Tide To Go Pen Review - It's My Best Stain Removing Friend

by Lin
(East Providence, RI, USA)

Lin has provided a Tide To Go pen review.

Lin says:

My favorite laundry stain remover of all time is the Tide To Go Stain Pen.

I used to only use Shout on all my stains, because it was simply what I knew. But one day I had spilled some mustard on my white denim capris at a BBQ, and my friend let me use his Tide Pen. Once I saw how great it worked, I started using it as a pre-wash stain remover.

I am constantly spilling food and drinks on myself. Anytime I eat or drink anything, it seems like I’m getting at least one drop of it on me. So I need a powerful stain fighter.

Not only has the Tide To Go Pen removed stains on the spot for me (I keep one in my purse at all times now) it also gets rid of stains prior to washing.

Sometimes my stains are large enough that I need to just take off the item of clothing for washing. The Tide pen gets rid of the stains better than any other pre-wash stain remover I’ve ever used.

It doesn’t have much of a smell, which is great for when I need it on the go. It also doesn’t do any damage to clothing.

I have never used it on something delicate like silk or rayon, but as for sturdy materials like cotton or polyester, it doesn’t affect the fabric. Even when I use it in abundance, my clothing stays intact.

I highly recommend using the Tide To Go Pen for a quick fix or for use prior to washing any clothing that’s been stained.

It has removed plenty of stains for me,
including barbecue sauce, chocolate, and tomato sauce. It is my little miracle solution, and a little bit goes a long way.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your Tide To Go Pen review. I too seem to get food on me all the time. My husband jokes I'm worse than the kids!

I like the idea of the pen, since you can carry it around in your purse. I know they have both a regular size pen now, and also a "mini" Tide To Go pen you can use.

There are also quite a number of other fans of this product too, as you can see from some of the Tweets I've found when doing some research into all the things the Tide To Go Pen can be used for, for stain removal.

Check out these tweets:

WOW! Strawberry stains no match for my @TideToGo pen! Now I can crawl out from under my desk and show my face again :) @carrieann

Again, @tidetogo saves the day. I spilled hot sauce all over my white cardigan & the 10 splatter spots are gone. Phew! @deniselao

massive #fail" this morning, spilled coffee on my silk blouse not once, not twice, but 3 times!! luckily i have my @tide stick w/me :) @PRFrenchy

@TideToGo just saved my dress shirt. Shoe polish is no match to a togo pen. @jagodzam

Is wondering where @TideToGo has been all my life! Perfect remedy for "I just swiped my khakis with an ink pen" syndrome @amandasclark

You can read even more Tweets about the Tide Pen below.

So, does anyone else have a favorite stain remover for clothing? If so, you can share your laundry stain removers reviews here.

You can also share any other stain remover review here.

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Tide To Go Twitter Reviews - Find Out What Stains It Removes

When a reader recently sent me in a Tide To Go review I started trying to find out more examples of what this stain remover pen got out of people's clothes, to share with you.

I found some great Tweets giving examples, and shared a couple of them with you in the review mentioned above. However, I've found a couple more since then, and wanted to share those with you too.

Therefore, here are even more Tweets about the Tide To Go pen, where people have shared what types of stains they've removed with it.

dropped a raspberry on my white pants, but it completely came out! thank you @tide 2go pen!! @doggylove86

@TideToGo, I love you. You saved my white shirt from a coffee stain and me from a day of embarrassment. #ThursdaysAreMyFavorite @AliciaMNelson

Had yet another successful TTG defeat of wine on a white sweater! @laurapage was so surprised! @dannah

Tide-to-Go is freaking amazing. It got out orange pepper juice stains from my light grey hoodie in just a few mins. Weehoo. @Dianer

Just spilled coffee on my white shirt.. For once I actually have my Tide to Go Pen! @travelforcoffee

Have you removed any other stains with this product? If so, you can tell me what you've removed in the comments, or I will add your tweet to this page if you Tweet me @stainremoval101.

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Got Out Cherry Stains On My White Capris

by Polly

Polly says:

Oh no!!! I was eating a fresh cherry...and I didn't NOTICE that a bit of juice dripped on my white capris!

Lucky for me, I had my Tide to Go stick.

Although the stain isn't TOTALLY gone yet, I think one more treatment will do the trick. Thanks, Tide!!!

Taylor says:

Glad to hear this worked so well for you when removing your cherry stain!

Photo by D H Wright

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Take Them To Overnight Camp To Keep Stains At Bay

by Melanie

We love the these stain removing pens.

My stepdaughter takes 5 of them to camp with her every year...Goes through them all! All the girls in her cabin use them.

We inevitably have to bring more up when we visit on visitors day.

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Tide To Go Pen Works On Mattress Stains!

by Kay
(Jacksonville, FL)

Kay has shared this tip of how she's used the Tide To Go pen successfully in her home, for a use I wouldn't normally think of.

Kay says:

The Tide to Go pen works on mattress stains.

We have a practically brand new plush pillowtop mattress. We have to return it to the store, and the store will take it back if it has no stains, no holes, etc... Well, of course we noticed a couple of small yellowish stains near the top side seams, upper middle and bottom (foot area) of our mattress. These are not giant stains that had spread out much--one was marble sized and the others sized like a silver dollar pancake size.

We have two small dogs and two little boys, so we are pretty sure it's due to the dogs and/or the boys.

Anyway, we used our Tide To Go pen and the stains began to fade right away, and then were completely gone!

My tip is to begin on the stain from the outside, rubbing inward with the Tide pen. Kind of pick up the top layer of fabric with your fingertips and rub on that, hence not wetting the underside so much. Just gently rub the stain with the pen and let it air dry. Love that Tide To Go!

NOTE: we were afraid to use the heat of a blowdryer on the areas we had used the pen on for fear of setting in the wet liquid from the pen and thus reactivating a stain somehow, so we turned on our ceiling fan and left it to dry.

Taylor says:

Thanks Kay for sharing how you use this product to remove stains from your mattress. I would never have thought of that on my own!

You can share your own tips for removing mattress stains here, or read other tips already submitted.

In addition, there are lots of other ways to use the Tide pen for stain removal. I've collected the uses already shared here, but I would love to hear even more from other readers. You can share your own uses for this product here.

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