Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner Review - Left A Film On My Wood

by Ethel
(Peoria, IL)

Ethel shared her review of Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner.

Ethel says:

Recently I tried this product for the first time.

I have used Pledge in my home religiously for over a decade and have been pleased with most of their products. I was excited to try this out because the idea of being able to use the same spray for polishing and cleaning my wood furniture, and also to clean glass and electronics at the same time, seemed like a great thing.

This product however left me a little unimpressed. It does an OK job cleaning glass and non-wood hard surfaces, but tends to leave a film on the cabinets and other wood. I tried it on my wood cabinets, desk, dining set and curio, and entertainment center, and all got a filmy look to them.

I thought maybe it needed to be buffed out like some polishes do. However this did not take the filmy look away. I had to completely scrub down my entire kitchen to get it off the cabinets and start over with a different cleaner (my regular old Pledge Lemon scent).

I did write the company and received a free coupon to replace it, which was very nice of them, but I will never buy the Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner again that's for sure.

Taylor says:

Thanks Ethel for your review of this product.

I have received a couple of reviews of the Pledge Multi Surface wipes, and no one mentioned this problem. I wonder if there is a difference between the spray and wipes, or if others have experienced this same problem with hazy film?

I would love to hear from more people who have used this product to hear how it works for you, either good or bad. You can share your wood furniture cleaner and polish reviews here, or your general purpose cleaner reviews here. You can also read other reviews which have already been submitted.

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Horrified By What Pledge Multi-Surface Spray Did To My Table

by Brad

Brad shared his experience with this product, which was not positive.

Brad says:

We just used this product on our very nice dining room table.

I am horrified by what this has done to the previously beautiful finish. The shine is gone and it is a cloudy swirly pattern on the table.

I have tried to clean it with oil soap and it is still there. I don't know what to do at this point.

DO NOT use this product on wood! Honestly I don't know how I believed it makes any sense that a product can clean all surfaces properly.

I am going to contact Pledge and tell them thay have ruined my table!

Taylor says:

Brad, I'm so sorry to hear your bad experience with this product.

Unfortunately, you're not the only person who has been quite disappointed in this product.

I have wracked my brain trying to think what could help restore your finish, but nothing really comes to mind yet. However, I'd love to hear from other readers if you've got ideas or suggestions for Brad or the other reviewers on this page who've had to remove this product from their wood surfaces.

You can share your cleaning tips here if you've got any suggestions or ideas.

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Packaging Problem: Sprayer Breaks Easily

by SR101 Reader

I actually really love the product. It works great on my stove top, microwave door, refrigerator door, and entertainment center.

And I also love the smell.

However the packaging is what I have a problem with. I had to throw away 2 almost full bottles because I dropped them on the floor and the sprayer broke instantly and there is no way to use the rest of the product.

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I Wish I Hadn't Tried Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner

by Nancy
(SR101 Reader)

Nancy says:

This product has ruined my cabinets. It has left streaks that nothing, so far, has been able to remove.

In addition, I used it on my TV screen and it has left a blotchy film that I'm afraid to try and remove with anything else in case I cause further damage.

Taylor says:

Nancy, I'm so sorry to hear your problems with this product.

It is interesting that you shared this complaint, because another reader (above) had a similar issue with it on their wood. Strangely though, I've gotten glowing reviews of the Multi Surface wipes, at least so far, on both wood and glass.

I am curious to hear from more people who have tried the spray version of this product, versus the wipes, to see if there really is that much of a difference.

You can share your cabinet cleaners review here for this, or any other product, telling me which one works well for you, or that disappointed you.

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Comments for I Wish I Hadn't Tried Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner

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Dull finish
by: Anonymous

It left my shiny wood table and turned it into a dull table..Never again..

Don't use on wood
by: Laurie

This left a film on my wood furniture. I was able to remove and restore it with Old English Oil.

Furniture ruined
by: Lisa

Horrible product, all of the shiny finish is gone from my furniture. I have oiled it several times to get it back to how it was with no avail. DO NOT USE THIS!

Don't use this on wood!!
by: Anonymous

This product damaged the finish on my dining room table beyond repair! At first, the surface became very sticky and would come off on placemats, tablecloths, etc. After a while, the finish disappeared, except around the edges of the table. I have tried different types of oil to restore the shine, but nothing has worked. Despite the claims on the packaging, it should never be used on wood as it contains alcohol.

What a mess, never again
by: Anonymous

I used it for the first time today and I could cry. It ruined my furniture. It left a cloudy dull film all over my furniture. Please take it off the market before someone else ruins their furniture. My husband had been buffing my table over and over again and it still looks terrible.

makes your beautiful pieces look dull
by: Cora

I recently bought the Multi Surface Pledge at Sam's. I used it on my furniture (including my grandfather's clock from Germany). This is something that I will never use again. Although I love the Pledge spray.

Please take this off the market as it makes your beautiful pieces look dull.

do not use on ANY woodwork
by: Christine

Do not use Pledge multi purpose on ANY woodwork. The second ingredient in it is ALCOHOL. We own a business and have a lot of wood work in our building, our cleaning lady had been using Pledge multi purpose on all the wood work and over the course of a few months it has ruined our wood work. It's obviously drying out the finish, because it now looks like someone has tried to polish the wood work with watered down milk. There is a light white haze, which upon closer inspection is actually the finish that is being dried out and flaking off. This product is garbage for woodwork. Stay in your lane, Pledge, stop trying to compete with other cleaning products. Are you NOT making ENOUGH money already?

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