Copper Glo Review: Gets Rid Of Dullness & Spots On My Copper Pots & Pans

by Alice

Alice shared her Copper Glo review, a copper cleaning product which is made by the manufacturers of Bar Keepers Friend.

***Update: Please note that I have recently learned that this product has been discontinued, although I'm sure you'll be able to find it on store shelves for a while as they sell off the last of the stock. See below for more details.***

Alice says:

This is the brand that I have used for many years.

I use it mostly to clean my set of copper pots and pans, but I have also used it to clean the sink and stove top as well.

I generally use it when the pots and pans become dingy and spotty, typically every couple of months. It really is amazing and it is very easy to use.

What I do is shake it from the can onto the item I plan to clean and then I add a little bit of water. There is no wait time. I immediately just scrub the pot or pan with a sponge.

The pots and pans return to their original brightness after they are polished. The Copper Glo removes the spots and leaves a bright sheen and finish on them.

I have never had this product ruin anything that I have used it on. It is also easy to find at a local grocery store in the cleaning products aisle.

Taylor says:

Thanks Alice for your review of this product.

It is great to be able to find something you can use on your pots and pans, since with use they can start to look pretty rough, and part of the appeal of copper pots is their beautiful color and glow.

doing a bit of research on this cleaner and polish I learned it can be used on some other metals besides just copper, including brass, chrome, and stainless steel. I'd love to hear from people who have used it on these surfaces too, to share how it works on them.

I would also love to hear from even more people who have used this product, or any other product to clean copper items in their home. You can share your copper cleaner reviews or cleaning tips here, or read other tips and reviews which have already been submitted.

***Update continued: I was not aware that this product was discontinued until I received a comment from a reader, Jackie, who stated:
I just can't believe that they have DISCONTINUED Cooper Glo. I was told to try Bar Keepers Friend, I had tried it I the past and it is NOT the same. Wish I knew why they are not making it.
I only came to the conclusion it was no longer in production by heading to the manufacturer's website and seeing it no longer for sale. It has now been discontinued as of approximately 2012.

If you like this product I would suggest stocking up with a few cans now, before the supplies dwindle and you can't find it anymore.

I would also love to hear from others who have tried the suggested replacement, Bar Keepers Friend powder, to share how it works on copper to know if it will be a suitable replacement or not. You can share your review here.

Looking For A Replacement Copper Cleaner & Polish?

If you're looking for a replacement product now that this has been discontinued, make sure to check out these copper cleaning product reviews from other readers.

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Removing Lime Scale From Glass Jars With Copper Glo

by gardngal

A reader, gardngal, shared another use for this product that worked well for her, to remove lime scale from glass.

Gardngal says:

Today I needed a cleaner to remove residue from glass gallon pickle jars that were etched with lime. Guess what I tried?

Copper Glo took the residue off beautifully. Thanks Copper Glo for easy use!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing this additional use for this slightly acidic product. I would assume that this property was what caused it to do so well for removing hard water residue.

You can read other tips for removing hard water residue here, or share your own tips.

Photo by Noah Sussman

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This Is The Best Copper Cleaner Or WAS!

by SR101 Reader

I am totally surprised the company discontinued making it. I do not like any of their other cleaners for copper pans! I've tried them!

Copper Glo has been used for a very long time in our family since my Mother-in-law first told me of it in 1967.

I want it back as I have my copper bottom pans hanging out on the wall for all to see. I am so sad! :(

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Are You Kidding Me? So Sad It's Been Discontinued

by Baw

Baw says:

Discontinued???? Are you kidding me?

I have tried everything and nothing holds up to Copper Glo.

I have very expensive stainless cook wear and this product is the only thing that cleans and shines it.

It is very hard to find. The last time I ordered a case by phone. It is all gone now.

Seems like every time you find a product that works, it gets discontinued. What a crock!!!

Taylor says:

I know what you mean! Very frustrating, isn't it?

Here are some more stainless steel cleaner reviews for you to check out, since it sounds like you need to find something new. Hope they help!

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Comments for Are You Kidding Me? So Sad It's Been Discontinued

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Alternative to this product
by: Anonymous

I use Kleen King Stainless & Copper Cleaner. It works just as good as the old Copper Glo.

Lost without it!
by: Anonymous

I have used Copper Glo cleaner since 1973 when I purchased a set of stainless steel cook ware. I can't do with out it. I have done an in store demo or anything for free just to prove how important it is to keep this product!!! Got to have in Georgia.

cannot find in stores
by: Marge McCarthy

I cannot believe that I cannot find Copper Glo in the stores anymore. I am so surprised that it was discontinued. I wish I had known as I would have stocked up on it. It keeps my Revere Ware pots and pans looking wonderful.

Is it possible that it might be found somewhere? I would like to know. Help. I need a few cans.

please bring it back!
by: Maria Leon

How sad this product was the only cleaner that worked with out any scrubbing. My pots and pans would shine. What brain child discontinued it? They should be shot. There is no replacement for it either...I tried them all. Please bring it back!

Why was it discontinued?
by: Gary C. Wells

Why would such a great product such as Copper Glo be discontinued? Maybe it worked too well.

Fan - but think I can make my own
by: Anonymous

Check the ingredients, they are sodium chloride aka
un-iodized/kosher table salt and citric acid, found that lemon juice worked fine.

Dumb move
by: Anonymous

Whatever caused this company to discontinue what was the best copper cleaner in the USA?

Probably a decision made by "bean counters" not marketing people. Their "Barkeeper's Friend" is not as good. I bet the decision was based on cost savings in packaging/shipping/selling a single product, not two. No thought about serving the public of course.

Unless it was a toxic product, discontinuing "Copper Glow" was a dumb move.

Copper glow worked!
by: Anonymous

Comments indicate a satisfied and loyal customer base ...
Why no response from the foolish manufacturer that discontinued this product?

an amazing cleaner
by: Euphemia

I have pots from Carico. This cleaner is second to none. Had I know it was going to be discontinued I would have stocked up.

I have yet to find a cleaner that clean and shine my pots like Copper Glo.

Great on hard water and rust stains!
by: Anonymous

This is the best cleaner I have ever tried on rust stains!

Upset that it is discontinued!

Copper Glo vs Bar Keepers Friend
by: KA

I used Copper Glo for over 40 years, then they discontinued it and replaced it with Bar Keepers Friend which isn't even close to as good as Copper Glo. I wrote the company several times and they "tried" to tell me that Bar Keepers Friend was the same as Copper Glo. Well, it's not! I have yet to find a product as good as Copper Glo. Any suggestions?

Use Bar Keepers Powder instead
by: Sharon D.

I've used Bar Keepers Powder for years on my stainless steel pots and pans and does a great job without scratching them. Try it!

worked too well
by: Anonymous

Copper Glo worked so well, maybe they felt it was unprofitable. I have to use so much Bar Keepers Friend to clean the bottom of my pans, I'm switching to natural cleaners...

Bring it back!
by: Anonymous

Bring it back!

Can’t believe it’s been discontinued
by: Anonymous

Can’t believe it’s been discontinued. The Bar Keepers Friend does NOT do as well on copper. Used this product since the 60’s. Bring it back!!

can't find it
by: fish jamie

I love this stuff and am down to my last can. Where can I find this product COPPER GLO? Bartenders friend doesn’t hold a candle to Copper Glo.

How to clean copper like Copper Glow
by: sewgirl

With citric acid which is available at the grocery and sometimes referred to as sour salt you can mix it one pound to one cup of boiling water in a heatproof jar and store in jar for cleaning. Use with rubber gloves. It will clean your pots up quickly! If you need some scrub power, use some baking soda sprinkled over the surface.

This is crazy
by: Gail Smith

My mom used Copper Glo for years, and I had used it for years, and haven't located it a very long time. I have not found anything as effective as Copper Glo.

family has used for over 60 years
by: Audrey

Our whole family has used Copper Glo for more than 60 years!!! It works wonderfully in our copper bottom pans and any other copper items. Why in the world would they discontinue it???

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