaves silver looking dull if it is not rinsed well.

The tarnish also seems to return faster with this product than with silver tarnish remover creams.

I just ruined my 60 year old silver candelabra.
by: Anonymous

Label states not to soak sterling silver in tarn-ex for more than two minutes. Well, I didn’t soak the piece. I I gently polished my silver and it turned a dull white. Don’t use this product!!!!

Ruined copper bottoms of pans
by: Anonymous

I do not recommend this product. It is very strong for everyday tarnish removal. I must admit I did not read the directions well enough and left the product on my pans for too long and it ruined the copper bottoms. The directions are in fine print on the back of the bottle. If you use this product, make sure you follow them precisely.

causes faster tarnishing of my silver
by: Nancy

I just started using this product a few months ago. While it worked great, my silver is now tarnishing faster than it ever has. Is it with this product or is it something else? I noticed the pieces I haven’t used it on are not tarnishing at the same rate.

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