Cheer Detergent Review - I Love The Clean Scent

by Shelly

Cheer Detergent

Cheer Detergent

Here is a Cheer detergent review I received from a reader.

Shelly says:

I have tried cheaper brands but always come back to Cheer. It gets stains out and leaves clothes with a clean but not overpowering scent.

Cheers to Cheer!

Taylor says:

Shelly, thanks for sharing your review of this laundry detergent.

It seems we are all alike. We tend to find a brand of detergent we like, and even if we try something new, such as being drawn to something else for price reasons, we always seem to come back to our favorites.

Does anyone else use Cheer? If so, you can share your Cheer laundry detergent review here.

Further, if you have your own favorite laundry detergent that you always use, I would love to hear from you too. You can tell me what you think is the best laundry detergent here, giving me your personal review and ratings.

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Cheer Laundry Detergent Is The Best Laundry Soap

by Joyce
(Walford, ON. Canada)

Joyce says:

I have been using Cheer for many years. Although the scents have changed the performance has always been great.

I find it doesn't fade the clothes like other detergents can. The smell isn't strong. We have soap allergies and this is the only one that does not make us itch or sneeze!!!!

I have used it in HE and regular washers, and in soft and hard water and it always works great! My only complaint is it costs more than others and is not available in my area.

Taylor says:

Thanks Joyce for sharing your review.

It is interesting that you say it doesn't cause you or your family to have allergic reactions, because several people have reported that it bothers their allergies (see this link for such reviews). I guess that just goes to show us that each of us is different in this regard.

Does anyone else use Cheer to wash their clothing or other items in their home? If so, please share your Cheer review here, or read other reviews and information about the detergent.

In addition, you can share laundry detergent reviews here of other brands.

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Notice Difference In Thickness Of Small And Large Size Of Cheer Detergent

by SR101 Reader
(Nashville, TN)

An SR101 reader wrote in to share what she has noticed about various types of Cheer detergent.

SR101 reader says:

Here in the Nashville Walmart store I purchase a small size of Cheer, and it was a thick liquid.

However, when I purchase the large one, 150 fl oz., it was really weak and watery looking.

Why is that? Now, I don't even purchase the large ones, since it doesn't get our clothes clean.

Taylor says:

You're right, there should not be a difference between the two sizes.

The only thing that would make sense of why that is is that the small one you purchased is the HE version, and the larger one you purchased is the non-HE version.

However, even if that is the case there should not be a noticeable difference in the way the two clean your clothes.

I would suggest that you call Cheer's help number, 1-800-632-4337, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, and give them information about your problem, and provide them information with the lot numbers of the bottles (they can direct you where, on the bottle, to find this information), along with which Walmart you purchased the product.

They may be either able to explain the problem to you, or refund your money if there was an issue with that lot. Hope that helps!

***Update: An SR101 reader commented, saying:
When they changed the packaging, they changed the formula.

The Cheer Bright Clean 2x liquid is thick and dark. The new Stay Colorful is lighter in color and thinner in texture.

I have not used the new one yet. I bought it, but still have a few ounces of the old formula left.

I'm thinking about returning it and switching to another detergent.

I called the company, and of course they said the formula is still the same.
***End Update

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Hate New Look Of Cheer Powder Detergent

by SR101 Reader
(El Paso, TX)

An SR101 reader wrote in to share her thoughts about Cheer powder detergent.

SR101 reader says:

It was a terrible idea to change the look of Cheer. My favorite and only powder detergent I use for colors has now gone.

The places I shop no longer carry the powder detergent.

I will have to look for another powder detergent that won't fade colors. Why change a good thing?

Taylor says:

Cheer's packaging has gone through a redesign recently, but as far as I understand this did not change the formula for the detergents, in either the liquid or powder version.

However, Cheer only has one powdered version of detergent left, the Fresh Clean Scent powder, since it discontinued Cheer Free powder detergent.

If you can't find the version you want in your store, I suggest if you don't want to switch to something more convenient you buy it online, through a place such as Amazon (see links above and below to the powdered version of the detergent).

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Cheer Detergent Is The Best!

by Jodi
(Missouri, USA)

Jodi says:

I love Cheer.

I started using it several years ago and I love the way it cleans and smells.

I've tried other detergents that were on sale but they took twice as much to do the job that Cheer did.

I even use it in my carpet shampooer. It cleans the carpet great and my house smells wonderful.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review with me Jodi.

I'd love to hear from more people who've used laundry detergent to shampoo their carpet, because I could easily see it getting too sudsy if not done correctly.

You can read homemade carpet cleaning solution recipes here, or share your own, if you want to use a homemade product for this process.

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Disappointed They've Discontinued Powder Cheer

by Jackie P.
(Upper Lake, CA)

Jackie says:

I have been using Cheer powder detergent for over 40 years.

I am really disappointed that they have discontinued most of them.

I have tried many others but always came back to Cheer.

I do not like the liquid detergent nearly as well. It does not do the same job and does not go as far as the powder. Also is more expensive.

So many of my favorite things are disappearing and being replaced by "newer and so called better products".

Taylor says:

Jackie, thanks for sharing your opinion of this detergent brand with me.

I completely know what you mean about being disappointed when a product I really like gets discontinued.

I know there used to be a lot more types of Cheer powder than there are now, but I just reconfirmed that, at least at this time, they haven't discontinued all the powdered versions. Instead, the brand still has the Fresh Clean Scent still available in powdered form. Hopefully they'll keep that version for you for quite a while!

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Cheer Liquid Detergent Review - Great As A Stain Pre-Treater

by Tiffany
(Tampa, FL)

Tiffany has provided her Cheer liquid detergent review, of the Fresh Clean scent.

Tiffany says:

My mother has used Cheer since I was very young, so naturally, when I moved out on my own 25 years ago I also immediately began using Cheer in my laundry.

With a fantastic scent it makes the laundry smell really clean but not by being either a feminine or a masculine scent, so it's great for everyone.

Also Cheer is very highly concentrated so you only need a small amount per wash load, yet comes in many different sizes.

And that small amount certainly works well to get clothes clean. If I have a stain I just put a couple of drops of Cheer directly on the stain, wait a few minutes before I start that load of laundry to give the Cheer time to work, and the stains always seem to disappear.

I have never bought or used a pretreater because I always just assume that Cheer will get the stains out.

I suppose there are cheaper brands out there, but I have always figured that when Cheer works this well, there is no need to risk it with anything else.

Taylor says:

Thanks Tiffany for your review.

Liquid laundry detergent works really well for many stains as a pretreater, and if you don't want to keep too many laundry supplies in your laundry room, this is a great choice.

Has anyone else used this brand for their laundry? If so, you can share your review here, or read other reviews already submitted.

In addition, you can share your laundry detergent reviews here for any brand of detergent.

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Comments for Cheer Liquid Detergent Review - Great As A Stain Pre-Treater

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spots on laundry
by: Robin

I have used Cheer for many years. I really love the results I get with dark colors! However, sometimes when my daughters do their laundry and put in the clothes first (yes, they know that is not the proper way), they get spots on their clothes that seem to defy removal. Does anyone have any suggestions for this problem?

Head Puzzler
by: Anonymous

I have no idea why Cheer powder detergent has disappeared from the shelves. I love the clean scent and I always got wonderful results. I guess there has to be a connection to protecting the earth, but really does seem "big brother" is everywhere, and the cigarette industry still makes money.

re Cheer powder discontinued
by: Taylor

Just to be clear, not ALL Cheer powder detergents have been discontinued, just the vast majority of them. The only scent available anymore of the powder is Fresh Clean scent. It is still, at the time of writing this comment (October 2014), still manufactured. Now, whether it is carried in many stores, that's a separate issue.

Cheer all the way
by: Carrol

I can't count how many years I've used Cheer. It was a doctor's suggestion!! I think it's been 50 years. Have tried others from time to time. Still want my Cheer. (Fancy scents aren't necessary.)

good detergent but getting harder to find
by: Jean

I like that Cheer has no optical brighteners so it's safe for darker clothing. It washes very well and leaves my laundry stain free with a light clean scent. I can only find the powdered version in my small town grocery store. But I have tons of detergents in my laundry room so I can use them all for various tasks.

Cheer powder
by: Christina

I can no longer find Cheer in powder form, and the liquid just isn't as good. Have they changed their formula? I get rashes now, but it could be the HE washers -- they don't rinse as well, even with two rinses.

Cheer is a Top Performer-especially the powder
by: Jean

Cheer detergent contains no OBA, which are optical brighteners. It does contain enzymes which helps clean fabrics. It also leaves a light and clean fragrance.

no allergic reaction
by: Bonnie Windsor

Cheer is the one detergent that I can count on to not set off my allergies. I can't even walk down the aisle at the store if Tide is on the shelf. Cheer is getting more difficult to find. Glad to see it is at Walmart.

scent has changed
by: Anonymous

I have been using liquid cheer colorguard for more years than I can remember. It is not always easy to find now; not in the supermarket. I make a special trip to Walmart just to purchase it. However, the scent has changed dramatically with my last 2 purchases. I really don't think I can use it anymore. I am truly disappointed. I have probably been using it for 30 years. I thought maybe they made a mistake when they were producing it.

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