Lemon Pledge Furniture Polish Review

by Melinda

Melinda has shared her lemon Pledge furniture polish review, and how she uses it in her home.

Melinda says:

I have used Pledge for years and years. I use both the wipes and the spray, for different items, but I prefer the spray since it is more cost effective.

The spray is great for furniture that needs extra moisture, like wood banisters and coffee tables. They get dull and dusty so fast, but Pledge works wonderfully to remove dirt and dust from the wood, while polishing and moisturizing it at the same time.

I use it on my wood banisters, coffee tables, desks, kitchen table, end tables, and cabinets in the kitchen.

Plus, the lemon scent is wonderful. I love how the entire house smells like lemon after I've used it and it always leaves a nice shine behind.

It also helps remove allergens in the dust and protects the wood from water damage or every day wear, which is great when my kids keep running their dirty hands all over our nice wood banister.

It doesn't leave a greasy, waxy buildup, like some furniture polishes, which is probably why I've used it for so long. Just a little spray from the can goes a long way, so it seems like I keep a can of furniture polish for a long time.

Finally, it’s very affordable, usually less than $4.00 per can. Pledge lemon furniture polish is a tradition in my house.

Taylor says:

Thanks Melinda for your lemon Pledge furniture polish review.

I myself grew up using Pledge in my own home as a child, and still love the scent of it today, I think because it brings back nice memories for me.

Of course, nowadays they not only have the lemon scent, but they also have orange scent, wipes, as your mentioned, and special formulas for dust and allergens, extra protection from water spots, and extra moisturizers. In addition, they have a revitalizing oil which cleans and restores shine, and both multi surface cleaner and multi surface wipes, which can be used on more surfaces than just wood. I would love to hear from anyone who has used these products to share your review of them too.

And, of course, Pledge is not the only company that makes furniture polish. I would love to hear what products you use on your wood furniture, and what you think about them. You can share your wood furniture cleaner and polish review here, for this or any other brand, telling me what you like, or don't, about it and why.

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Pledge Orange And Lemon Furniture Polish And Wipes Are All I Use For My Maid Service Business

by Pauline
(Topeka, KS)

Pauline has shared how she uses Pledge orange scented and lemon scented furniture polish spray, along with Pledge orange wipes, in her maid service business.

Pauline says:

I have tried many different furniture polishes throughout the years, having owned my own maid service. Out of all the products I have tried I typically only use Pledge now.

At first I used the lemon scented Pledge to dust all the wooden furniture like bookshelves, tables, bed frames, wood panel walls, cabinets, etc. Now I use whatever Pledge my local store has in stock, since I also like the scent of the orange version too.

If given the chance I usually buy the orange scented spray Pledge for larger jobs where I need to protect a finish and the orange scented Pledge dry dusting wipes to wipe down tables for merely maintenance, and removing dust.

I also use Pledge furniture polish on the hardwood floors to give them a shiny luster about once a month.

I think that Pledge is the most versatile of all the furniture polishes and can be used on almost any wooden surface to protect and polish.

It doesn't leave the surfaces feeling oily or greasy afterward and still manages to give it the appearance of being oiled without leaving your hands feeling the residue.

Taylor says:

Thanks Pauline for sharing how you use Pledge furniture polish and wipes to clean your clients homes. It is always nice to hear from a professional, to hear what they do.

I would caution you, however, not to use this product on your hardwood floors. It can make them slick, which can cause people to fall.

I even checked online, at Pledge's website, to make sure about this before I cautioned you about it. Sure enough, it says:
Do not spray or use on floors, use a Pledge® Floor Care product instead.
There are quite a number of products Pledge makes for caring for floors. I know I've already received this Pledge Wood Floor Cleaner review, for example.

While I was on the Pledge website I learned some things about this Pledge furniture polish that I didn't know about it. I knew that Pledge makes a Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner and Multi Surface Wipes, which are designed to be used on lots of different surfaces. However, I had no idea that the furniture polish could also be used on lots of different surfaces, although granted, not as many as the Multi Surface product.

I didn't know that this product, along with being used on wood, could also be used on laminate, stainless steel, leather, marble, granite, and plastic. Has anyone used this product on any of these surfaces? If so, I would love to hear from you, to hear how they worked for you.

You can share your wood furniture polish and cleaner review here, for this or any brand, telling me what you like (or don't) about it, and why. In addition, you can read other reviews already submitted, or tell me how the product worked on other surfaces you've tried it on.

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Pledge Furniture Polish Wonderful For Wood Cabinets But Not For My Tables

by Vivian
(Springfield, IL)

Vivian has shared her review of lemon scented Pledge furniture polish.

Vivian says:

This polish was wonderful on my wood cabinets. It gave them a nice polish, but it didn't make them too shiny. In addition, they were not streaky or too glossy.

However, when I used it on my dining room table and coffee tables I was less satisfied. The polish made the tables streaky.

I tried wiping them with various types of cloths and towels, believing those might have caused the streaks, but it did not work.

I also noticed that it made a residue on the top of the table. It was a slick feeling that was greasy and odd.

I tried to fix the problem using Old English oil to clean the table off, and started the process over again. However, the result was the same.

I decided I'm going to have to buy a different polish for the tables. I assume that because the tables are made of a different type of wood than the cabinets they reacted differently to the polish, although I'm not sure.

Taylor says:

Thanks Vivian for sharing your experience with this product.

I'm not sure why there was a difference in result between your wood cabinets and your wood tables when using this product. If anyone has any idea why, please comment to give us some ideas.

It is hard to find something for your cleaning and dusting cabinets though. If you've found a product that you really like for cleaning your cabinets, please share your cabinet cleaners review here, telling me what you use, and how it works for you. In addition, you can read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Pledge Clean & Shine Orange Furniture Polish Spray Is My Favorite

by Barbara
(Athens, GA)

Barbara says:

This is my favorite of all my cleaning helpers. I've tried other brands and always return to Pledge because it outperforms everything else on the market.

Pledge Clean & Shine Orange is true to the name. It cleans as it shines without leaving any waxy buildup or greasy residue.

I know when the wood surfaces are truly clean when I can see clear reflections in them. There is no greater shine than the one you get with this spray.

Everything is so beautifully polished from my antique oak dining table to the knotty pine walls in the family room. I also use it on the outside of my cedar storage chests, and my maple bookcases. All of the wood in my home shines with pride.

I also love the orange scent that is left behind. It isn't overpowering. It's just the right amount of fragrance to say that everything is clean as well as shiny and "job well done". Like I said, it is my favorite!

Taylor says:

Thanks Barbara for sharing your review of Pledge furniture polish.

As you can see from all the reviews above, this is a very popular product, although not everyone loves it completely. I'm always interested in hearing even more uses and reviews of this product.

You can share your review here, for this or any other brand, telling me which is your favorite, and why, or read even more reviews of other brands which have already been submitted.

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Comments for Pledge Clean & Shine Orange Furniture Polish Spray Is My Favorite

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Possible cause for Vivian's streaks
by: Anonymous

The streaking is most likely due to a difference in finish types from your cabinets to your table. If your table was finished with a polyurethane, than that might be the reason you are seeing streaks.

formula change
by: Anonymous

Pledge changed their formula for their furniture polish back in 2012. If you look at the ingredient list on the can the first ingredient is WATER. We have all been spraying water on our furniture. I've noticed that they have come out with a new moisturizing pledge. I guess sales were down on the water based formula.

What happened?
by: Anonymous

I've used Pledge for more than 30 years, and never had an issue with it until recently. Its all my mother and grandmother ever used too. I use polish very sparingly, so a bottle/can lasts me a long time. I bought a new one, and it has left my cherry-wood veneer coffee table in a terrible mess. streaks, blotchy patches, dull spots. Just terrible. I cannot seem to fix it. I called the company, no help there. The person said that the formula has been changed. Very disappointed.

Does Pledge Really Repel Spiders?
by: Tiffany

I've heard that Lemon Pledge Furniture Polish can repel spiders when sprayed around windows and other places that they can creep in from. I don't currently have a can (have Endust right now instead), but I was wondering if you knew whether or not that it's true. And if so, does it have to be Pledge, or would any lemon-scented polish work as well?

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