Dynamo Detergent Not Good In My Opinion

by Brenda Classen
(Conklin, MI)

Brenda has written in with her opinion of Dynamo detergent.

Brenda says:

I have been buying Dynamo soap for over 3 years, but this last bottle I got had absolutely no suds in it whatsoever.

Even after putting some in a bucket I needed, I ended up having to add over 3 or 4 cups of the detergent to just about less than a gallon of water, and still no suds. What is wrong with this soap?

It has never done this before that I have ever noticed, but I am not happy at all with this, especially with the price of soap these days.

Taylor says:

Thanks Brenda for sharing your experiences with this laundry detergent. It appears there are other people who are also not happy about it too, as you can see from the other review below.

In fact, I am beginning to notice there really is no place for those who purchase Dynamo laundry detergent to properly and effectively share their grievances about it because I keep getting angry consumers writing me, thinking I am affiliated with the company. Please note I am not, but I am a sympathetic ear.

I would note, however, that low sudsing detergent isn't necessarily bad for cleaning clothes, since nowadays many soaps are specifically designed not to produce lots of suds. However, unless the formulation of Dynamo has changed, which it typically would say on the bottle, and previous bottles did produce lots of suds, it would indicate a problem in this case, I would think.

Has anyone else used Dynamo and want to share a review, either positive or negative? If so, you can share your review here, or read more information about this product.

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This Is The Only Laundry Detergent I Can Use!

by Cindy
(Mancelona, MI)

Here is a positive review of this detergent, which is unusual since the rest of them I've received have been negative. However, a reader, Cindy had this to say:

Cindy says:

I've used Dynamo HE liquid detergent for several years.

I've tried others, but Dynamo seems to be the only soap I can use without having an allergic reaction.

I have found that it works well, and takes most stains out. Some stains need a little extra help with a spray or rub on stain remover.

I would recommend Dynamo! It is inexpensive but works well.

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I Also Love This Detergent

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader:

I am also allergic to most detergents. This is the only one I use.

The formula has changed which is why there is very little sudsing.

They are only making an HE version for front loaders now.

It was on all the packages a few months ago.

Front loaders can't handle higher levels of suds, and thus the change.

Now, where can I find it in the Chicago area?

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review, and I do see on the newest packaging that it says it is HE compatible, which could definitely explain the lack of sudsing (click the link to read more information from me about this phenomenon).

As for your question of where to get it in Chicago, I'm not personally sure. I do know it can be purchased online through the links provided. However, as for within that city, perhaps other readers have some suggestions. If you do, please tell me in the comments to help this person out!

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Dynamo Laundry Detergent Is Horrible

by Tylar
(Findlay, Ohio, US)

Tylar provided this very succinct review!

Tylar says:

Even on sale, this is not worth anything!

Taylor says:

Well Tylar, you are not alone in feeling this way, at least based on the reviews submitted so far.

Does anyone have anything positive to say about this detergent? If so, or you want to share your opinion about any detergent at all you can share your laundry detergent review here.

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Ultra Dynamo Is An Ultra Disappointment

by Rex
(South Bend, IN)

I bought this on sale at a large discount store. It was not worth the sale price.

I used as directed, not one bubble in the washer, and the water did not feel slippery.

The only difference between the food stained cloth napkins before washing in Phoenix Brand Ultra Dynamo, and after full wash cycle was that the napkins were wet.

I washed them again, this time in Tide and they came out clean.

This is the last time I purchase this junk and I'll be very suspicious of other Phoenix Brand products from now on.

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This Is My Favorite Brand!

by Linda

It is the only detergent I like. I used to like the Mountain Fresh or something like that. Did not like the Oxi as much.

But our Meijer store no longer carried it.

Later I found it at Family Fare Stores but in a blue bottle.

I like the scent and the way it cleans.

When I couldn't find Dynamo, I tried Gain but that had an overpowering scent that just irratited my nose.

I tried Tide but even though I do rinse my clothes twice, I could never get all the detergent out. It seemed to foam forever.

But I have used the Dynamo forever and was thankful to find it again even in a new formula.

It does not produce a lot of suds, but it works well for me. My clothes are clean, soft and fresh smelling.

I usually pay $5.99 for 100 oz.

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Disappointed & Unhappy With How Much I Had To Use

by Linda Ingram
(Del City, Ok. USA)

In 50 plus years of doing laundry this is the first I've looked up a laundry product.

I purchased at a store Dynamo 30% more Free 2X ULTRA. I've not ever had to have suds showing, I feel of the water and if it feels right it's doing the job.

With our children grown and not in the area I do 2-3 loads a week for the two of us.

I treat spots with a solution I make.

Have used twice as much as a cheap detergent I used a few months ago.

We have the means for better but still like a sale. Very unhappy with how much I had to use.

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Dynamo Detergent Review - Don't Waste Your Money

by Andrea

Dynamo Free And Clear Detergent

Dynamo Free And Clear Detergent

Here is a Dynamo detergent review from a reader, Andrea.

Andrea says:

Don't waste your money on Dynamo, especially the "clear and free."

After returning the bottles several times to the supermarket because the consistency was not much thicker than water and did not produce any suds in the wash, I decided to call the company, Phoenix Brands, directly.

I was treated so rudely that I got on line to write a letter to the company via their website.

Well, I can't even find that. So, take my awful experience and loss of money as an expensive lesson to me, but one that might help you!

Taylor says:

Andrea, I'm sorry to hear you didn't like Dynamo detergent.

Has anyone else has similar experiences with it? If so, you can share in the comments or write your own Dynamo laundry detergent review here.

I myself have not even tried it, nor do I even know what stores it is sold in. Does anyone have this information?

Remember too, you can share any laundry detergent reviews here, so we can find a good detergent to use.

Does anyone have any other free and clear detergent reviews to share, that may help Andrea?

Here is my Tide Free And Gentle review, which I use because of my son's laundry detergent allergy. I'm not necessarily convinced it is the best detergent out there, but it works for my purposes.

***UPDATE*** I have now compiled a list of hypoallergenic laundry detergents available, along with reviews, when submitted from readers, of the various detergents.

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Comments for Dynamo Detergent Review - Don't Waste Your Money

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I can't find this detergent anywhere anymore.
by: Anonymous

Hello. I have allergic reactions to most detergents also. Except Dynamo.

Does anyone know where I can find this brand in Michigan? It seems all of the stores around me have stopped carrying it. Thank you for any help.

Where to buy this brand
by: Taylor

In response to your question of where to buy this brand, you can always buy it online through the links above (please note they're my affiliate links so if you buy through them I receive a small commission). If you want to purchase it in a store I have personally seen it in Walmart, although I do not live in your state so I cannot guarantee it would be there. Does anyone else have suggestions for where you can purchase this product?

Where's my Dynamo?
by: Anonymous

Why can't I find Dynamo around here in Ma.? This was the only detergent I liked. I live in Pittsfield Ma.

Petition to bring back The Original Dynamo
by: Glenn

For those of us who can recall the introduction of Dynamo, it had a theme song which read, "The little blue jug is Dynamo" and was one of the first to be introduced as a product which required a minimum per load (maybe 1 oz.)

But the best part of Dynamo was the scent. I'm from a large family and we all loved the fresh scent which did an awesome job of cleaning, as well. Like Wisk, you could pour it directly on a stain and throw it in with the rest of your laundry.

But changes were made and they took a great product, increased the amount, abolished the scent and "fixed" a product which wasn't broken.

Petition for the return of the little blue jug.

Not what it used to be
by: Besse

I was temporarily laid off and I, too, bought Dynamo on sale cause I had coupon and thought "Great, used to love this stuff and I can save some money." NOT worth it! Did not clean clothes very well. Used the bottle I had purchased and switched back to another brand.

Consistency of water
by: Anonymous

I just bought a container of Dynamo Oxi Plus at the local grocery store. I had never tried it before but I bought it because it was half off. When I opened the container to pour into the washing machine the consistency was like water. I could not believe it! My immediate reaction was that someone had bought it, poured water into the container and returned it for a refund. I cannot speak to whether or not it actually cleans clothes as they are still in the washer but I cannot imagine that anyone would like this detergent. Because of the consistency, it splashed outside of the detergent holder and onto the floor. I think you get what you pay for and the reason it was on sale is that nobody likes it or this was a bad batch.

NOT what it use to be
by: Fran

I have used regular Dynamo for many, many years and have told many people how wonderful it was (or used to be). My husband's work pants were the worst (axle grease (globs). It worked wonders and completely removed ALL the grease and dirt. Now, whatever was done to this product has ruined it. It is SO watered down. It used to be MUCH thicker and it doesn't do the job anymore. You have lost a LONG time user and it really ticks me off because it was a great product. Also, I always used the regular Dynamo and now all I can find is the one with Oxy Plus and/or HE. Neither is what I want. Also, it doesn't have the same smell. It is a milder, weaker smell of the original. Wanted to share my comments.

From a former customer.

Love my original scent Dynamo
by: Anonymous

Getting harder to find so I stock up whenever I can. Clean, light sudsing in my HE washer. Scent fills laundry room so well. Love this stuff

by: Jerry

Dynamo laundry detergent is absolute trash. It will not remove stains, it will not remove odors. I used some cologne while wearing a T-shirt, dynamo did nothing to remove the odor after washing three times. And as a previous comment said will not Sudz at all. I know someone else who is used it washing work clothes and it did nothing to clean or deodorize them. This product is nothing but glycerin, dye with perfume and water! Absolute garbage, and I might add a complete rip off!!!

Love love love old version
by: Mairs

30 plus years ago I was shopping in a mall, and a woman carrying a clipboard approached me and asked if I would try a new product for 2 weeks, then fill out a survey. A laundry detergent in a blank container was handed to me, with instructions. After the 2 weeks and my A+ review, I received a case of laundry detergent with labels on each of the bottles reading "Dynamo." I loved that original product and used it for another 25 years until it became hard to find and all new scents. It was never the same after being improved. :(

by: Keith

I bought a bottle of Dynamo free and clear, and when I poured some into the cap a white clunky substance came pouring out. Now I didn't see anything on the bottle that read substance inside may be cloudy. Now this happened after I shook the bottle up. WTH is this stuff?

low suds
by: Athena

I like other reviewers are having the same problem...no suds! I know it is said you don't need suds for clothing to be cleaned but no suds whatsoever. I wind up putting more in and the clothes come out feeling soapy but not looking clean. I have used Dynamo in the past with no problems. It has been some time since, maybe they changed the formula. I don't know but I am concerned that it might be really old. By reading all the reviews I see it is not old, just different. If everyone is noticing the same thing, well then they must have changed something. It was a waste of money. I will not buy it again.

Clump and gel at even mildly cold temperatures
by: Edward Glowacki

Ok cleaning and great price when it is on sale. The major problem I have experienced with all the Dynamo laundry detergents is that they separate and clump up into a jelly like substance when they are exposed to temperatures below 70 degrees. Even after warming and shaking container the clumps do not dissolve. This causes the remaining liquid to be like water, which I actually think it is. This condition has never been experienced before with any other detergents.

Wondering if my dynamo regular laundry soap is HE
by: Annette Beals

I would like to know if I can use my Dynamo regular laundry soap in a front loader safely?

Who produces Boombstic Clean Dynamo detergent?
by: Kathy

I have called the "Questions? Information?" number on the Dynamo bottle telling them about the detergent "blobs" I find in each bottle of Dynamo since they changed to the new 4X concentrate. I called 2 times and emailed once. I have not received any feedback after giving them my email, address and phone number. The customer service reps were the most untrained reps I have ever spoken with at a corporation. I loved Dynamo and used it exclusively for over 20 years. Now with the new detergent I get anywhere from a 1/2 to 1 cup "blob" when I pour the detergent into my washer. Then after I take my clothes out of the dryer there is a solid piece of plastic that forms. I wanted to let them know about this issues because I loved their other product. Since no one has responded and I am getting these plastic pieces in my dryer I am going to stop using the product. I worry that this will block up my drains. I also was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same issues. I am very disappointed at the management of this company. Seems like no once cares or wants to hear any feedback. So sad.

No soap suds
by: Elly

I have been using Dynamo for many years but have noticed since about six months that almost no soap suds appear once the washing machine starts agitating. Either they have weakened the formula or have a new "sudless" one.

Blue Dynamo is my favorite
by: Anonymous

My favorite blue Dynamo. Always cleaned, always made my clothes smell good. Now I can't find it anywhere. Sure do miss it.

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