How To Make Liquid Soap Nut Detergent Plus Video Review Of Soap Nuts

Here is a soap nut video review which explains how this woman uses this natural laundry product to clean her clothes.

Below it I have also shared how to make liquid soap nut detergent, for use in cold water, which is something she mentions but does not explain, in the video.

Basically, if you aren't familiar with soap nuts, they are berries from a certain kind of tree which contain a substance called "saponin" which is released into water when the berries are agitated, and helps to clean your clothes in the process, in place of commercially made laundry detergents.

Here is the video review:

In this video review the woman raises a couple of questions that I will answer, plus she makes a couple of points I will comment on further.

First, yes, you can use essential oils along with your soap nuts, to leave a fragrance in your washed clothes if you so desire. If you are wondering which ones are the best to use for laundry, you can check out my article on essential oils recipes for homemade laundry supplies which give some great ideas for blends of oils which work well on clothes.

In addition, the video reviewer is correct that these nuts work better in warm water to clean your clothes. That is because the warm water helps release the saponin from the berries. Therefore, if you wish to wash clothing in cold water with soap nuts you need to go through an additional step, which is to basically create your
own liquid soap nuts laundry detergent.

To do this you can put 4-5 soap nuts in a cup of very hot water for approximately 3-5 minutes. It also helps to agitate the water some to help release saponin. Then, add both the water and the usual bag of soap nuts to your cold water wash, and wash as you normally do with soap nuts.

This extra step ensures that enough saponin is released into the water you are washing with to clean your clothes well, even if you use cold water. Since many people like to use cold water because it uses less energy, and therefore is environmentally friendlier, this may be a good way to use these berries to have the best of both worlds -- less energy use and natural laundry products.

Do you use soap nuts to wash your clothes? If so, please share your review of the brand you use here, or learn more information about them at the link.

In addition, if you make your own laundry detergent, please share your homemade laundry soap recipe here, or read other recipes already submitted.

Finally, because this is a plant-based product it is all natural. Here are all natural soap uses and reviews I've collected, for other brands and types, in case you'd like more information.

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Comments for How To Make Liquid Soap Nut Detergent Plus Video Review Of Soap Nuts

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Love these!
by: Rebecca

I like soap nuts! They make my clothes so fluffy soft.

these are the best, and are low cost
by: April

Soapnuts are the best. They are natural from the soapberry tree and costs around 10 cents a load.

still use detergent sometimes
by: Rachel

I use soap nuts. I still use Gain on REALLY dirty loads, though.

I've used them for 5 years
by: Theresa

I've been using organic soap nuts for about five years now, and they work well for our family. Sometimes I soak my whites over night, or my tea towels, but I've never been disappointed by the results. The best part, no toxic chemicals, no recycling, and no regrets!

I love them for my blouses and my other laundry
by: Anonymous

I have never tried them on my husband's laundry, but I love them for my blouses, underwear, and almost everything I own. I love the fact that they are natural and they have always cleaned my laundry, even the stains, which tend to be food based. I buy mine at Moms supermarket, and I use 5-6 at a time. They sometimes run through the dryer too - no harm done.

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