Wisk As A Stain Pre-Treater

by Theresa

Theresa shared this quick tip about how her Mom used to use Wisk for laundry stain removal.

Theresa says:

My Mother always used this detergent to pre-treat stains. She did this while at the laundromat so it did not sit very long. She got amazing results.

I would love for you to test this as a pre-treater on different soils.

I will add though that my Mother has always put this in her own bottle for better control of dispensing.

Taylor says:

It is funny you mentioned that Theresa, because my Mom actually did the exact same thing, and with this same detergent.

When I was little I remember the liquid being blue, and she also put it into a squeeze bottle so she could apply a small amount directly to stains on clothing before she placed them in the washing machine.

tips for using laundry pretreater
You've got a great idea of an experiment I'd like to try sometime -- using various laundry detergents as pretreaters, and finding out which ones work best for the task! Thanks for the idea.

You can check out my article on using a laundry pretreater to remove stains here, for more ideas and tips.

Does anyone else use this detergent for pretreating stains, in place of laundry stain removers, for example? If so, I'd love to hear your results. You can share your detergent reviews for this brand here, telling me your results, good or bad or tell me what detergent you use for removing stains.

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I Agree With Using Wisk As Pretreater From Separate Bottle

by SR101 Reader

Way to use empty dish soap container

Way to use empty dish soap container

SR101 Reader says:

I agree you should pour off a small amount of Wisk, or for that matter any detergent you favor to use as a pretreater.

I tend to re-use a small dishwashing liquid bottle.

It really eliminates waste of pouring directly from the large bottle or from the measuring cap and the application is truly a direct hit on the stain.

Wisk works well on the variety of stains I encounter on my uniforms I wear at the restaurant, including the most common ones like coffee and tomato based stains. It is also great on pre-treating collars.

It is great starting my shift with a clean crisp uniform.

As to some of the comments I have seen about perspiration odors on the main review page for this detergent I always find that adding baking soda to the wash (gym clothes are a good example) will do a good job in eliminating them.

Taylor says:

Thanks for this great tip for laundry! I love the idea of re-using a cleaning bottle that you would otherwise throw away.

I also appreciate you sharing what stains you've found are removed by pretreating with this detergent. I'd love to hear from others sharing what spots you've removed as well. You can share your own reviews and experiences here.

Wisk laundry detergent reviews

Finally, please note that readers have not only told me that this product is great for pretreating, but also it's great for presoaking stains (shared by a reader who was reviewing the free and clear version).

Photo by sfslim, from Flickr CC

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Whisk (in red bottle) is now Persil (in blue bottle)
by: Grew up with Whisk for stains

Persil is the new name for Whisk. Blue bottle replaced red bottle years ago. Both are excellent at getting stains out. Whisk was advertised as a "Ring Around the Collar" stain remover back when wives did all the laundry and very few used a dry/ cleaner or laundry service to get those nasty rings of dirt, body oils, fragrance, etc. The ad was "Ring around the collar, shame on you!" It worked and still does. Not sure about lipstick!!!!

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