Homemade Dishwasher Stain Remover - Orange Kool Aid

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Below I've got several variations of this simple homemade dishwasher stain remover you can use to get nasty hard water stains and soap build up out of your dishwasher.

Simple and frugal homemade dishwasher stain remover recipe, used for removing hard water and soap stains {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
What started this discovery for me was learning about the tip to use an orange Kool Aid packet (or lemon) to clean your dishwasher.

To use this remedy is really simple. You add the powdered Kool Aid, or other no sugar added citrus powdered drink (such as lemonade, and some people swear by Tang) to the dishwasher detergent tray, and run the dishwasher empty.

I wanted to know why this worked, because it does, in fact, work, really well.

Come to find out, it's the citric acid in the Kool Aid packet that gets rid of the stains caused by hard water and other alkaline stains, like general mineral build up, in your dishwashers.

That is why this citric acid also works well on soap stains, and soap build up in your dishwasher. You can see some of this build up, especially around your detergent tray, almost looking like streaks, if you tend to add too much soap each time you run your dishwasher.

Just like hard water and mineral build up, the soap build up inside your machine is an alkaline substance.

Therefore, using citric acid in the Kool Aid packets will help dissolve it, and rinse it away.

You should know the thicker the build up of hard water and soap stains, the more cycles through you will have to do this simple home remedy.

It works, but it isn't a miracle worker! Therefore, if you live in an area with hard water I suggest doing this at least monthly, perhaps twice a month.

You can read on below about how to use just citric acid for this dishwasher stain remover, instead of using the Kool Aid packets, if you'd prefer.

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Citric Acid For Dishwasher Stain Remover Plus More

If you don't want to add a Kool Aid packet to get your citric acid, you can also just add citric acid directly to your dishwasher, either while it is empty, or each time that you wash dishes.

Originally, a reader, Jim, wrote in his tip for using citric acid in this way, and he suggested using one teaspoon of citric acid to the dishwasher soap.

When you do this consistently, with each load of dishes, over time you will notice several differences.

For one, it will remove the white film that builds up inside the dishwasher, which is a result of hard water and mineral build up.

In addition, that same hard water build up you notice inside the machine is actually slowly dulling your dishes and glasses as well. If you do this you'll also notice shinier glasses and dishes.

You can get citric acid in bulk through the links below:

Citric Acid {Referral Links}

In addition, if you'd like to purchase a product that works in a similar way to citric acid, I personally use LemiShine detergent additive in every load of my dishwasher. This product contains citric acid in it, and much like Jim, who originally shared about using citric acid, I found that with time I did see less build up since I used it in every single load of my dishwasher.

My article about LemiShine shows several before and after photos when using this product, to show how it does remove that hard water build up on dishes and in the dishwasher itself.

If anyone knows anymore uses for this natural cleaning agent you can share your citric acid uses here, or read even more suggestions that have already been submitted.

You can also share your own tips for cleaning a dishwasher here, or read other tips already submitted. You'll see that many of them suggest using some form of mild acid, like citric acid, vinegar, or other such thing to get your dishwasher clean, and to remove mineral stains that develop with time.

Simple and frugal homemade dishwasher stain remover recipe, used for removing hard water and soap stains {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Citric Acid For Dishwasher Stain Remover Plus More

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Citric Acid in the Dishwasher
by: PJ

Living in a very hard water area I have used citric acid in my dishwashers for years. I have NEVER had hard water buildup in any dishwasher no matter how old it is when it finally "dies." I started with 1 T combined with a powder dishwasher detergent in the olden days, then once a month I would run it unloaded with 2-3 T in the dispenser cups. Now I used Lemi-shine products exclusively and continue to have a shiny, like-new dishwasher.

where I buy citric acid
by: Anonymous

I buy it at the bulk food store, so it is food grade. It's the thing in Tang that gives it the tang, by the way. Gets rid of all the mineral scum and deposits in the cycle. Just add a couple teaspoons and let it run. We are talking pennies on the dollar compared to commercial products.

do this once a month
by: Heather

At least once a month I clean my dishwasher with citric acid. I just fill the detergent cup (or whatever that little space is called) with citric acid (you can also sprinkle a little extra into the dishwasher itself), set it to the highest temperature cycle, and let it run. It keeps my dishwasher shining nicely and I can definitely tell a difference in how my dishes come out in the following washes. Don't forget to check the filter, too!

Though I don't do this as often, it's also important to get into the nook and cranny spots around the dishwasher door hinges, the edges of the door and machine, and around the bottom (with dishwasher door open, closed and slightly ajar), which we don't see just looking at it - they can get rusty/grimy. I use my homemade "softscrub" - baking soda, dish detergent, vinegar - and a toothbrush, Q-tip, toothpick, or something else that can get into those cracks and crevices. It's work, but it's a great feeling when it's done!

Tang works too
by: Anonymous

Tang (drink mix)
Fill dispenser
Run dishwasher empty load

Lemonade mix works
by: Brenda

Run a quick cycle with a package of lemonade to remove smells and clean your dishwasher.

Been using citric acid for over 35 years
by: Peggy

I've put citric acid in my dishwashers for over 35 years. When they "give up the ghost" (for other problems) both stainless steel and porcelain tubs are as clean as the day I bought them. It not only keeps the tub clear of hard water buildup it keeps the sprayer holes clear also. I must mention, we have always lived in a hard water area of West Texas, and we do not have a water softener. I fill the rinse container with citric acid every load along with a rinsing agent dispensed automatically.

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