Sun And Earth Xtra Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid Review

by David

David has provided his Sun and Earth Xtra Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid review.

David says:

I try to use as many non-toxic products as I can.

I've been using this dish soap for a few months now and I think it is demonstrable of the power of nature.

For example, in my house, sometimes we have a bad habit of not washing dishes as they get dirty so they sit long enough for them to become difficult to clean. I typically let them soak in hot water mixed with some Sun & Earth dish washing liquid for about twenty minutes or so and all the dried-on noodles and sauces come right off with ease.

I have on occasion used it for carpet stains (pets, pop, etc), just a drop or two in about a cup or so of water and spray it on, let it sit a few minutes then dab away with a towel.

A little scrubbing may be necessary but it's worth it wit the pets and children in my house.

I try to keep their exposure to toxins as low as possible.

After using the dishwashing liquid I look forward to using more Sun & Earth products in the future.

Taylor says:

Thanks David for your Sun & Earth dish washing soap review.

Has anyone used Sun & Earth products for cleaning or laundry? If so, please share your reviews here of this brand, or any other eco-friendly brand of products.

In addition, what do you think is the best soap for hand washing your dishes? You can share your natural dishwashing soap review here, for this or any other brand, telling me what you like, or don't, about a product or scent, and why. In addition, you can read even more reviews of other brands already submitted.

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Sun & Earth Ultra Dish Liquid Review - Light Citrus Scent

by Jane

Jane has shared her Sun & Earth Ultra Dish Liquid review.

Jane says:

I found this dishwashing liquid while trying to find one that would be easy on my hands and still be effective in cleaning my dishes.

I found it quite easily at a local supermarket, Price Chopper, right on the shelf with the rest of the dish soaps.

It is wonderful! It only requires a very small amount of detergent in a sink full of water to produce lots of suds that last, and it cleans efficiently.

It will tackle grease and dried/baked on foods and it always wins!

I used this detergent to clean a sink full of dishes, followed by a lasagna pan with baked on food. When I was finished, I decided to pull the drip pans out of my stove burners and throw those in the sink. I let them soak for about ten minutes and then washed them, too! I did all this with one sink full of soap and water.

That was a lot of cleaning for just a few drops of dish soap! When I was done, my hands were not dried out at all!

The scent is just what is says. A very light citrus, probably because citrus oil is one of the ingredients along with aloe vera.

This product is all natural, great for the planet, not tested on animals, and it works great! I will continue to use this product and will definitely try other products by Sun & Earth!

Taylor says:

Thanks Jane for your Sun & Earth dish washing soap review.

Sun & Earth products are getting a bit easier to find, at least in certain parts of the country, but it is still a rather hard to find brand. My suggestion if you want to purchase these products, and can't find them in a store near you, is either to purchase it directly from their own website, or purchase it from one of the links here on this page which I've found for you.

So, what is your favorite soap for washing your dishes? You can share your dishwashing soap review here, telling me what you like about it, and why, whether it is green and natural or not. You can also see reviews of other brands that have already been submitted.

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Sun And Earth Dish Washing Liquid Review - Doesn't Irritate My Psoriasis

by Lillian
(Covington, KY)

Lillian has shared her Sun & Earth dish washing liquid soap review.

Lillian says:

Sun and Earth Xtra Concentrated Dish Liquid is a great dish washing liquid.

I have psoriasis and hate traditional dish washing liquids because they irritate my hands.

I do all of the dishes in my household so I needed to find a dish washing liquid that would not be so harsh on my hands. I had tried other products, especially the ones with lemon and orange scents, but they hurt my hands and never managed to get the grease and spots off of my dishes.

Sun and Earth does not hurt my hands at all. It is very gentle on my hands and works great at cleaning my dishes.

I rarely have to re-wash any of my cups or glasses because the dish liquid does such a great job cleaning them the first time.

I would recommend this product to other people. It is hypoallergenic and is a great cleaning product.

Taylor says:

Thanks Lillian for sharing your review of this product.

I know how irritating some dishwashing liquids can be on sensitive skin, much less if you have psoriasis, so I'm glad you've found something that works and doesn't bother your skin.

Have you ever considered using dishwashing gloves? I use them sometimes in the winter, when the air is so cold and dry, because then it seems the hot dish water really irritates and chafes my hands. That may be something you want to consider all year round for added comfort.

Has anyone else used this dishwashing detergent for their dishes? If so, you can share your dishwashing soap review here, of this or any other brand, telling me how it has worked for you.

In addition, you can share reviews of eco-friendly cleaning products here, telling me which brands or types you use, and how they've worked for you.

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