Woolite Pet Stain Remover Plus Oxygen Review

by Nicole
(Ocala, FL)

Nicole has provided a Woolite Pet Stain Remover Plus Oxygen review.

Nicole says:

Woolite Pet Oxygen is my favorite for removing pet stains.

I have two cats in the house with sensitive stomachs. They are also quite neurotic so they tend to lick themselves furiously when something upsets them. As you can imagine, the results are lots of hairballs and regurgitated food.

I had used all sorts of products. I had fairly good luck with using car upholstery cleaner but it was too expensive to use on a regular basis...and I didn't need the brush head it included.

Then came Woolite Pet Stain Remover Plus Oxygen, truly a godsend for me and my home.

I have two colors of carpet in my house, dark gray and off white and it removes the stains from both colors effectively while still remaining colorfast.

It lathers up a lot (I guess that is the "Oxygen" part) which seemed to be key to the effectiveness of the car upholstery cleaner.

At $6.50 or so for 22 ounces it is much more affordable, and I can often find a coupon for it in the Sunday paper.

It's readily available at the grocery store with the other cleaning products.

It is good for not just pet stains - I have used it to remove white wine and beer spills after parties and regular dirt and grime such as muddy footprints.

One bottle lasts a long
time, almost 6 months, even after weekly use. A little goes a long way!

My only complaint about it is that they don't make an unscented version, at least not a readily available one. It has quite a perfumey scent which bothers me, I'm sure most people like it. I prefer using fragrance free products whenever possible, except Method products don't bother me because they are botanical products.

I try to use "natural" products whenever I can, but I wouldn't trade Woolite Pet Stain Remover Plus Oxygen for anything. It is the only carpet cleaner I use now to successfully clean up my cat's messes!

Fortunately my cats are young and still in control of their...other bodily functions...so I can't say how well they work in that regard. But for throw up stains (which can be very difficult to clean, especially if they sit a while) and hairballs there is nothing better, at least not for this price.

Trust Woolite Pet Oxygen to remove your stains and not the color on your carpet!

Taylor says:

Thanks Nicole for your Woolite pet stain remover plus Oxygen review.

Has anyone else used this pet stain remover successfully (or unsuccessfully) on their carpet pet stains? If so, tell me how it worked for you in the comments, or you can share your own pet stain removers reviews here, or read other reviews already submitted.

In addition, you can share your carpet stain remover reviews here, or read other reviews already submitted.

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Woolite Pet + Oxygen Stain Remover Great On Red Wine Stains Too

by Gwen M

Gwen responded to the review above, plus shared her own experience with Woolite's pet stain remover plus oxygen.

Gwen says:

I too keep Pet + Oxygen on hand because it does a great job on pet stains from both ends, but I got up this morning and found that Kitty had knocked a glass of red wine over and it spilled and DRIED on my light carpet.

I thought it would be permanent. I sprayed the Woolite and rubbed for a few moments with my fingers and blotted with a clean dry cloth. Voila, stain out completely!! REALLY REALLY GREAT STUFF!

Taylor says:

Wow, that's great to hear. Thanks for sharing this experience Gwen.

Does anyone else use Woolite pet stain remover of this variety, or any of the varieties that the company makes? If so, I would love to hear your review and experiences too.

You can share your Woolite carpet cleaner review here, or read other reviews already submitted.

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Comments for Woolite Pet + Oxygen Stain Remover Great On Red Wine Stains Too

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the best there is
by: Katharine Goodson

Woolite pet stain remover with oxy is the best there is! It totally removes all pet tinkle stains, even after they have dried! It removes coffee and tea stains. Sometimes after you spray the stain, it disappears even before you can blot it away! And it leaves a pleasant scent, too! I’ve tried many products and none have come close to working as well as Woolite pet stain remover! It’s the navy blue and purple spray bottle. We have kids, grandkids, our dogs and grand dogs and Woolite keeps our light yellow carpet looking like new! Thanks Woolite!!!!!

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