What Happened Fresh Start Powder Detergent? - No Longer In Stores?

by Ben the Laundry Man
(Poconos, Pennsylvania)

Ben has provided his memories about Fresh Start powder detergent from his childhood.

Ben the Laundry Man says:

I am a man and 36 years old. I have loved Fresh Start since I was 5 years old and was very sad when it left the supermarkets and discount department stores. What happened???

I've used everything from Tide, Cheer, Gain, powders, liquids, and HE's....nothing compared to the standard that Fresh Start set.

I just learned that it can be bought on-line. So, I will order it. I understand it has changed hands, so the jury will have to be still out on this until I come back with another review after using at least one bottle. Hopefully the formula didn't change at all, that's all I can say.

I am excited and looking forward to my good ol' Fresh Start again! I hope I won't be disappointed.

Taylor says:

Thanks Ben for sharing your memories of Fresh Start detergent from when you were younger. I would really appreciate you writing again once you've tried it again, to say if it lives up to your memories or not.

You are right, it is no longer available in stores, at least that I'm aware of. If anyone still has seen it in stores please comment to tell me where you've seen it.

It is still made though, like you said, and can be purchased through the link above, in bulk.

Has anyone else used Fresh start powdered detergent? If so, you can share your Fresh Start laundry detergent review here.

In addition, you can share your laundry detergent review here, of any other brand, telling me what you like, or dislike about it, and why.

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Fresh Start Laundry Detergent Bottle Very Transportation Friendly For Those Who Go To The Laundromat

by Ed
(Astoria, NY )

Ed shared his experiences with this detergent.

Ed says:

I first found this product in Harris-Teeter stores, a supermarket in the South. As far as I know you can still buy it there. That's the only retail place that I know of now.

It used to have a great smell. They've skimped on the perfume in the last few years.

A friend who owns a laundromat turned me on to it. Cleans very well. The bottle is very transportation friendly - much better for people who carry the detergent around with them - going to laundromats.

Taylor says:

Thanks Ed for sharing your review of this detergent.

You make a good point about transporting laundry supplies to the laundromat -- you have to have a strategy for it or you'll start to get bogged down with too much stuff to transport.

Does anyone else have any tips for what laundry supplies they like to carry to a laundromat? If so, you can share your household tips for laundry here.

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Fresh Start is the Best

by SR101 Reader
(Grass Valley, CA, USA)

SR101 Reader says:

Fresh Start cleans my clothes better than any laundry detergent I have tried. Plus, it is the only laundry detergent, including all the name brands, that does not leave a residue on our clothes, and does not give my son an allergic reaction.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your review of this powdered laundry detergent.

I'm so glad you've found something that works well with your family's laundry detergent allergies, since that is so important.

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I've Been Using Fresh Start Laundry Detergent Forever

by Christine Harrison
(Plumas County, California)

Christine has shared her review of this laundry detergent.

Christine says:

I have been using Fresh Start FOREVER!! I have been able to find it (in Northern California, where I live) at Raley's grocery store.

My husband just told me he could not find it today at our Raley's, so I will have to ask, or look at a different Raley's.

I have been using it for years because it is low suds, not highly scented, is suitable for front loading washers and it cleans REALLY well.

I have sensitive skin, and Fresh Start does not make me itch or give me rashes, and, since I am allergic to heavily scented things, I have no problem with the smell...it just smells...FRESH!

I may have to resort to purchasing it on the internet, and I will.

Taylor says:

Glad you've been able to find this product locally Christine, since overall it seems like it is getting harder to find than it used to be.

Thanks also for sharing where you've been able to find it, since it may help others in their quest!

I have a link here on the page to the only place I could find on the Internet that still sells this product, but perhaps there are more also that I'm just not aware of.

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Yes, It's Available In At Least Some Stores

by SR101 Reader
(North Carolina)

An SR101 reader shared a quick tip for where she still finds this product in stores.

SR101 Reader says:

My local Harris Teeter (I live in North Carolina) sells Fresh Start.

It's on the bottom shelf, and fairly inexpensive.

I've purchased it in the past. Nice smell, and it seems to clean well.

I'm constantly trying different detergents. Good luck with your search.

Taylor says:

Thanks for the tip of places to look for it in stores.

Plus, as noted, if you're really wanting this brand, you can always buy it online through the link provided!

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I Love This Stuff! Don't Stop Selling It!

by Teena P.
(Rocky Mount, North Carolina)

I have used this detergent for over 25 years........there is no comparison to it as far as "off the shelf detergent".

Years ago an Amway rep came to my home and asked for my detergent to compare to their's and he was stunned to see the results of his demo.

He immediately asked what it was and said that he had never seen a detergent that came from the grocery store dissolve and leave no fillers floating on the top.

Recently, the only store that sold it in the area (Harris Teeter) stopped selling it because they did not sell enough to keep it on the shelf.

I guess the 40+ bottles I bought a year wasn't enough.

I am upset about it but I am glad to see that there are other ways to purchase it.

PLEASE DO NOT stop selling this product!!!

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Why You Can't Find Fresh Start: Its Been Discontinued

by George Hamilton
(Crockett, California)

George shared this information about the detergent.

George says:

I spoke with Phoenix Brands and you can't find it because they no longer make it.

On-line sellers must have bought up remaining stock.

Best prices that I've found (including shipping to me in Northern California) are $46.10 from Clean it supply and $45.58 from Comet supply. Stock up!

Taylor says:

I hadn't heard this George, but I'm not surprised. Thanks for sharing this with me.

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It Seems Like When A Product Is Good They Discontinue It

by Susan D.

Susan says:

A year ago I purchased a small home from a couple in their 80's that were going home to be near their kids.

We helped them pack and loaded the U-haul the day they left.

They left behind a bottle of Fresh Start laundry detergent.

I have used it ever since in my weekend lake home, but have been running low and looking for a new bottle to purchase with no luck.

I would have thought they had bought it locally as they were pretty elderly and did not drive far.

I am still looking. I guess I will have to resort to buying it online as I assume they have stopped selling it in the stores.

It is the best detergent I have ever found and I raised 3 sons! I've tried them all.

Seems like when a product is actually too good, they discontinue it.

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It's A Shame It Has Been Discontinued

by SR101 Reader

That's a shame. I have used it before and it is a good detergent. I just didn't like the fact I could only get it online.

If anything, they should discontinue Ajax. That stuff doesn't clean worth a good gosh darn.

It seems to be the trend though. Detergent manufacturers are either raising the costs of, changing the formulations of, or discontinuing well loved detergents all together these days (Cheer free and gentle powder comes to mind too.

I, for one, have grown tired of the idiocy in the detergent industry. I'm making my own now and I'm much happier for it.

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Happy Online Purchaser Of Fresh Start Detergent!!

by Carol
(Marietta, GA )

Carol shared how she purchased Fresh Start Detergent now that she can't find it in stores.

Carol says:

I too was dismayed when my local grocery stopped carrying this item. That was many years ago, and I have since been purchasing the product online, by the case.

I have not noticed any change in the product's formula or cleaning ability over the years.

Taylor says:

Thanks Carol for sharing your experiences with Fresh Start powder.

I would be curious where you purchase it online. I have found it through the link below, but I am always looking for more great sources for online detergent purchases.

Has anyone else found a great place to buy this detergent online? If so, you can share your review here.

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Comments for Happy Online Purchaser Of Fresh Start Detergent!!

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Winco still has it
by: Bridget

I used to use this years ago, I always loved the bottle design.

I honestly prefer powder to liquid.

I live in Bakersfield California and there is grocery store called Winco and they still have this on their shelves for sale.

where I found it in California
by: Linda

I just found it at an independent local grocery store in San Diego. I am so happy to find my favorite detergent of all time.

Where we buy it in Skamokawa, WA
by: Debbie C.

I've used this brand for at least 25 years. My husband, and now grown son, have extremely sensitive skin. As they are averse to trying new detergents we've stuck with it throughout the years.
We live in the Pacific NW and I've found at Fred Meyer & Winco. Guess we better buy up on it if it's going to be discontinued.

sad it isn't local
by: DH

I tried other detergents (Tide, etc.) with poor results (unhappy skin, etc.). I have a one year stockpile of FS because I saw this coming.

Winco - buy it there!
by: azdawg

Winco carries this product for $5.87! People are getting ripped off by buying this online!

response to azdawg
by: Taylor

People are only getting ripped off buying it online if they can find it locally at stores likes Winco. I personally don't have that store anywhere near me, don't even know what it is. Unfortunately not all stores in all localities carry the product, and if people choose to buy it online since it is not available in stores in their area that isn't getting ripped off, that is making a choice.

Found Fresh Start!
by: Anonymous

I found a market that carries it in Agua Dulce, CA. Sweetwater Market stocks it on the shelf and I pick up a bottle whenever I'm in the area. My take is that Proctor & Gamble must be paying big bucks to the major super market chains to keep competitor's brands off store shelves, with Tide filling up 80% of the shelf space in some markets I've visited. So sad. Fresh Start is without a doubt the very very best!

by: Anonymous

One of the Best Detergent - I have used for years and I would like to know why is not longer in the stores - I want it back :)

Please bring this back to the supermarkets
by: Anonymous

I have used it for a very long time. It is the only laundry product I am not allergic to.

Only soap that didn't break me out
by: Andrew Miami

I cannot use any laundry soap except for Fresh Start as if I use the others I itch like crazy and my skin turns red. It is unbearable. The only laundry soap that did not cause me a reaction was Fresh Start. Please let me know where we can buy it. Phoenix apparently had discontinued production.

by: Anonymous

I have used fresh start for about 23 years and LOVE it. I was so DISAPPOINTED when I could no longer find it in the stores. Excited that it was available online until I saw the cost. I used to be able to pay $6.00 for a 4.14 lb bottle of detergent online it is $16.64 a bottle. THAT IS JUST CRAZY! I am now VERY DISAPPOINTED. Any suggestions?

Alternatives since it is discontinued?
by: Anonymous

Help! For those of us needing alternatives to Fresh Start, what have you found? I have tried several over the years, using less detergent and second rinses, but none were problem-free like Fresh Start.
This has been the only laundry detergent that does not cause welts and/or rashes on my husband's skin. It is not the perfumes and dyes allergy, or at least not only perfumes and dyes, that he is allergic to but something else. Perhaps enzymes? Every perfume/dye free detergent produces the same reaction as those with perfume and dyes.

It's just the BEST!!
by: Susan

I discovered Fresh Start in the 80's and I loved it; clothes came clean, smelled clean and stains just went away! POOF!! Just like that! Found it again on the Internet and have tried to stick with it ever since (sometimes I'd forget to order and would have to buy from the stores). Thank you, thank you for keeping this prize alive!

awesome detergent
by: Evelyn Masse

I had a few free samples of Fresh Start and loved it especially for doing whites, it took the yellow and smoke smell out from my husbands cigarettes. I am 82 yrs young and have my family looked for it in various stores around Michigan and have not found it. The other detergent's don't stand up to Fresh Start. If anyone knows of a store or still has a free sample of it, please let me know.

got a bunch on close out
by: Kathy

I've used for years. When marked as close out I bought six bottles. A school student I know did a comparison of detergents for class project. It came out number one! Miss it. I will try on line.

give me back my detergent!
by: Kathleen

Like other review, my Mom always used Fresh Start and I have used it all my adult life because nothing else worked as well. I am now almost 67 and just had the experience of not being able to find it at the store. What is up with that?? If the company that holds the ownership to the produce was smart, they would not discontinue but would brag it up - because it is unique and because it is the best. Way better than Tide or anything else that I ever tried. Boo. Hoo. Give me back my detergent!

too bad it's been discontinued
by: Janet Molini

I have been using Fresh Start since it hit the shelves on the west coast, probably 1980's or early 90's. It has become increasingly difficult to find, especially in this rural county (Lake Co.) California.

I can only 2nd everything Ben relayed to you. I continued to use it 7-8 years ago even following purchasing an HE Kenmore washer. I tried the HE detergents & found them fairly disappointing.

Certainly, I will try to purchase Fresh Start online. Too bad it's been discontinued. GREAT product.

Thank you for your attention to my opinion.

I just used the last capfull!
by: Laurie

Been using Fresh Start for 25+ years, now what to use? Did not want to experiment with my families skin to try to find something different! What other detergent has the "same" formula? Trying All free and clear right now so will wait for results!

Why did they quit making it?
by: Cindy B

I have been using Fresh Start ever since I got my first front-loading machine --- 15 years ago?? I knew the (few) places here in Seattle who carried it, and always had an extra bottle on hand. Now, I can't find it ANYWHERE --- not even online --- and I'm so disappointed!! Wish I had stocked up when I bought it last time! Is there any word on WHY this was discontinued?

we need to bring it back
by: Sandy

I was using this detergent for many years and now it's gone. It was excellent at cleaning the clothes and was not a sudsy detergent. What happened to it??? The other detergents that are out there now are TOO SUDSY and do not clean the clothes like Fresh Start did. Even the HE detergents are too sudsy. Fresh Start was the best detergent around. Companies always seem to discontinue the good products and put garbage out on the shelve these days.

We NEED to bring Fresh Start back.

It's a rock star!!!
by: Dennis

I was first exposed to Fresh Start in the Seventies when I noticed a good friend of mine used it. This friend was somewhat of a genius - he was well versed in science, medicine, held degrees in theatrical arts and photography. So I tended to take note of whatever he did. I went about my business though, like most Americans, using Tide.

Then, just a few years ago, I noticed Fresh Start on the shelf in a Howe's Market I'm the L.A. area. My friend came to mind so I bought a bottle. And, wow! Clothes I usually had to totally soak with spray n wash just to get the tiniest hint of dirt out, seemed to clean just fine in most cases without the extra attention. I quickly became a convert.

Howe's eventually closed its doors so I took to buying Fresh Start on line. I found one small market that still carries it off and on and pick up an extra bottle there occasionally. It would be unsettling to think of such a great product becoming extinct. Hope Pheonix Brands continues making it. Think I'll write them. Best detergent on the plant imo.

My only tried and true
by: Louanne

I have really bad skin sensitivity, and various products like laundry soaps and bath cleansers can make my life hell. Going to a hotel is a nightmare. When I found Fresh Start it literally changed my life. I could sleep thru the night, and as long as I got my significant other off the Tide or or Cheer and the Irish spring, I could even be in a normal relationship. (yes, it is that bad). I take my own sheet and pillow case and towel when traveling.

This week is the first time I have not been able to find my Fresh Start in any store. I am in a panic and so is my husband and my son (who inherited my allergies and grew up with Fresh Start). I am like a drug addict looking for a dealer right now...what is GOING ON??????

online prices are pricey
by: Regina Rogoff

What a disappointment to discover that Fresh Start laundry detergent has been discontinued. I have used it for decades--concentrated, effective, in an easy to handle container. I keep searching on the web. Last time I purchased 6 containers for under $60. Just saw it for over $120 online. A bit pricey even for the best detergent ever.

would like it back
by: Kathy

So very sad discontinued!! Only detergent that didn't cause a reaction to my husband's skin. We have used just this detergent for the last 30 years, we would buy 3 and 4 @ a time. I am on my last few loads now and found this sad news of no more. I was shocked and not sure what to try for we tried everything years ago until we found our miracle detergent Fresh Start. So sad.

by: auntique7

Fresh Start is the only detergent I have ever purchased. Since college it has been my brand. When stores stopped carrying it I ordered it. Now I am desperately searching for it. If anyone has any info on how to get it please let me know! I would be ever so grateful!

Fresh Start
by: Scalene

Again, if anybody has any leads, anywhere, I'd be so grateful to be able to buy more. I didn't realize until I used something else how really amazing it is/was and I'm so picky and sensitive to stuff, and it worked so well and smells good. Whaaaa. So much of what I appreciate has been discontinued in the last 5 years, it little things that matter/nurture grief and new is icky and imposing.

where is it still available online?
by: Renee

Saw several comments on here, how everyone LOVES the detergent Fresh Start, and that it is available on-line. But the place I previously purchased (online), no longer carries it. Does anyone know of any place where it can be purchased?

What will I use if I can't find this??? OH NOOOOO!

My Fresh Start Replacement
by: James98188

I've also been a loyal Fresh Start customer for many years. Until someone can give me a better alternative, here's what I've been doing:

I've kept a couple of old Fresh Start jugs because they're so convenient to use, and have been refilling them with a product called "Start Fresh," which bills itself as being comparable to Fresh Start. It comes in cartons instead of jugs and with no convenient measuring system like the Fresh Start caps, which is why I reuse the Fresh Start jugs. It gets a little clumpy and doesn't pour as well as Fresh Start but has been working pretty well, and while its exorbitantly priced, if one buys a four carton case it brings the price down to that compatible with what Fresh Start used to go for. If anybody has a better option, I'm all ears!

I love Fresh Start
by: Anonymous

I like Fresh Start because I have a Maytag washer
and you load the detergent in the top of the machine. I purchased powder Tide, no fragrance, so boring. I bought liquid Tide--haven't used it yet, but after I brought it home I thought when I put the liquid in the top of the washer will it go through the slots before the water starts? Anyway, I know stupid thought/question, but that is how I think. I personally think Tide has cornered the market on laundry detergent and I thought it is wrong to have a monopoly on something---should there not be a choice???

I remember this
by: Anonymous

I am a man of 46 years and also remember Fresh Start ... my parents used to buy it by the bucket (similar in size to a large joint compound bucket), full of beautiful purplish and blue fresh start crystals. It was supposed to be super concentrated and it lasted a long time. I wonder if it was environmentally unfriendly, maybe too many phosphates? It was a good product and smelled nice as far as I can remember.

The BEST detergent in the world!!
by: Janet

I have used Fresh Start laundry detergent for years!!-can't remember how many. So long ago, I can't remember where I discovered it! Then, I found it at the Winco Grocery store in Temecula, CA and breathed a sigh of relief that I could always find it there-live in L.A., so when I was out in that area, I stocked up! I remember, at one point, before I discovered Winco, I ordered it directly from Colgate in New York. Now, it's gone from Winco!! The other detergents don't even compare-it makes clothes whiter, cleaner and doesn't irritate skin!! I WILL find it again-on the trail!!

Good memories
by: Stull

I also remember fresh start laundry detergent from my 80's childhood. It was a light blue granulated texture and I remember the smell being very good. It came in a plastic jug that was easy to carry. Had a jingle of some kind like get a fresh start America/get a fresh start .....?today/every day? With sheets flapping on a clothesline. I would have liked to smell it again!

Used it a long time
by: Lorene

I started using this about 50 years ago when my son was an infant. I am very disappointed that I cannot find it in the stores.

Hope it returns again soon!
by: Betty

It is the best! Hope it returns again soon!

Great stuff
by: Ben

I used Fresh Start while I was single and in the navy. Never did anything special, just threw the clothes in with Fresh Start and washed. Got many compliments and questions about how my whites stayed so white. All I could say was it must be the Fresh Start since I never used any other products like Clorox.

Loved it and lost it
by: Tamara

I used Fresh Start for years for skin sensitivity to detergents and it worked beautifully. I have tried all kinds of other brands since my local stores stopped selling it, but still am not as happy as I was with Fresh Start. I see people saying they can buy it online, but everywhere I go that offers it says it is discontinued. I only found a couple bottles being sold for $140 or more by individual sellers calling it "vintage" detergent. :(

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