Pumpkin Stain Removal Guide

You most likely need some pumpkin stain removal tips around Halloween and Thanksgiving, but if you're like me and are a sucker for anything pumpkin flavored perhaps you might need it even more times during the year.

Pumpkin stain removal guide for clothing, upholstery and carpet, with step by step instructions {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

You can unfortunately get these stains while carving your Jack O'Lantern, or making any number of wonderful treats like pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, or my newest favorite, pumpkin ice cream! (Have you tried that stuff -- it's wonderful.)

Anyway, here are step by step instructions for how to remove these stains from several areas of your home. The instructions below are for removal of the pumpkin itself, but if you've got other ingredients mixed in with it, such as cream or spices, you may have a "combination stain."

In that case make sure you also look at the rest of the applicable instructions in the A-Z Stain Removal Guide for the other ingredients too, if the methods below aren't working, since you may need to treat all parts of the stain to get it completely out.

Pumpkin stain removal guide for clothing, upholstery and carpet {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

In addition, as with most stains, the sooner you treat these stains the better so they don't get as much time to set in.

How To Remove Pumpkin Stains From Clothing

carving pumpkin

Step 1: Scrape off any excess pumpkin pulp or puree from the fabric.

Step 2: Run the fabric, inside out, under the cold water to flush out as much of stain as possible.

Step 3: Pretreat the stain with a laundry stain remover.

Step 4: Launder the clothing in the hottest water the fabric will allow to get out the stain, and either chlorine bleach if the fabric will allow it, or color bleach if not.

Hint: Make sure the stain is gone after washing, but before you place in the dryer or you may set the stain. Repeat if necessary.

Removing Pumpkin Stain From Upholstery

Pumpkin stain removal guide for clothing, upholstery and carpet {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Step 1: Scrape off any excess pumpkin puree or pulp from the upholstery with a dull knife.

Step 2: Mix a solution of two cups cool water and one tablespoon dishwashing liquid.

Step 3: Using this solution, sponge the stain from the pumpkins with a clean white cloth.

Step 4: Next, blot at the solution until the liquid is absorbed.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3-4 until the pumpkin stain is removed from the upholstery.

Step 6: Now that the stain is removed you should get plain cold water and a new white cloth and sponge the area to remove the cleaning solution, and then blot dry.

Hint: Be sure to get the upholstery only as wet as necessary for pumpkin stain removal.

You can also get more information on how to clean upholstery here.

Pumpkin Stain Removal From Carpet

pumpkin guts and seeds

The instructions for pumpkin stain removal from carpet is the same as for upholstery.

However, if you don't have luck with this stain removal method above you can also do something additional with the carpet stain, which is to mix a solution of one tablespoon of ammonia with two cups warm water, and use this as a stain removal solution.

What Stain Removers Work Best For Pumpkin Stains?

You can share your own stain remover reviews here, sharing which ones worked well for you to remove pumpkin stains, or any other stain.

Do You Have Any Tips To Share For Removing These Stains?

top 10 Halloween stains

I'm always looking for more tips and ideas for how to remove stains. You can share your stain removal tip here, for removing stains caused by pumpkins or anything else.

In addition, as you may have guessed, this is one of the top Halloween spots and spills. You can check out my article for removing the top 10 Halloween stains here, if you're a victim of such a scary problem!

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