Sun Laundry Detergent Caused An Allergic Reaction In Tropical Breeze Scent

by Bob Lewis
(Oakdale Mn)

Several people have shared their experiences with Sun washing detergent causing allergic reactions. Here's a compilation of some of these experiences.

Bob says:

My wife and I have been troubled over her complexion as of recent. She has been suffering with acne on her face and her chest and her face has even swollen up. We have gone to doctors to see what they could find with no results.

However, we noticed my wife also suffers with migraines, and that the Tropical Breeze scent of Sun detergent really seems to aggravate her symptoms and bring on migraines.

I personally love the scent but my poor wife can not handle it along with all of her symptoms. We will go back to using Era, since it works well for my wife.

Taylor says:

Thanks Bob for sharing your experiences with this detergent.

You are right, some people do experience all types of symptoms because of a laundry detergent allergy. Hopefully this switch back will help her out.

Has anyone else used this detergent, and want to share a review? If so, you can share your Sun laundry detergent review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Sun Free & Clear Laundry Detergent Gave Me A Rash

by Paul
(Lafayette, Indiana)

Paul shared his experience with the free and clear version of this detergent.

Paul says:

This product gave me a terrible rash when I started using it.

The rash went away when I went back to my old brand.

I called the 800 number and they were too cheap to give me my money back.

Don't use Sun if you have sensitive skin.

By the way, this was Sun Free & Clear also.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with me for this product, but sorry it was not a positive one.

It sounds like you've already found a detergent that doesn't cause these allergy problems for you, but you can also check out the list of hypoallergenic laundry detergents if you ever need to find another scent and dye free product that may work better.

In addition, I'd love to hear from more people who've used this product, sharing whether it caused you in allergy problems or not, and also how it worked for cleaning your clothes.

I've gotten some reviews of Sun Plus Oxi and several of those reviewers also had some problems with this product related to rashes and hives.

You can share your reviews and experiences with this brand here or read other reviews already submitted.

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SUN Mountain Fresh Caused Skin Rash & Intense Itching

by BMK

I experienced skin rash and intense itching earlier this year. At that time I thought that I was reacting to a thyroid complex pill I was taking. It later occurred to me that it was also right around the time that I was using Sun laundry detergent.

About five days ago I experienced an aggravating skin rash and intense itching while reading in bed. The next day, I started researching these issues. The one commonality was Sun detergent.

In between these two episodes, I returned to a dollar store brand, and experienced no problem.

I will cease using Sun, and return to the dollar store brand.

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Very Itch Rash From Sun Free & Clear

by Heather

I have been using Sun (free and clear!) for about 2 weeks and have been itching terribly. I itch worse and worse each day.

It took me long enough to figure it out, but after reviewing lots of rash pics online, my rash is definitely closer to the "detergent rash" pictures than any other I have seen.

No more Sun for this girl! Just hoping to help someone else out too! :)

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Comments for Very Itch Rash From Sun Free & Clear

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Sun clean and fresh
by: Jay

My mom and I have both developed a skin rash after using Sun for months. Don't know if it's the soap or not that's causing this itchy rash but it's more than a coincidence that we both have the same rash. We live together and decided to use another detergent to see if it's the problem. Will let you know if it clears up when we change.

Clean and Fresh scent -- allergic
by: Anonymous

I love that the brand is inexpensive, and have used it for over 5 years. I thought my rashes were just heat rash but my doctor helped me figure out it was my laundry detergent =( No more Sun for me.

Not free and clear
by: Anonymous

This detergent is not free and clear! I'm dealing with chronic demertitis. I wish I would have never gotten this detergent!

free and clear caused a rash
by: Kerrie Brown

I am allergic to fragrance in everything. I used Sun free and clear and broke out in a rash. If you are allergic to fragrant soaps then do not use it. I make my own laundry soap.

avoid the kind in the purple bottle
by: Kristin

We have recently been buying Sun in the purple container. My eyes are swollen, no rashes yet but my skin burns and itches and feels like it is crawling. It's miserable!!

Sun Tropical Breeze
by: Anonymous

Gave me a terrible rash that made me itch.

Allergy to Sun Triple Clean Tropical Breeze
by: Anonymous

I have an allergic reaction to Sun Triple Clean Tropical Breeze. I have an itchy rash all over my body and am on allergy medicine to clear it up.

by: Anonymous

Very bad underwear rash after trying Sun Clean and Fresh. Mixed one teaspoon baking soda in one cup water and applied on the rash. Instant relief. Looking for my receipts to return Sun.

Bad rash
by: Judith

In January of this year I started having rashes all over my body and itched terribly. The doctors diagnosed Pytiriasis Rosea and put me on Steriods. During the week I was on the medication the rashes lessened. As soon as the medication was finished they returned with a vengeance. The doctor started eliminating new things from household chemicals to soap and diet. The only thing I had changed was my laundry detergent in January. I then washed all my clothes and bed linen in the regular store brand soap and lo and behold the rashes started drying up without any medication. No more Sun Laundry detergent for me, worse there's no ingredients listed on the bottle.

Pregnant and itchy
by: Ann

I have had a horrible rash for 5 days. Our family had just returned from vacation. I was scared because we stayed in a hotel and ate out several times. I am pregnant and extra worried as to what I could have came in contact with! After returning home i washed all out bed linens and blankets. I thought maybe the chlorine from the water park or hotel etc. Then I came across this site and saw similar pictures of my skin reaction. I remember the week before we left I bought Sun laundry detergent. It was on sale and my regular brand was out. I am going straight to the store in the morning to get my regular detergent and I am going to wash EVERYTHING in the house! Will post update.

Sun Triple Clean
by: Anonymous

Caused severe chemical burns and bad reaction. It took several weeks to determine the source. My eyes swolle up and turned very red and chaffed It was horrible. I needed a steroid shot to bring down swelling.

by: Anonymous

I normally use store brand laundry detergents and I’ve never had a problem. We had run out of the soap half way through the week and we got the sun brand because it was on sale. That day I washed all my clothes with it and I slept in clothes that all came from that load. I woke up in the morning to a terrible itching. I felt like I had itchy spider bites all over my back. I checked and I had the worst red rashes all over me where my clothes had been. It is still there and itching but has gotten better after using a different detergent. Don’t use this, especially if you have sensitive skin.

very uncomfortable
by: Annette Prewett

I believe this is the detergent that is causing me a lot of itching and bumps all over my body. very uncomfortable and I itch 24-7. Will not use this detergent again.

severe allergic reaction
by: Ashley Sopata

I bought a big Ole container of liquid detergent by Sun. I figured I'd wash my bedding while I was up and awake. Once dried we would have a fresh clean blanket for a goods night sleep. Well I woke up and was swollen...itchy...and could barely see cause my eyes swelled up. I went to med express and they said I had a severe allergic reaction to the laundry detergent. So I have to go back to what I usually use.

Sun Free & Clear
by: Anonymous

My itchy rash looks like hives, seems to come on in the evening and often though not always clears by morning. I'm washing my sheets now in bleach and hot water and will rinse out all the clothes I can think of that might have been washed by Sun detergent.

This product should be banned.
by: Morris

3 months itching breaking out. Seen 4 doctors. None figure it out. I got rid of Sun weeks ago. Problem is don't know what was washed with it. Getting better but still breaking out and itching. May be months.

This product should be banned.

unbearable rash
by: Betty

This detergent gave me a rash that was at times unbearable. I see that I have not been the only one to experience this. It's a wonder they don't recall it. I have never had a reaction to laundry detergent before. There is something in this brand that seems to be causing a reaction in many people.

blue version makes me break out
by: Breanna Thrush

Have used it and it's breaking my skin out, making me very itchy. Will not be using this laundry soap anymore.

painful itchy rash
by: Jessica Harmer

Recently I have switched to Sun Soap and realized that my skin has broken out. I'm not sure if it's a heat rash or an allergic reaction on my skin, but my chest has broken out into a painful itchy rash. Not for sure if it is the detergent or not, but that is the only thing that has been a recent change that would cause this rash.

Sun Tropical Breeze caused severe allergic reaction
by: Karla

We had a severe allergic reaction to this detergent, from top of head to bottom of feet. Very painful. Doctor visit plus hospital. Still suffering from the effects of this detergent.

caused severe itching
by: Christina

Not sure of the scent, but ever since my husband brought home Sun laundry detergent (because it was less expensive than my usual brand), I have been itching something fierce all over my body, especially my arms, legs, and back. I have tried to figure out why I itch, and keep coming back to the laundry detergent. If I had somehow gotten a skin fungus or bedbugs or anything like that, my husband should also have the symptoms. Since he doesn't it must be an allergy. And what is causing me to literally itch where my clothing rubs me? Must be something in the detergent.

Another thing that makes me question the safety of the detergent is the white residue around the pour spout. It does NOT look like dried laundry detergent. It looks like the results of a chemical reaction. Is it reacting with the air?! And I'm wearing clothing washed in a substance that forms a chemical precipitate when exposed to air?!

All around a bad idea. Going to throw away the remaining Sun detergent and buy my usual stuff, even though it is more expensive.

clean and free version still caused reaction
by: Mark

I had recently used this product after 20 years prior to using it and had a reaction to it 4 times worse. My arms broke out in a rash and the got worse from there, spread to my chest, back, legs, and yes my private area. I don't recommend this product. This it the only thing I'm allergic to. I have used all products, but this one needs to be taken off the market.

by: Joyce

This detergent is giving me hives. Looked up the vague ingredient list and found lots of chemicals. Will never use it again.

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