Clorox Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner Review

by Taylor

I've now used Clorox Green Works toilet bowl cleaner several times, and wanted to share my review of it with you.

This product is 99% naturally derived, and comes out as a relatively thick gel.

The first thing I noted when I used it was that the cap is extremely easy to open. It is a twist top and while this doesn't help with it being child safe, it does make it simple when you want to actually use the product.

I am more used to the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner caps which many people complain are hard to open. I've never actually not been able to open one before, like some, but now after using the Clorox brand design I have to agree, Lysol's method for opening the caps is MUCH harder.

Obviously, which such an easy open top you need to keep your cleaner in a child-proof cabinet, but honestly we should all be doing that anyway so it's no big deal.

Also though, you'll need to make sure you close it after use because otherwise the next time you grab it, and squeeze the flimsy plastic bottle it will squirt everywhere. (Didn't happen to me, because I closed it, but I could foresee it happening to someone.)

Once you squeeze the product out into the toilet bowl the first thing I noticed is that it has a light green dye in it.

The last eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner I reviewed
(Earth Friendly Products toilet cleaner) didn't have a dye in it, and so this surprised me when this one did.

Honestly, such a dye is completely unnecessary, and is only there to make it "look green." Not personally a fan of unneeded ingredients, so as with several other of the Green Works products I would implore Clorox to just drop this ingredient. We consumers will still like it, I promise!

Further, it had a strong scent which was a bit overpowering, but quickly dissipated once I scrubbed and then flushed away the cleaner.

I don't think this is the strongest toilet bowl cleaner I've ever used, but if you clean your toilet regularly I don't think it has to be either.

Overall, I was pleased with it, with a couple minor quibbles with the added scent and dye. I would buy it again, but only if it was on sale and cheaper than some of the other natural products I've also tried.

Has anyone else used this natural toilet cleaner? If so, I'd love to hear your opinions of it. You can share your review here of this toilet bowl cleaner, or read lots of others that have already been submitted.

Further, if you're looking for natural products for cleaning your bathroom click the link for lots of reviews.

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