Removing Hair Dye From Skin: Home Remedies Plus More

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Below I've gathered tips for removing hair dye from skin, from some of the best ideas I've found from around the web and from readers of this site who've shared their home remedies with me.

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I've got suggestions for using both specific products, and also items you should be able to find around your home to remove these stains from your skin.

The thing is, most of these stains are preventable.

I know this doesn't help you right now, if you've got hair color on your skin and can't get it off, but remember, in the future, to avoid some of these problems by using gloves when applying the dye to your hair to prevent stains on your hands.

In addition, put a barrier cream on your face, around your hair line, to keep stray drips of dye from coloring your face.

Along with the tips below in how to remove hair color from skin below, I've also added one for preventing these stains in the future.

In addition, I've shared on the main hair dye stain removal page of this site tips for preventing such marks on your skin from a home hair dye professional, so be sure to check that out too. She gives a recipe for a homemade barrier cream, which I've listed.

Finally, before we begin, I want to remind you that you should always consider your safety and health first, before using any of the methods listed below, since stained skin is far superior to making yourself ill, so safety first!

Plus, I'm always looking for more tips to add to the page. Therefore, if you've got a great home remedy to share with me, or know of a great product for removing these marks, please share it with me here, and I'll add it to the page.

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Preventing Hair Color Stains On Your Skin

When coloring your hair, you want to prevent hair color stains on your skin from occurring, if possible.

The video below gives tips on how to keep your skin from getting stained.

In the video the professional hair dresser uses a heavy conditioner, and uses it as a barrier to keep the dye from getting onto the skin. She places the conditioner around her neck, and top of her ears.

She further cautions that you don't want to get this heavy conditioner on the hair itself, but instead just on the skin around the hair.

If you don't have a heavy conditioner at home, you can also use Vaseline, petroleum jelly, or another heavy lotion or cream.

What this does is it creates a protective layer over your skin which prevents the hair dye from actually touching your skin and dying it.

Photo by Sew Ripped

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Homemade Hair Dye Remover For Skin Recipe

by A

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A SR101 Reader, called "A" has shared her homemade hair dye remove for skin with me.

A says:

I have used peroxide on the end of q-tip.

I saturate the stained area with the wet end, and then scrub my skin with dry end of the q-tip.

For more set in stains I mix some baking soda in with the peroxide.

It works for me!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your home remedy!

I'd love to hear from other readers, saying whether this has worked for them too.

Plus, did you know there are lots of other uses for hydrogen peroxide around your home too? If you'd like to learn even more click the link for my collection of tips, plus you can share your own as well.

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Hair Color Will Remove Hair Color: Great For Removing From Around Hairline & Ears

I got the same tip from two different readers. Here's what they said:

Phay says:

If you get color around your hairline and ears remember that color removes color. Just take some of the hair color from your hair and rub it on the spot and wipe it off.

It will come off instantly. Guaranteed.

Tanya says:

All you have to do is use fresh dye. Rub some on the dried dye and it will wipe right off.

Photo courtesy of justj0000lie

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Use Hair Color Stain Remover To Get Rid Of Dye On Your Hands

The video below shows how a professional hair stylist gets hair dye stains off her hands -- she uses hair color stain remover that is designed specifically for skin.

The video itself demonstrates how to use the hair color remover on your skin, and the positive results she got.

There are both lotions available, and also wipes that can clean off dye from your skin.

Her alternate suggestion, if you don't have any of these removers at home, is to use a small amount of bleach and dishwashing liquid to wash your hands with -- quickly.

Since chlorine bleach can be pretty caustic on your skin I think I would much prefer to invest in some hair color remover (examples of which are at the bottom of this page).

Photo by House Of Sims

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Getting Dye Off Your Skin With Toothpaste

The video below has two stain removal tips for dye on your skin.

The first is to remove dyes, such as from food coloring, from your skin using toothpaste and a washcloth.

The second tip is for how to remove hair dye stains around your forehead hairline.

She suggests to rub the hair dye into your skin while the hair dye is still wet and on your hair.

She says it sounds crazy, but it works.

I agree -- it sounds crazy.

However, removing the stains with toothpaste is more likely to work, since toothpaste can be slightly abrasive, and help rub off the stains.

Did you know toothpaste actually has a lot of cleaning uses around your home, beside for your teeth. You can check out my article on toothpaste uses here, to get more ideas for how to use this product, or share your own tips.

Photo by Orin Zebest

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Remove Hair Dye Stains From Skin With Tea Tree Oil Soap

One of the most common questions I receive is how to remove hair dye stains from your skin.

The reason for this is that when you are applying hair dye it can easily get onto the skin around your hair, or on your ears, or your neck if you are not careful.

When that happens you don't need to scrub really hard and hurt yourself, or rub yourself raw.

Instead, the video tip below suggests using tea tree oil soap for removing hair dye stains, makeup stains, and ink stains from your skin.

Have you used tea tree soap successfully (or unsuccessfully) to remove stains from your skin? I would love to hear from you, telling me how it worked for you.

In addition, you can submit your own tips for removing hair dye stains here, or read other tips already submitted.

***Update: An SR101 reader commented on this video, saying:
I love tea tree oil, so this is a great tip to try next time I get hair dye on my skin. Thanks.
***End Update

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Comments for Remove Hair Dye Stains From Skin With Tea Tree Oil Soap

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by: Anonymous

I used the toothpaste method for Splat blue hair dye that dripped on my face there was no effort needed. I gingerly rubbed the spot with my finger tips and rinsed with cool water and it was gone. No fuss no muss. It worked great.

Oxiclean worked for me
by: Barbara

Got blue hair dye all over tub and hands as glove leaked. Used Oxiclean on tub and hello my hands were clean. Remembered the original infomercial how he put his hands in so safe on skin. Dunked a washcloth in the bucket and got the blue off of my daughters ears and neck. We had no irritation.

the homemade remover recipe worked!
by: Susan

It worked for me... THANK YOU!!!!!

Milk for hair dye on skin
by: Lenni Humphreys

I always use milk on a cotton wool pad to remove hair dye excess (after washing and conditioning) from hairline or behind ears/ earlobes. It has never failed!

Neutrogena alcohol free toner
by: Amanda-Lauren

Neutrogena alcohol free toner (affiliate) worked wonders for me to remove blue hair color from my skin around my hair line. It's designed to grab the dirt and make up that your soap or make up remover doesn't get, so it's pretty impressive that it grabs up hair color too! You can also get professional color stain remover called Clean Touch (affiliate).

by: Lisa Marconilis

I use peroxide on my skin.

color removes color
by: Heather

As a hair stylist obviously we still will sometimes get color where we don't want it. If color stains skin around hairline or neck, use some leftover color or even some from your hair/scalp and rub on color stain. Color removes color!!! Rub on area before you shampoo and rinse really well from hair and hairline or neck area previously stained with color. Works all the time!!! Best to remove before shampooed because doesn't come out after washed.

response to suggestion to use a Magic Eraser
by: Taylor

I would exercise great caution before trying to use a Magic Eraser on your skin, and would actually suggest NOT doing this. Basically a magic eraser is a extremely fine grade sandpaper, so it is NOT recommended for use on skin. Sure, it may remove the hair dye, but that is because it is removing your skin! Let's try different safer methods instead, OK?

Magic Eraser
by: Anonymous

I just wet a Magic Eraser cleaning pad and lightly rub on the skin, and the color comes off instantly.

hairstylist of 30+ years suggests ashes
by: Carmen

This may sound strange however I have been a hairstylist for over 30 years and this method actually works!

* ashes (from the fireplace or any other issues you have on hand ;) )
* shampoo

Mix the ashes and the shampoo together. Apply to a dry washcloth. Then rub it on your skin where the hair color is. The hair color will be removed from the skin.

my suggestions
by: Marsha

Sea Breeze astringent. Or shampoo.

baby wipes
by: Anonymous

When coloring my hair I use baby wipes to clean any solution that gets on my face (and it usually does).

by: Val

i use vinegar to get it off my skin.

cigarette ash
by: Carol

I am a cosmetologist. The easiest way to get it off your clients face, hairline- Get some cigarette ash, mix with a little water and rub the dye off their skin. Works every time.

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