Orange Glo Polish Review - For Cleaning And Polishing Wood Plus More

by Noreen

Noreen shared her Orange Glo polish review, for wood furniture cleaning and polish, plus an unusual use for it too.

Noreen says:

I have used this Orange Glo product for some time and I absolutely love it!

Not only does it polish and condition my furniture, it leaves behind the wonderful scent of oranges. It removes wax build-up and doesn't leave the furniture feeling greasy or oily.

I have noticed that it gives the appearance of, or removes scratches from my older furniture. That is a definite plus!

After applying Orange Glo, I noticed that it also provides a barrier to moisture, and I don't have those ugly water marks from someone not using a coaster.

I use it to clean and polish my wood coffee and end tables, kitchen cabinets, bookcase, bed headboard and nightstands, dresser, kitchen table and chairs, and even my wooden ceiling fan blades.

Another advantage to using this product is that you can use it in your shower to remove soap scum and grime. There is no scrubbing, and again, it seems to provide a barrier, making cleanup a breeze!

I can't say enough good things about this product as it is reasonably priced and comes in a handy spray bottle.

I love the citrus smell of
oranges so this is a definite plus because I don't need to use air fresheners or candles.

Taylor says:

Thanks Noreen for sharing your review and uses for Orange Glo polish in your home.

When you first told me that you used this product for cleaning your shower and removing soap scum I thought, now that is crazy. After all, I would never dream of using Pledge, for example, to clean my shower.

However, once I thought about it for a minute it made more sense. One of the active ingredients in Orange Glo polish is orange essential oil, and citrus essential oils are good for cutting grease, grime and also their acidity makes them good at cleaning soap scum. (Here is an essential oil use chart that gives lots of cool information on how to use essential oils to clean your home.)

Then, I looked up some additional information about the product and it is advertised to be safe not only for wood, but also for shower stalls, formica, vinyl, fiberglass and ceramic tile. That makes it a more versatile product than its name would imply.

I would love to hear from even more people who use this product for cleaning any of these other surfaces. You can share your own soap scum cleaner review here, or read others already submitted.

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Orange Glo Wood Furniture 2-In-1 Clean And Polish Spray - Mixed Review

by Rhonda

Rhonda has shared a quick review of Orange Glo wood furniture cleaner and polish review.

Rhonda says:

I have used Orange Glo on my kitchen table and chairs, computer desk, wood cabinets, and coffee table, as well as the two headboards on the beds in my home.

I have found that it works great, though admittedly it's a little too runny and sticky for me when it's being applied.

However, it continues to clean better than any other product I have found, so it's worth the small amount of problem.

Taylor says:

Thanks Rhonda for sharing your Orange Glo polish and wood cleaner review.

I would love to hear from even more people sharing how this product has worked for them. As you can see, it is a spray, and not an aerosol as many furniture polishes, so it does go on differently than those.

Does anyone have any tips and tricks for applying it without the running that Rhonda mentions?

You can share your wood furniture polish and cleaner reviews here, or read others that have already been submitted.

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I Clean My Wooden Banister With Orange Glo Furniture Cleaner And Polish

by Tonya

Tonya has shared how she uses Orange Glo polish and cleaner spray in her home.

Tonya says:

Orange Glo Wood Polish and Conditioner in the spray bottle is the only type of polish/cleaner we use on our custom wood banister/railings on our stairs.

We spray the product on a towel and really work it into the wood, in a circular motion. Instantly, the smell of oranges fills the air and it’s a great scent.

The shine of the wood is brought out almost instantly and the towel immediately shows dirt from the banister. It’s great at getting grime, fingerprints, dirt and anything else off of it.

Our kids are constantly putting their dirty hands on the banister, so it needs regular cleaning and polishing. Orange Glo is great at doing both, plus it moisturizes/conditions the wood and makes it look like new again.

I love the way the entire railing and banister looks after it’s been polished and cleaned with Orange Glo Polish. Nothing else cleans as well, or leaves such a lustrous shine.

It does tend to be more expensive than other polishes, but since we only use it on our wood railing/banister, I don’t mind. It’s worth it.

I don’t know that I would use it for everyday polishing of regular furniture, although I’m sure it would probably be fine, but I just can't justify the cost for anything else except the banister.

Taylor says:

Thanks Tonya for sharing how you use this product in your home.

I'm glad it works so well to clean dirt and grime off such a much-used wooden area in your home.

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Orange Glo Products Helped Clean Up After Big Parties

by Jake

Jake has shared how he used Orange Glo polish and hardwood floor cleaner to clean up after big parties with his college roommates.

Jake says:

Were it not for Orange Glo cleaners I could have never had my parents over when I was in college.

My freshman year I was living with 9 other guys. In a party house such as ours, with old, beat up wood bar tops, tables and floors, everything came out of the weekend looking and smelling disgusting.

Between the mud tracked into our houses, to the sticky drink messes everywhere else, we needed something to clean our house.

One weekend I woke up to a call from my parents saying that they were driving out that day! I needed to get my house looking presentable, and I grabbed the Orange Glo wood cleaner and polish spray, along with the Orange Glo hardwood floor cleaner to do it that my Mom had previously given me, and that I had promptly ignored.

After a while my kitchen was transformed from an inhospitable dump to a good smelling place that I could entertain my mother in.

I now identify cleanliness through the distinctive citrus smell of Orange Glo products.

When my parents showed up that day, my mother noticed right away that I had used the products she'd given me, which made her happy, and I was happy they didn't see the house the way it normally looked!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing how you used the Orange Glo polish and hardwood floor cleaner Jake.

I'm glad your parents gave you at least a bit of advanced warning!

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Orange Glo Polish And Wood Cleaner Helped Clean My Cabinets And Other Wood Furniture

by Mary

Mary has shared how she uses this product in her home.

Mary says:

I purchased the Orange Glo 2-in-1 Clean and Polish one day when my local Wal-Mart store was sold out of Pledge.

I needed something that would not only help me remove dust with a rag, but also would leave a nice shine on my furniture. Then I saw this product on the shelf and liked the way it smelled. I had previously used Orange Glo products to clean the hardwood floors in my home, and they had worked well, so I decided to purchase this and try it.

When I got it home, I tried it first on my cabinets in the kitchen. It really revived their shine. They had previously looked dull, and after cleaning them with Orange Glo polish they looked beautiful, restored and like new.

I also really liked how well this product made my bedroom furniture look. It really made my dressers look brand new, and I liked that a lot.

In addition, it also took a few marks off of my dresser from where I had set cups of water down, and that made me even happier.

This product works fabulously and is very affordable. It also smells really good. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs something to make their wood furniture look revived.

Taylor says:

Thanks Mary for sharing how you use Orange Glo polish and cleaner spray.

As you can see I've received lots of reviews of this product, and overall people have liked it.

I am always interested in receiving more reviews though. Therefore, you can share your wood furniture polish and cleaner review here for this, or any other product, telling me what you liked (or disliked) about it, and why. You can also read reviews of other products and brands that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Orange Glo Polish And Wood Cleaner Helped Clean My Cabinets And Other Wood Furniture

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Love It
by: Baljit Rattu

I have used orange glo for years and just love it. To prevent from running apply some on a clean terry towel and buff your furniture etc with that towel. Use glove to protect hands.

Lasts Forever
by: Nadine

I agree with all previous posts. It is a wonderful product. I keep my "special" cotton rag in a zipper bag, so it doesn't dry out, so my bottle of Orange Glo lasts forever.

Orange glo and cars
by: Anonymous

Hey everyone..... I just got a new (2018) car and have three kids .... Had my first spill today and although not bad i freaked........ Anyways it has both fabric and vinyl seats....i did my deed with damp cloth only to follow with some prange glo polish.... Now im freaking.... Is that stuff ok on the interior? This girl is better working under the hood lol.... Thank u all

Stained mirror
by: Anonymous

I accidentally sprayed a mirror with this product. It stained it and I have tried alcohol, baking soda and vinegar and nothing helped. Any suggestions please?

Ruined cabinets
by: Anonymous

Left a white film on my family room cabinet doors. Nothing would take it off without ruining the finish. Had to have them professionally refinished.

no streaks stainless steel
by: K. Boyd

After cleaning my stainless steel refrigerator door with Windex I put a SMALL AMOUNT of Orange Glo on the door and rub well with a paper towel.

I use it on everything
by: Marsha

I use Orange Glo on everything, wood, laminate, glass, kitchen counters, stainless steel, linoleum, bathroom countertops, mirrors. I love the smell too. I’ve been using it for years and recently started cleaning for a living and am so glad I already knew about it!

Horrible Strong Chemical Smell
by: Anonymous

It polishes the furniture and leaves behind a toxic smell! Not healthy for anyone’s lungs!

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