Home Remedies For Cleaning Copper Pots

by Taylor

Below I've collected several home remedies for cleaning copper pots, including both those which are completely made of this metal, and those which are just copper bottomed pans and pots.

At least so far, the remedies that I've collected and shared with you are natural, using non-toxic ingredients that you can most likely already find right in your pantry.

That is a great thing, because we're not just talking about decorative objects and knick knacks here, but things you use day in and day out to cook your family's food in.

More than many other things, I completely understand being wary of commercially made copper cleaners for such jobs.

Of course, the nice thing about making your own cleaning products is that there are generally several recipes that work for the job. If you've got another way you do it, I'd love to hear from you as well.

You can share your tips for cleaning this metal here, and I'll add your recipes to the page.

Further, I've collected lots of tips for cleaning pots here of all varieties and metals.

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Lemon And Salt - A Copper Brass Super Cleaner

Did you know that salt and lemon can be used as a copper and brass super cleaner?

It is quite simple to clean brass and copper objects in your home naturally, and without having to purchase commercial products, using the recipe below.

All you need is some fresh lemons and salt.

You cut the lemons into wedges and dip a wedge into the salt and then gently rub the salty lemon against the copper or brass you want to clean.

You will instantaneously see the results as the lemon juice runs down the metal surface and brightens it.

After you have thoroughly cleaned all your copper and brass you need to either wipe the items with a soft wet cloth, or if possible to rinse them quickly in cold water.

You need to make sure you get rid of all the salt so you do not leave the item open to corrosion.

Further, after thoroughly removing the salt and lemon juice from the surface of the metal you need to dry the copper or brass thoroughly so that it does not re-tarnish.

A final hint: you can also prevent re-tarnishing of the copper or brass by rubbing a little bit of lemon oil on the copper or brass's surface after cleaning.

You can submit your own tip about cleaning with lemon juice here, or read other tips already submitted.

You can also share your uses for salt around your home here, or read other tips already submitted.

Photo by KitAy

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How To Clean Copper Pots With Salt And Vinegar

Below is a really neat video where a lady shows how to clean copper pots with salt and vinegar.

It is really simple, just sprinkle on some table salt and some vinegar.

In the video she uses red wine vinegar, but I believe any vinegar should work just as well, such as distilled white vinegar, since it is the acid in the vinegar that is the active ingredient. (In fact, I think white vinegar will work better since it is both cheaper and means you won't stain anything while using it!)

You can see it working, and as she says it looks like finger paint where she touches the vinegar mixture to the copper.

She actually draws a cute little sun onto the pot.

Watch the video for the whole thing:

You can submit a tip for cleaning with vinegar here, or read even more that have already been submitted.

Photo by StudioRedChile

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Use Beer To Get Stains Off Copper Pots

Below is a video which gives many unusual uses for beer around your home.

One of the uses listed is to get stains off copper pots.

According to the video you should pour the beer onto the pot, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then wipe off.

Watch the video if you want to hear even more unusual uses for beer around your home.

You can submit your house cleaning tips here, or read others already submitted.

In addition, you can share your helpful household hints here, or read others already submitted, including some unusual ways to use common objects found in your home.

Photo by mccun934

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How To Clean Copper Bottom Pans Naturally

by Chelle
(Oklahoma City, OK)

Chelle shared this recipe for cleaning copper bottomed pans and pots.

Chelle says:

Using just a little bit of baking soda and lemon juice will do the trick, and much less harsh on your hands than the scrub powders they sell in the store for copper-bottomed pans.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing this recipe Chelle.

As you can see, there are lots of methods for cleaning copper. You can share your tips for cleaning copper here.

Further, you can read my own homemade copper cleaner recipes here.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

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Comments for How To Clean Copper Bottom Pans Naturally

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by: Twila

Ketchup works.

copper bottom pan
by: Anonymous

Lemon juice and sponge scourer worked.

Copper bottom pans
by: Anonymous

So far, nothing is getting it all off. The best thing I have found to clean the copper on the pan is baking soda and vinegar. A bit of salt helped. What is out there on the market?

Copper bottom pots
by: Anonymous

I have a small saucepan from my mother's set for sentimental reasons. It works for marinade bases and BBQ sauce. I tried just straight apple cider vinegar. It was bad but most of the crud is gone after an hour. Just a paper plate and ac vinegar. I will update you on the final results. It's an old Revereware piece I think. SS with a copper bottom that I abused in the dishwasher.

Apple cider vinegar
by: Anonymous

Apple cider vinegar works. A paper plate in the sink with AC vinegar got 90% of the black off. I just changed the vinegar to finish removing my shame. I didn't appreciate it for what it was. A big part of my childhood. Seems stupid but it's just what it is. AC vinegar is a low acid, polishing the copper may require more work. It took a beating, I put in the dishwasher, etc. everything you should never do. Now I pay my penance, before I sleep, it will be rinsed. If needed it will get treated tomorrow. It will shine once more with never a stain n that copper.

cottage cheese!
by: Anonymous

Totally found this out by accident, but you don't even have to scrub. Thin layer of cottage cheese on the bottom and it comes right off! About 5 minutes!

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