Cheer Free And Gentle Liquid Detergent Review

by Alice
(Chandler, AZ)

Alice has shared her Cheer Free and Gentle detergent review.

Alice says:

I use Cheer Free and Gentle. This is a regular liquid detergent that is scent-free.

I purchased this product because I have chemical allergies and needed an odorless detergent.

Cheer has not disappointed me. I did not have any skin allergies from this detergent, in contrast to other detergents I have used in the past.

Despite its gentleness on my skin, Cheer was tough on dirt. There was a chocolate stain on a pair of work khakis that I could not get out previously, despite many washes. However, when I switched to this brand, the stain came out after a few washings and I can now wear these pants to work. The detergent did not leave any residue on my pants, and in fact they look better than ever.

Usually, I worry about wear and tear from washing clothes too often, but not from Cheer Free and Gentle. I will definitely be buying it again!

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Taylor says:

Thanks Alice for your Cheer Free and Gentle liquid detergent review.

I'm glad you've found a hypoallergenic laundry detergent that works well for you. That is pretty great about the chocolate stain too.

***Update - I've now done my own review and tests of Cheer's scent free liquid detergent, if you're interested in checking it out.***

Has anyone else used Cheer to wash their clothes? If so, you can share your Cheer laundry detergent review here, or read other reviews already submitted.

In addition, if you have used another hypoallergenic detergent you can share your review here, of any brand (or other scents too).

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Cheer Free & Clear HE Caused Allergic Reaction

by Lisa

Lisa says:

Slowly over the past few months I've been developing severely itchy skin.

Finally, my brain realized the only thing I've changed is my laundry detergent.

I've always used Cheer Free and Clear (regular stuff) and never had a problem.

As soon as we purchased an HE washer and switched to the Free and Clear HE version I began having problems.

I'm now to the point where everywhere my clothes touch my body I'm itchy.

I've been rinsing and rewashing my clothes over the last few days in my regular Cheer Free detergent. The relief is minimal if at all.

I've also been washing my clothes with detergent and then washing and double rinsing them. Again, the relief is minimal.

I do not, however, have hives.

I'm going to try switching to All Free and Clear to see if that helps.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear that the switch to the HE version caused an allergic reaction for you Lisa.

I recently had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent myself (and it was to a scent and dye free product) so unfortunately it can still happen.

I hope you feel better soon!

Has this happened to anyone else? I would love to hear from you sharing your experiences with any hypoallergenic products, sharing if they worked well for you or not.

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Cheer Free And Gentle Powder Laundry Detergent Review

by Muffet
(Longview, Washington)

Muffet has provided her Cheer Free And Gentle powder laundry detergent review.

Muffet says:

I have a family of 5 that goes through a lot of laundry. My children have sensitive skin and break out to many laundry detergents.

I changed to Cheer Free and Gentle soap about 6 months ago. This soap is gentle. My oldest son's sensitive skin no longer breaks out. He no longer has rashes from laundry soap.

I am forced to use powder soap as no one will measure liquid soaps. I am always concerned about using powder soaps. I try to save money and use only cold water. I have found that Cheer always dissolves regardless of the water temperature. I no longer have to use hot water to wash with.

Our clothes are clean and fresh each and every time that I wash them. It does not matter the load size or whether or not I separate the colors, everything comes out clean.

I am now a faithful, long term user of Cheer Free and Gentle Soap.

Taylor says:

Muffet, thanks for your review of this Cheer detergent.

Does anyone else use Cheer for their laundry? If so, you can share your Cheer laundry detergent review here, or read other reviews already submitted.

In addition, you can share other laundry detergent reviews here, of any brand, telling me what you like or don't about it.

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Why Can't I Find Cheer Free & Gentle Powder Anymore In Stores?

by Minnie

Cheer Free & Gentle Powder Has Been Discontinued

Cheer Free & Gentle Powder Has Been Discontinued

Minnie has shared her problem finding the hypoallergenic version of this detergent.

Minnie says:

I have used this version of the powder detergent for years. I prefer the powder because it lasts longer.

I usually buy 3 or 4 boxes at a time because for the last few years, fewer places are carrying it. Now I can't find it anywhere in town.

I've checked online and see that and a couple of others say that it is "unavailable." I found this site looking around for a source to purchase it and thought I'd ask the question here--does anyone know why it is not being sold?

I know it's not because it's not recognized as a great product.

Taylor says:

Thanks for writing in Minnie. I did some research to find out why you could't find the powdered version of the free and gentle detergent, and found out that Cheer has discontinued it.

Instead, they only offer the free and gentle detergent in the liquid version now, in regular and HE now.

I obviously don't know Procter & Gamble's reasoning for discontinuing the powdered version, but I will note that recently Cheer went through a large rebranding and I noted that some of the other scents and varieties were axed at the same time. There are now just a few scents and varieties available, so it wasn't just the powdered version that got the boot.

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Cheer Detergent And My Allergies

by Kitty

Kitty has shared her review of the scent free version of this detergent.

Kitty says:

I am 64 and have had skin allergies to soaps, conditioners, lotions and some cosmetics since my early 20s.

After years of going from one to another I found Cheer. It did not make me itch immediately and I could use it for several months before needing to switch.

Then, they came out with Cheer FREE and it NEVER makes me itch. I use it all the time.

I have tried other "Free" types and I still cannot use them.

My only problem with Cheer is that it is becoming harder to find in stores.

As for its cleaning power, I have 2 sons who have grown up on Cheer. It cleaned up after football, baseball, soccer and many other kids clothes problems. We are a CHEER family.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your review of this product.

A lot of people have commented to me recently that it is becoming more difficult to find it on store shelves. I know that is true of the powdered Free & Gentle version, since it has been discontinued. However, as far as I know, you should still be able to find the liquid version since it is still on the market.

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Comments for Cheer Detergent And My Allergies

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allergy solution to HE Cheer free
by: Anonymous

Have you tried Tide free and clear? It might work better for you.

disappointed - can't find powder version anymore
by: Anonymous

I can't find it either. I live in southern Ontario.

Cheer clear
by: Erlinda Betancourt

I've been using this detergent for about a good 15 years and just 1 complaint. Sometimes the odor won't come off, but other than that I love this product. I've used Tide clear and All clear and would still itch and my clothes would feel harsh.

Why can't I find this in stores?
by: Janice

YES, CHEER FREE is my detergent. Doesn't irritate my sensitive skin or my asthma and sinus allergies. Happy with its cleaning ability. Gentle where needed while getting the job done. NO scents, smells, or fake perfume odor to send asthma and allergies on a rampage like other products. My question - why can't I find it on the shelf?????????

Purchase locations for Cheer Free & Gentle
by: B Anderson

I live in Lake Charles, La. and have used Cheer Free & Gentle for many years. Now I can't find this product any place. Please send a list of suppliers in my area, I prefer not to use other products but may have no choice. Help!

Another allergy sufferer
by: Anonymous

My household and another family bets household has used Cheer free for years. We like this product. It is kind to our skin. We are unable to find this product in our community. Please, put this product back in stores.

I can't find Cheer Free and Gentle Liquid in the stores!
by: Michelle

Has Cheer discontinued the Free and Gentle Liquid too? My family has sensitive skin and that's all we've used for years. I'm forced to use other brands of "dye free," but it doesn't feel like the clothes get as clean as they did with Cheer.

Love It
by: Q Greene

At first Wal-Mart stopped selling this in the big size then sam's club stopped selling the big size and now target isn't selling the small size at certain stores and finally Wal-Mart brought it back but I need the bigger size. I have tried Arm and Hammer sensitive, tide, and all. My family has allergies and this is the only product that always worked for us. It keeps the colors bright and clean. Please do not stop making cheer free and clear and where can I get the bigger one? Texaspete took my chili, they stopped making Vaseline intensive care bath stuff, Dove took away the shampoo and hair products. Tresemme took away a hair product that I used. I am getting worried about my options for food, detergents and beauty and hygiene products. Please keep this on the market

Need this product
by: K W

I need to know when and where can I purchase cheer free and gentle. I have medical problems and am very sensitive to smells. I have been a loyal customer of this product from the beginning. Cheer free and gentle is the Only detergent I can use. Please do not discontinued this product.

Distress customer

where is it?
by: PAT

Looking for White Cheer (free & Gentle) in liquid form. Haven't been able to find it for last couple of months. I live in Gilbert, AZ

hard to find
by: Anonymous

I have used Cheer Free and Gentle liquid laundry soap for years. After cancer I became severely allergic to all but this detergent. The upside is that it cleans very well. However in early 2020 I began to have a difficult time finding it. Stores were out and eventually during the pandemic they removed the actual shelf space and I was truly worried it had been discontinued. I found it on Amazon at that time and since then for over $20 each! The most I'd ever paid for it before that was $8 to $10 so this was an insult -- but one I thought would end with stores being stocked again. Clearly this wasn't the case so I contacted the manufacturer and was told I "should" be able to find it at retailers here in Colorado. Not true. I scoured the web (and still do) but have had to pay outrageous prices for this stuff. To be clear: I've tried infant detergent and all the supposed allergen free stuff out there and they ALL cause reactions. I have a friend who has asthma and this is the only brand/type she can use. Very frustrating to say the least.

The only detergent I can use
by: Joyce Hause Ackerman

I have a severe skin allergy to all other detergents. I sometimes can use regular Cheer but prefer Cheer Free. I have such severe reactions a doctor thought I had heroes. I have tried other detergents when I could not find Cheer but I have ended up washing everything afterwards. The other so called gentle detergents do not work.

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