How To Keep Liquid Laundry Detergent Cap Clean

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I received this question about how to keep the liquid laundry detergent cap clean when you've got a front loader, from a reader, Jennifer, on the site's Facebook page.

I don't have a front loader myself (at least yet), and so I was rather baffled. Fortunately, the great fans of the page came through with some good advice.

Since I figured this might come up again I've created a page here about it, so we can all learn from these wonderful smart ladies in our cyber-community!

Jennifer A's Question From Facebook:

This isn't a stain question. I used to rinse out the liquid detergent cap with every load. It got the last little bit into the wash and kept the cap nice and neat.

Now I have a front loader. I can't rinse it and it makes a sticky mess everywhere!

My laundry room is in an outside addition and there is no sink access. Any tips?

Top Answer: Throw The Cap In With The Load!

The top answer to the question, from quite a few readers, was to throw the whole cap into the washer with the clothes.

This is what several readers said:

Meredith said: "Throw the cap in with the load! I do that and it comes out super clean!"

Ann said: "I throw my cap in the washer comes out clean as a whistle =c)"

Leslie said: "I just put mine in the washer with the clothes and get it out before I put them in the dryer."

Additional Ideas That Are Honorable Mentions

Along with the top answer mentioned above, there were other ideas submitted as well which I thought called for honorable mentions.

Jennifer M. said, "Switch to powder detergent. It usually costs less, is easier to use in front loader HE machines, no mess."

Heather said: "I had the same issue. I now put the detergent right into the dispenser. I have gotten pretty good at 'eye balling' the right amount!"

I hope these suggestions help you when you have a similar issue keeping your laundry detergent cap clean, especially when you've got a front loading machine.

I've actually got a few more below that were also sent in.

Simple trick to keep your laundry detergent cap clean between washes whether you've got a front loader or top loader {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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How We Add Liquid Detergent To Front Loading Machine

by Diane Lefebvre
(Quebec, Quebec, Canada)

Almost empty ketchup bottles

Almost empty ketchup bottles

Before we had the regular top loading machine so no problem, we could rinse the cap in the running water.

With the front loader we had to get creative.

We recycled two squeezable ketchup bottles to pour the detergent in the containers of the machine.

The detergent comes in too big a container to pour directly into the machine.

It is super fast and easy, just top off the bottles as needed.

We have one for the detergent and one for the softener.

I also have one with concentrated grease remover for the tough spots. There you go!

Photo courtesy of Steve A Johnson

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Been Keeping My Caps Clean This Way For Over 10 Years!

by Montana Grandmom

Montana Grandmom says:

I've been throwing the cap into the washer with the clothes as long as I can remember!

I also have a nice collection of "measuring cup" caps that I've collected over the years and keep a stack on top to pull from.

After measuring the liquid detergent I use the same cup to measure out any washing soda or TSP powder I think the load may need for boosting and pour that into the same soap dispenser.

Some will stick to the measuring cup but I just throw the whole thing in with the dirty clothes.

I also use vinegar in a Downy ball instead of fabric softener. Works every time!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing these additional tips.

So, how do others keep the tops of the liquid detergent caps clean? I'd love to hear your ideas and tips. You can share these, or any other laundry tips here, or read others that have already been submitted by other readers.

Simple trick to keep your laundry detergent cap clean between washes whether you've got a front loader or top loader {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Top photo courtesy of jonseidman1988

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Comments for Been Keeping My Caps Clean This Way For Over 10 Years!

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wipe it out with a towel
by: Jennifer

I wipe it out with a towel that's about to be washed (I wash everything in one day and do my towel load last).

another method
by: Valentino

Yea or just rinse clean as water flows.

save cap from previous bottle
by: Julie

Since I always use the same kind of detergent I save the cap from the last bottle so I can still keep a lid on the bottle while the other is in the washer.

doing it for 10 years or more
by: Anonymous

We dump the soap in washer where it goes, then we throw the cap into the washer and take it out (when we remember) when we throw clothes into the dryer. Have been doing this for over 10 years with no problems, even when it has gone through the dryer. No messy mess, we keeps a couple old caps as spares to use.

wipe the cap with something to be washed
by: Anonymous

I take one of the t-shirts, towels or some article of clothing from the load and wipe out the cup. This helps keep it clean.

No more messy laundry cap
by: NikkiK

I have a front loader also. What I do is fill the cap with detergent and put the detergent in the washer. When I'm finished I throw the cap in the washer with the clothes. Wah-la! When clothes are done in the washer I put clothes in the dryer and cap back on detergent :)

My easy way . . .
by: Anonymous

Just throw the cup on with the load! I always do that.

laundry cup
by: Sharon

I also throw mine in with the load.

Preventing Laundry Detergent "Mess"
by: Anonymous

As the water comes in to the machine, after putting in the required amount of detergent, place clothes in machine--don't pack them down. If you dissolve the detergent in the water first before putting in the clothes, there won't be any "residue" left on the clothes after the load is finished.

Rinse the cap off from the stream of water coming into the machine--that way there is no detergent wasted, by putting it down the drain un-used. The cap stays clean, and there are no streaks of detergent running down the sides of the bottle.

I use smaller bottles and then pour straight into dispense, so I don't use the cap!
by: Lisa H.

My front loaders are on pedestals (the only way to go in my opinion, no bending!). I bought smaller bottles of detergent, bleach & fabric softener so they fit in the pedestal drawers. Or you can keep your above whichever you prefer. I refill the bottles as needed from my refills, the larger, more economical sizes. So I don't use a detergent cap anymore, because with the smaller bottles it's really easy to pour straight from the dispenser. Problem solved for me! :). Hope this helps someone.

Save money and mess by using small cup!
by: Sally F.

I, too, throw my liquid laundry detergent in the wash every few washes to get it clean. But I found I save a considerable amount of money by using a smaller cup. My young adult children do their own laundry and they were filling the whole cup (that comes with the detergent). So we were going through too much detergent. I found that the scoop that comes in powdered drink mixes (Tang, Country Time) filled to the top of the scoop works perfectly fine. The scoop I have is about the same as to the number 1 line on the Tide measuring cup. Now my kids aren't using too much detergent. The scoop from the drink mixes also have a handle, so it's much less messy. I find that the smaller scoop of detergent still gets all of my laundry clean.

I used Dixie bathroom cups instead
by: Anonymous

When I had outside laundry I used the Dixie bathroom size cups. Marked the amount needed at first till I got accustomed to it. Used it a couple of times and threw it away. I used plastic Solo brand bathroom cups sometimes. If I had thrown the cap in the washer one of the male family members would have thrown it in the dryer ! Yes they helped me.

Throw It In!
by: UseYurZen

I also throw it in with the load. Very efficient!

one less step
by: Allison

I measure the detergent into cap, then put whole cap with detergent into the dispenser on its side facing the stream of water. Its clean every time and I always know where it is. I have absent mindlessly forgotten to set on its side and yes its still there and full when the loads done. Just tip over and redo.
I can not take credit my husband did it first and it just make sense.

just wipe it off
by: Anonymous

Someone recommended using powered detergent. Please keep in mind that powder in not recommended for septic systems. It seems to me that throwing the cap into the wash would be rough on clothes, especially delicates. Why not just wipe out the cap with a sleeve, a sock, or a washcloth etc.

Cleaning the liquid laundry soap cap
by: Marcia

I wipe it out with an item in the washer.

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