I Now Use Era Instead Of The Cheapest Detergent Possible

by Lori Beth

Lori Beth shared this review of Era detergent on Stain Removal 101's Facebook wall, and then graciously allowed me to share it with everyone here on the site.

Lori Beth says:

Laundry detergent is something I used to always try and get the cheapest way possible. But I got tired of pretreating and also stains not coming out.

I have been using Era Original for a couple months now and I no longer have to pre-treat, and also everything comes out of the wash looking brand new.

It is totally worth the 8 bucks a jug to me because I was having to throw out laundry from too many stains with every cheap thing I tried.

Oh, and I am in no way affiliated with Era. Just a housewife who enjoys someone telling me about awesome products, so when I find one I tell everyone I know :)

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Taylor says:

Thanks Lori Beth for sharing your review.

The discussion we were having on the Facebook wall which spurred this discussion was based on this opinion from a reader which I had published, where she explained why she believes people need more low cost laundry detergent options.

Do you think Era is a good deal for the money paid? I'd love for you to share your opinion here, or even share a review of this brand if you've used it.

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Era Liquid Laundry Detergent Review - Fights Stains Well But Hate The Scent

by Drew
(Davenport, IA)

Drew has shared his Era liquid laundry detergent review.

Drew says:

I work for a major retail company. I am around liquid laundry detergent all of the time.

Additionally, due to my specific duties, my clothes become quite soiled and dirty.

I find it interesting and fun to experiment with different laundry detergents. I have the opportunity to be one of the first to smell the scent of new laundry detergents as they arrive.

This review is about Era liquid laundry detergent, the base kind, called "Active Stainfighter" formula. Where Era excels, without a doubt, is stain removal, in my opinion.

My clothes tend to be soiled by a wide variety of messes. Anything from typical dirt, grease and grime to my lunch, which often includes spaghetti sauce. Era did not let me down while fighting and combating these stains.

These stains are also often set in by as much as 7 days. This is due to only doing laundry once a week.

Era does disappoint in the nose department, however. While it does not leave any odor behind in the clothes, it does not smell appealing to begin with. I liken the scent of Era to aged garbage honestly. It's not enjoyable like many of the others.

On the other hand it's not overly scented with fufu stuff. So it can technically be a positive.

Taylor says:

Thanks Drew for sharing your review. I guess you are a braver soul then I, because if I thought something smelled like garbage I don't believe I would have washed my clothing in it. I guess the bright side is that you say it does not leave an odor behind in the clothing after they are washed.

If you read the other reviews that have already been submitted, you will notice that others say this too, about a mild or light scent after the clothing is washed (not about the garbage smell). Some people like to have a lingering scent, while others don't, which is I guess one of the many reasons there are so many formulations of detergent out there.

If anyone else has used this detergent you can share your own Era laundry detergent review here, or read additional information about it.

You can also share your laundry detergent review here, for any brand, telling me how it has worked for you.

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It's The Best & Doesn't Get The Recognition It Deserves

by Sharon Archard
(North Carolina, USA)

I would like to give a shout out to ERA laundry detergent. It is the best product I have ever used.

I have been using it for over 20 years and it has not failed me yet.

I first tried to remove blood stains and have been using it every since.

It is an unsung product that has worked effectively without having to be changed. I would use this instead of all the new products that they improve on today.

It takes out berry stains, blood and ring around the collar.

I had a suit that I pulled out my closet which I had not worn in over 8 years. I noticed it had a stain on it. Since I had not worn it for so long I thought that I could not get the stain out, I thought the stain was set and unremovable.

I rubbed some ERA on it and washed it and the stain came out.

ERA is a detergent that gets no recognition and I think it should.

My main problem with ERA is that I am finding it hard to buy. I think the company that produces this product should make it known to the public of its unique qualities and make it more available.

I went to three stores today and was unable to purchase any. Help me out please.

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Era Detergent Reviews - Pros And Cons

by Kathryn Hillman

Kathryn says:

In the past I used liquid Era quite often.

The best thing about it is that it’s very reasonably priced, and that really helps out when you’re strapped for cash and have lots of laundry to do because of kids.

I used it when I lived in an apartment and had to go to the laundry room and pay for washing and drying. It really helps to have that extra few quarters.

However, I’ve found Era doesn’t really have a long lasting fresh scent after the clothes have been washed.

Having fresh smelling clothes, towels, and linens is important to me; I hate that musty smell, especially working in fast food, with lots of grease and food odors.

Era’s stain-fighting power also left something to be desired.

Since then I have found that it is worth it to spend the extra few dollars and get extra concentrated detergent with baking soda.

Taylor says:

Kathryn, thanks for your Era detergent review.

Has anyone else used Era for washing their clothes? If so, you can share your Era laundry detergent review here, or read others that have already been submitted.

In addition, you can share your laundry detergent reviews here for any brand, telling me what you like or don't about it, and why.

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Comments for Era Detergent Reviews - Pros And Cons

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how I make the most of this detergent
by: Anonymous

You can get a huge jug of ERA at BJ's for $12. I also wait for a good sale and buy a lot. I usually only use it for stained items.

supposed to be dual use detergent, but too many suds for HE washer
by: Heidi K

This detergent is decent. It does a decent job of cleaning at a very affordable price. However, it is made to be a dual detergent, but doesn't perform like one.

Where it is fine for regular top loaders, it produces way too many suds for HE washers, which we just got.

Over all, if you are on a budget, want a detergent that does a decent job at cleaning, and have a regular washing machine, give Era a try. Otherwise, this detergent is not for you.

Allergic to Life..and Era
by: michaelaclooney

I am allergic to so many things including foods and environmental that I get 2 allergy shots every two weeks. This has been going on for many years.

The detergent that gave me the worst itchy raised hives is Era. Recently, my boyfriend's son used Era and had complaints about itching and some hives.

I personally almost always use ALL in the white container, free of perfumes and dyes. I also use fabric softener sheets that are free of perfumes and dyes, different brands, and do not have any bad reactions.

stinks when let items soak overnight
by: Gloria

Why does Era liquid detergent 2x cleaning power (HE) smell so horribly if you let something soak overnight? The smell is putrid. What is in this stuff that causes that? This happens every time I use it, and soak items overnight in the washer.

can only find it at Wal-Mart
by: Adrienne

I can only use ERA for cleaning my clothes; except the only store I can buy it is Wal-Mart. I am not a fan of buying at Wal-Mart. I am allergic to all other brands, except ERA. I have asked the grocery stores I shop at to stock it. They tell me it does not get sold enough. I am certain there are other people out there that have the same issue???

by: Anonymous

My sister loves Era to wash her clothes. However, when she does it triggers my Asthma. I can't touch it either as it causes my skin to become inflamed, itchy, and sore all over.

Best I ever used
by: Margaret

I also have been using Era Laundry detergent for over 20 years. It's the best we've ever found, for 3 reasons:
1.Gets the clothes clean no matter what.
2. Doesn't bother my husband's sensitive skin, twice we did laundry while we were traveling at a relative's house and used Tide and he itched terribly.
3. I have asthma an it's the least irritating smell to me. I love the way it makes our clothes smell and haven't noticed any bad smell while using it.

I have also found it increasingly hard to find in stores. I think P and G is pushing their other brands, maybe it's so good you have to use less (I only use a little bit with a large load). So I have had to order it on the internet and get it shipped to my house. I ordered enough to get free shipping.

The best
by: Anonymous

I started using Era stain-fighting power 2 when my son was little. It gets out grass stains, red GA clay stains, and grease better than any other detergent. The enzymes break down stains. I have allergies and the strong perfume used in Tide and Gain makes me sick. I break out when using Tide. I do use a non-fade brand for clothes that don't have stains but everything else gets washed in Era. It has mild scent that doesn't linger in clothes. I do not understand the uber scented need everyone has today. My friends have heavy scented laundry, lotion, shampoo, soap, perfume, household spray, and burn candles constantly. Phew, gives me headache and it all clashes. Era is the best!

Where you can find it
by: Anonymous

Dollar general carries Era all of the time.

This Is A Great Detergent
by: Queen

When my kids were growing up all I used was Era. It was sold at Aldi, then they stopped. Walmart sold it at, then they stopped too, so I had to switch detergents. I was at Menard's about 6 months ago and found Era, how very happy I was, and at a great price. It cleans my clothes good. It has never been the best smelling detergent, I use fabric softener and dryer sheets my clothes smell fine. Era is a great affordable detergent to use, not a thin watery liquid like some of the other brands. I give it 2 thumbs up.

ERA 3X liquid detergent
by: Elaine

I have been using ERA for 35 years and have always liked it. It is cheaper than Tide or Gain until now. Now they are getting greedy. The last big jug I got was the 2X and it was supposed to wash 96 loads and it probably did. This time when I got ERA all they had was the the 3X and it is supposed to wash 87 loads which would only be 5 loads less it it were true.

The 3X ERA Gallon cost more than the 2X did and it comes with a much bigger cup to use to measure the amount you put in but it isn't big enough. All they did was water the 2X down and now it takes twice as much as the 2X did to get the clothes clean and then raised the price of it to.

If it takes 2 gallons to do the same amount of loads with the 3X as it did with 1 gallon of the 2X and they raised the price it would be cheaper to use Tide or Gain. I will be going with Gain.

Formula makes me itch
by: Chapman

I have used Era for years and it cleans well. My husband worked and got his worked stained clothes clean. But something drastic has changed. Some ingredient makes me claw my skin and now my husband also. What did you do???

I love Era and hate that its getting harder to find
by: Pam

I raised four kids, all year-round athletes. We always had heaps of stinky, sweaty football and rugby clothes, grass-stained soccer gear, white baseball pants with sliding grime ground into them, etc. and Era is the only detergent that always got the stains out and kept the colors bright season after season. I swear by it. I'm no clean-freak but do know a good product when I find it. Now I'm having a hard time finding Era and often have to use other products. What's going on with distribution? Maybe its not as popular as other brands but it always got our toughest stains out and will always be my go-to when I can find it. Missing you ERA!

The best overall
by: Teresa P.

I used Era laundry detergent the whole time my kids were growing up because it always got the tough stains out. With kids you need that. Grass stains were constant in my laundry basket. Pour Era on and scrub with a toothbrush or small scrubbie and let it sit for awhile before washing in cold water. My kids clothes stayed new looking thanks to Era for years. Love it! Now I'm back to using it again. Lower cost brands are not worth it!

Worth the extra money
by: Mary

I always keep a bottle of Era around to use on stains. Now that my kids are older I use it on stains only, no need to use it for the entire load. Nothing gets out grass and blood stains like Era, first time, every time! My kids bring home their college roommates' stained laundry for me to work on. hey call me Queen of Laundry! lol

by: Kate Jacobs

My son brought home his work clothes in a bag instead of taking them off in the garage. The denim color was now dark brown from extreme dirt, grime, grain chaff, and reeked of diesel fuel. I have never seen his jeans this bad. He was going to throw them away but I said just let me try to wash them since the jeans were new and cost $90 a pair. I did not expect what I saw after they came out of my front load washer! I used Era 3X HE liquid. Not a stain remained. No pretreat either because I didn’t want to touch them. They were back to the denim color and the diesel smell was very faint. I put several dryer sheets in the dryer and now he can wear them! Just like new. I will never buy anything else. Thank you Era!

works fantastic and oh, so love the scent!!
by: Elizabeth

I grew up using Era as this is the detergent my mom used. As I grew up that was my go to detergent. It works amazing and I absolutely love the scent! Great product and far less expensive than the other "name brand" items.

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