J. R. Watkins Natural Dish Soap Review: Lemon Scent

by Taylor

I have now finished a bottle of J. R. Watkins Natural Dish Soap, in the lemon scent, and wanted to share my thoughts about it with you.

This is an up and coming brand which is trying to make its name in the green cleaning category, and they've got a wide variety of products from dishwashing liquid, to cleaners, laundry products, as well as personal care products, plus gourmet food products as well.

While it is now trying to make itself part of the natural cleaners niche, the brand itself has been around for over 100 years.

I found my bottle at Target. I would love to hear from others sharing what stores you've found this brand in, since it is not readily found in my area in most stores.

The dish soap was about medium thickness, which I appreciated. It meant it didn't flow out of the bottle too fast.

The bottle itself is shaped a bit different than many. It looks like a traditional, old-fashioned glass bottle, but it is really plastic, with a flip top. It worked pretty well, although it was perhaps a bit big to handle with soapy hands sometimes.

The scent was quite strong. I researched and it appears the scent comes from natural oils, presumably lemon essential oil, but I would equate it to the scent of Lemon Pledge. Quite powerful and bright, and if you like that (which I do for lemon) it is quite pleasant, although those with sensitive noses might find it too much.

It worked pretty well for
washing dishes, cutting through grease and grime and leaving the dishes and pots and pans clean.

No one in my family complained about the soap, as they do with some of the products I try from time to time, and overall it was satisfactory.

The thing is, it didn't wow me. It was just a normal soap, and this wouldn't be a bad thing except it was pretty expensive. I would equate it to the cost of Dawn dish soap, on the high end of what is acceptable for dishwashing liquid. Of course, natural products do tend to cost more, so this is probably par for the course.

As for what makes it natural, it appears to be plant derived, have natural, not artificial scents, and free of phosphates and dyes, among other things.

There are several other scents available, besides lemon, and I would love to smell some of them. I would be especially interested in smelling both the grapefruit and orange citrus varieties, personally. Additional scents also include aloe and green tea as well as lavender.

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Has anyone else used this product, or any of the other natural products made by this company? If so, I would love to hear your reviews and experiences with them, since this is the first thing from J. R. Watkins I have tried.

You can share your green cleaning products reviews here, or read lots of others as well.

Further, you can check out lots more dishwashing soap reviews here for lots of brands, if you're looking for a new product to try.

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I Use JR Watkins Soap For Refills Of Foaming Hand Soap Bottles

by Heidi

Heidi says:

I love this dish soap.

It's a little too pricey for me to use on our dishes though, so I use it as a refill for our foaming hand soap bottles.

No chemicals I have to worry about when it comes to my children, delicious lemon scent, and cleans hands wonderfully.

I have the lemon scent and also the pomegranate variety.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review Heidi.

I have put up a picture of the Pomegranate & Acai moisturizing dish soap, which I think would be especially great for using as hand soap.

Has anyone else used one of the scents of this product? I'd love to hear even more reviews and uses for it, so make sure to share them here.

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Nice and natural
by: May

I tried J. R. Watkins Natural Dish Soap a month ago. It is packaged beautifully and has a pleasant scent. The product worked well though Dawn is better. It was a little pricey; however, I may be willing to sacrifice a little efficiency and a little money to have a natural product. Overall I was pleased, but I wasn't thrilled. I bought it at Harris Teeter.

not natural
by: GreenGirl

Read the ingredients, not just the front label. It in fact does include sulphate, and other chemicals. Almost every one of their "Naturals" products are not all natural. If they can't be honest on the label I can't be bothered to trust them.

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