Negative Reviews Of Finish Gel Pacs From SR101 Readers

The gel pacs don't dissolve as promised, even after several wash cycles.

The gel pacs don't dissolve as promised, even after several wash cycles.

Along with some of the longer entries and reviews about Finish Gel Pacs that I've received, I've also received many short comments and experiences from readers.

I find these comments to be just as instructive, frankly, than some of the longer ones that I've also published, because these readers don't mince words. They just say what they really think, and they've definitely convinced me about the quality (or lack thereof) of this particular product!

In addition, I found these pictures courtesy of a user from, zingingablenessedly, showing how the product didn't dissolve and harmed his dishwasher. (Click on each photo to see the description of what you're looking at.)

Here are some of the quick comments I've received recently:

SR101 Reader 1 says:

I find that some of the Finish gel pacs don't always dissolve completely, and find some of it stuck on the washer drain filter.

SR101 Reader 2 says:

My wife keeps buying Finish and I keep telling her not to. Every time we wash the dishes we have to do about half of them over, food stuck to forks, cups dishes.

This product has changed and is terrible. 25 percent more in each box is just a waste.

Sally says:

I have recently tried the Finish gelpacks and find that tea and coffee stains remain in the cups after using the Finish gelpacks.

I think I will be tossing the remaining gelpacks and going back to using powder - I usually use Cascade and have not had this problem.

SR101 Reader 3 says:

I had a terrible experience with Finish Gelpacs. They did not break down as advertised.

Dishwasher started making a terrible rattle. The repairman couldn't believe what he found. Hardened blue chunks stuck to the filter screen on chopper.

It cost $159 to repair. Not good.

SR101 Reader 4 says:

They don't dissolve in my dishwasher.

The outer pack dissolves, but the blue detergent inside forms a blue rubbery blob on the bottom of my dishwasher, and on the wooden handles of my steak knives as well.

I tried this several times with the same results.

Carol says:

I used these in my dishwasher and had no luck with them dissolving.

Sometimes they wouldn't even be moved from the dispenser. Just stuck there.

There is no company website or phone number on the box to complain to. I'm very dissatisfied with this product and
would not recommend it to anyone.

Hope Kiah says:

I see that I'm having the same problem as others - the gelpacs stopped dissolving half way through the box. Not very useful!

I called the number on the box, and I entered a complaint on their form. We'll see what they say.

SR101 Reader 5 says:

Finish Gelpacs are a terrible product: stains left in cups, suds in bottom of dishwasher at end of cycle, smelly scented dishes.... Don't buy this.

SR101 Reader 6 says:

About 3/4 of my gel packets were stuck together. If I tried to separate them, they'd break open.

I love the product and have used them for years, but I am very upset with this last experience. How about a refund?

SR101 Reader 7 says:

My wife started using these and after a few weeks we noticed water in the bottom of the dishwasher.

When I looked closer all of the holes where water shoots during the wash cycle where plugged with the gel-pack material.

I'm assuming the gel-pack material is also causing the water to remain in the bottom. What a mess.

M says:

This product caused enough foam to expand out of my dishwasher and on to the floor causing my wood floor to curl up.

I thought that maybe the washer just was not closed properly so used it couple days later and same thing. BE AWARE OF THIS, it can be costly.

Lin Wheeler from Dallas TX says:

I bought and tried this product and my dishes haven't been clean since.

At this very moment I'm rewashing all my dishes with Cascade.

I noticed my dishes getting a dull nasty coating, and it was very hard to scrub off.

Thanks for all the extra work.

The plastic bag they came in is not recloseable, some of them were already leaking when I first opened the box.

How do I get my money back?

Note from Taylor:

Neither I, nor this website are in any way affiliated with the company that manufactures Finish, so if you wish to pursue a refund you'll need to speak directly with the company.

But, can you tell that many people vehemently detest this product? There are very few I find, running this website, which are so adamantly hated as this one.

I know, for sure, I'll never be putting this product in my dishwasher. I would be crazy to even try them, and I don't personally recommend you try them either!

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More Hating On Finish Gel Pacs From SR101 Readers

Undissolved detergent in dishwasher, that was stuck there even after a couple of cycles and had to be removed by hand

Undissolved detergent in dishwasher, that was stuck there even after a couple of cycles and had to be removed by hand

In my last batch of comments I shared, they were mainly about the fact that these dishwasher detergent pacs don't dissolve well in your machine.

This time, I'm sharing a couple of pithy comments from readers about how this product makes your dishwasher smell bad!

However, before I share these comments, take a look at the photo above, shared by Lee Aurich, an user, again demonstrating how this detergent doesn't dissolve in your machine. Lovely, huh?

Now, here's what SR101 readers said about the smell this product caused:

Stan says:

We bough Finish gel packs because the packaging was minimal.

Our dishwasher has started to smell horrible.

At first, I thought it was our garbage disposal -- but it's fine. I have to wonder if it's the gel wrap that is causing this?

Anyway, we are going to switch. I'll report back.

SR101 Reader says:

The product makes the dishwasher smell like rotting food.

I switched back to the solid cubes and the smell went away.

Thanks for the posts that allowed us to identify the problem.

Taylor says:

Glowing reviews, huh?

I'd love to hear from even more of you who've used this product. You can share your review here, of this or any other brand or variety, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Orange Scented Finish Gel Pacs Make Me Unhappy

by Barbara Winslow
(Mashpee, MA)

Whirlpool dishwasher

Whirlpool dishwasher

Barbara shared her experience with this product, and as you can see she's not very happy (I wouldn't be either, from the photographic evidence!)

Barbara says:

I am very unhappy with these gelpacs.

The 1st time I used them & saw the gelpac undisolved I thought my kids had opened the dishwasher & upset the cycle.

Last night I ran it and stood guard.

This morning as I began to unload my 2 year old Whirlpool, I again saw the undissolved gelpac & all the blue gel soap inside the machine.

We have very hot water and there is no need of this. Grrrrr!

I ran out to the grocery store and bought another brand and rewashed my dishes with complete satisfaction.

I looked on the package for an e-mail address to notify the company ? ? ?

From an unhappy lady in Cape Code, MA. :-(

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about your bad experience Barbara, but as you can see from the other pictures and stories you can see above, in other submissions, you are definitely not alone.

Hopefully your experience and picture proof of the problem can help others avoid this particular type of detergent and instead choose something else which will work better for them.

Has anyone else used this product, and want to share their reviews? If so, you can tell me about your experiences here.

Further, you can read additional reviews and complaints of this product here (since is the third page I've made about this product, I've gotten so many bad reviews!):

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Comments for Orange Scented Finish Gel Pacs Make Me Unhappy

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Hate these Gel Pacs
by: Kimberly Elliott

These Gel Pacs are stuck together. I have to pull them apart or cut them apart. This is after I open my box to use. Half of them are ruined already. Didn't save me any money at all. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone!

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