Tilex Fresh Shower Daily Shower Cleaner Review - No Scrubbing My Shower Anymore

by Michelle P.
(Green Bay, WI. US)

Below I've gathered several reviews of Tilex Fresh Shower Daily Shower Cleaner. While the first one, from Michelle, is positive, the rest are NOT, so make sure you read them carefully before using this product.

Michelle says:

I use Tilex Fresh Shower with the original scent to clean my shower.

The liquid cleaner comes in a spray bottle and costs about $6 a bottle.

I bought it after my mother told me how much she loved using this product for her shower.

This product is great for anyone who hates cleaning because all you have to do is spray the shower and leave it. You don't need to rinse, wipe or scrub after spraying.

It works by loosening built-up deposits and rinsing them away.

I have not had any mold or soap scum build up since I started using this product.

I have been using Tilex Fresh Shower for about 6 months and I'm surprised to see that soap scum and mold isn't building up in the corners of the shower, or by the soap bottles or on the shelves like it did with my old cleaner.

The bottle says to use it after every time you use the shower but I only spray it every other day and it still works great.

I love that it doesn't have any harsh chemicals and it doesn't
have a strong stinky smell.

It also has never caused any damage or staining to my shower.

I would recommend this to everyone who hates cleaning the shower or is looking for a different shower cleaner.

Taylor says:

Thanks Michelle for your review of this daily shower cleaner. It sounds like a great option for those that don't like to scrub their showers to get them clean (and who likes to do this, I'm not sure!)

***Update - this first review from Michelle was very positive, and perhaps this product does work well for many types of showers. However, the rest of the reviews I've received later on have been negative. They all concern using this product on a specific type of shower surface -- glass, where I've gotten quite a few complaints and bad experiences about the product.

Based on these comments and reviews I DO NOT recommend this product for use on glass shower doors or walls. You can read the progression of the comments and stories, from where I was first learning about this problem with Tilex Fresh Shower to the present when I determined that I don't recommend this product for glass.***

So, does anyone use this or another shower cleaner that they love? If so, share your shower cleaners reviews here, or read even more reviews already submitted.

In addition, you can share your soap scum cleaner review here.

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Tilex Fresh Shower Etched Shower Glass - Reader Comments

by Taylor

I have received a couple of comments from readers who have complained that Tilex Fresh Shower has etched their glass doors in their shower.

At first, I published these complaints as comments, but once I received this second one I realized this may be a widespread problem -- or not, I just don't know yet. Therefore, I am putting this instead into a post, so that I can better determine if this is a product to avoid for glass shower doors, or not? (I have no personal experience with the product, so I am just reporting what commenters have said.)

Comment From SR101 Reader:

I used Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner on my glass shower door and after a year it permanently etched the glass. It's a terrible product with acid that is NOT safe for glass despite what Tilex says.

Comment From Tom C:

I too used Tilex on our glass shower doors. After 1 year it has etched the glass and we are now having to replace our shower doors at a cost of $1,275. Our glass installer has seen this problem on numerous other glass doors. Save yourself some significant money. Treat your glass with a product like RainX and use a squeegee after every shower. More work but a huge savings in the long run.

***Update, here is another one I received:

Comment from Anonymous SR101 Reader:

Tilex worked well at first, but I began to notice a build up which I finally realized was etching. I would never recommend this product or use it again.

Taylor says:

I am sorry this has happened to both of these commenters, so I tried to do a bit of research on this problem at the company's website, to see if they had any warnings about this.

Instead, what I found was this statement: "It is safe to use on glass, glazed tile, tubs and shower curtains without having to rinse off. The gentle formula won’t scratch surfaces." Now, I know that companies can sometimes be wrong about what surfaces are safe on, but because of lawsuits they generally test these products thoroughly before they say they are safe for certain surfaces.

I checked the Amazon reviews of the product too, and not one mentioned a problem with etching glass.

Therefore, I would also like to hear from other readers, sharing your experiences with Tilex Fresh Shower, especially as it relates to your glass shower doors. Have you had any problems like the two commenters have described? Make sure you tell me how long you used the product, since it sounds like it may be something that doesn't show up at first.

Please share your shower cleaners review here.

In addition, I would love to hear your tips for how to clean shower door, since this is an area I know many people struggle to keep clean of soap scum, hard water build up, and water spots.

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Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner Etched My Glass Shower Walls After 3 Years Of Use

by P

P shared this experience with me about what happened to her glass shower after she used this product on it for several years.

P says:

I used this product on my new glass shower walls approximately 3 years before I noticed that the glass always seemed streaked.

A local shower glass company representative came out to take a look at it and asked if I used Tilex on it. He said he had seen the same problem before, and the same product had been used on those glass walls.

The staining/etching is permanent, and it's going to cost us $2300 to replace the glass walls.

Taylor says:

Thanks P for sharing your experience with this product, and I am sorry that it caused you problems.

I've now gotten quite a few stories from readers experiencing this same problem (see above and below), and now out of an abundance of caution I suggest people not use this product on their glass shower doors or walls, even though Tilex Fresh shower says it is safe.

If any other readers have had problems with this product, I would love to hear from you. Conversely, if you've been using Tilex fresh shower for a while on your glass shower without issue, I would also like to hear your experiences. Please share your review and experiences here.

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Tilex Fresh Shower - Yet Another Horror Story About Etching Glass

by SR101 Reader

Unfortunately quite a number of people have now written in to me, sharing how Tilex Fresh Shower has etched the glass in their shower. Here is another such story I just received:

SR101 Reader says:

My husband used Tilex daily for our shower in our brand new house. It was a European style shower with two sides being clear glass & two sides being tile.

Our glass is totally destroyed from the Tilex. We have tried everything to get the marks off, & feel that the glass is pitted and will have to be replaced.

We have contacted the glass supplier & it is his feeling too that the glass is damaged from the Tilex. The cost is close to $2000 to replace the glass.

I would never recommend using Tilex on a glass shower.

Taylor says:

I'm so sorry to hear this. Your story is very sad, but also completely familiar.

I would urge you to call Tilex's customer support and help number to complain about this problem since so many people have been complaining about it to me. It seems to me they should change their formula or stop advertising it as safe for glass (or if everyone is using it wrong provide better instructions for how it is to be used on glass).

Keep the stories of Tilex causing glass etching coming in, so that we can show Tilex that there is a problem. You can share your own story and experience here.

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Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner Etched My Glass Shower Doors Too

by SR101 Reader

Since I brought attention to a couple of reader comments I had received about Tilex Fresh Shower Daily Shower Cleaner, and the problems some people are having with it with regard to glass in their showers, I have received yet another comment from a reader about this very same issue.

SR101 Reader says:

I, too, have had glass shower doors permanently etched by Tilex.

Prior to using Tilex I had used Method Shower Cleaner for 4 years on a new frameless glass shower door. After switching to Tilex when my retailer no longer carried the Method brand, I began to notice the etching in less than a year and immediately stopped using the product, although the damage is done and permanent.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your story about this product.

At this time, in an abundance of caution, I would suggest that you not use this product if you have glass in your shower, for example as your shower doors, just to be certain that you do not have this problem, since I've now received three complaints about this issue from different readers.

However, if you don't have glass this product seems to be alright for use.

As always, I am looking for even more reviews of this, or other shower cleaners, to share. You can share your shower cleaners review here, for this or any other brand, telling me what you like, or don't, about it and why. You can also read other reviews that have already been submitted.

***Update: Another reader sent in this short comment about the product:
It etched our glass in only a month. I thought it was a build up of something and tried to get it off with Soft Scrub but then realized it has etched the glass. Don't use Tilex on glass.

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I Wish I Had Read These Reviews Before Using This Product

by Larry Hagemann
(Raleigh NC)

I wish that I had read these reviews before switching to the TILEX shower spray.

With use of about a year all glass in my shower has been "etched" by this non-acid product.

TILEX claims it is safe and they have never heard of this issue. They have been informed of it by me...but are "shocked" by this.

Photos taken of such shower doors by others who have experienced this etching are identical to mine.

Everything has been tried to bring the glass back...but it is too late.

Of course, TILEX covers themselves by suggesting on every bottle of this shower product that a small section of surface should be tried before fully engaging the product...fat chance of finding the problem with only one or two sprays.

It is a long-term problem.

We used other products in the past (Arm and Hammer) with no issues at all...only when we switched to TILEX did we have this problem.

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Why Did I Trust This Product?

by Don Griffiths

Totally right!!! I thought that I would be able to find a solution to this etching problem online. Surprise...there isn't one!

Did I use it over a period of time. Yes I did. Once.

After showering, I commented to my wife about the fresh scent and all appeared to be well.

Next morning I noticed what could only be called dried little bubbles on all the glass.

Being a resourceful being, I tried to remove them with various products even resorting to bathroom cleaner and a kitchen scrubby.

I've given up. I plan to take my complaint to the company as advised by others who have contributed to this web page. Shame on you Clorox!!

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Eventual Settlement With Tilex For Damages Caused By Their Product

by Betty

After 4 years of daily Tilex Shower Cleaner use my shower doors were irreparably damaged, etched beyond repair.

First contact with customer service tried to blow me off.

Persistence created a "file" with company.

Tilex (owned by Clorox) turned my file over to a consultant company to handle my complaint.

I had to send pictures, description of damage, two formal estimates of costs to replace my shower doors, product, and proof of ownership of my house (!!!).

I did all that and got a reply that their product tests showed nothing wrong with Tilex (surprise, surprise), and offered me $300.

The estimates to replace my shower doors were around $2000. I refused their offer.

I then offered to accept half of the damages.

They came back with offer of $500, upped to $600 and I finally accepted $700.

I had to sign a notarized release form first, return it to their claims company and then I received the check.

Amen and I will never use this product again and will tell whomever I can about my experience.

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I'm Hating Tilex Fresh Shower And Yes It Does Cause Etching!

by Elias Taravay

I'm so saddened to read all these comments but the fact of the matter is the Tilex Fresh Shower causes etching in glass shower doors.

I know this because I'm a victim of it.

It's the only thing I have used on my shower for two years since it got installed and when I got a glass specialist to come and see the stains and saw the bottle of Tilex he told me: "there you go!"

I found this forum in my desperation of finding a solution and it seems I'll have to replace the panel.

I have called Clorox Co. as suggested here and of course they brushed me off and said it wasn't their fault and that they have tested the product extensively.

I also doubt they have done so on a glass panel every single day for two or three years.

They told me that etching should have come up after a couple of months of using the product if it was their fault.

The issue at hand is that the acid concentration is so low that I'm sure etching happens after repeated and continued use.

It's infuriating to be told something is safe, be a good consumer, follow all directions and be a victim of people that although maybe didn't know it at first, just brush people off after hundreds of people have called to complain about the same issue.

I'm sure that the squeaky wheel gets the grease so I will complain to them until I drop as some people have done in this forum.

To replace that panel is going to cost at least $1000.

I accept any suggestions you may have for following this complaint. :(

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Grout Damage From Tilex Fresh Shower?

by SR101 Reader

Reader Question:

I have been using Tilex Fresh Shower on my shower for nearly 2 years. While I haven't had mold or soap scum, the grout is beginning to crack in many areas.

Has anyone else had a problem with this?

Taylor says:

Thanks for your question, which I've added to the cleaning help section of the site.

Unfortunately, I don't have a particularly great answer for you in regard to grout.

I do know I would not recommend using this product on your glass shower doors over a long period of time from the numerous complaints I've received about it etching such surfaces. However, you are the first person I've heard complain about grout damage.

If anyone else has experienced such a problem though, please report it to me, so I can add more information for others about this. You can share your reviews or experiences about this or any other shower cleaner here, or read reviews of other brands that have already been submitted.

***Update: I got this comment from another SR101 reader in response to my question:
Yes, I to have found using this product for two years with a brand new bathroom was cracking my grout and making the grout sealer wash away.
***End Update

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What Can I Do If Tilex Fresh Shower Has Harmed My Glass Shower Doors?

by Teri
(Mobile, AL)

Teri has asked a very good question about this issue with etching and streaking of glass shower doors by this product -- what do we do next?

Teri says:

Tilex had streaked my glass, but I did not know this was permanent until I read these comments.

I was looking for a solution to clean it, but apparently there isn't one. I've tried all kinds of cleaners, using sponges, brushes, etc. with no results.

Has anyone with this problem complained directly to the company? If so what results did you get?

Taylor says:

That's a really good point Teri -- a lot of people are having trouble with this product harming their shower glass.

Obviously, from the comments and experiences I've already received some people have contacted repair people, who have had to replace the glass in the showers.

But, what about a response from the company? I have not personally used this product but I know that if I used something that harmed something in my home that was expensive to fix, especially if it was advertised to be safe for that surface, I would want to contact the company and see what they have to say about it. Perhaps they have a fix, or may even offer to compensate you for the loss.

I haven't heard of anyone else contacting them either, so I would love for people to contact the company and report back what they've said here. You can share your experience here.

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Comments for What Can I Do If Tilex Fresh Shower Has Harmed My Glass Shower Doors?

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etching of shower doors
by: Anonymous

After using Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner daily after showers for 3 years my shower doors are permanently etched. Estimates to replace are around $2000. Company states it has tested product and it meets specifications. Have they tested it on a continuing basis for years? Doubt it. Am trying to resolve with Clorox Co.

Dec 2012

It ruined my shower glass
by: Anonymous

I have been using Fresh Shower for about 7 years now. I kept thinking the streaks were soap scum and having been trying to find a solution. Well, I finally put my nail to the streaks and no soap scum, just total etching. Will Tilex ever own up to this and replace our glass? Our beautiful shower is ruined!!

by: Andy J.

This product has ruined my shower doors as well. I just sent customer service an email explaining the situation. I'm having basically the etching/streaking problem everyone else is having. What a disappointment to say the least.

So obvious....
by: Anonymous

Another victim of the Tilex Shower Door Etching. I've been using this product for about 4 years and noticed a build up of what I thought was hard water minerals on my glass doors. Tried the usual fixes I saw online - vinegar, lime away, CLR, nothing worked.

Than I ran my fingers over the area and yep, they're etched. I couldn't figure out how that happened until I read these posts. I'm sure its going to cost well over $1,000 to get the doors replaced.

I would have been better off not using anything to keep my shower clean.

Add me to the list
by: Rick

I've been using Tilex Shower Fresh regularly for over a year. In the last 6 months I have noticed that the glass doors have become streaked and clouded. I am looking for a solution to the problem. After reading these comments I guess I'll be tossing the Tilex. What a mess.

I've used on my glass for 5+ years with no problems
by: Colin

I have used Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner on my glass shower walls for +5 years and have not had any problems. I have not had to scrub or squeegee the walls and they have remained clean and streak-free. The glass is clear and free of streaks and scratches.

stuck with damaged shower doors
by: Anonymous

i have used this product for about a year. I loved it at first but started to notice "marks" on the glass which cannot be removed.
Now warning on bottle by manufacturer. Now I am stuck with damaged shower doors.

don't use this product
by: Anonymous

Permanently etched the glass shower doors. Do not use this product.

Pump does not function
by: Mike Doyle

I don't know when Tilex switched from full length tube-nozzle pumps to the "one inch Smart Tube technology" and suppose it was a cost saving measure. The pump is worthless and never functions properly. I have three 1 quart bottles (one in each bathroom) and none spray. I had to transfer the liquid to competitor bottles with working pump sprays. Why would the manufacturer cheapen this great product? Did the engineers think this was a good move?. "Spray every drop" what a joke. I will not purchase another bottle as long as "smart technology" is utilized.

I think we're starting to see etching now too
by: Debbie

We have been using Tilex shower spray on our glass shower walls for about two years. We are just starting to notice that at the top part of the walls it looks like a build up of hard water stains. I've tried everything I know to clean it and it won't come off. I think it must be at etched. It only happened where the water doesn't hit the shower wall directly. So I think it's not a problem if the walls are wet when they are sprayed. But it's hard to miss the areas that don't get water on them when you are spraying. It hasn't hurt the tile walls as far as I can tell nor the fiberglass bottom of the shower. So I think the problem is spraying it on glass areas that don't get a lot of water on them. It's too bad, because I really love the product. I never noticed this on any other shower that we have used it on, and we have been using it for several years.

just use a squeegee!
by: Shawna Kadlec

I'm a housekeeper, my clients glass doors are etched from the product. I tried vinegar, Lime Away, Magic Eraser and a razor scraper; NOTHING CLEANED IT! So after some research, I found the Tilex Fresh Shower absolutely ruins the glass. Permanently etching the glass. Just use a squeegee.

Do not use Tilex on your glass doors
by: Anonymous

I have used Tilex for about 3 years now and it has permanently etched the glass. The first estimate was $1500.00 to replace the glass. I will never use that horrible product again.

Strong Clorox odor
by: Anonymous

I used a Tilex shower spray which cleaned the shower area and the scent was pleasant. But lately I can only find Tilex with Clorox. The odor is harsh and extremely strong. I have to run the bathroom exhaust for 8 to 10 hours. The strong odor has caused my family to be unable to use the 6 x 10 foot bathroom. Can I still get Tilex without Clorox? I can no longer use the Clorox product.

causing etching
by: Anonymous

We're still trying to figure out if this is a cause and effect from Tilex but the bottom line is that we've been using Tilex since these doors were installed brand new and after a couple of years or so (not sure exactly how long) we started noticing what we thought was a build up which we tried to remove over a long period trying different things. Eventually we engaged a professional glass cleaning company who ultimately gave up and told us there was nothing he could do. He didn't use the term etching but I believe that is what it is. I googled Tilex causing glass etching and found this. It's possible more people have had this problem and haven't thought about Tilex as a cause.

Tilex Daily Shower etched glass
by: J Knarr

My wife keeps our shower spotless. We moved into a new house in 2016 and used Tilex Daily shower every day since. I couldn't understand why she said the glass had white marks all over it. I tried everything to remove them. Finally, I said it looks like the glass is actually etched. (I'm a chemist.) The only thing I could think of that we use in the shower other than soap was the Tilex Daily Shower. I googled it with etched glass and found this site where the problem of etched glass was mentioned 40 + times with this cleaner. Looking forward to an expensive repair.

Tilex stain on Formica
by: Gladys H.

Hey! My cleaning lady left a Tilex soaked rag on my white Formica countertop. The rag dried and left a yellow stain that won't come out with soap and water. Any suggestions?

glass has been permanently damaged
by: Linda

I have used Tilex Daily Shower for about 9 months. At first we sprayed on the glass shower doors and then wiped it off. I did not see any problem and there was no soap build up. We then started spraying Daily Shower on and walked away as per the product instructions. (The front of the container says "just spray & walk away".) After using the product this way for awhile it looked as though there was soap build up on the glass doors. I tried cleaning with all sorts of bathroom cleaners, but nothing would remove the stains. I contacted Tilex and they told me to use Tilex Soap Scum remover. I bought the product and cleaned the shower, but it did nothing. At this point, I have tried everything and nothing has worked. The glass has been permanently damaged, and we will need to replace the doors. I would suggest that even though this product seems to work at first, don't use it.

Do not use this product on glass
by: Beth

I DO NOT recommend this product. I used it religiously after each shower. I noticed a filmy appearance and sprayed more Tilex on. I finally realized the Tilex etched my glass. Now because of this product I have to replace my glass shower walls and door. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON GLASS!

make sure to spray on wet glass
by: Mike

I've read the review of this product on a few sites. I use it myself. My first comment is most of the people are morons.

Some people say it etches the glass. Is the glass wet? If not, why are you putting it on the glass? If you spray it on dry glass, I would guess you may have a problem.

Some people say they rinse it off with water. Why? Where does it say to do that? It goes away on its own after working.

Some people say they wipe it down. Why? If your shower is very dirty, use a cleaning product. Then use the Tilex as DIRECTED.

If you use it as directed, it works quite well. I use it 2x per week and that is all I need. Make sure any surface is wet and spray them down. Walk away. Takes whole 2 minutes. The other days I use a squeegee to wipe the surfaces.

I don't notice any smell. But then, I am just spraying and walking away, not hanging around in the shower.

ruined my glass shower
by: Sandra

COMPLETELY RUINED MY SHOWER. I bought my new house with ensuite shower that has 2 glass walls and a glass door. Tilex says it is safe to use on glass showers and I thought I was actually going to help keep my shower looking great. It also specifically says no need to rinse, just spray it on after showering and leave it. My glass is so ruined you can barely see thru it due to the damage and I have paid hundreds of dollars for best and most powerful glass cleaners to try to get the etching off, to no avail. Now I need to replace all the glass at a cost of $3000. There should be a civil suit against Tilex, as they so clearly indicate it is safe on glass, and this has costs myself and others thousands.

2 years of this, and now glass door etched
by: Helen

Clorox plus Tilex daily shower cleaner-been using for 2 years on glass shower door. Googled how to get rid of streaks. After trying to use various cleaners to get rid of streaks -none worked. Thanks to your reviewers I now know the glass is etched! Blamed my cleaning lady 6 months ago- now know I owe her a big apology and have to bite the bullet and replace my frameless shower doors. Big $$$$

problem with the sprayer
by: Bonnie

I find when I get near the end of the bottle it no longer sprays. I purchased a new bottle and used it. When half of the bottle is used I opened up the original bottle to add to this one. I find that the bottle no longer will spray. Is there any advice on how to fix this problem.

We have stopped using it.
by: Harvey Laabs

We have been using Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner for about a year. At the beginning we were quite pleased with it since we could just "spray and walk away".

About six months ago we started noticing streaks on our glass door. We have tried several methods of removing them and nothing has worked.

Today I sent a photo of the door to the place that sold us the door. They sent the photo to the glass manufacturer; the manufacturer said it appeared to be damage caused by a chemical in a cleaner. (I had not mentioned that we had used a cleaner).

A technician came later to look at the door; he tried a few methods of removing the stains and none of the traditional methods worked. He also noticed that parts of the door were clear; if it had been poor manufacturing the streaks would have appeared all over the glass.

I also started wondering a few months ago why the Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner was disappearing from the shelves of stores that had been stocking it.

It certainly seems like it is the reason for the stains on our door.

We have stopped using it.

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