Wisk Free And Pure Laundry Detergent Review: Pros & Cons

by Taylor

I was given the opportunity to try Wisk Free and Pure laundry detergent when the manufacturer of the product, Sun Products Corporation, sent me a free 32 load bottle to try.

I have to admit that I gave this detergent some really tough tests to pass, and generally it did so with flying colors.

Stains And Odors I Tried It On During Testing

My husband and kids are active in sports and outdoor activities. Since its summertime at least once a day, sometimes twice, they pile yucky sweaty clothes on the washing machine for me to get clean before they start to stink up the house.

The scent free variety of Wisk worked really well on these sweaty clothes. I would wash the clothes and they would come out clean and smell free, just like I like them!

One of the marketing points this detergent makes it that it cleans body oils and soil from clothes better than other detergents. I have to say, I really have no way of confirming or denying that for myself, since I don't have high-tech lab equipment to see what dirt and soil is left in clothing fibers, but I do know everything felt quite clean.

Further, I was pleased with how it worked generally on stains, such as some food dribbles my kids got on their clothes while I tested the detergent and some of which I forgot to pretreat. It got out some un-pretreated tomato sauce and some freeze pop drips in bright pink on a little white skirt (I did pre-treat those drips though).

Also, I used this detergent to wash the clothes from our recent vacation where we got in both river and lake water. By the time we got home suffice it to say the clothes were quite smelly. I washed them in hot water with this detergent and they came out clean and without odor after just one wash.

One thing it didn't do well was completely remove some smeared on antibiotic ointment that my daughter got all over some of my sheets. I turned my head for a second and she squirted some on her hands and began to rub them all over the sheet, so we're not talking about a little ointment here, but a lot.

I meant to pretreat this stain, and then got in a huge hurry and forgot all about it and threw in the sheets like normal. When I got them out of the washer I remembered the ointment so I looked and didn't see anything, so I threw it in the dryer and I must have missed the spots since there were still a couple I saw once they were dry, although it was significantly better.

Honestly, that stain really needed some pretreatment for the amount of ointment on them, so it is partially my fault, but I just wanted to be real, sharing with you what it worked on and what it didn't.

Things I Like & Don't Like About Wisk Detergent

I do appreciate the fact that the company makes a scent and dye free version of this detergent, since the scent of original Wisk is just too strong for me.

But I experienced one pet peeve when using this detergent -- I could not, for the life of me, see the lines on the cap to properly measure out the detergent. I looked and looked and have no idea how I was supposed to tell how much to add.

When I can't see the lines I tend to over fill the cap and waste detergent, which I detest.

Come on Wisk, your detergent works great, but I have to give it an B+ grade, not an A, because of the cap. Of course, that is easily remedied, so you can improve your grade easily if you wish! :)

My Overall Impression And The Real Test - Would I Use It Again?

Overall, I would purchase this detergent again, especially if I continue to need to wash some stinky sweaty clothing.

I would like to find it on sale though, since it is more expensive than some of the other brands I've tried recently.

This, of course, is a hypoallergenic version of the detergent I've reviewed. You can read more hypoallergenic laundry detergent reviews here, or share your own Wisk review here or read reviews of other scents already submitted.

FTC disclosure: I was provided with a free bottle of this detergent for review from the manufacturer, but the opinions and experiences I've shared are my own, and have not been influenced by Sun Products Corporation.

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Wisk Free & Pure Laundry Detergent Works For Me

by Myra

Myra shared her reviews of this scent free detergent.

Myra says:

Since I am not a fan of scented detergents I tried this product as soon as I discovered it was available back in May. It really does work as well as Tide Free and is less expensive.

There are times when I find the need to pre soak some clothes and note that there are no instructions on the bottle indicating how that would be accomplished. I guess they believe that pre soaking should be limited to powdered detergents, but Wisk no longer has any available.

If anyone knows of a good enzyme powder detergent that is unscented, other than Tide, I would be interested in trying for pre soaking.

One issue I do have is availability in that so far only Walmart carries it, and for several months after I first purchased a bottle it disappeared from the shelf. It is now back in stock at Walmart, only in the 100 oz size.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review of this product Myra.

In regard to your comment about presoaking, who says you can't use liquid detergents for this task? Once you combine the powdered detergent in water for presoaking, it dissolves and it is no different than mixing the liquid laundry detergent with water.

I would try adding about half a load full of detergent to a large bucket or sink full of water and seeing if that is enough for a good presoaking solution. I would think this detergent would work quite well for the task! If you try it, tell me how it works for you.

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Wisk Free & Pure Can Be Used As A Pre-Soak

by Myra

Myra says:

My sister just started a job at a day care. As you well know babies are allergic to clean shirts whether they are wearing them, or any ones they come in contact.

At the same time her washer broke down so she did her laundry at my house.

She had a couple of shirts with stains that were a few days old so she did the pre-soak in a large bucket for about an hour while the other loads were being washed, then washed as normal in the washer.

The pre-soak solution worked great. Next time I need to pre-soak I will be following the same approach.

Taylor says:

presoaking stains
Thanks for sharing how this worked for her Myra.

I personally love presoaking stains, since it works so well and is very easy to do -- you just need time basically. While often people can buy products specifically used as presoaks, you're absolutely right that laundry detergents can also be used for the process.

I'd love to know, from other readers, what detergents or other laundry products you use for presoaking items. You can share your reviews here of these products.

Plus, please note that in addition to presoaking, many readers love using Wisk as a pretreater.

Further, if you have baby stains of your own, check out my article on the top 10 baby stains for even more ideas for how to remove them.

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Is Wisk Free Going Away?

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader asks:

All of the Walmart stores in my area have suddenly stopped carrying this version of Wisk, and they were the only stores where it could ever be found.

I really like this detergent (free of perfumes and dyes but contains enzymes for stain removal) and hope they have not decided to discontinue its production.

If I can't get the "Free" version I will quit using Wisk.

I just went to their website and noted others indicating that they were no longer able to find it either.

Taylor says:

I haven't looked on the shelves of my local Walmart for a while to see if they still have this product, but I did note that (at least as of the time I'm writing this) Walmart.com has this product for sale online.

Therefore, you may be able to get it there.

I noticed the same thing on Wisk's website, with many of the most recent reviews of this product sharing where they can and cannot still find it.

That's a real shame. I hope they're not discontinuing it soon or having trouble finding stores that will carry it. It is still listed as one of the "scents" available though, so hopefully this problem will be corrected soon, or you can find an online source for this laundry soap!

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Can't Find Wisk Free In My Area Either

by Jan

The last time I saw this product at my local Walmart was during the summer, and it was in the mark down section of the aisle.

I bought 2 - 100 oz bottles and never saw it in the store again.

I really do miss the convenience of being able to purchase this product at a local store, as Walmart was the only store in my area that ever carried it.

I also called the company and they could not come up with any listing of it being sold within 100 miles of my house. All they could suggest was going to Walmart.com and ordering it.

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Wisk Free & Pure Deep Clean Laundry Detergent Review

by Heidi

Heidi says:

For me this detergent worked just as effectively as the scented version.

A lot of the new formula detergents have scents that annoy me now, so I have been gravitating toward low scent and no scent detergents.

It worked just as well as Tide in my opinion. Actually, for me.. a little better.

It was effective at removing odors and stains, pretreated and missed.

Considering this is a little less expensive than Tide, works in all types of washing machines and water temperatures, and doesn't add to the foul odor problems you get in front loaders with many liquids, I would have to recommend giving it a try.

Just keep in mind that, although it costs less than Tide, it still is not the least expensive brand out there. If price is really an issue, you could use this for pretreating stains only, and use a less expensive detergent for the general washing.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing this review of the scent free version of this detergent Heidi.

I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet myself (***Update - since I received this review I have tried it, and my review is above***), but do remember using Wisk as a child, and so I'll get it on my list of scent free products to try. I'll also add your review to the hypoallergenic laundry detergent review page for the site, where people looking for scent free alternatives can find a round up of available products along with reviews from real people sharing their experiences with them.

If anyone else has used this scent free version, or any version of this detergent actually, make sure you tell me how it worked for you! You can share your review here.

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Comments for Wisk Free & Pure Deep Clean Laundry Detergent Review

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allergic reaction to this hypoallergenic detergent
by: Anonymous

I have luck with every free and clear detergent. I became sensitive to scented ones 4 years ago for unknown reason. Was excited to try the Wisk free and clear since I used to love their regular version years ago. It began with a small rash on my arm. No big deal, just thought it was a lil eczema flare. Woke the next morning and I had hives and rash all over my body. Except my feet and face. My pajamas had been washed in the Wisk free. I have never broke out so bad from a detergent. Or anything for that matter. It was awful. The next day my daughter was in the same boat. Lesson learned. I will always test new detergents from here on out!

why is it discontinued?
by: Brenda

Tried all kind of stain removers and none ever compared to Wisk!!! Why would any one discontinue a proven long term product? A sure thing. Just doesn’t make sense! Poor business decision as well as customer relations. Unbelievable!

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