X14 Mildew Stain Remover Review: No Scrubbing Is Great!

I've gathered pictures of X14 Mildew Stain Remover in action, because what better way is there to explain how this product works for removing mildew stains from hard bathroom surfaces.

It can be used on such surfaces as the bathtub, shower stall, tiles, and sealed grout, and it is designed to not have to be scrubbed.

The first picture, below, is from Evan Moore, who used this product on his bathtub and shower tile and grout, which had some dark stains.

before and after of mildew stained tile and grout

The stains on the before picture may not seem too bad, but apparently he wasn't convinced this product would work first, so the first picture he took is about 15 minutes after the spray remover was applied, when he had already noticed visible results.

Over time the stains kept getting more and more faded, but he kept the product on overnight and rinsed and wiped down the tile the next morning with a sponge.

As you can see from the after picture, no stains remained the next morning.

No scrubbing was involved in these results!

If you've got stained grout from mold and mildew I'd love to hear from you, sharing how this product worked for you, and whether you experienced similar results.

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Before and after pictures courtesy of Amazon.com

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How X-14 Mildew Stain Remover Worked On Bathtub, Tiles & Grout

Mario Lazu shared before and after pictures of his bathtub which had lots of mildew stains on it, as well as in the grout and tile surrounding it.

He used this product to remove those stains, and was happy with the results.

What is really amazing is that the after picture was taken after two separate applications of the product and rinsing, but no scrubbing was done.

Has anyone else used this product in their homes? If so, I'd love to hear from you, sharing your experiences. You can share your reviews here, or read other product and brand reviews that have already been submitted.

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Before and after photos courtesy of Amazon.com

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Comments for How X-14 Mildew Stain Remover Worked On Bathtub, Tiles & Grout

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Remove set in mold and mildew in caulk and grout
by: Melanie Moore

I clean professionally for a living and the only product I have found to get set in mold out of caulk and grout is X-14. It's amazing. Also gets set in stains out of whites. Pretty toxic, but it works.

by: Anonymous

Yes it smells just like bleach and will mess up your clothes, but it sure as hell isn't the same as regular bleach. I tried using bleach soaked towels pasted to mildew (so it stays wetter and acts longer) and it wasn't nearly half as effective as just spraying this stuff on.

Works but smells
by: Anonymous

I recently purchased this product. It does work however it smells like 100% straight ordinary bleach and has the same effect on my hands that bleach does. There is no list of ingredients on the bottle other than to say it contains bleach but not the percentage of bleach. I like the stuff but what the heck, if it's nothing more than bleach, I can buy a gallon of bleach for less than what I paid for a 16 oz. bottle of X-14, put it in the spray bottle and get the same results.

Painting after using x14
by: Anonymous

I need to redue my bathroom ceiling. My paiter didn't prime after use and the acrylic latex did not adhere to where i used x14. I am hoping sanding the ceiling, priming will do the trick. Any recommendations?

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