Poo Pourri Spray Review: Keeps Bathroom Smelling Fresh

by Ruth

I first learned of Poo Pourri from a Facebook Fan, Ruth, while we were having a discussion about another bathroom air freshener called Clorox Toilet Mint.

Ruth says:

I have a product in our bathroom called Poo Pourri spray.

It has a lemony smell that you spray one time in the bowl before you go, and it actually does completely keep any odors from permeating the room.

I like it very much.

So, this toilet mint is entirely possible! Haven't seen it in the store yet, though.

Taylor says:

This discussion of this product totally raised my curiosity, since the idea that this stuff was even made, and much less its name, totally made me laugh.

Although it is clear the company doesn't take itself completely seriously, with all the tongue in cheek names of the scents for their product, like "Crap Shooter," "Call of the Wild" and "Daisy Doo" they do seem to have a legitimate product that many people happily claim really works.

What I learned is that instead of trying to freshen the bathroom after you use the facilities this product is designed to be used before.

It is actually made with a blend of essential oils, and therefore the company claims it is natural and eco-friendly.

You spray it into the toilet bowl before using it, and voila, no bad odors are ever created (at least according to the company's claims, plus Ruth says it works -- I've not personally ever used it.)

Amazingly, there are quite a few scents available, plus they've got lots of different sizes of the product including a travel version you could stick in your purse for on the go use.

Another Facebook fan (join the SR101 Facebook page, by the way!), Jenny, also chimed in to the discussion to say that this product was available through QVC.

I have also found that it's available on Amazon, and there is a staggeringly large variety of scents to choose from.

Has anyone else tried this product in any of the available scents? I would love to hear more reviews from people about this product to know if it really works.

It makes some sense that it would. The scent from essential oils can be quite powerful, which could prevent other scents from being noticed in a room.

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