Ajax Detergent Review - Removes Stains But Can Be Rough On Clothes

by Joy
(New York, New York)

Joy has shared her Ajax detergent review.

Joy says:

Ajax cleans clothes with the toughest of stains.

While it is very good at removing unwanted stains on clothing, it can be a bit rough on clothes that are delicate or require extra care.

Ajax Laundry Detergent {Referral Links}

Ajax has a very bold scent. It is great on heavy duty laundry and leaves a lingering fragrance.

I initially purchased this detergent simply because it was on sale for a very good price. I was a little skeptical upon using it at first but I was pleasantly surprised.

It makes whites brighter and gets hard to reach stains out very well. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for an affordable intense laundry detergent.

This product is also great on clothes that get a lot of wear and tear such as soccer uniforms or work clothes.

Taylor says:

Joy, thanks for your laundry detergent review of Ajax.

Does anyone else use Ajax to wash their clothes? If so, you can share your Ajax laundry detergent review.

***Update: One SR101 reader sent me in this comment about the scent of this detergent. She says:
I find the Ajax is very strongly scented, and I'm not a big fan of that!
End Update***

In addition, you can share other laundry detergent reviews here, of any brand, telling me what you like, or don't, about it and why.

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Ajax Laundry Detergent Seems Watery Than Normal

by Peter

Peter has shared with me a big concern he has with Ajax laundry detergent recently.

Peter says:

I have a big problem with the last THREE Ajax detergent bottles I have purchased in the past 2 weeks. When I opened the bottles, and poured the alleged detergent into my washing machine I realized that the liquid was little more than water!!!!

Is this how it SHOULD be? Or are recognizable drug store firms selling me "bootleg" products???

Whenever I have used these alleged products my laundry has been less-than-clean. Do you have any idea what's up?

Taylor says:

Peter, I'm sorry that you've had trouble with Ajax laundry detergent.

Another reviewer (see below) has actually commented that she thought this detergent was "a bit watery." That tends to be the case with many lower priced detergents, although Ajax is advertised to be 2x ultra concentrated, so it shouldn't be all water.

Further, the way detergent looks is not always an indication of how well it works. We have been conditioned, through marketing, to believe thick rich detergents clean better, or give us a better value. Sometimes this can be true -- but not always. Each detergent should be judged on its own merits, but if it doesn't seem to clean well for you that is much more of a problem, in my mind, than whether it looks watery or not.

I would love to hear from other consumers of Ajax detergent -- do you feel the product has gotten waterier than it used to be? If so, have you also noticed a difference in how it cleans your clothes?

You can share your own Ajax laundry detergent review here.

You can also share laundry detergent reviews here of other brands, telling me which one you like, or don't, and why.

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Doesn't Irritate My Skin & Gets Clothes Nice & Clean

by Paul

Paul says:

This laundry detergent is great.

It gets my clothes nice and clean and doesn't irritate my skin.

It leaves my clothes smelling great and I also wash my newborn son's baby clothes with it and it doesn't irritate his skin either!

The cost is very reasonable ($2.50 where I bought it from). Not to mention it smells great too!

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I Found Ajax Laundry Detergent Watery Also

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 Reader shared their own experiences with Ajax detergent, which were similar to Peter's experience above.

SR101 Reader says:

I haven't seen Ajax in years. My mom used it years ago, so when I saw it I thought I would try it.

The label said 2x concentrated, so I thought it would be thicker than it was. It was very watery. Which would be understandable if it just said Ajax, not Ajax concentrated. I'm glad I only paid $2.50 for it and not more.

I've also tried the new versions of Fab, Bold, and Oxydol. Also disappointing. They don't clean like they used to.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experiences with Ajax detergent.

You are right that some of these old laundry detergent brands have been taken over by a new owner. For sure, I am aware that Ajax, Dynamo, Fresh Start and Fab were all taken over by Phoenix Brands, and I am sensing a trend that people aren't all that pleased with them from the reviews I've received.

There are some who like that the detergents are low cost, which is this economy is no small thing. On the other hand, people still want their laundry to get clean, and I've heard some complaints on that front.

I would love to hear from others too, about all these lower cost detergents. How have they worked for you? You can share your laundry detergent review here, telling me your experiences and opinions with these detergents.

My observations, from receipt of all these laundry detergent reviews, is that some low cost detergents have gotten higher marks. Those that come to mind at first include Arm & Hammer detergent (especially the Arm and Hammer Plus Oxiclean detergent and Purex (at least the new one with Zout.) There are also mixed reviews of Xtra Detergent, with some liking it for the cost, and others being disappointed.

I hope all that extra information helps you, in case you are interested in expanding to other detergents besides just Ajax detergent.

***Update: An additional SR101 reader has shared their opinion about how watery this detergent was. She says:
I must agree...Ajax has been as thin as water, leading me to want to use more in each load...no savings there.
Based on these several comments, this seems to be a big problem with this particular brand.

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Ajax Detergent Takes Out Tough Stains

by Jayne
(San Diego, CA)

Jayne has shared her short Ajax laundry detergent review.

Jayne says:

I just started using Ajax and I love it.

The smell is great. Ajax also takes out tough stains such as blood and mustard. I really recommend this detergent.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experiences with this detergent Jayne.

Has anyone got a favorite detergent for removing stains? Some obviously work better than others. You can share your laundry detergent review here, telling me which detergent you like the best, and why.

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Ajax Laundry Detergent Is One Of Few I'm Not Allergic To

by Pat
(Cleveland, OH)

Pat has shared his experience with this detergent.

Pat says:

I'm not allergic to Ajax laundry detergent, so I've been using it for more than 20 Years!

I am allergic to most detergents and Ajax has been non-allergenic for me.

However, I am having a difficult time finding it in my local stores in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I hope someone can help me locate this liquid detergent.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review Pat, and I'm sorry you're having trouble finding it.

I have found that it is easier to find this brand in discount stores, such as dollar stores, or in big box stores such as Walmart, personally. I'd love to hear from others sharing where you've found it too.

In addition, you can always purchase it online, such as through the links provided on this page, if you're having trouble finding it in a store.

Hope that helps!

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Ajax Detergent Review - Great Value For The Price

by Renaye
(Kent, Ohio)

Renaye says:

I bought this laundry detergent at Menard’s a while back. I remembered my mother using it in the 1970’s, and the slogan "Stronger than Dirt" and the knight on the white horse.

I had not seen it in the stores for years. I figured it was one of those old brands resurrected by a different manufacturer relying on the old name to sell it, much like Oxydol.

I was going to pass it up but it was only $5.99 for the 98 use size, and it came with the dispenser bottle and measuring cup. So, I gave in and purchased it.

The first time I used it I thought it was bit watery, but I wasn’t expecting much at the price. Surprisingly, it ended up being a very good detergent.

It smelled nice, made the laundry clean and worked well as a pretreater.

We had no problem with allergies or skin irritations.

It didn’t take much, only the measuring up full for a load of laundry. It had a nice fresh scent and wasn’t a highly foaming detergent.

I feel it is well worth the money, and that it does a great job cleaning and deodorizing even the dirtiest of laundry. This is definitely a keeper in my book.

Taylor says:

Thanks Renaye for your Ajax detergent review.

You are right that Ajax is no longer manufactured by the same company anymore. It is now owned by Phoenix brands. Now they market the detergent as a great bargain brand. It seems to have fit the bill for you.

I have additionally gotten a comment from Alyssa, echoing your sentiments about it being a bargain price. She states:
Found this product at Walmart. I didn't even know they made laundry soap very cheap at only $2.50. Will differently buy it again.

Has anyone else used this laundry detergent? If so, you can share your Ajax laundry detergent review here, telling me what you liked, or didn't about it.

In addition, you can share other laundry detergent reviews here, telling me what you like or don't like about any brand of detergent.

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Comments for Ajax Detergent Review - Great Value For The Price

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I'm sorry I wasted my money
by: Betsy Carpenter

I bought your detergent at Price Right store last week. I followed the directions, only using a cap fill per load. I see no bubbles when I fill the wash level so I put in more detergent. I was washing my bedding yesterday and noticed no clean smell. There is nothing special about your product. I need twice the amount of detergent to wash the clothes to get them clean. I'm a college student on Ramen noodles budget. I wasted a whole $5.00 on your product. I brought the 84 loads bottle. Thanks for nothing.

response to Betsy
by: Taylor

Sorry to hear you had this experience Betsy, and thanks for taking the time to write in and tell me your thoughts on this brand of detergent. It really helps other consumers when they're trying to decide what products work well, and which don't. But please note that I am not the manufacturer of this brand. This is an independent third party website which allows product reviews. I just wanted to make sure you know that unless the company comes and reads articles on this website you haven't actually communicated your complaints directly to the company at this time, but instead just to me!

by: Anonymous

I am glad others have had the same experience with this detergent. Yes, it is very watery and I guess I just prefer a thicker detergent. As far as cleaning, I guess it does an ok job. I just would not buy it again.

It works great despite being a little thin
by: Toni Sacilotto

Hi. I just want to say, I been trying Ajax laundry soap and it works great. It got my shoes clean way better then the top brand I used on them. My clothes smell and look really nice. Can't beat the price. Yes it's a little thin, but that didn't have any bearing on the wash at all.

Product is bad
by: Ms C

I had a $6.00 bottle of Ajax laundry detergent, purchased from Walmart. I did my laundry 05/01/2017, I used about 3/4 of a bottle of your detergent, and I have did not see not one soap bubble of any kind. I am appalled with the product, and would like to be compensated for the bad results I got from using it. You need to take this watered down product off the shelves,or improve the quality of the product. It is awful how the producers take advantage of the consumers. I know with you it is about money, when you die, God could care less how much money you have, are you concerned about your soul or just your bank account?

by: Taylor


This is a third party product review website. I am in no way affiliated with Ajax Laundry Detergent. If you have an issue with the product I suggest you contact the company directly.

Taylor Flanery (Stain Removal 101)

Ajax is great
by: Carol caldwell

I recently bought a front load washer since I felt that my he top loader wasn't getting clothes clean, even using Tide detergent.
I had a bottle of liquid Ajax on hand and thought I would try the dispenser in my new machine. I know Ajax did an awesome of cleaning my clothes, even the dingy look the other washer and Tide left behind. I am not faulting Tide, but the washer.
Ajax is much more affordable and will continue to use it. As far as suds go, you do not want a lot of suds in HE washers. If you don't have an HE washer look for those brands that are not HE detergents.

Ajax review
by: Anthony J

Better off using Ajax dish detergent. I emptied the whole 50oz container and got literally no soapy water. And it is watery.

Review of Ajax Advanced-Original Clean-50 FL OZ Size
by: Doug

This laundry detergent is very watery and will clean if you use three times the amount stated on the plastic bottle and then there is not much suds. I wash with warm water also. I would stay away from this inexpensive detergent. There is a reason it's inexpensive.

Not bad for the price...
by: Bob

I decided to buy a bottle of Ajax from Walmart because of the excellent price...$5.22 for an 88 load bottle. Although it doesn't have a small spigot to help out with dispensing, it does have an extra long spout so it's easier to pour and less likely to spill.

It is watery and you always have to use more than is recommended, but the clothes always come clean. I like the scent, which is akin to Dynamo and Fab, which are sister brands.

Unfortunately, Walmart has decided not to carry Ajax in its local stores...but to my surprise, I found it at the local Big Lots store, where I grabbed a couple of bottles.

Found at great price
by: Rhonda

I haven't used it yet but I'm writing on the incredible deal I got. I was at my local Dollar Tree on my weekly stock piling trip when I found the 50oz bottle of Ajax laundry detergent! I snagged the last two because Walmart sells the same for $3.49! Will check around for more!

Used Ajax for years
by: Anonymous

I have used Ajax liquid dish soap for years because other dish detergents caused hand dryness. I refill all of my hand soap dispensers with Ajax and have, recently, started using Ultra Ajax Triple Action in my laundry. It seems to clean better than my regular laundry detergent, has no artificial brighteners and no artificial perfumes. I like the smell of clean clothes since I am from old school and know what clean smells like. I use the same amount of Ajax as I do my regular detergent in my top loader and have no problems with over sudsing. I like the short layer of suds as I learned many years ago that sudsing lifted dirt and grime away from clothing and prevented it from resettling. It's much cheaper and gets clothing cleaner. I do use chlorine bleach in whites and the clothes smell like clean when I remove them from the dryer. My husband has really grimy jeans since he is restoring and old truck and the Ajax cleans these jeans better that Wisk Deep Clean (found in camper). Does not remove the stains as no detergent will do this, but does remove more stains than Wisk and the jeans look cleaner and fresher.

Horrible, don't buy
by: JoRachel Mullens

Worst ever laundry soap I ever used. It made my laundry have a smell like between mold and musty. It's really bad, had to go buy TIDE and vinegar and wash everything. And to top it off called 1-800 # on back and was told they had so many complaints that she hoped I wasn't going to ask to be reimbursed or for free coupons because they won't honor this product. I was stunned by how rude she was and told her I bet you have had a lot of complaints and you know it's a bad product and don't care one bit. DO NOT BUY THIS. YOU WILL WASTE YOUR MONEY AND THEN WASTE A LOT OF TIME AND WATER BILL $$ having to wash everything again in a good product.

Thicker isn't always better
by: Norman

Many problems with washers are caused by thick detergents gumming up in them.

by: Anonymous

Bought Ajax liquid laundry detergent ("Classic"/Oxy)recently at local Walgreens for $1.00, regular shelf price, 40 oz. Yes, could have been a bit thicker since "Concentrated", but didn't notice that much of a difference between it and other brands I've used.

Referring to other of the old brand names being produced/marketed now by a new company, the other day at $Tree bought "Fab" fabric refresher spray, 32 oz -- nice light fragrance.

by: Melva

This product is too harsh for sensitive skins.

Does not clean or unwashed clothes smell still there
by: Ash

I used the O2 version of the Ajax laundry detergent to wash my clothes, I also noticed that the bubbles in the machines was way less, so added more detergent even. However after going through the wash and drying cycles, the clothes still felt and smelt like they hadn't been washed at all.

Ajax Advanced is OK
by: Manny

I too was skeptical, especially since it doesn't suds up immediately like Tide, but the suds do come and the clothes get clean. I am the laundry person in my home and have always used Tide. I don't know what I will do when this bottle is used up, but if your budget is the thing, Ajax is OK.

False advertising about number of loads it will wash
by: Maggie

The 134 oz. bottle says it will do 89 loads. Yet the dispenser top holds little more than 4 ozs. You would need to fill the cap to the zero mark in order to end up with the 1.5 oz. of detergent, which is nothing once you put in the washer. In reality, you need to use a full cap per load for clean clothes, so only 33.5 loads. Even at 2oz. it is only 67 loads. A full 20 less than what the bottle says. False advertising. Would not recommend to anyone, and not buy again. It’s the only option. Such cheaters. Corporate greed.

This product is horrible!!
by: Sky

My mom and I are not allergic to a lot of soaps. After using Ajax for the first time, we broke out in hives and ended up having to be seen by a doctor. An absolutely HORRIBLE product. Don't waste your money.

No suds
by: Kelly

I bought Ajax Advanced, it is very thick but it does not produce any suds while washing my clothes. I like to see suds, not just my clothes turning around in water.

Bought because it was affordable
by: Fred

I found Ajax to work very well on my very dirty work clothes. I just noticed a different feel to the fabric and it felt clean, smells clean. I was very surprised on how well a cheap laundry detergent can work. As for being watery, yes, it's more watery but the ingredients may be watery so whatever they're putting in there, it works there.

watery product
by: Karen

I also found it watery. But I purchased it at Dollar Tree and have not found it in any other yet. I just figured it came that way from the Dollar Tree. I have used Ajax Laundry soap since the first it came out and we received a free box of dry soap against the kitchen door. Have always used only that. But is hard to find sometimes.

Very Weak Laundry Detergent
by: Mario

I have a front loader washer. When using a premium laundry detergent I can usually see suds rolling down the front glass window of my washer. But I do NOT see any suds when using the standard amount of Ajax. I had to use DOUBLE the recommended amount of detergent before seeing any suds on the glass. Also the consistency is very thin and watery.

Conclusion: Ajax is a very WEAK laundry detergent. It may be cheaper than the premium brands, but you will need to use double the amount of detergent to achieve the same cleaning performance.

Ajax all water
by: Francis

The latest Ajax laundry detergent I bought seemed to be all water. Used it all the time, never saw it like this before. Called their customer service, total waste of time. I compared it to what I previously purchased and it appeared to be definitely watered down. Did not even generate the same amount of suds. It was on sale at Walgreens for $0.99 cents a bottle.

I noticed my Ajax dish detergent is also less viscous and sudsy also. That’s all I ever used. Based on their customer service and this drop in quality, after decades of using Ajax, I will definitely be switching.

Worse than dollar store soap!
by: Carolyn

This is the worse soap that I have ever purchased! I will never buy this again. Saying that it's equivalent to dollar store soap is a slap to the dollar store soap because it might be better than this! This is just blue water.

why did ShopRite discontinue?
by: Arlene Taylor

Why did ShopRite discontinue Ajax laundry detergent, final touch fabric softener sheets and liquid?

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