Cheer Laundry Detergent Makes Me Terribly Itchy

by Casey M.
(Ithaca NY)

There have been an amazing number of people who's shared their Cheer laundry detergent reviews who've had the same problem -- it caused an allergic reaction. Here are some of these reviews. The first is from Casey.

Casey says:

I discovered back in '97 that I am terribly allergic to Cheer.

I had such a bad case of hives at one point the allergist had me taking Benadryl, Allegra and Zyrtec and I still couldn't stop clawing my skin off. The only thing that knocked the hives back was prednisone.

The hives went away when I re-washed all of my and my partner's clothes and bedding with something else.

I now use All Free & Clear detergent and fabric softener sheets, or sometimes Bounce Free sheets.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear that you had such a bad reaction to this detergent Casey.

Since you obviously suffer from laundry detergent allergies it makes sense that you're using both hypoallergenic laundry detergent as well as other scent free laundry supplies.

If you're interested in still using this brand, I would suggest trying the Cheer Free & Gentle version.

I'd love to hear from even more people telling me their experiences, positive or negative, with this detergent. You can share your review here, or read others that have already been submitted.

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Cheer Detergent Review - Not Good For Allergies

by Wendy

Wendy provided this review of Cheer detergent.

Wendy says:

I found out I had a laundry detergent allergy after using Cheer for a while. I couldn't figure out why my back was so broken out and why I was itchy all the time.

I progressively changed things I was using. Eventually I got to the laundry detergent. Bingo! That was the problem!

As soon as I changed and rewashed everything, no more problems.

Now I use Sun & Earth. (You can read Wendy's review of Sun & Earth laundry detergent here).

Taylor says:

Thanks Wendy for sharing your review of Cheer detergent.

Yes, laundry detergent can be a significant cause of allergic reactions, especially of the skin, in many people.

If you haven't had a chance to check out my article about laundry detergent allergy symptoms and cures you may want to. It includes an exclusive video interview with a dermatologist who discusses the issue, along with my own suggestions based on research and experience (my son suffers from laundry allergies himself.)

I would be interested to hear from others to know if they've had problems with Cheer detergent in regard to allergy issues. You can tell me in the comments, or you can also share your own Cheer laundry detergent reviews here, or read other reviews of Cheer detergent already submitted.

Of course, using a perfume and dye free version of any laundry detergent, according to the dermatologist I spoke to, helps many people immensely, so there may be a difference between scented and free and clear Cheer. (Here is my list of hypoallergenic laundry detergents available if you are looking for something new to try.)

In addition, each person is individual and what works well for one person may not work for another, so everyone can also share their own laundry detergent reviews here, saying which one works best for you, in regard to allergies, scents, removing stains or anything that is important to you.

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Cheer Powder Doesn't Rinse Completely And Causes Me Laundry Allergies

by Chloe Burlington

Chloe has shared her opinions and experiences with Cheer powder detergent.

Chloe says:

Cheer doesn't seem to rinse completely out of the laundered clothes.

When using the powder there is a visual residue left on the items after the rinse cycle. I've tried to remedy this by setting my washing machine to go through an additional rinse cycle. This does remove the powdery residue.

However, my skin remains sensitive to the detergent no matter how many rinse cycles I use. I develop an itchy rash after using this detergent. I'm assuming that it's contact dermatitis because it is evident wherever the laundered fabric touches my skin. The reaction is nearly immediate and is quite severe. Lotions don't help at all.

The only way I find relief is to launder everything in a different detergent and rinse everything at least twice.

I've tried this product more than once over the past few years. I clearly shouldn't try it again because nothing seems to change. I end up feeling like I've wasted my time and my money as well as damaging my skin.

Cheer powder detergent does not leave me so cheery.

Taylor says:

Thanks Chloe for sharing your review.

You are actually not the first person to tell me that this detergent causes them to experience laundry detergent allergies (see a review above for an example).

However, all of these experiences with detergent allergies with Cheer have occurred with the scented versions. Cheer also has a free and gentle version (click link for a review), so I wonder if this would help, if you want to continue using the brand?

Since several people have now mentioned this issue about allergies I would love to hear from others, sharing if the free and gentle version was OK for them or not, and also if allergies issues are common with this detergent.

You can share your Cheer laundry detergent review here, or read others already submitted.

In addition, you can share your laundry detergent review here, of any brand, telling me what you like or don't about it, and why.

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Thought I Was Allergic To My Cats But Really This Detergent

by Seth

I recently got a second cat (kitten in this instance). After I brought him to the doc I discovered he had some sort of parasites in his ears.

I treated the ears and then started to itch on my bottom at around this same time period.

The itching progressively got worse and worse, until two days later I felt there must be fleas all over the house.

I 'bombed' (fogged) the house and thought to myself the itching was slightly getting better the next day.

Then another day past and I also got a new bed and after that night I was a ton worse after has to be the detergent.

I'd never bought Cheer before, I don't know why, I suppose it was among the high dollar detergents I ignored and steered to Tide or others similar instead.

This brand seemed to clean pretty good and the scent was real nice, but ohhhh baby the rest of this detergent is being tossed in the garbage.

Kitty's, I'm sorry I thought it was you!

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Cheer Laundry Detergent Review: I'm Constantly Itchy From It

by Jade

Jade says:

I recently switched from Tide to Cheer just because I wanted to try something new.

I love how it removes stains easily and leaves a wonderful scent.

Since this brand however, I have been constantly itchy. I was surprised as I always thought Tide was the harshest and most perfumed detergent on the market and I haven't had a reaction to that.

So for those of you with sensitive skin or if you have suddenly started to feel itchy, this detergent could be why. Bummer!

Taylor says:

Thanks Jade for sharing your experiences.

You are actually not the first person to tell me you experienced a laundry detergent allergy from Cheer (see a couple more above).

Of course, there is a free and clear version of this product too.

Plus, I've created an entire list of hypoallergenic laundry detergent brands you may also want to try, to relieve your laundry allergies.

Ultimate guide to hypoallergenic laundry detergent

Do you, or have you in the past, used Cheer to wash your clothing? If so, please share your review here, or read more information and reviews about it that have already been submitted.

You can also share your laundry detergent review here, for any other brand, telling me what you like, or don't like, about it, and why.

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Comments for Cheer Laundry Detergent Review: I'm Constantly Itchy From It

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my detergent allergies
by: Terri

I have had skin rashes from both Tide and Cheer, even the fragrance/dye free versions of them, since childhood (I am over 50). I can use Wisk, Arm & Hammer, and several others regular versions. Isn't that odd?

Has anyone tried Persil? I would like to try it myself, as it has good reviews for effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Has been a mess
by: Daniel

So I have been trying to figure out for about a year what in the world has been making me itch and get rashes and have gone to Dr. a few times over it and it wasn't until recently that the Dr. suggested being allergic to something. Me with the worst memory ever didn't remember that I switched laundry detergent brands last year because that's what my girlfriend used and I like the scent. Reminded me of her. Anyways I'm assuming that sweating makes this Aussie worse maybe because moisture gets the residue into your skin? Long story short last summer was pretty hot and some areas sweat a little more than others. So I assume the worst going to the clinic to get checked out and they tell me everything's fine cool. No real answer wasn't til 6 months later and continued issues the washing machine broke. Got a new one that is more efficient. Uses less water. Big mistake. Rashes got worse like hives basically everywhere clothes touch. Dr. visit again and after all that embarrassment and a girlfriend that is convinced I sleep around on her. I find out I'm allergic to Cheer! Awesome! I hate you cheer sincerely the single guy

At least I’m not allergic to my mother-in-law
by: Ali

At least I’m not allergic to my mother-in-law... The last two times I’ve gone to see my mother-in-law I’ve awoken in the morning with swollen eyes and red patches all over my face. I was listless and out of it for 2 days after coming home. We couldn’t figure out what I was allergic to because I bring all my own beauty products as well as my own pillow. We even brought our own food, since all the restaurants are closed. So I couldn’t figure out what was causing this reaction. I spoke with my dermatologist and he had me really think about everything I did while I was at MIL’s house.

It was mainly my eyes that were affected so much so that they almost swelled shut, and it appeared in the morning. So I thought about my pm routine...washing my face...with her towels!! When my eyes were swollen I rinsed a washcloth in cold water used that as a compress...bad move!

Today I asked my mother-in-law what kind of detergent she used on the towels and she said Cheer. Bingo! What’s really weird is I’ve been going there for 15 years, and she’s been using Cheer this entire time. I never had this reaction until this year… However I had COVID-19 late last year. This seems to have kicked up some allergic reactions. Cheer is now my nemesis, and I will bring all my own linens to my mother-in-law’s from now on.

Allergic to ONLY Cheer, no other
by: Carrie

Oh wow, so there are others out there. My mom bought Cheer in 1997 or so, and I had the worst hives. Itchy, big, red, hives. My mom stopped using Cheer and I never had that experience again.

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